Lip Augmentation: Kissing with Celebrity Lips

by Edie Pastis

Well, it's no secret that plump, full lips are ideal in today's world of pouty glam celebrities. Some are blessed at birth with voluptuous lips, and some opt for the cosmetic industry's latest in lip augmentation to achieve their enviable look, although most deny it. With the growing popularity of lip enhancement in Hollywood, the prevalence of full lips in the media can seem quite intimidating to the average woman. However, with present improvements in the safety, effectiveness and affordability of lip augmentation, anyone can achieve a luscious pucker to rival their favorite starlet's.

There are a variety of lip shapes out there, and famous pouts have ranged from Clara Bow's cupid-bow kisser in the 20s, to Renee Zellweger's modern day, bee-stung mouth. But whether you want to emulate certain celebrity lips, i.e. Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson, lip augmentation treatments can help imitate your favorite star's look, or let you create an iconic lipline all your own.

What's Behind That Perfect Pout?

The authenticity of celebrities' famous lips is constantly being speculated upon, and lip augmentation rumors have at one time or another swarmed every remarkably mouthy star. But whether Angelina Jolie uses lip fillers or not, if you're considering lip augmentation, there are many cosmetic treatment options on the market to enhance your lips safely and effectively; so that anyone can have lips worthy of a close-up.

Types of Lip Augmentation Treatments

Dermal Fillers: One of the most popular methods of lip augmentation today is through dermal fillers, or lip fillers. Often comprised of a naturally occurring, non-allergenic gel solution, dermal fillers are injected into the lips where they literally fill in tissues to create a more voluptuous, full appearance. Currently, the dermal filler favorites for lip augmentation include Restylane® and Juvederm™ injections, although Collagen and CosmoPlast™ are other commonly used brands. While dermal lip fillers usually carry the lowest involved risk, and often the lowest costs, other lip augmentation options include lip implants and lip fat transfers.

Lip Implants: For lip implant procedures, such as AlloDerm® or SoftForm, an implant is inserted through an incision in the lips, shaped or trimmed to a specific fit, and then the incision is closed up to heal. The lip implant can be made of human tissue or a polymer substance, depending on the procedure, and is a means of permanent lip augmentation, unlike most injectable lip fillers.

Lip Fat Transfers: Lip fat transfers enhance the lips by using a patient's own fat, typically removed from another area of the body, to plump and fill thin lips. Lip fat transfers are administered through injection, and are often performed in combination with liposuction procedures. That way, a plastic surgeon can conveniently use fat removed during liposuction to fill the patient's lips. Lip augmentation through fat transfers is fairly low risk today, and the use of human tissue eliminates the chance of allergic reactions.

What Lip Augmentation Procedure is Right for Me?

Dermal fillers, lip implants and lip fat transfers have all proven successful for certain patients, depending on what their individual goals and needs are through cosmetic enhancement. The best way to determine which lip augmentation procedure is right for you is to consult with an experienced plastic surgeon or cosmetic professional. They can appropriately answer your questions about the treatments they provide, inform you of all the possible risks and requirements of a given procedure, discuss lip augmentation costs, and assess which procedure will effectively suit your lip enhancement needs.

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