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Dancing with the Stars... of Plastic Surgery

by Julie Marks

While it originally looked like a one-off novelty show, ABC’s Dancing With the Stars has turned into one of TV’s biggest hits, drawing millions of viewers with its unusual pairings of accomplished, professional dancers and their less-than-graceful B-List celebrity partners. Like any reality show, many of the contestants on DWTS are trying to revitalize their careers or stay in the spotlight a bit longer. And by no coincidence, many of these celebrity dancers are also believers in the ultimate form of cosmetic rejuvenation: plastic surgery. For proof of the major role played by plastic surgery on Dancing with the Stars, we’ve listed some recent DWTS contestants who’ve admitted to undergoing cosmetic surgery—further proof that plastic surgery and show business are practically synonymous these days.

Kelly Monaco (Breast Augmentation) - Dancing with the Stars, Season 1

DWTS’s very first winner, soap opera actress Kelly Monaco, certainly looked like a natural beauty when she took home the prize as a 28 year-old in 2005. However, Monaco was also a former Playboy Playmate and Baywatch star, and like many stars who’ve followed that track, she has long been tied to breast augmentation surgery rumors, and subsequently breast reduction suspicions when her chest seemed to drop a cup size or so in recent seasons of General Hospital.

Priscilla Presley (Facelift) - Dancing with the Stars, Season 6

As seen on the 6th season of Dancing with the Stars, the 62-year-old former wife of Elvis Presley is rumored to have had a nose job, cheek implants, and lip surgery. In recent photos of Priscilla on and off camera, her nose looked wider which could have been the result of scar tissue buildup from Rhinoplasty. In addition, her cheeks have appeared more rounded and full, which could have been the result of cheek implants. The stars lips appear overly defined as well, which may be the result of a lip augmentation or Artefill to emphasize a distinction between her lips and skin. Some say she has had too much plastic surgery to the point where fans claim her face appears expressionless. While the full extent of plastic surgery that Priscilla has gotten done on her face and body remains unconfirmed, one thing that has been confirmed is that Priscilla received clumsy treatment from an un-qualified plastic surgeon, Dr. Serrano, in 2003 who was only a licensed nurse at the time he operated on her. Sources say that the unlicensed doctor injected Priscilla with low-grade silicone similar to the product that is used by mechanics to grease car parts. Just another example of why it’s so imperative to choose a licensed, board-certified plastic surgeon.

Kate Gosselin (Botox, Veneers) - Dancing with the Stars, Season 10

A $35,000 makeover was in the works for Kate in order to get ready for her appearance on Dancing with the Stars this season with partner Toni Dovolani. “She feels she needs to look her best, so she gave herself a major makeover,” says source who spoke to In Touch Weekly. In terms of cosmetic treatments, the magazine claims that Gosselin has undergone $1,000 worth of Botox injections, $11,000 worth of skin procedures to contour her cheeks, and $5,5000 worth of eye work to shape the lids and extend her eye lashes. Amazed by her outstanding smile? Sources have also suggested that Kate got a new set of porcelain veneers at an estimated $1,300 per tooth.

Lisa Rinna (Juvederm, Breast Augmentation) - Dancing with the Stars, Season 2

Another soap opera star and Dancing with the Stars veteran, Lisa Rinna famously admitted to having numerous Juvederm injections (one too many, in fact). Rinna, however, does not admit to having a breast lift or lip injections, as many have presumed. In an interview with Howard Stern, she was probed her for details on her changed appearance and instead of answering or admitting to having a breast lift and lip injections, she said, “They’re good, aren’t they?” Fans and reporters have continued to speculate whether her vague statement means that she has had a breast lift and/or lip injections or whether the changes are a result unusually good genetics for the 46 year-old.

Karina Smirnoff (Rhinoplasty) - Dancing with the Stars (Cast Member)

This 32-year-old dancer has competed on seven seasons of Dancing with the Stars, and most recently came back to the stage last month in March 2010. She has admitted to undergoing a Rhinoplasty procedure in 2007, and she has also regularly been suspecting of lip augmentation, eyelid surgery, and possibly even light liposuction or a breast augmentation to perfect her curves.

Pamela Anderson (Breast Augmentation, Facelift) - Dancing with the Stars, Season 10

Pamela Anderson has been famous for her plastic surgery exploits since she was the young, jaw dropping star of Baywatch in the mid ‘90s. Now 42, the 2010 Dancing with the Stars contestant has gone far beyond her iconic breast implants and delved into just about every other type of cosmetic surgery, with Pamela Anderson plastic surgery rumors including everything from Botox and lip augmentation to facelift surgery, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, and yes, additional breast augmentation procedures.

Clearly, Hollywood actresses continue to turn to plastic surgeons to help them maintain a youthful appearance. Of course, looking good is just the first step in winning a dance competition, and as of yet, there is no surgeon on Earth who can surgically enhance anyone’s dancing skills (sorry, Kate Gosselin).

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