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108 Forbes Suite 2
Annapolis, MD 21401

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About Annapolis Endocrinology Associates

Annapolis Endocrinology Associates offer dedicated patient care for metabolic, pituitary, thyroid and diabetic conditions. Our doctors are committed to diagnosing, treating and acting as advocates for patients dealing with hormonal issues.

Our doctors will begin with a comprehensive physical exam using the most advanced technology available, then create a personalized treatment plan to relieve your discomfort and restore thyroid function.

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Ratings for Annapolis Endocrinology Associates

Overall Rating................................................................................................................... 8.9


Overall Ratings for Annapolis Endocrinology Associates for the past 4 quarters

Annapolis Endocrinology Associates
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User Reviews for Annapolis Endocrinology Associates


B. S. - Nanjemoy, MD 7.6
"Physician always puts me at ease. "

J. H. - Hollywood, MD 10.0
"The PA was very polite and knowledgeable."

Y. G. - Bowie, MD 9.6
"The procedure was quick and easy. They explained each step as they proceeded. The previous three lab results were also discussed."

D. G. - Arnold, MD 9.7
"My doctor was great."

S. G. - Rockville, MD 9.5
"Professional service, at it's excellence! Although coming from little far distance, as a patient, I think "'one needs the best Doctor, who cares". Dr. Arun Bhandari is one of the few best in town. I have no doubts or questions. "

L. H. - Bowie, MD 9.0
"Keep up the good work. "

L. M. - Waldorf, MD 9.8
"I have had an excellent experience with the staff at this location."

V. G. - Bowie, MD 9.5
"The provider I met with at Annapolis Endocrinology Associates is cheerful. I'm always made to feel comfortable. The treatment given is excellent. She is always willing to explain the results of any lab work provided."

S. W. - Waldorf, MD 8.9
"Very smooth appointment. All is well organized and on time."

M. H. - Glen Burnie, MD 10.0
"Dr. Narasimhan is very professional and thorough. She always reviews my lab work with me and addresses any concerns that I have concerning medications, lab work, and upcoming visits. She is an exceptional doctor. "

L. J. - Seaford, DE 10.0
"The competence of the Doctor's and staff coupled with genuine concern for my health is a testament to this office. The treatment process is done with courtesy and respect for my security and health. This is not a learned process entirely, it is a reflection of caring individuals! I look forward to my next visit!"

E. D. - Bowie, MD 10.0
"Dr. Cantero besides being a great doctor, she is very professional. Very kind, patient and explains everything to understand what I need to do before my next appointment."

N. C. - Arnold, MD 10.0
"All the staff are excellent and I love Doctor Narasimhan! "

K. J. 10.0
"Angela Sciulli, Physician's Assistant was very helpful in training me on the Bydureon injections. I have multiple endocrine issues and I feel most comfortable that I will receive the treatments I need with options. Moreover, my input in the process is encouraged and I believe, helps the doctors and physician assistants make a better evaluation of my health issues."

N. J. - Waldorf, MD 10.0
"Dr. Joan Cantero Lakhanpal is the best endocrinologist that I have ever been to. She is very kind, professional and gentle!"

N. J. - Lothian, MD 10.0
"My treatment was good and the provider was great! Everything was great!"

B. D. - Dunkirk, MD 10.0
"The provider and the staff are very helpful, they are all personable and caring. "

O. N. 10.0
"Fantastic staff and provider! Excellent comfort level during treatment."

C. C. 9.7
"I have been most pleased with all visits, both in terms of sensitivity to my concerns and the medical staff taking the time to explaining the meaning of results of tests and recommendations to improve one's health. They have EXCELLENT sensitivity to patient's comments and questions!"

F. P. 9.7
"The provider was very understanding, helped me to understand my treatment. I see immediate results!"

K. F. 10.0
"Doctors are always informative and caring. They made me very comfortable and relaxed."

K. B. 9.2
"They make me feel I am important. All is good."

J. S. 10.0
"Dr Narasimhan is extremely knowledgeable and dynamic! A delight to deal with. Thank you so much for your excellent care! Expertise of physician makes me feel confident in her care."

