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December 2008 
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Hello again and welcome to the December issue of the Signature Forum Newsletter. Since this is the season for giving, we thought we’d take the opportunity this month to give you a heads up on some new developments in the world of laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal and the Economy
One of the questions we’re hearing most often these days is, “Can I really afford to start laser hair removal treatments with the economy struggling?” Not surprisingly, laser clinics all over the country have heard the same sort of thing, which is why laser hair removal costs have been dropping over the past few months in an effort to keep the procedure within everyone’s budget. Because it’s the holiday season, many clinics are also working with Signature Forum to offer special benefits to guests, including everything from free consultations to discounted packages, gift certificates, and other perks. Of course, every prospective hair removal patient has his or her own budget to consider, but one thing is for sure. If you’ve been in the market for a laser procedure for some time now, there’s probably never been a better opportunity to get an elite, professional treatment at a friendly price.

The Hair Removal Forum Difference
Signature Forum is doing its part to make laser hair removal a more simplified and affordable undertaking, as well. Our flagship hair removal website, Hair Removal Forum, has been dramatically redesigned, with loads of new features and content. There are informative articles covering just about every type of hair removal research, and our new and improved Doctor Finder feature makes it easy to locate a reputable laser hair removal provider in your area, with just a couple clicks. Once you’ve contacted us with a laser clinic of your choosing (via email, phone, or live chat), our friendly guest service liaisons can move you to the front of the line for a free consultation at that location. It’s that easy!

’Tis the Season
Winter is really the ideal time for laser hair removal. Skin responds best to the treatment when it’s less exposed to the sun, and patients who start their sessions in December will be done with the full treatment before springtime and bathing suit season. Even if you’re not interested in a clinical treatment yourself, a laser hair removal gift certificate could make a great stocking stuffer for that friend who’s always talking about trying the treatment “some day.”

To find out more about Laser Hair Removal treatments and the clinics that offer them, check out our resources at Hair Removal Forum. For all your other aesthetic needs, from skin care and health clubs to home contracting, don’t forget to explore the consumer rated professional listings on Signature Forum.

Until Next Time...

From all of us at Signature Forum, have a great December and a joyous Holiday Season!

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