Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplant Surgery has evolved a long way from the hair plugs popular in the 1970’s.  Modern hair transplant surgery uses micro-grafts or follicular unit transplantation to achieve a more natural look.  Micro-grafts are much smaller than the large hair grafts used 30 years ago. 

These micro-grafts use follicular units of hair comprised of  microscopic groups of 2-4 hairs.  Hair transplant surgeons use intense magnification and the latest tools to keep the integrity of follicular units.  By maintaining the composition of follicular units, hair transplant surgeons can mimic natural hair growth and restore the hair in bald or balding regions.  The best hair transplant surgery keeps three things in mind: achieve maximum hair growth, replicate natural hair growth patterns, and minimize trauma to the scalp.

If you're interested in hearing what real hair transplant patients had to say about their procedure, just check out our list of hair transplant surgery reviews by SignatureForum patients! Not only can you see customer ratings of this cutting-edge procedure, you can add a review of your own! Or, if you want to get the advice of a trusted hair transplant surgeon, contact us today and we'll schedule your first hair transplant consultation!

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Most Recent Hair Transplant Surgery Customer Reviews


"I was sad that I had to travel so far for the services - 2 hours for the consultation to rochester and 5 hours to NYC for the surgery. However, the staff was wonderful at both places. Ali from Rochester was very helpful and I was able to reach him at any time with any questions. The doctor at NYC was less than friendly, but he knew what he was doing and made sure I was not in pain. The nurses and other medical staff were amazing. They went out of their way to ensure I was comfortable in … Read More" - Submitted by Brad M. of Painted Post, NY

Cost: $10,000.00

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"So far as of today I have less hair than before the procedure. " - Submitted by Jason L. of Cromwell, CT

Cost: $5,250.00

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"For three weeks I have been plagued with acne on my head. Not only there is pain, but it's extremely embarrassing to have this happen. As a professional, I might have not elected to do this procedure. Quite possibly, I might have moved the procedure earlier but I had no idea that the post-op complications would be so severe. Moreover, I had swelling that could have been avoided had I been properly informed. I had two weeks of swelling where I felt unable to show myself in public. In short, I … Read More" - Submitted by Greg J. of Rippey, IA

Cost: $11,000.00

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"I will comment about the fact that I wasn't informed about the complications and/or side affects from the hair transplant I received (before hand). I also didn't like the fact that my hairline wasn't made the way I asked the physician to make it. He insisted that I have an older hairline (whatever that meant). I thought the whole purpose was to give you a younger look?! I had my surgery about a month ago so I'm going to about five more months (which I was instructed to) inorder to see if my … Read More" - Submitted by Marcus S. of Bronx, NY

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More Details On Hair Transplant Surgery

Average Cost Range: $2,450.00 - $10,000.00

Time Required:
Hair transplant surgery can be an all day surgery, but typically lasts about 4 hours to perform. See what real patients had to say about their hair transplant surgery in our ratings and reviews section.

In/Out Patient Info:
Hair transplantations are performed on an outpatient basis.

Side Effects:
Minor headaches are extremely common with hair transplant surgery due to the tugging and manipulation of the scalp during treatment. Oral medication found at your local drug store should help alleviate any headaches experienced. Some times a small amount of bleeding can occur; also numbness or tenderness of scalp can take place, and a temporary thinning of pre-existing hair.

Duration of Results:
New hair should start to grow within 4 months and keep growing permanently thereafter.

Follicular unit transplantation requires very small incisions that are considerably less invasive. This means that most patients can return to normal activities in a matter of days.

Also Known As:
Hair Restoration Surgery, Hair Grafts, Hair Plugs, Hair Transplantation, Follicular Unit Transplantation, FUT

Further Discussion:
Discuss the advantages or disadvantages of Hair Transplant Surgery at Cosmetic Enhancement Forum.

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