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Renee Zellweger Breast Implants?

by Vanessa Day

Hollywood and plastic surgery seem synonymous with one another. Perhaps it’s because celebrities are constantly in the spotlight, or because being a celebrity demands a certain look that fitness and diet cannot deliver alone. Just recently, Renee Zellweger was seen leaving her gym with a larger than normal chest, which got gossip columns buzzing about possible breast implants. While the pictures certainly indicate that Zellweger may have gone the plastic surgery route (with C or D cup breast implants), many people are still skeptical that the 41-year-old, thin-framed actress would go down that road. However, it is not uncommon for older celebrities to get breast augmentation, especially when age and other contributing factors take a toll on their figures.

Zellweger has always been known for her thin body and small bust size. Her tiny figure also meant that her breasts were an appropriate A cup, which fit her frame nicely. The recent photos snapped of Zellweger show her with breasts twice the size they were before. Many people think it doesn’t look proportional, causing folks to wonder why she went so big. However, if she did just have surgery, breast implants tend to be higher and bigger during the first couple weeks. After about a month or so, breast implants will drop to a more natural position on the body. In women who are very small prior to surgery—like Zellweger—and get moderate to large implants, it will take longer for them to drop. So while she may seem disproportionate now, Zellweger will soon have a smaller, more natural looking bust in a few weeks.

While her breast size and waistline are raising questions, Zellweger’s age is also causing people to ponder her decision to get breast implants. However, more and more older women, especially in Hollywood, are opting for plastic surgery. In 2009, 39% of women who got breast implants were between the ages of 35 and 50. This increase can be attributed to the fact that many women want to turn back the clock and regain their younger figures. Celebrities, in particular, deal with daily pressure about their appearance, and with younger, bustier actresses coming on the scene everyday, the older crowd has to keep up. Although, competing with the younger women is not the main reason older women get breast implants. Most claim it’s because they want to feel better about the way they look and improve the contour of their bodies. Higher self-esteem is just one of the many benefits of getting breast implants, along with a flattering, proportionate figure.

Zellweger is not the only older actress to get plastic surgery this year. Kate Hudson, 31, got a slight increase in her breast size this past spring. Another actress who has often dealt with gossip about her less-than-ample chest, Hudson decided to get small breast implants to up her size by about a cup. As with Zellweger, many people are curious about Hudson’s motives, even though her body does not look dramatically different. It comes down to it, most women just want to feel comfortable in their own skin. For many older actresses, age and child bearing have affected their bodies, giving them saggy breast tissue or reduced breast size. A quick breast augmentation—either implants or a lift—and their bodies are transformed back to the way they used to look. Many women are looking for slight alterations, a little extra lift to give them the body they really want.

Considering other celebrities who have recently undergone extensive plastic surgery—take a look at Heidi Montag—Zellweger and Hudson’s procedures are tasteful in comparison. It is clear they both took the time to consider their body types and the cup size that would look natural before going under the knife. It is important for anyone considering breast implants to follow this example and speak with a certified plastic surgeon about their cosmetic goals and personal characteristics. To find out more about breast implants or to locate a plastic surgeon, contact us today.

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