Chin Implants Are The Fastest Growing Surgery in the U.S.

by Barb Tate

Have you noticed a subtle protrusion emerging from your colleague’s chin that’s making him look a little more dapper and masculine? Either his inner Don Draper has suddenly decided to surface or the new addition might in-fact be result of a chin augmentation procedure. Cosmetic surgery to enhance the shape and prominence of the chin has boomed in the past several years. As of 2012, this treatment you may not have even heard of is now the fastest growing surgery in the country.


As of 2012, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has designated the procedure as the fastest growing surgery in the United States- a stark 71% rise in operations since 2010. Commonly referred to as ‘chimplants’ , aesthetic chin surgery corrects the balance of facial profiles. Chin augmentation is typically reserved for people who have ‘weak’ chins- or lack of a prominent chin that sits further back in your profile view. Weak chins create a blended look of chin and neck. Unless the patient is suffering from a deformity or is having difficulty using their jaw bones and teeth, chin augmentation involves insertion of a silastic (silicone and plastic), tapered chin implant piece. This insert ‘bumps’ your chin out, creating a defined jaw line and neck contour.


Traditionally, men over the age of 55 will opt for this procedure: almost 9 thousand surgeries in 2011. Unless receiving a plastic surgery reconstruction of the mandibular area, the procedure is minimally non-invasive, predictable for the doctor, and safe. A pocket is carved on the front of the chin and a silicone or silastic piece not unlike a chin strap is inserted. Often, liposuction of the neckline accents the implant piece. The procedure lasts between 1 and 3 hours with a 5-7 day recovery period.


The baby boomer generation has grown up. The workplace is a naturally competitive environment where having a pleasant yet enforcing appearance doesn’t hurt your chances of being respected and ascending through the company. Unfortunately, throughout the years we tend to lose a lot of that young, vigorous appearance. As we age, we consistently lose soft tissue and volume in our neck and chin. Chin augmentation can have a dynamic effect on the jaw line- providing a youthful look.

Additionally, the amounts of exposure our faces have in the digital realm have impacted the amount of recent surgeries. In 2012, the number of portals for face to face human contact is at an all time high. We can connect with others around the world with view screens on our computers, televisions, and mobile phones. Programs like Skype and Apple Face time have provided high resolution video chatting that also allows us to see our own reflection video while we talk. The likelihood of noticing undesirable features like a weak or double chin- especially in relation to the other person on the line- has impacted decisions for augmentation.

It is best to research as much as you can about any operation. If you would like to learn more about chin augmentation, please contact the plastic surgery portal or search for a doctor in your area . Receiving surgery of any kind is a serious commitment. Let the plastic surgery portal help you decide if chin augmentation is right for you!

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