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New York, NY 10016

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About Bosley Hair Restoration - New York City

In the city that never sleeps, hair loss can be a never-ending burden for men and women alike. Bosley medical understands the frustration that hair loss can cause, that’s why they offer all kinds of hair restoration services: transplantation, restoration, and hair loss prevention.

Since 1972, Bosley has made it their mission to learn and practice the latest hair restoration techniques in order to provide patients with permanent hair loss solutions. After being in the industry for nearly 40 years, Bosley continues to exhibit the dedication to hair loss research and treatment that they’ve had from the beginning.

Bosley of New York City offers free consultations for anyone looking to permanently stop hair loss. After receiving all educational materials and a thorough analysis, New York City hair loss patients will have everything they need to make an informed decision about their hair restoration goals. On top of performing advanced hair transplant surgeries, Bosley of New York City also offers hair therapy treatments such as Propecia and Rogaine. If New York City hair restoration patients opt for surgery during their consultation, Bosley can perform same day procedures, where specialists will quickly take hair from the back of the head and transfer it to thinning portions in the front. The results, when filled in, are fantastic and permanent!

Maintaining an active and exciting lifestyle in New York City is even better with a naturally thick head of hair. To learn more about hair restoration or follicular unit transplantation in New York City, or to schedule a free consultation with Bosley, contact us today!

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A. R. 10.0
"The staff was excellent. They did a really great job. I am very very satisfied."

"Everyone was very professional."

"It was very very well done. The lady that cuts my hair can't believe she cant find one graft. I'm very very pleased. "

C. A. 10.0
"I appreciate the efforts made by the doctor to find and share pictures of individuals with similar hair loss patterns so I could see the possible results."

E. S. 9.0
"I am really pleased everything was perfect"

T. A. 10.0
"I think the staff was very nice and comforting; the physician was great as well. I wish I had kept up with the Propecia, but in terms of quantity, it came in better than I expected."

M. M. 10.0
"Dr. Alpeter was thorough, caring, personable, and explained every detail of his excellent work. He easily surpassed my expectations. His support staff was beyond excellent as well. One assistant allowed me to wait in a room for my ride home after hours and periodically checked in on me to see how I was doing. She even checked my bandage outside the building while my ride was stuck in traffic. Overall, I can't say anything but great things about the Bosley staff that cared for me during the procedure. I've told other people that my hair restoration surgery was the best thing I've ever done and that's no exaggeration. My hair is quite full in the front now and I feel more confident as a result. At first I thought the price of the procedure was a little high, but now I would say it was a great deal. I would go back to Bosley for another procedure if I had to. Luckily, I don't need another one."

A. R. - Brooklyn, NY 8.9
"I was given sufficient answers to all questions and concerns regarding the procedure and potential results "

A. B. 10.0
"The counselor gave me a price estimate. Once he speaks with the physician, I'll have an exact number."

R. L. - Bronx, NY 10.0
"The staff was extremely friendly and made me feel at ease about the whole process."

P. P. - Brooklyn, NY 10.0
"Dr. Alpeter is extremely knowledgeable and attentive. He answered all of my questions thoroughly and made me feel very much at ease."

K. K. 8.5
"Im very happy with how it came in. "

E. F. 10.0
"I am so happy. Every time I go to my barber, he says what a good job they did with my surgery. Everything is perfect. Everyone was wonderful."

E. K. 10.0
"The hair is a little thin, but it will take time to get thicker. They did a good job."

C. K. - College Point, NY 10.0
"There were parts where I had no hair and now I do, so that makes me very happy. They were all amazing"

I. S. 10.0
"The counselor was great. Everything was to my satisfaction. I do have to say it's too expensive for me. I have seen it cheaper on the internet."

M. G. 8.5
"I am really happy this was my second procedure. The top Docs that want to get into this business go to Bosley"

M. T. 10.0
"They really did a fantastic job. I am near 100% satisfied."

A. L. 10.0
"I was very happy with your mailed info and my recent in-person meeting with your staff."

J. T. - Newark, NJ 10.0
"Everything went well with my consultation."

K. R. - Staten Island, NY 10.0
"Everything went well. Felt comfortable and safe."

H. S. - New York, NY 10.0
"I am beyond happy. I am so happy, in fact, I had a second procedure just last week. I liked the people they were courteous and could have not have been nicer."

C. M. - Staten Island, NY 10.0
"The person I first spoke to before seeing the Dr. Ken Batt was very pleasant & explained everything to my complete understanding. Made me feel comfortable and at ease."

J. S. 10.0
"I feel like the counselor was fine. I am just starting to thin out. I am going to try the Rogaine at first and see how that goes."

B. L. 9.8
"I did like how they showed me real time pictures of my scalp and hair so I can better understand where i stand."

C. S. 10.0
"I feel like the doctor answered all of my questions, although I am a little concerned with him saying I need 1,000 grafts. I do not think I need that many because it is only one little area that I would like to focus on."

N. B. - Whitestone, NY 9.9
"Both the physician and staff were very hospitable. They were always checking to make sure I was comfortable and not feeling any pain."

V. V. - Glen Cove, NY 10.0
"He was really helpful and cool about the whole thing. He already knew what I wanted. I have no complaints. "

D. T. - Pine Brook, NJ 9.7
"Everyone on the New York City Bosley team was great."

A. H. 10.0
"I like both surgical and nonsurgical options. The assessment and treatment plan made by the doctor was good."

T. S. - Flanders, NJ 9.5
"Overall, very satisfying experience. Looking forward to seeing the results of their work!"

B. O. - Brooklyn, NY 9.6
"Very happy with the experience and procedure. Dr. Alpeter was amazing and kind. Very professional. "

"Very professional counselor. Not pushy in the least."

