Make a Smooth Transition into 2009!
January 2009 
Network Sites 

It's a brand new year, and Signature Forum is ringing in 2009 with updated services, re-optimized websites, and an expanded network of doctors and clinical professionals to help you reach your own resolutions! For three of our top-ranking affiliated websites, HealthySkinPortal, PlasticSurgeryPortal and HairRemovalForum, we've implemented user-friendly redesigns and simplified “doctor finder” tools; which means greater benefits for both our clients and our valued skin care customers.

The New Healthy Skin Portal

At HealthySkinPortal, our on-line community of non-surgical aesthetic service providers, a revamped homepage provides a cleaner look, easier consumer access to regional skin care clinics, and more extensive information through featured articles and procedure descriptions. New laser clinics, medical spas and skin care professionals have also been added to the HealthySkinPortal network, to further strengthen its reach and reputation as an on-line skin care resource.

The New Plastic Surgery Portal

For PlasticSurgeryPortal, our network of experienced plastic surgeons and cosmetic enhancement experts, a full site redesign starts the new year off right. PSP's new look is fresh, modern and much more accessible. Plus, a wide array of newly added features and doctor pages has fortified the site's makeover with updated procedural information and an expanded map of professional options. Areas of the country that previously had little representation from PSP's network, such as New Jersey, Kansas, and Ohio, are now supplemented by several PSP-approved plastic surgeons and cosmetic facilities, all of which feature consumer ratings for visible credibility. Even patients seeking newer procedures like hair transplant surgery can now locate an appropriate treatment clinic nearby, through PlasticSurgeryPortal.

The New Hair Removal Forum

HairRemovalForum, an on-line network of our top laser hair removal providers, has also made recent changes that fulfill our commitment to treating unwanted hair for a diverse, nationwide patient body. Customers on HRF can now quickly and easily access hair removal experts in their region, with the new and improved doctor finder page. Organized by state, by city, or by zipcode, hair removal providers are clearly listed and rated on HRF, with detailed descriptions of their credentials and procedural offerings.

On each of these trusted Signature Forum sites, customers are a click or a phone call away from the assistance and guidance of a trained SignatureForum representative. Convenient links to our networks' customers enable our representatives to effectively answer their questions, directly schedule their consultations and appointments, and build better relationships between customers and our featured providers on HealthySkinPortal, PlasticSurgeryPortal and HairRemovalForum.

If you're interested in simplifying your quest for cosmetic improvement in 2009, there is simply no better options than the Signature Forum family of consumer advocate websites. Find out for yourself or learn more by contacting us today!

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