O. G. 8.9
"Thank you for the assistance you give me! I received a good treatment."

F. H. 10.0
"Everything was great!"

E. N. 9.5
"I am very pleased with my Endo team. It is important to me to feel that the professionals with whom I meet are just as engaged in my health as I am. I am very pleased with my level of care. I was very impressed with my team's approach. They tested for everything to pinpoint my health concern in order to address it."

T. S. 9.7
"Dr. Narasimian is very good a putting the patient at ease and answering any quesitons"

K. B. 9.9
"Great treatment!"

P. S. 9.5
"Dr. Joan Cantero was very caring"

M. M. 8.0
"Physician Assistant provided excellent care. The customer service is good."

J. J. 10.0
"Dr. Lewandowski is my physician and I like her very much. I plan to have all follow ups with her. Also, great staff support. All went smooth with the treatment."

L. T. 7.9
"The staff is first rate. The practice closed the office I went closer to my home, but I have decided it is worth the extra travel time to remain with this group of providers. The staff is very attentive to my needs."

S. P. 8.3
"I love Dr. Narasimhan"

L. G. 9.8
"Dr. Nasasimhan and Dr. Irby have provided wonderful care over the years. The technicians I've dealt with have always been courteous and helpful."

D. T. 10.0
"I love Irene Irby She's professional, friendly and listens to anything I say and explains the results of my blood work, so I understand what is going on with my thyroid. My comfort level is pretty good, I don't feel overwhelmed. I am not afraid to come here as I am with other appointments."

R. B. 9.6
"Staff and Nurse Practioner were friendly and very helpful. Lab results were reviewed and a plan for improving results was formulated."

M. D. 9.9
"Treatment is with medication. They followed up with me."

M. G. 8.4
"I have full confidence in Dr. Cantero and hope she will be available to address my medical concerns and those of my husband as well. I recommend the practice to my family and friends."

W. P. 10.0
"I am very happy with services and staff."

L. P. 9.9
"I feel at ease with my provider. I am comfortable talking to her about any aspect of my illness. I believe she has my interest at heart. When I leave the office I feel optimistic... everything will be just fine."

H. K. 9.0
"I got good treatment from a great team."

J. R. 10.0
"I feel everyone really cares about me. I appreciate how quick appointment is handled."

L. C. 10.0
"The provider takes into consideration what I think and the treatment is great."

D. F. 9.4
"I was comfortable while having the procedure done."

M. G. 10.0
"Comfort level is great. Great practice. Would recommend to anyone."

R. C. 10.0
"The Dr. was honest, frank and very forthcoming with issues, advice and recommendations but in the end we both came to the same decision."

A. B. 8.0
"I am very happy with my provider, Dr. Bais. Treatment is very professional, efficient."

M. M. 9.7
"Great medical doctors who care about their patients. I have positive experiences."

G. S. 9.9
"It's all good!"

C. A. 9.8
"The staff was friendly."

T. H. 9.8
"I have been a patient of Annapolis Endocrinology for years. I live in Silver Spring MD and was originally going to the office in Silver Spring, but after that location closed I started going to the Annapolis office. even though it takes me roughly 45 minutes to get there I feel it worth to come here because this is a very caring, professional and knowledgeable provider. Dr. Narasimhan always takes time to explain treatments, tries to accommodate my needs, and is always patient and sympathetic - never judgmental or unkind. The treatments are good."

H. H. 9.4
"My treatment works very good! Thank you!"

J. M. 9.4
"I always feel comfortable with Dr. Lewandowski. My appointment was a regular 3 month appointment. Dr Lewandowski went over all the results of the blood work, we discussed a change and she gave me alternatives. All was written out at the check-out desk. What more could one ask for?"

L. R. 8.8
"I love my provider and the care I get. It is easy getting the test results."

P. F. 10.0
"Friendly staff!"

R. M. 9.8
"Dr. Bais was a great addition to the team. She has helped get my diabetes in check I have been struggling for years. Its always a friendly atmosphere in the office area."

