Cellulite Removal

Cellulite Removal

Cellulite describes the dimpling of the skin that can occur due to poor circulation in particular areas. This can lead to the development of fat nodules that protrude from the skin causing an uneven appearance. Cellulite is most common in the thigh and buttocks regions but can occur anywhere. It affects women more often than men. In fact, between 85% and 98% of post-pubescent females display cellulite in varying degrees. Cellulite is hereditary and unrelated to weight. It strikes individuals in perfect physical shape just the same as overweight individuals. Cellulite treatment and cellulite removal are possible, however, with effective non-surgical procedures.

Though harmless, cellulite leads to an unattractive appearance in the areas it affects, so many individuals choose to have the condition treated. Cellulite treatments involve reducing the fat deposits that build up and cause the dimpled skin.

Listed below are some popular non-surgical cellulite removal treatments. Click on any of these procedures to learn more and to see consumer ratings and reviews of their success at treating cellulite.

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Most Recent Cellulite Removal Customer Reviews


"Have had this done twice prior in another state with excellent results was told I would have most effective results by coming 2 or 3 times per week. I explained my work hours and was told no problem, they open at 830 am half way thru the manager calls me and tells me they can no longer offer me special hours they open at 9. I never asked for special hours I was told you opened at 830. However no spots were available at 9 for quite sometime. three appointments were cancelled by staff, … Read More" - Submitted by Katie C. of Atlanta, GA

Cost: $1,800.00

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"I had at least 6 treatments and the look improved moreless but I could not afford to keep doing it. " - Submitted by Diana M. of Montebello, CA

Cost: $1,300.00

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"I am so exciting and I will be back again...
I will purchase a service soon.
Thanks for everything//// " - Submitted by Angela I. of Orangevale, CA

Cost: $3,000.00

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" I havent yet had the job done i am reading everyones statment and i am getting to the point i dont want it. Did it hurt or burn and will it work " - Submitted by Anonymous of austin, TX

Cost: $0.00

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Average Cost Range: $125.00 - $600.00

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