B. G. 8.7
"I think it's a good thing. Building your personality and confidence. I didn't have a good idea of what it would be like going through the process. That's was one area that they need to work on. There are a lot of satisfied customers, but there would be the other side of the story, too. "

A. S. - River Edge, NJ 9.1
"He answered all my questions. I just need to do some research."

P. H. - Sparta, NJ 9.9
"My consultant was absolutely fantastic and made me feel at ease while answering all my questions thoroughly. Beyond this, he was professional and went above and beyond his duties for me."

M. Y. - Sparta, NJ 10.0
"I was very impressed with the team that worked on me. The team at the New York facility were simply awesome. I am hopeful that I will have good results for not only myself, but my oldest son as well."

M. W. 10.0
"I will use propecia/rogaine for 3 months to see it has any effects and then go back for another consultation for a transplant procedure."

Q. J. - Scotch Plains, NJ 10.0
"The time went by faster than I expected."

T. R. 10.0
"My Bosley counselor was extremely helpful."

W. S. - Summit, NJ 10.0
"10/10 Service."

A. L. 10.0
"Both counselor and physician were very informative."

- Port Washington, NY 10.0
"Dr. Alpert is awesome ! He is very calming and professional. The team assembled was incredible, both friendly and efficient. Made the whole experience much easier to endure."

D. C. - Hicksville, NY 10.0
"Dr David Alpeter is experienced surgeon and did the job with ease. Staff and technicians were polite and did their job nicely. "

V. H. - Cliffside Park, NJ 9.9
"Had been in for a consultation 12 years ago but never elected to have the procedure done. I recently lost my wife and now wish to do something that will help my appearance and make me feel better about myself going forward."

M. H. - West New York, NJ 10.0
"Entire procedure ran smoothly and everyone was most pleasant and interested in making my stay comfortable."

T. O. 9.7
"I think it's great that you offer experienced professionals to share their knowledge for free. Very educational. Great service"

G. A. 10.0
"As a patient, I was well-informed by my physician and members of the surgical team."

C. R. - Allendale, NJ 10.0
"Aside from being well-organized, pleasant and professional, it seemed to me that the team enjoyed working there and working together, which made for a pleasant atmosphere."

R. K. - Seaford, NY 10.0
"The entire staff made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process they went over the entire process in detail I would recommend them to anyone that was thinking of hair restoration. It was a good positive experience."

W. J. 10.0
"I loved the service, staff and all was great, I honestly don't remember anything negative that I can list, I wish the cut was a little smaller, but I can live with it. Honestly , it did change the way I feel about myself and appearance of my hair, I have recommended lots of people so far."

J. K. 9.7
"The counselor was very friendly and knowledgeable. I appreciated not getting a very aggressive sales pitch. I felt if while I was in the office he had software to show my current hairline and pictures with possible results if I chose to go ahead with transplants using my face I'd have possibly been more impressed. Seeing other guys didn't really show me what I'd look like. "

A. G. 8.0
"I don't have much to say, but the consulting experience was enjoyable, and it all-around met my expectations. Thanks."

J. D. 9.0
"My friends and family were happy to see results. Some think I still need more hair, but everyone at Bosley was extremely professional and I'm happy with the whole process."

H. S. - Staten Island, NY 10.0
"The whole process was done professionally and I was very comfortable during procedure. No complaints."

A. D. 9.5
"I've had a good experience both times, but I wish I can receive a discount for a second procedure."

T. G. 8.0
"My consultant seemed to be rushed, but I'd say I still learned a thing or two about my hair situation."

T. W. 10.0
"Visit went well, I felt comfortable. The consultant I met with was also very knowledgeable and very professional. I am interested in the Bosley product in the near future. "

M. G. 9.5
"My counselor was very informative and knowledgeable regarding hair restoration options. "

R. K. - Seaford, NY 9.7
"Very happy so far. Good staff. Very professional. They helped me feel very confident that they're gonna do a fantastic job. "

R. R. 9.0
"I have had three procedures with Dr. Dibiase and I think he is the best. The only one I would trust. It has made a major difference in overall confidence."

N. B. 9.5
"I think it was amazing. It's almost life-changing. I feel how I did when I was much younger. They were always friendly and awesome. Never had a bad experience there."

J. P. - Hazlet, NJ 9.0
"The team was very good. They made me feel comfortable. It brought a lot of my confidence back. I don't have to wear a hat in public and I feel better about myself."

"While I enjoyed the consultation, I don't understand why the procedure is so expensive without a 100% guarantee. Still deciding."

T. R. 9.7
"Really enjoyed meeting with the physician and the consultant. The office itself had a great atmosphere to it."

B. B. 9.5
"Everything went well for me during my experience at Bosley's New York City office."

F. J. 10.0
"Dr. Satish Vayuvegula is the reason I came to Vein Clinics of America. He was recommended to me by my doctor. He is kind, thorough, and talked me through the entire procedure. I have always felt comfortable during all my procedures. The staff responded to all of my questions."

K. P. - Jersey City, NJ 8.1
"The doctor and representatives were very informative. The office was neat and clean a little bit longer than I expected the weight. But overall, I had a great experience and I would suggest going to the New York City Bosley office."

N. L. 7.9
"The consultation was helpful, overall."

C. G. 7.2
"The Bosley NCY staff was helpful."

W. U. 8.5
"Your consulting is good and your staff is very helpful. Although I'm satisfied, the cost is too high for me."

D. D. - Brooklyn, NY 9.0
"I thought that the doctor and staff provided good results. It's a wonderful atmosphere, and I was really taken care of!!! "

C. R. - West Orange, NJ 10.0
"Dr. Alpeter and everyone in the NY office were very friendly and helpful. I was very pleased with the results and the staff at Bosley was excellent!"

