World's Youngest Botox User

by Edie Pastis

Questions about teen laser hair removal and teen breast augmentation have been addressed in the recent past. But has our culture's growing "wrinkle awareness" now prompted the start of a teen botox movement?

Reports of a 16-year-old teen botox user from the UK have many people wondering: is teen botox, or "teen toxing," dangerous? Is botox for teens safe? Could cosmetic injections for teens become the new norm?

Hannah Burge Becomes Youngest Teen Botox User

Hannah Burge was 15 when her first botox injections were administered. Now she's a regular botox user at 16. Who performs Hannah's treatments? Many were shocked to learn it was Burge's own mother!

Sarah Burge, 49, who's known as the "Human Barbie," is a trained aesthetic practitioner herself. The elder Burge supports her daughter Hannah's choice to use botox, saying, "I was thrilled Hannah was open and honest with me about having Botox.

"I'd much rather know about it than have [Hannah] do it behind my back".

Why did Teen Choose Botox Injections?

By her own account, Hannah Burge began "teen toxing" for the following reasons:

wrinkle prevention

Burge believes that botox injections in her teen years will prevent wrinkles in the future. Burge also claims that friends told her, "the earlier you start to have [Botox], the fewer wrinkles you'll have as an adult".

"...everyone at my school was talking about having 'B'"

Burge's second reason for getting teen botox treatments seems very peer motivated. In addition to meeting "plenty of girls [her] age who are having these procedures," Burge said she found many positive teen botox reviews on cosmetic websites and teen forums.

"appearance is important to me"

The teen Burge also revealed a personal concern that influenced her teen toxing behavior: "...I don't want to look haggard and ugly by the time I'm 25".

Following in [Botox] Barbie's Footsteps?

Hannah's mother, Sarah Burge, is called the Human Barbie because she holds the world record for undergoing the most cosmetic procedures (100+), including cheek and chin implants, 3 facelifts, liposuction to the neck and jaw, eyelid surgery, etc.

Calling herself a botox "expert," Sarah Burge administers her teen's botox injections using the same botox formula she gives herself. However, Hannah is reportedly injected with half the dosage given to adults. "I talked her through the procedure and feel I did the responsible thing," said Burge.

Should Teens get Botox?

Many parents and medical practitioners have strong objections to teen botox use. Even when proper precautions are taken, there are potential botox side effects that teens must be mindful of.

However, others feel this new trend of teen botox use is unavoidable in our cosmetically conscious society. In the words of Hannah Burge, "teen toxing is just part of life these days...".

If this is the case, it's essential that teen botox users are properly educated about botox prior to treatment, and that their botox injections are administered only by licensed botox practitioners!

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