Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

Tattoos can be great, but when they are holding you back from getting a job or are representative of a time in your life that you don't wish to remember, it may be time to consider options in tattoo removal. Fortunately, there are several methods of tattoo removal that have proven to be highly effective! The ease at which tattoos are removed are dependent upon the size, location and age of the tattoo.

The most economical options are do-it-yourself creams. While the painlessness and low cost are selling points, the results are not guaranteed and it can be months before any visible improvements appear. Tattoo removal creams function as skin bleaching agents, which will fade the appearance of many inks, but often fade the surrounding skin as well. Some of the most popular at home tattoo removal creams are Tat B Gone, Wrecking Balm and Tattoo-Off. These creams are available online, at you local pharmacies and also at many cosmetic shops.

Excision is an excellent option for smaller tattoos. Prior to the procedure a local anesthetic is applied to numb the area. The procedure consists of bringing the edges of the tattoo together and then suturing them, this results in minimal bleeding which can easily be controlled. Excision is ideal for smaller tattoos because generally only one procedure is necessary, whereas with larger tattoos multiple procedures are required and the risk of scarring increases.

Overall, the most effective tattoo removal method for both larger and smaller tattoos is Laser Tattoo Removal. Laser tattoo removal uses a high-intensity laser beam directing energy towards ink in the skin with highly concentrated colored light beams. Laser Tattoo Removal generally requires multiple treatments for complete removal but is a completely bloodless and incision free procedure, making it ideal for most patients.

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Most Recent Tattoo Removal Customer Reviews


"I purchased 4 tattoo removal sessions. Ive already done 2 and im extremly satisfied with everything. Staff was especially curtious and all dressed well. I have told alot of people about the services offered! " - Submitted by Marylee V. of Tacoma, WA

Cost: $288.00

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"This is my second removal procedure, and my first from this facility (tattoo on my ankle). The procedure and healing time was similar to the past, but I have found that 4 large blisters may become scarring, which I did not have the first time around. I will see how I continue to heal, and if the tattoo fades, over the coming weeks. " - Submitted by Jessica W. of Houston, TX

Cost: $250.00

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"I had an infection on the area treated for 2 1/2 months after I received the treatment and had to pay almost as much as I paid for the treatment in hospital and doctors bills alone, I am still deciding if I want to finish the treatment or not " - Submitted by Michael T. of Burlington, NJ

Cost: $1,100.00

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"My sister experience a HORRIBLE OLDER WOMAN at the reception area at Pentagon Reveal...horrible!!!! BAD ATTITUDE, NASTY. Tatoo removal after 6 sessions...NO CHANGE :(( :(( none " - Submitted by dana m. of Springfield, VA

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Average Cost Range: $100.00 - $1,500.00

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