C. R. - West Orange, NJ 10.0
"I was very pleased with the results and the staff at the New York City Bosley was excellent!"

L. E. - Elizabeth, NJ 8.9
"In my experience, the people were good and professional."

M. D. - Garfield, NJ 10.0
"This was my second procedure. Great staff. Keep up the good work! I can walk in the sun again!!!!!! Thanks!"

E. B. - East Northport, NY 10.0
"Dr. DiBiase, the surgeon who performed the procedure, was the greatest. He explained everything. If people ask me about Bosley, I will tell them to ask for Dr. DiBiase."

"The complete eyebrow restoration procedure went smoothly and I am beyond happy with the results! Since having the procedure, I have confidence that I never knew I could have!! Thank you to everyone at Bosley for my amazing results! I am extremely satisfied with the entire staff and experience at Bosley. The results exceeded my expectations!! I would definitely recommend Bosley to anyone looking to change their life and gain confidence!!"

C. S. - Yorktown Heights, NY 9.5
"I'm very happy with my initial results and am looking into more treatments in near future."

S. Q. 10.0
"I've been in three times and have walked out happy every time."

A. A. - ----, NJ 9.0
"I feel more comfortable now. This procedure gave me more confidence and makes me feel really good about myself now "

A. A. - ----, NJ 9.0
"I liked going to the New York City Bosley location. Everyone was very professional and treated me well."

"Staff was very professional, yet also quite friendly."

H. S. 8.5
"I am happy; just thought it would be thicker."

J. H. 8.5
"I was pleased with everything, hoping for more thickness, though."

J. H. 8.5
"I'm happy with everything."

H. S. - Monmouth Junction, NJ 9.7
"Dr. Al Peter is excellent."

W. O. 10.0
"The NYC staff were very nice."

J. W. 8.5
"They covered the full basis. Outstanding. Top of the game."

"They were all experienced and extremely friendly. I wish I would've done it sooner."

K. B. - Bronx, NY 10.0
"I had my procedure done on Monday, October 26, 2015 at the 99 Park Avenue Office in N.Y.C. I can only say that the Dr. Alpeter was a true gentleman. His staff was great and fun to talk to. I was nervous, but they made me feel at ease as the procedure was going through. I can only say words of praise and a thank you for the procedure that was done. I am expected back in June of 2016 for the results and a check-up on how everything is coming along. Recommend the Park Avenue sight to anyone in the N.Y. area, "

P. S. 7.3
"Everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful. I left with a plan of action going forward and a timeline to reassess and decide what the next steps are."

J. T. - Hillside, NJ 8.9
"Entire procedure was easier than anticipated. Dr. Alpeter made sure several times that I was comfortable throughout the day, and answered all my questions thoroughly. My surgical team was also very attentive and relatable which made me very comfortable."

H. C. 9.5
"Wish they kept you at a closer location, but this was very helpful."

J. T. - Hillside, NJ 10.0
"The office staff and my consultant were very welcoming. They were also very understanding of the fact that I had my one-year-old twins with me. Not even once was I made to feel like my children weren't welcomed."

K. B. - Bronx, NY 10.0
"Great consultation. Quick procedure date."

K. K. - College Point, NY 10.0
"The nurse was the most comfortable person to work with. She NEVER pushed me, and herself, in conjunction with Dr. Alpeter, educated me and made me feel so comfortable with all that was going on. I did have slight pain and bleeding the first night. When I called in the morning, they made me feel like I was important and what was happening was totally normal. They invited me in that day for a shampoo and Dr. Alpeter even came into the room to take a look and assure me that all was fine. I so appreciated that. On the surgery day, EVERYONE (all 10 or more) persons that came in contact with me were happy, professional, courteous and made me feel like I was the most important person they ever dealt with. BRAVO!!!!!!"

B. B. 8.7
"The office staff are very nice and professional. I was given a few options as of now. I was very concerned about taking the Propecia and my concerns were addressed, but I feel like I should've been tested for additional risks."

E. C. 9.8
"I received two prices for two graft amounts and am going with 1000 grafts. I just have to call and make my appointment. Just checking one more thing before I do that."

B. M. 10.0
"I am very happy with the initial result of my hair transplant; the staff was very professional. No regrets.Worth every penny. Thank you."

W. S. 8.0
"All the office staff was very good and helpful. The doctor was very good, explained everything in detail and made us very comfortable."

O. R. 10.0
"The consultant and the doctors were extremely knowledgeable and kind."

R. D. - New City, NY 7.7
"The staff I met with were extremely knowledgeable. However, I'm afraid that given my past experience with procedures, I may not experience results."

C. T. 10.0
"My initial consultation was the most important with low-pressure informational value, including non-transplant options and allowing me to leave the office without the expectation of having me sign up for the procedure at that point of contact."

R. W. - Mayfield, NY 10.0
"Everyone was very friendly and made the FUE hair transplant very comfortable."

C. M. 10.0
"I'm the type of person that never says this, but the doctor and staff were great!"

A. C. 9.0
"I've had this done at another place before, and the recovery time at Bosley was much better. The results are pretty good, too. I like how my hair looks."

