Approved by the FDA as a fat removal and inch loss treatment, SmartLipo™ is one of the first forms of laser-based liposuction. In recent years, SmartLipo™ has become increasingly popular as both an alternative and complement to traditional Liposuction. Designed as a safe, quick, minimally invasive procedure, SmartLipo™ poses far fewer health risks and side effects than other forms of Liposuction, and it's an ideal solution for individuals who aren't obese, but simply wish to eliminate smaller, unwanted fat deposits from the thighs, hips, or buttocks. During a SmartLipo™ procedure, a tiny tube with an attached laser fiber is inserted below the skin. This laser then heats and liquifies fat cells, which are removed through the tube. Many treatments require no more than 30-45 minutes, and little recovery time is usually needed.

If you think you are a candidate for SmartLipo, or have more questions about the procedure, feel free to contact our representatives. They can schedule your first SmartLipo consultation with a plastic surgeon or cosmetic provider, who can accurately determine if SmartLipo is the best procedure to achieve your desired results!

Prospective patients can also look at SignatureForum's SmartLipo ratings and reviews section, to read what real patients thought about the procedure. After a patient has undergone SmartLipo treatments, they can also post their own rating and review, to inform others who are considering the procedure.

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Most Recent SmartLipo Customer Reviews


"qPLl9J " - Submitted by JimmiNu O. of New York, OR

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"DO NOT GET SMART LIPO!! I went to Finesse Laser in Waltham, Massachusetts. I can't necessarily say it was the doctors fault himself, but I can't say it WASN't either. After getting this a few years ago, my stomach looks horrible and it will never be the same. I can never wear a bikini and I feel very UN-sexy in stomach-bearing lingerie. The very small dot-scars are not the issue. It's the uneven appearance in my skin that looks disgusting. It's like I have lumps and indents in some spots, and … Read More" - Submitted by Na N. of Waltham, MA


"nothing but great things to say...great experience..great doctor..great staff.. I will be back forsure. " - Submitted by Heather B. of Fresno, TX

Cost: $6,500.00

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"I expected to have a flatter stomach for the summer months after i completed the healing process. My stomach to me looks the exact same as it did before the procedure. i work out 4 days a week and I have a pretty practical diet but after paying for a service you would expect to see results for longer than a month. My stomach only appeared flatter for a month after the procedure. I had the procedure done in June of last year and was told after laser lipo the fat cells would not grow back and … Read More" - Submitted by NiQui T. of Alexandria, VA

Cost: $3,500.00

More Details On SmartLipo

Average Cost Range: $3,000.00 - $7,500.00

Time Required:
SmartLipo™ sessions rarely go longer than an hour, but larger treatment areas will require extra time. Some patients may also want additional sessions for the best results. These must be spread out over several month intervals. See what real SmartLipo patients reported about their procedure time, in the reviews and ratings section.

In/Out Patient Info:
SmartLipo™ is an outpatient procedure.

Side Effects:
Minimally invasive and not requiring a general anesthetic, SmartLipo™ has few side effects, aside from temporary swelling, redness, aches, and pains.

Duration of Results:
SmartLipo™ results can last indefinitely, depening on your lifestyle choices.

Often, a SmartLipo™ patient will be back at work within a day of treatment.

Insurance Info:
Most insurance will not cover SmartLipo™ treatments, since it is generally considered a cosmetic treatment.

Discomfort Level:
Like most laser treatments, SmartLipo™ can be mildly painful, but these effects can be reduced with a local anesthetic.

A local anesthetic is usually all that's needed for SmartLipo™, due to its minimally invasive nature.

Can be Combined With:
Liposuction, VelaShape™, Mesotherapy, LipoDissolve

Also Known As:
Smart Lipo, Laser Liposuction

More About SmartLipo:
Follow this link for more basic SmartLipo info.

Further Discussion:
Discuss the advantages or disadvantages of SmartLipo at Cosmetic Enhancement Forum.  

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