Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Otoplasty or Ear Surgery is performed to correct over-sized, misshapen, or overly protruding ears. A plastic surgeon can reposition and reshape the ears, ensuring that they are proportional to the rest of the facial features, and providing the recipient with the confidence they may have been lacking.

Otoplasty operations are very common these days, and we've collected exclusive ear surgery reviews and consumer ratings to help you with your research. If you've undergone ear surgery yourself already, please add your own review below. Or, if you're ready to take the next step, contact us to set up a consultation with a plastic surgeon offering ear surgery in your area.

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Most Recent Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) Customer Reviews


"My ear lobes had gotten too long. Dr. Takowsky was very knowleadgeable with this process. I was in and out. Looking foward to wearing earings soon " - Submitted by Pascale P. of North Hollywood, CA

Cost: $750.00

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"I was nervous at first about going though with this Otoplasty (Ear pinning) procedure. But the doctor and his staff assured me everything was going to be OK and that it was perfectly natural for me to feel nervous about it. After the surgery was over and I saw the results, I was so glad I had the courage to actually go through with it !! " - Submitted by Kleon B. of Brooklyn, NY

Cost: $4,270.00

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"Excellent service and very talented surgeon. " - Submitted by Aldo B. of Flushing, NY

Cost: $4,000.00

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"It's been 3 years since my otoplasty and I'm still so pleased I underwent this procedure. My protruding ears have always bothered me and I'm so glad I wasn't stuck with them.

My surgery went well. was a total success as far as I'm concerned. Today, my ears aren't perfect-looking. I think the tops of my ears are a little elfish, and sometimes they tingle a bit if pressure is applied to them. But they absolutely look sooo much better than they did originally! " - Submitted by Emily C. of Missoula, MT

More Details On Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Average Cost Range: $2,904.00 - $3,304.00

Time Required:
The length of the Otoplasty surgery may vary based on the specific situation but 2-3 hours is typical.

In/Out Patient:

Side Effects:
Otoplasty may result in temporary bruising, bleeding, or swelling.

Otoplasty Risks:
All surgical procedures carry with them some risks. The dangers specific to Otoplasty include: asymmetry, excessive scarring or a blood clot that may require drainage.

Duration of Ear Surgery Results:
The results of Otoplasty are permanent.

Recovery Time:
Patients can usually resume work after about a week following Otoplasty. The final results of the surgery may not be apparent until 10-20 days after the procedure. Contact sports should be avoided for up to a month.

Because of the cosmetic nature of Otoplasty, insurance does not usually cover it; there may be an exception for surgery performed as a result of birth defects.

Level of Discomfort:
The discomfort following Otoplasty is usually described as mild and can be controlled easily through over-the-counter pain medication.

The anesthesia of choice is generally local with sedation. General anesthesia may also be employed especially if the patient is a young child

Also Known As:
Ear Surgery. Ear Pinning. Ear Reduction. Ear Lift.

Further Discussion:
Discuss the benefits of cosmetic Ear Surgery at Cosmetic Enhancement Forum.  

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