J. D. - Forest Hills, NY 8.0
"The physician and consultant were both very pleasant!!"

Z. V. - Ocean Grove, NJ 10.0
"The staff and the Doc were all amazing. Thank you. Let's hope it works "

D. R. - Harrington Park, NJ 9.6
"The best care givers make their patients each feel like they are the only ones, that what is happening to you, the patient is special and not something that the caregivers do day in and day out, which they do. That was my experience at Bosley. Highly recommend Bosley to anyone considering hair restoration. "

M. M. 9.9
"My Bosley team was very courteous and professional. My doctor (David Alpeter) was very thorough, comprehensive and compassionate. His assistant (I believe her name was Linda) was very caring and helpful as well. My FUE procedure was long and tedious, but the Bosley team did everything they could to make me comfortable. I have nothing but high praise for the team and my experience."

M. B. - Allentown, NJ 9.4
"Physician was very professional"

T. S. - Plainsboro, NJ 9.7
"I felt relaxed and taken care of the entire time. The entire team was professional and friendly. I am extremely happy with the entire process. Looking forward to seeing the results over the next 6 months!"

I. R. - Maywood, NJ 10.0
"Professional treatment at the NYC Bosley Office. Unfortunately, I'm not a good candidate for a hair transplant."

K. B. 10.0
"Everything about the consultation was good."

C. M. 10.0
"Everyone was very professional in the New York City Bosley office. Pleasurable visit."

R. H. 10.0
"Professional staff. I'm impressed."

R. V. - 111111 Fake, NY 9.0
"The physician was very knowledgeable. They were all very helpful "

D. B. 10.0
"Everyone in the office remembered me and made me feel really comfortable. They were great."

S. B. 10.0
"Everyone was extremely helpful, I had no negative experiences."

R. C. 10.0
"All of them were great. I just don't remember their names. They were very helpful. Anything I needed they were able to get it for me ."

"I had a positive experience with the staff there at bosley."

A. R. 10.0
"They made it very comfortable even though I was getting my head picked at. Everyone was very friendly and nice."

G. V. 9.5
"They were very professional, good and made the procedure comfortable and easy."

D. W. 10.0
"This was the fourth procedure for me and I cannot think of any improvements that could be made other than a shorter time in the chair."

I. C. - New York, NY 9.0
"All the staff was very helpful. Each person I interacted with was super polite "

D. B. 8.0
"David Schultz was very helpful. Everybody was wonderful there. Overall a very positive experience however postoperative was a little more difficult than anticipated."

R. W. 10.0
"Everyone was great"

J. C. - , NY 8.5
"The doctor was outstanding. He gave me a personal phone call to check on the swelling. Everything went as planned."

G. H. 10.0
"They were great. Very, very good. They were all professional "

K. R. 9.4
"I found the staff to be extremely courteous and professional. Additionally, Dr. DiBiase answered all of my questions and allayed all of my concerns regarding the procedure and the recovery process."

J. S. 10.0
"This is my second procedure and I felt at ease with the professionalism exhibited by the staff. Denise was exceptional."

A. C. - Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 10.0
"The entire staff was amazing. Not only did I feel comfortable in the hands of the professional and experienced doctor, but the entire staff placed me at ease, making an uncomfortable situation relaxing and enjoyable. The receptionist, the consultant, the assistants, and the doctor all made me feel like I was in charge of the day while they merely guided me through a path to regain my confidence. Thank you!"

"Everyone was pretty much nice. Helpful and nice."

G. W. 9.0
"Everyone was very nice and professional. I was nervous when I started. They gave me meds to relax me and forewarned about how long I was going to be there. I felt no pain or discomfort and they gave me lunch."

Q. S. 7.5
"I don't remember any names, but the girls were really nice."

V. E. 10.0
"I was pleased with my experience at Bosley!"

K. L. 10.0
"Dr. Mollura, the technicians and the rest of the Bosley team were all great. This was my second procedure and I would recommend the NYC office."

J. S. - Ridgewood, NY 9.7
"everyone was good A TO Z... they also know I was out the night before with a close friend from the corps that came in from Chicago that was planed.. the whole staff was great as well as the doctor, down to earth so to speak... :):):) but a footnote.. I had no trouble handling the procedure but it might be a little rough for those who think it takes 2 hours.. outstanding job to the staff and doc."

M. H. 10.0
"Dr.Alpeter's a fantastic physician and his staff magnificent very kind and helpful"

R. L. 10.0
"Procedure went well. Their customer service is exceptional. Keep up the good work. "

J. C. - 111111 Fake, NY 8.0
"Everyone was friendly there which made it a great atmosphere "

C. H. 10.0
"This is my second procedure, and I have always dealt with Marc Hodes and Dr DiBiase. Both knew exactly what I wanted to achieve and were very professional. They both made my experience very pleasurable and maximized my results because they listened to what my concerns were. I could not be happier with my results!"

H. F. 10.0
"Professional office standards."

F. B. 10.0
"Too too easy and informative. Usually when things are like this I'm waiting for the "I gotcha part"(the surprise) but in this case there was no surprise. All went well and yes they were all excellent for the whole procedure and made me feel well at ease. Thank you!!!!!! "

E. W. 9.9
"Dr Alpeter and team were great! The front desk very friendly. The pre call was also very helpful in let me know what to expect."

A. A. 10.0
"The staff at Bosley are wonderful professionals. Dr. Alpeter and his staff were just outstanding. Dave Shultz, my account person was outstanding help to me."

F. H. 10.0
"The entire team was just absolutely incredible - attentive, warm, professional. Extremely impressed."

Z. O. - Port Chester, NY 10.0
"Dr Alpeter was amazing and his staff was equally amazing. This experience has been a pleasure and I would recommend this staff and team repeatedly. This procedure was like going to a spa for the day. Every tiny detail was a priority and every member of the staff was a team player. I would gladly repeat this procedure in the future again with the same staff and same Dr. These guys are serious about what they do and every effort is made to keep you feeling satisfied and comfortable all day."

