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Dracula Therapy for Younger Looking Skin

by Edie Pastis

Thanks in large part to the "True Blood" and "Twilight" franchises, vampirism has become a nationwide craze in recent years. Finding its undead feet in the realm of young adult fiction, vampire fever soon spread through Hollywood like a crimson-colored ink stain of fashion trends and film contracts. Now, it's officially sunk its teeth into the cosmetic industry, in the form of S3 Therapy!

A new skin care treatment promoted by French doctor and cosmetic specialist, Dr. Daniel Sister, S3 Therapy, or "Dracula Therapy," uses the reported tissue healing properties of enriched blood plasma to enhance patients' facial skin quality and appearance. But do these vampire-friendly injections actually hold valid beauty benefits? Or are they simply a gothic myth for the cosmetic consumer?

What is S3 Therapy?

Also known as Dracula Therapy, S3 Therapy stands for Stimulated Self Serum skin therapy, and it works similarly to plasma therapy for bone and soft tissue healing. For years, plasma or serum therapy has been considered a medically legitimate method for treating sports injuries, and for gum regeneration in the field of dentistry.

During S3 Therapy treatment, patients' blood is removed (not via vampire) and fortified with extra minerals, vitamins and amino acids; then injected back into patients' facial skin. The desired effect is smoother, more radiant, younger-looking skin.

How is "Dracula Therapy" Performed?

Vials of the patient's blood are first removed from the arm with a syringe. The vials are then placed in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the plasma. Next, the physician takes the plasma and infuses it with amino acids, proteins, vitamins, etc. before injecting the blood solution back into the patient's face at varying points. Dr. Sister's S3 Therapy technique combines the soft tissue benefits of plasma therapy with the same homeopathic substances used in Mesotherapy injections, for increased anti-aging benefits.

More About Dracula Skin Therapy

While this treatment may sound like it's from the Twilight Zone, or conceived by Dr. Carlisle Cullen of "Twilight" himself, some patients are proclaiming it a very useful, simple anti-aging technique that doesn't necessitate recovery time or lead to major side effects. Since the treatment uses patients' own blood, there's no risk of allergic reactions, and Dr. Sister's method of implementing the Mesotherapy solution means increased skin tightening and skin regeneration capabilities.

This vampire skin treatment reportedly uses about four vials worth of patients' blood to infuse with the proper proteins and nutrients and re-inject into treated skin. The injections themselves are administered in the fatty tissue layer beneath the skin surface, and can normally be performed in 10-15 minutes. Dracula Therapy injections are alleged to be uncomfortable, or even slightly painful for some patients depending on their overall skin sensitivity. After the injections, patients' skin is finished with Blue Light Therapy, which serves to eliminate excess bacteria, heal treated skin tissue, and promote enhanced collagen production.

Patients may notice some redness and tenderness post Dracula Therapy, but there should be no bleeding, bruising or serious side effects to encounter. And since no recovery time is necessary, patients should be able to resume their daily activities immediately following treatment. If needed, patients can apply makeup to treated areas to hide some of the temporary redness they're experiencing.

Improvements in patients' skin tone, texture and overall appearance should continue to evidence themselves in the weeks following treatment. S3 Therapy skin care results aren't permanent, and may need to be redone every 4-6 months, depending on the patient.

Is S3 Therapy Right for Me?

The decision to undergo an anti-aging skin treatment is usually made to correct wrinkling, sun damage, and other surface imperfections like rosacea, spider veins and acne. More common skin rejuvenation treatments include Microdermabrasion, IPL Photofacial, Botox injections, dermal fillers, etc. All of these treatment options, including S3 Therapy, don't involve surgery, and are chosen for their ability to provide safe, fast results.

Vampire skin injections or S3 Therapy may be able to help you restore a youthful glow and firmness to your face, or you may find that another skin treatment like Fractional Laser Resurfacing can accomplish the task even better! To learn more about your skin care options, or to schedule a consultation with a skin rejuvenation expert in your area, contact us today!

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