Make a Smooth Transition into 2009!
March 2009 
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Hi again and welcome to the March edition of the SignatureForum monthly newsletter! It's almost spring, the time of rebirth, and SignatureForum is celebrating with a little rebirth of its own. This month, we've relaunched our flagship website,, with a unique, expanded consumer reviews section, making it easier than ever to assess the relative pros and cons of any cosmetic procedure you've been considering.

Learning from (Someone Else's) Experience

While SignatureForum has always been a resource for researching procedures and connecting with local service providers, the site's interactivity with its guests had some limitations. Our exclusive consumer ratings of the doctors and clinics in our network have always been highly valuable and popular components of the site, but some guests felt it would be useful to enable direct consumer reviews of specific procedures, too. Well, we've heard your requests, and we couldn't agree more! With that in mind, if you go to now, you'll be able to read reviews and share your own reviews of a wide range of popular surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Simply click a procedure from the "Research Aesthetic Procedures" page, and you'll find a wealth of information on that treatment, along with a constantly updated discussion forum created by SignatureForum guests just like you!

Whether you've recently completed a treatment or are just beginning to research a new one, consumer ratings and reviews are excellent, unbiased frames of reference that can help anyone make a more informed decision. We welcome all SignatureForum guests to share their experiences with a cosmetic treatment (good or bad), using our simple online survey. It only takes a minute to fill out, and your results will immediately be added to that procedure's forum and overall rating (based on a 1-10 scale of patient satisfaction). Because this is a new feature, our procedure ratings are currently changing rapidly, so the more reviews we receive from guests like you, the more accurate and insightful each overall procedure rating will become.

Under Further Review: Home Remodeling and Personal Fitness

In the end, no two opinions are more important than those of you and your doctor. But making an informed decision with the input of people who have already been through the experience of a certain procedure is invaluable. Similarly, SignatureForum is adapting this concept to our other service industries: home remodeling and personal fitness. Guests to can also now share their reviews of specific home improvement projects (including tips and cautionary tales), as well as certain workout programs and fitness classes. As with the cosmetic reviews, the goal is to offer our guests unbiased opinions and suggestions from people who've been down their road before.

We can't get out the phone book and call every person who's undergone laser hair removal or had a new bathroom installed in the past year. But the internet, and the new features on SignatureForum, offer the next best thing! So start sharing your reviews today. It's free, and everyone benefits: kind of like the coming of spring!

Until Next Time,
The Signature Forum Staff

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