M. C. 9.0
"everyone was very good to me"

- Wantagh, NY 9.8
"Everything was great, from Dr Alpeter to the nurses. I felt very comfortable and at ease and they always asked if i was ok or needed anything. Great crew!!!"

G. G. 9.8
"Dr Alpeter and the NYC office staff were very friendly and accommodating."

R. B. 9.0
"Everyone was very friendly"

J. L. 10.0
"They were great. Very good. They were professional and everything went well."

M. L. 9.0
"They were wonderful. Everybody was professional and friendly. They were always available to answer questions. The newsletters were helpful as well. "

M. M. 9.0
"They were good. Everyone was friendly and on the same team the entire time. They made themselves available."

G. G. 9.2
"Was very happy with the dr. & staff. Hoping that this works and I will have my hair back again soon."

A. H. 9.0
"Everybody was great. I have no qualms. "

A. D. 10.0
"This was my 2nd procedure and it was as easy & professional as my 1st. Dr. Alpeter is a wonderful doctor!!! I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking hair transplantation. The discomfort level is very minimal and well worth the results."

D. B. 9.0
"The staff were amazing. The doctors were amazing, the medical staff were amazing. Everybody was wonderful."

H. K. 9.5
"The staff was very professional and friendly"

"They were very nice. Very professional. Very good people. "

H. K. 10.0
"My life changed completely I had two procedures and everyday I'm grateful and happy I took as I call it "my Bosley decision". I've been recommending people to Bosley. I can not be more happy about my hair restoration. I strongly believe that Bosley is the best of the best."

E. G. 8.5
"Everybody was very polite. They were patient and understanding. They treated me good, they were very professional. They explained everything to me in detail. I thought they were great. Very cautious, respectful and friendly."

E. D. 9.0
"Everybody was very nice. Everything went well and I was very satisfied with the staff in New York city."

D. K. 9.5
"They were good. They were excellent."

L. H. - Garden City, NY 9.0
"They were great. Very accommodating, very calm. The doctor was phenomenal and the staff were great. "

D. H. 10.0
"I am really grateful for my experience with u guys. I was scared before coming to the office but the staff and doctor made it so easy for me. I am really happy with my decision and thankful I chose Bosley over other companies. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!"

R. C. 9.8
"This was my second procedure. I went to NY for the FUE treatment (unavailable in MD office) but ended up doing another FUT after discussing pros and cons with the doctor. I would normally have done the FUT closer to home and not in the middle of a blizzard but the staff was able to switch gears from FUE to FUT and do the procedure quickly on the spot. I was happy to hear that the MD office will help by pulling my stitches next week so I do not have to drive back to NYC from Baltimore. "

C. G. - Central Islip, NY 9.9
"I am so happy with the procedure that they did. The Bosley team is very professional. When I got into the procedure room I was very nervous but the team made me comfortable. Thanks, Bosley team. See you in 8 months."

K. L. 10.0
"This was my second procedure with Dr. Alpeter and the NY staff. Dr. Alpeter is wonderful. He kept me updated through the entire procedure and has a very calming way of handling his patients. The staff was professional telling me several times throughout the day that it was "all about me". Crosby, AJ, Millie and Oscar kept checking to make sure I was okay. The aftermath of this procedure is more painful then I remember the first one is just a matter of getting through it and being patient enough to wait to see the results. I am so looking forward to it! Thank you Dr. Alpeter for everything... And for being a Don Henley/Eagles fan!!!"

H. K. 9.5
"I had my hair replacement surgery four days ago (Friday, Jan. 16). I could not be more pleased with the actual surgical process. From the moment that my medical assistant, Bev welcomed me and walked me to the operating room I was put completely at ease and felt that my comfort was the staff's top priority. I wish to thank my friendly and professional medical assistants, Bev, DC, Andy and Crosby (there were also a few others whose names I did not catch); my nurses, Oscar, Angela and Tamisha; and of course, Doctor Mollura for making me comfortable and walking me gently through an uncertain and nerve-wracking process. Your staff cares about the work that they do and it shows! I will always remember their kindness. As for the post-surgical process: For some (obviously illogical) reason, I didn't expect the recovery to be so painful. I was told I "might feel some discomfort" following the surgery. That was rather an understatement. Four days in, and my pain at the harvesting site on the back of my scalp is still palpable and constant. Ah, the price of vanity! I am hopeful that the sight of a full head of hair in eight months will make me feel this was all worth it!"

L. D. 10.0
"The doctor himself was wonderful."

L. R. 9.5
"Just good people. Both Ali and Dr Mollura made me feel like I would look great and they were right. Everyone says I look great and the restoration is very natural. Everyone I dealt with in the office from the receptionist to the techs who assisted in the procedure were fantastic. Excellent experience and very easy to finance the procedure. I feel like a million bucks and don't have to worry when the wind blows that my scalp will show, lol. I would be happy to be in a commercial with my wife btw. She loves how I look!"

T. M. 8.0
"I found the girls that do the procedure with the doctor was very experienced. They made the procedure easier to handle by Dan mannish and experience. The doctor was also very experienced and helpful make sure I was comfortable."

H. K. 10.0
"Dr. Alpeter is the best!! Thank you."

A. C. - Seaside Park, NJ 9.5
"The consultation was very confidence building and the Dr. at the surgery was very competent and professional."

"The doctor was very personable and genuinely concerned for me. I thought the staff really wanted me to be pleased."