S. S. 10.0
"Good service and very comfortable treatment was provided."

J. H. 9.8
"The treatment that I get there had help me a lot. The staff there is all very concerned about me and my health and I am always glad to come there."

M. A. 10.0
"I love the practice location and the provider I saw. The treatment was fine."

N. H. 9.2
"I love the providers, my treatment is explained clearly and understandable."

D. P. 10.0
"Keep up the excellent service!"

T. N. 10.0
"The treatment was very comfortable. Everyone was very caring and wonderful!"

C. O. 9.6
"Thank you!"

J. B. 8.0
"Immediate results of treatment were available. The checkout process is easy."

G. J. 7.7
"The treatment was excellent!"

R. T. 10.0
"Annapolis Endocrinology has helped me control my diabetes by authorizing the use of an insulin pump."

V. R. 10.0
"Both my appts with the drs was great. I appreciate being seen on time. Their bedside manner is EXCELLENT. Once in the room, they give undivided attention to my concerns."

K. C. 10.0
"I have been a happy patient of Annapolis for a very long time."

M. B. 9.6
"Great service with a smile and no pain. "

K. J. 10.0
"I got great treatment plan, I wish I knew them about 10 years ago."

L. S. 9.8
"The people at the front desk were very kind and did their work in an expeditious manner. The person administering the Prolia shot was very gentle and the doctor did not leave me waiting, unlike in other doctors offices."

G. L. 10.0
"Great folks! Good job!"

K. W. 9.6
"The medical staff is superb. I got excellent care."

J. M. 8.6
"My doctor was really good in answering all my concerns."

N. L. 7.8
"Dr. Narasimhan makes me always happy."

J. A. 7.4
"Everything was fine."

K. F. 8.9
"Jenny is very professional and thorough. Additional she's extremely patient, kind and attentive. I will continue to use the practice as long as she's there."

T. R. 9.2
"Doctor Cantero has always been willing to answer all my questions. I like doctor Cantero so much, I have referred my sister and my mom to see her. I also enjoyed the Asian PA she was ready to answer the questions I had, was willing to explain test results and I felt that she answer all my question and concerns. Over all I really enjoyed my visit."

J. D. 8.2
"The entire staff is very helpful!"

S. W. 9.2
"The staff was helpful, the treatment helped."

C. M. 9.8
"Staff and doctors give excellent service. Dr. Lewandoski discusses all options with me."

M. J. 9.8
"I love the very thorough staff here!"

M. O. 10.0
"Great staff with great providers!!"

H. O. 9.4
"My doctor explains the treatment."

O. T. 10.0
"Open talk with me about treatment."

B. H. 8.6
"I really love Dr. Lewandowski! She listens and works with me on treatment plans and is willing to check into symptoms and find the root cause."

K. P. 9.0
"Thanks to ALL!"

M. L. 9.0
"I felt comfortable and satisfied."

J. W. 9.7
"I have been going there for about 4 years and I am always pleased with the WONDERFUL staff. They are very caring."

A. M. 9.4
"Nurse Practitioner was intimately familiar with my medical history."

J. K. 9.8
"Dr. Shivani Narashimhan is truly a professional. She is fantastic! I would recommend her to all. I got great treatment. I wish every branches in Colombia or Windsor mill would be the same."

H. B. 7.7
"I have a good treatment plan."

H. F. 9.9

N. N. 10.0
"First time there and the staff that I dealt with made me feel very comfortable. "

O. W. 9.9
"The staff is very thorough. They remembered my case in specific and provided good explanations to me. The sonogram done for my thyroid was simple and pain-free!"

J. W. 9.7
"Dr. Narasimhan was great!"

E. P. 9.1
"I see a very positive change here. The last few visits have been great. I really have enjoyed seeing the same NP and very much enjoy her. ANGIE IS GREAT!! "

G. B. 10.0
"The staff and treatment results have been excellent. "

E. C. 10.0
"All doctors and staff is extremely patient, friendly, and professional. All make you feel at home and welcome, especially Dr. Narasimhan, Dr. Bais and Madame Angela. Thanks for all of you and all you do! I recommend this specific practice to everyone in need. GOD is GRAND! I am very appreciative. Thank you!"

