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"Horrible, horrible, horrible!!!!!

Careless, inept, and dangerous.

We did a full remodel on our 1962 ranch home. Scheduled for 3 months, finished at 5 months.
After "completion" and move in:
1. Our lights kept blowing out - had another electrician take a look, and he found that new wires were exposed in the walls/ceiling, plastic boxes were not used for pendant light transformer housing(they were simply shoved into the drywall), no light was properly grounded.
2. A/C ducts were not connected to registers - A/C was just blowing into out attic!
3. Bathroom exhaust vents were connected to each other!!!! - ha, ha. They got us on that. It's just malicious.
4. Plumbing leaks.
5. Paint job like a 5 year-old put up.
6. Cracking plaster.

When we tried to get him to fix the above - he delayed as much as possible, then wound send one guy to work for an hour, then leave(I'll be back tomorrow - and not show up). Needless to say, extremeily disruptive to my family, so we just took the loss and fired the contractor, Matthew.

Avoid at all costs!!!!!!!!!! Horrible and dangerous people." - Submitted by Anonymous of Milford, MA

Cost: $120,000.00

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