E. R. 10.0
"Love Dr DiBiase and would recommend him to anyone."

J. A. - Trenton, NJ 10.0
"I had read that Bosley conducted a highly professional operation and that was exactly what I experienced. Everyone I dealt with was knowledgeable, courteous and professional. All questions were answered promptly and I was very comfortable during the procedure. It was definitely a pleasant experience. Doc even called me the same night to check on me. I had a few questions and he answered them right away. I am sitting here one month after the procedure and scar is mostly healed plus you can't tell I had anything done. Now I am waiting for my new head of hair in the months to come!!"

M. E. 8.7
"Dr Alpeter is the best. This is the third procedure I have done with him and would recommend him wholeheartedly to anybody."

S. E. 10.0
"Everyone was so professional and made me feel comfortable as they kept asking if I needed anything. This was the best procedure that I have experienced, and I did have 5 procedures in the past 30 yrs. I would highly recommend!"

C. R. - West Orange, NJ 9.2
"Dr. Alpeter and the entire staff were very professional and friendly. I was very much impressed."

H. K. 10.0
"Everyone was absolutely wonderful… Thank you!"

"Dr. Alpeter is keen on minimizing the scar line resulting from this procedure. That knowledge made me comfortable since doing a great job at fixing one issue by merely creating another would be an unwise investment at best. Dr. Alpeter understands this particular sensitivity of mine and convinced me that he would make decisions with that in mind. Very courteous and professional. Genuine and sincere. I am very comfortable with him."

M. B. 7.5
"They were good I liked them a lot. Very courteous, friendly, professional and accommodating."

K. B. 8.0
"It was a great experience. Everyone was nice and treated me well. The office setting was great too."

M. H. 9.8
"The Physician and medical team were excellent and very professional. "

A. J. 8.0
"The staff was great, love them. They were so nice. "

"I was very much impressed with Dr Alpeter. He was competent and caring. He put me at ease with his confidence and knowledge. Your staff that actually did the implants were also very caring and helpful. The results were better than expected. My barber was so impressed with Dr Alpeter's skill that he has recommended him to clients."

G. F. 9.0
"They were very very good. Accommodating, quick and attentive."

M. K. 7.0
"The staff was great. No problem with the staff. Very professional, very good. "

S. Q. 10.0
"I have had 2 other procedures about 8 yrs ago with dr alpeter and I must say it was so easy and comfortable for me. The dr and the women who worked on me made me feel right at home. It was pleasant with no discomfort and the post op has been smooth. I can't wait to get my sutures removed. Thank you Bosley, consummate professionals all the way."

"The entire staff at Bosley were amazing! They all treated me like family and I felt more than comfortable in their hands! The facility was clean and inviting. I would definitively recommend Bosley for anyone interested in the hair restoration process."

P. H. 9.5
"no pain just itchy around stitches that means its healing so the itch is a good thing.. I can't wait to see the growth. The whole team was the greatest, but the girls [3] of them were the best. worked non stop for 3.5 hrs their work looks fabulous, they are to be commended for their caring of me throughout Thanks to everyone"

- Middle Island, NY 10.0
"Everyone at the office was very friendly and professional."

B. B. 8.0
"Staff was great- straightforward, competent, reassuring and friendly. What you'd expect."

C. G. 9.9
"The staff in the NYC office was excellent."

K. K. - College Point, NY 10.0
"In all your ads and infomercials on television it seems the main thing was the hair transplant itself. No one ever spoke of the team that works with the surgeon. I want you to know that I have NEVER seen such wonderful people in my life. They worked so well together and so professional. I was made to feel comfortable by the 7 in the room and the nurse, the anesthetist, and the front desk team. What a wonderful experience all around besides the transplant itself. GOOD JOB!!!! THANKS to all!!!! "

J. R. - Park Ridge, NJ 9.7
"Overall good. Team was excellent, and very caring. "

N. B. 10.0
"The staff is super friendly and organized. They know exactly what they are doing and are very qualified. Dr. Alpeter is super nice and friendly, has great bedside manner, and explained the process very well."

J. R. - Sparta, NJ 10.0
"The doctor was very friendly and made the procedure very comfortable and easy."

A. M. - Old Bethpage, NY 10.0
"My experience was excellent all around. Starting with Marc Hodes, he answered all of my initiation questions and didn't apply any pressure to rush my decision along. When I was ready to schedule an interview with the doctor, he rescheduled my appointment a few times to coordinate with my work schedule. I met with Dr. DiBiase in the NYC office who gave me the knowledge and the comfort level to take the next step with Bosley. The pre-op was detailed and expectations were set. Throughout the procedure, each step was reexplained. The Dr. and the team I was assigned made me feel very comfortable. My team was very friendly and kept checking in with me to make sure I was doing alright. I received a call the night of the procedure from Dr. DiBiase to make sure I was feeling good and to see if I had any follow up questions. The next morning I received an email from Marc asking the same questions as the Dr.'s the night before. Again, it was all very comforting. I would like to thank Marc, Dr. DiBiase, and my whole team (I only remember a few of their names but didn't want to leave any out) who helped me during my procedure. I am very satisfied with my decision and I look forward to some new hair grow in the future."

- Haverstraw, NY 10.0
"The staff was great. Whatever I needed they were there."

V. S. 9.5
"The physician's service was excellent. I truly felt I was in expert hands. The quality of the nursing care made me feel special and pampered. I would definitely recommend Bosley to friends, family and colleagues."

W. T. 8.0
"everything went well. they were nice. no drawbacks"

M. C. - Matawan, NJ 10.0
"Overall I was very pleased with the entire experience. Dr. Alpeter and his staff were professional and courteous and made me feel I was in good hands. They answered all my questions and left me feeling very satisfied."

