Kim Kardashian: Cellulite Removal Success

by Edie Pastis

So, most of us are familiar with Kim Kardashian, the curvalicious sex symbol who stars in her own reality show, "Keeping up with the Kardashians". Probably even more than her reality t.v. fame, Kim Kardashian is known for giving J. Lo some competition for the most shapely, coveted rear end in Hollywood. I guess it comes as no surprise then, that this star with the famously well-endowed behind came under fire when an internet cellulite revelation rendered her admirers stricken. But Miss Kardashian didn't let cellulite get her down for long; instead she turned to a non-surgical cellulite remedy to fix her bikini-bottom woes.

What's the Cellulite Photo Story?

In an accidental photo blunder by Complex Magazine, some untouched photos of Kim Kardashian sporting a slightly thicker waistline, darker skin and some suspiciously dimpled thighs were posted online for all to see. Although the mistake was quickly noticed and the photos were swapped for the svelter, touched-up copies, the damage had been done.

Kardashian responded to the resulting cellulite heckling quickly, admitting that indeed she did have cellulite, and "so what?" Giving a nod to other curvy women, Kardashian went on to acknowledge that cellulite is a common phenomenon and it's not something to be ashamed of. While Kardashian isn't shy about admitting the presence of her cellulite, she certainly isn't loving the fact either. Soon after the cellulite internet drama, Kardashian underwent laser cellulite treatments on camera for an episode of her reality show.

What Cellulite Removal Treatment did Kardashian get?

Kim Kardashian visited an American Laser Centers, a respected nationwide laser clinic chain, to get her cellulite taken care of. Choosing a very popular, non-surgical option for cellulite removal, VelaShape™ body contouring, Kardashian raved about the treatment afterwards and said she was definitely planning on going back for more treatments. Kardashian claimed she went to get VelaShape in preparation for an upcoming photo shoot, which was set up to create a calendar of herself for her boyfriend.

VelaShape, also known as VelaSmooth, is a non-invasive cellulite removal treatment that uses a combination of radio frequencies, infrared light, and a deep tissue massage. While the massage improves blood circulation and redistributes fat deposits, the infrared energy and radio frequencies create a metabolic reaction, targeting excess fat tissue that's hard to reduce even with diet and exercise. Safe to use on the abdomen, stomach, thighs and buttocks, VelaShape will prevent cellulite from slowing down the likes of Kim Kardashian, and even you, from now on.

Is VelaShape Right for Me?

The best candidates for VelaShape are patients within about 10-15 pounds of their ideal weight, who just want to kick those extra pounds and/or that cellulite causing them unnecessary embarrassment and frustration. VelaShape is very safe, and it poses a lower risk than liposuction and even fat-removing injectables do. While this means that VelaShape won't be able to eliminate large amounts of fat from the torso region, it will provide a means of enhancing a figure that just needs some minor tweaking and toning.

Just to be on the safe side, it's always best to discuss your eligibility for fat removal and cellulite reduction treatments with a skin care specialist before undergoing a procedure. At your cellulite removal consultation, you can ask questions about potential risks, side effects, and get a better idea of what kind of results you can expect. A skin care treatment provider will also be able to match you with the treatment ideally suited to your aesthetic goals and circumstances. Other non-surgical options for fat and cellulite removal include the injectables LipoDissolve™ and Mesotherapy.

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