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Robin McGraw Talks Anti-Aging Secrets in New Book

by Edie Pastis

On the January 6th episode of the Dr. Phil Show, Robin McGraw, Dr. Phil's wife, appeared to chat about her new book, "What's Age Got to do With it?" A motivational book, Robin McGraw wrote the collection of self-proclaimed tips and advice to assist women of all ages in attaining their self-image goals through cosmetic enhancement and lifestyle changes. McGraw, at age 55, appeared a credible source for beauty tips as she cut a slender, glowing picture during her husband's Tuesday night show. Emerging from a gigantic replica of her book cover, with more grace but no less enthusiasm than a football team bursting through a poster on game night, McGraw confidently shared her inspirations for the book, as well as its purpose, to a cheering female crowd.

While Dr. Phil pointed out that, to successfully improve self-esteem, we first must address our concept of inner beauty, the majority of McGraw's book touches on personal enhancement through cosmetic procedures, beauty tips and healthy living habits. McGraw's advice and suggestions are gathered largely from personal experience, but supplemented by input from various doctors, cosmetic and fashion experts, aestheticians, and nutritionists. On the book's subject of cosmetic enhancement, McGraw mentions aesthetic procedures that can make a dramatic difference, but that won't necessarily break the bank. Laser skin care technology is one cosmetic trend that McGraw supports for its reasonable cost, effectiveness and low level of risk.

Laser and IPL (intense pulsed light) technologies are recent, popular breakthroughs in anti-aging skin care. Laser skin rejuvenation, laser skin tightening, laser hair removal and laser skin resurfacing are some of the better-known laser treatments offered by cosmetic providers nationwide. While laser skin rejuvenation and IPL Photofacial are reportedly beneficial in fighting skin problems such as wrinkles, acne, rosacea, and age and sun spots, they are also known to stimulate collagen growth, thus creating a younger-looking skin appearance and texture. Laser hair removal, another treatment in the laser family, has become a leading method of semi-permanent hair removal in the last decade. Now able to remove unwanted hair on more areas of the face and body, and remove hair for a more diverse group of patients, laser hair removal is another laser treatment that's changing our cosmetic enhancement possibilities.

Whether a patient is interested in laser skin tightening, laser hair removal, or both, most laser clinics throughout the country offer a wide selection of laser treatment options. Robin McGraw references American Laser Centers, an immense network of laser clinics in the U.S., as one such provider of various modern laser procedures. Of course, no matter what procedure is being considered, it's important to remember that no cosmetic treatment is completely free of risk; that's why individuals considering laser skin care or other aesthetic procedures should first consult their doctor or a local cosmetic professional concerning the potential risks and possible results.

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