H. E. 10.0
"They were very good at explaining process and made you feel at ease. You can't put a price on that. The staff was amazing. They were just very reassuring and knowledgeable. Made you feel comfortable. That's really important because you are nervous."

A. K. 10.0
"I was so pleased with Dr. DiBiase and his staff. Everyone there was so professional and kept me at ease. They waited on me like a king. I would highly recommend them."

U. S. 9.9
"The staff was very accommodating and pleasant. The experience was great. Thank you."

C. G. 9.9
"Professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff!"

C. R. 10.0
"The staffs professionalism and kindness made the procedure comfortable and pleasant."

T. L. 9.0
"The doctor was nice. Everyone in the room was very nice, very polite."

T. H. 7.5
"Very courteous, kind. Wonderful, generous, made me feel at home."

B. N. 9.5
"Everybody was really extra caring and interested in my well-being. They took good care of me, it was an overall smooth experience."

R. S. 8.5
"Great atmosphere. Very friendly and supportive, like family."

J. C. 10.0
"Extremely happy with the work done by Dr. Anthony DiBiase. He has made me look the way I feel. Thanks!"

C. C. 10.0
"The staff was amazing. On a scale of one to ten I'd give them an eleven! They described everything very well, it was just great. The doctor was the best."

M. S. 9.7
"The staff were friendly and professional. the procedure went flawlessly. I feel fine with only minor tightness. My head already looks better, so I am sure I will be pleased with the months to follow."

S. S. 10.0
"I am completely satisfied with my Bosley experience. I would recommend it highly. I was very happy with everyone. However, one person stands out. Marc Hodes, which I believe to be a senior consultant there. His professionalism, friendliness, and knowledge were reassuring. He was as comfortable speaking colloquially and equally so explaining the medical procedure in educated detail. If it were not for having met him I would certainly not have opted to have the procedure done. I can honestly say it was Marc, his affable style and comforting in-depth knowledge of the specifics that were to be expected, that ultimately lead me to make one of the best decisions of my life. I have only great things to share about me experience with Bosley. And Marc Hodes is a dominant reason for that."

M. B. 10.0
"The procedure exceeded my expectations. The entire staff and surgical team were extremely nice and made it a pleasurable experience. My girlfriend was impressed with the private accommodations she was provided so she could work without having to take the day off. Thank you, Bosley!"

"Procedure was explained in detail by the physician who was very professional. He made me feel at ease and his staff was amazing. It was like a family reunion! Everyone there greeted with a nice comfortable smile on their face, making me feel important. That's a great feeling. This gesture was worth more than the hair transplant itself, and I am very happy with the results I am getting from it, too! Thank you Doctor Alpeter and all your wonderful staff for your professionalism and expertise. You are indeed the best."

D. T. 10.0
"This is one of the best decisions I have made, thanks to the whole team from the New York office. Very professional and caring, I would like thank every last one of them."

"The staff was amazing and made me feel so comfortable."

R. M. 9.6
"Pleasant, courteous staff and Dr. "

M. T. 10.0
"I had a great experience with Dr. DiBiase. He was very helpful, and professional throughout the procedure. I am very happy I decided to get my procedure done with bosley."

"From the initial consultation all the way through walking out the door after the procedure, everybody I came in contact with was professional and an absolute pleasure to deal with. As long as everything grows in as planned, then I won't have a single thing negative thing to say about my experience."

M. M. 10.0
"Dr. Alpeter was very professional and very confident, which was reassuring to me. I did not experience any pain or discomfort during or after the procedure. In fact I did not need to take any medication for pain. Based on my experience thus far I'm optimistic about the healing process and the end result. "

C. C. - West Orange, NJ 10.0
"The people treated me like a really good guy. I thought the doctor was very skillful and made me feel comfortable the whole time."

"Your team was very courteous and treated me with all kinds of respect. I mean, I can't say I actually ENJOYED my visit, but all those involved were extremely nice, answered all my questions, and made my decision to have this procedure feel right. "

S. D. - Astoria, NY 9.5
"They were great! They were joking around, and overall it was good. I just felt really relaxed."

C. G. 8.5
"Everybody was highly professional. It is a well-run organization, and I would definitely recommend it to a friend."

Y. H. 9.0
"That's good. Everybody was good."

M. B. 10.0
"The team that performed my procedure were extremely professional friendly and made me feel very very comfortable and made the whole experience very comfortable and non stressful. So far I think I made the right decision and hopefully one of the best decisions I have ever made. All in all my experience with BOSLEY was fantastic and was way better than I could have ever expected. I will be a client for life. Thank you Bosley"

J. K. 10.0
"My whole experience with Bosley has been great. I just recently had my third procedure and the professionalism, courtesy, and skills of the entire team remain consistent. Dr. Alpeter and his team always do whatever they can to ensure my comfort and to always make me feel like I am their number one priority from the time I arrive to the time I leave at the end of the day. I would highly recommend Bosley to anyone who's considering having a hair transplantation procedure."

B. K. 7.5
"They were really good. Really calm."

H. K. 9.5
"I was kind of lost going to the follow-up, but I think that was my fault. I really liked how Bosley had so many doctors who did this full-time, not in-between other jobs. That availability and permanence really had an impact on my decision to come here instead of a competitor."

A. M. 9.2
"The staff was extremely good during the day of the procedure. My consultant Marc Rhodes was amazingly helpful. Mr. Surgeon was super clear and accurate on his work."

C. K. 10.0
"Thank you very much doctor David Alpeter! Every thing was excellent, the staff was extremely kind, and I feel great! You guys made it seem simple and fast and I am very grateful for that. Thank you very much David Alpeter and team!"