P. J. 9.7
"Staff is very helpful.They went out of their way to answer my follow up concerns regarding my care and my husband's care."

M. F. 10.0
"I feel very well because I already have had many years under the care of the doctor. She is excellent!"

R. S. 9.2
"The staff is always polite, helpful and knowledgeable. My doctors always provide me with real options regarding my care and medication management. I appreciate that I have a woman doctor who understands concerns that pertain to women."

C. B. 10.0
"The office is great and the staff is helpful."

J. W. 10.0
"The staff are very helpful and take great care in helping you!"

J. W. 10.0
"Treatment itself has always been very comfortable!"

E. G. 8.5
"The doctor's suggestions were very helpful. The staff was friendly in the office."

W. B. 9.2
"This was my third appointment with Annapolis Endocrinology Associates and as in both of my other appointments I was most satisfied with my care. The staff has always been kind and helpful. My doctor and PA listens to what I have to say and together we come of with a plan of action that works for me. My doctor and PA is up to date on all new medications, new treatments and how they work and lets me know what she would work best for my needs. I live about an hour away and I am happy to make the trip knowing I am getting excellent, informative and knowledgeable care."

A. H. 9.4
"It was good to visit Annapolis Endocrinology. I am satified with the outcome."

E. D. 8.7
"My doctor understands my issues. Everything went well. "

C. C. 8.8
"Very satisfied with all aspects. A professional team took care of me and excellent service was provided."

M. B. 10.0
" Angela has been very friendly, respectful and excellent in her explanation and instructions given for my treatment. She is knowledgeable and professional and always listens to my concerns with helpful follow up for my needs. I appreciate Angela and her valuable service to me."

M. B. 10.0
"I am very pleased with the care I received from Angela."

D. G. 9.8
"The staff is smart and courteous."

J. N. 9.5
"Professional team took care about me."

B. H. 7.4
"The staff is always very courteous and helpful. They are very understanding that I live a good distance from the practice and they mail me items so I don't have to make the drive to pick them up. They are all awesome! Everything is going well."

M. S. 9.4
"The staff at this location is great!"

D. F. 9.9
"Very happy with the care received by everyone I have seen in the office. Whether it has been the doctor or another practitioner (NP, PA, etc.) All have been extremely informative and have taken ample time to explain details. No rushing and very considerate."

A. M. 7.6
"My follow-up visit with my doctor was great. I do not like the medication for the treatment, but it is helping me. "

M. T. 9.8
"I have had excellent results in controlling my diabetes. The team was very professional."

G. T. 10.0
"My doctor was great and the provided procedure was excellent."

M. O. 9.9
"My doctor and PA are great. Everything is good."

Y. M. 8.9
"The staff and the doctor is excellent, therefore I am willing to come from Silver Spring, Md. The staff and the office is nice!"

C. O. 9.7
"I really like Annapolis Endocrinology for the fact that they know what they doing and take care of the patients very well. No matter who I see, the level of expertise and courtesy are the same."

J. B. 8.4
"The medicine showing results as prescribed. My doctor cares about my health and well-being."

A. H. 7.0
"Everything seems good through my last four visits."

R. F. 10.0
"My treatment was done as comfortable as possible. Entire staff is very nice and friendly."

V. J. 9.7
"Excellent patient service was provided. The staff makes sure you understand the service being provided. I am always at ease during my visit."

M. S. 10.0
"Willingness to listen to me and very thorough on answering my questions!"

V. D. 9.8
"The treatment I received was good and the staff was great."

L. S. 9.9
"This office and staff are really great. Very happy with my treatment plan."

D. G. 9.4
"The staff at Annapolis Endocrinology Associates was very nice and knowledgeable."

J. R. 9.9
"I see immediate results."

A. C. 7.8
"Although Irene is usually busy, she took time to explain a few odd things that were going on with me."

R. R. 10.0
"The treatment was cool."

J. J. 10.0
"My service provider took time to explain all aspects of my treatment.It is a very comfortable office environment. "

J. B. 9.9
"The staff was prepared during my visit and gave me the information I needed!"

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