Using Makeup for a Slimmer Looking Nose

by Marisa Amorasak

It’s pretty common to be dissatisfied with their appearance of your nose. It’s either too big, too wide, not straight enough, upturned, downturned—the list of nose-related issues goes on and on. Rhinoplasty continues to be one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, and many people find that tweaking their nose just-so makes them more confident. But getting a nose job is a big deal, and you may want to explore other options before committing to a procedure.

Makeup Contouring for a Smaller Nose

Don’t be scared—using makeup to contour your face is pretty simple. Aside from a rhinoplasty, makeup is probably the most effective way to change the look of your nose. Try this technique for special events or photos and see the difference. You’ll need a light concealer and a foundation that’s a tad dark for your skin tone.

  1. After completing your routine foundation application, draw a thin and straight line of concealer down the bridge of your nose. Highlighter, like MAC Strobe Cream or Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat also works well.
  2. A concealer brush will help you blend the product outwards, but don’t stray too far from the line’s parameters. This line will be the visual centerpoint of your nose.
  3. Next, use the dark foundation to create “shadows” down the sides of the nose. A matte bronzer will work just as well. The shadow should reach all the way from the inner corners of your eyebrows down to the tip of your nose.
  4. Blend the foundation into the line so that there is no evidence of demarcation. The shadows should be the darkest where your nose slopes.

The Art of Distraction (From Your Nose)

Accentuate another feature. Got beautiful eyes? A sparkling smile? Playing up your best features can distract from a nose you don’t love. Dramatize your eyes with smoky or colorful shadows. Add a pop of color to your lips, and people will be looking at its distinct contours rather than the hump in your nose.

Draw the eyes outward. When a person looks at you, their eyes will naturally scour your face and then settle somewhere in the middle—usually around your nose. Certain makeup techniques can actually draw the eyes outward, distracting from the nose. Try winged liquid eyeliner, dark shadow in the outer corners, or a couple of false lashes on the corners. On the other hand, makeup in the inner corner of the eye can draw more attention toward your nose. Avoid iridescent shadows in the inner corner, or dark shadows that slope from your inner eye outward.

Hair matters. Having the right hair style can distract from a less-than-perfect schnoz. Pulling the hair back completely shows off more of your face, which can make the nose look proportionately smaller. Long, straight hair that’s parted in the middle can actually highlight the center of the face and draw eyes toward the nose.

Strategic makeup is a good way to see how you might look with a different nose. If you’re considering taking the next step to improving your nose, contact our representatives today. Signature Forum offers an elite network of board-certified plastic surgeons with experience in rhinoplasty. Schedule a consultation and get started on a more beautiful you.

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