F. J. 10.0
"The staff was very professional and a pleasure to work with."

A. O. 10.0
"It was a good experience. Everyone was really nice and comforting and stuff like that."

F. K. - New York, NY 10.0
"Excellent doctor, Dr. Alpeter, and excellent staff! Everyone (front desk, technicians and doctor) was kind, positive, and very solicitous. Great experience."

"The staff was fine, I have no complaints there. Any question I called them up with, they were really good about answering right away."

J. S. 8.0
"I thought the staff was very friendly. I did get a chance to talk to the doctor before the appointment and he addressed my questions. The woman who sold me on the whole procedure actually traveled to the surgical office to meet with me the day of the surgery. She was great, she addressed all of my questions before and well after the surgery. She even helped me with directions in the city the day of the surgery."

R. S. 7.5
"They were all very professional, things were perfect. I was really impressed. It's the best office I've been to."

W. K. 9.5
"Everyone I met at the office was polite, kind and professional. They made me feel at home. They were very warm and welcoming and I would always recommend them to anyone I speak to who's interested in getting this type of work done to them."

S. L. 10.0
"I can't remember her name but she was awesome. She was helping me."

B. M. - Irvington, NY 10.0
"Very pleased with the professional staff."

J. H. 9.0
"The other day, I came there to buy a Lazer Comb from Senior Councilor Amir Wellner. He even told me exactly how it works and showed me exactly how to use the Lazer comb. Then he showed me something else interesting. So now I am looking (into my computer) at some more Bosley products and will soon come back to buy them. In the past, I had great experiences (also) with Senior Councilor Ali Afsharpour, and with Dr. Alpeter and his nurses & technicians. When I come there, I like the psychology that you use on me. Pleasant surroundings, the way you make me feel at home and the way you make me feel like family. Bosley, Berlitz Language School and Apple Computer have all used that psychology on me. I wonder are you "sister" Companies? Whether or not, you are good people and very much appreciated. Peace and joy."

K. F. 10.0
"The staff and doctor made the entire process easy and manageable. Dr. DiBiase and his team are tremendous."

"Dr. was excited about his work and excited to see the outcome. The staff was fun and present."

T. S. 9.5
"The staff was great, very friendly. I wish they could be my friends!"

D. P. 8.5
"I thought it was a smooth day, they got me in and out quickly which I appreciate. I guesstimate that the doctor who did my surgery probably does about 100 of these a week so I am happy with how quick he could be."

V. S. 10.0
"Dr Alpeter is a terrific doctor... great professionalism, great followup and just a great guy. That's why I came back for a second procedure. Millie was a fantastic technician."

J. B. 8.0
"The office and location were beautiful. They paid good attention to me, and the doctor, he was excellent. Very professional."

H. K. 10.0
"Very happy with the people working there and the result."

P. W. 10.0
"Overall everyone was cool and nice. I'm a very casual guy, I don't need a whole lot to keep me happy."

"Everyone was very good. They were helpful and attentive."

I. K. 9.2
"Great staff altogether. Physician was very candid and extremely professional. Support staff were very caring and accommodating. I'm very satisfied with the entire experience. Only constructive feedback would to provide a larger copper peptide gel cream as this is better to use than the liquid spray version."

E. W. 7.5
"They were all very friendly. I have no complaints."

R. W. 10.0
"all i can say is that the physician and staff were top notch."

R. W. 9.0
"My doctor is great. They were generally nice, everyone."

W. R. 10.0
"They were very helpful. They took care of me. Dr. Dibiase was great. "

U. D. 7.2
"everyone had a smile!"

R. F. 8.9
"It's not the most fun thing to spend a day doing but there's nothing to be done about that. Dr. DiBiase was a true professional and very attentive to my goals. The staff (CJ, Crosby, Fashionista, Angela and others) were all really friendly and attentive and made sure I was comfortable. I had my instructions read to me to ensure I would have a speedy recovery and the Dr followed up with me that night. Very professional and friendly experience."

W. R. 10.0
"The procedure went according to my expectations and I am very satisfied. This is the second time I had this Dr Dibiase and I am very pleased with him. "

J. M. 8.0
"I thought the staff was really great. The consultation is actually what sold me in the beginning. The consultant was very straight forward and there were no gimmicks. The surgical staff was very kind too, they were with me all day and I felt as though I was cared for. It was a very relaxed atmosphere."

V. M. - New York, NY 8.5
"The doctor had a very good way about him. He was confident and calm. Dr. Alpeter. David Shult was good as well."

A. B. 10.0
"Physician and staff were wonderful."

P. Q. 8.9
"The doctor and staff were very nice and professional."

J. S. 9.0
"As a black American Native my hair was thinning around the crown, and whatever procedure I was having would have to look natural. It also had to be the right price. Dr. Mollura impressed me, he came into the office made a line and he did it with a marker. He left the room and the staff did the rest. His staff was nice and diverse with women, which was nice. I was treated like VIP, it felt like a resort. The confidentiality was good. When I came back for my 8 month review, the doctor brought the rest of his staff to see the work they did."

"The nurses who attended to me the day of my procedure were very patient and caring. I was a bit emotional from both the drugs and at how I looked. And they all remembered me a week later when I came back to get my stitches out."

"I spoke with Jeanine she was very helpful, followed through and checked with me periodically. It was a very nice transition and I am very happy with it."

"The physician was excellent. He was very professional. He seemed to be very concerned with the results. I feel very confident, I don't wear caps anymore. I shampoo and cut it, it's great."

B. J. 8.0
"They were very good to me. The procedure was a little hard, but they were very supportive and caring. The physician was also pretty good."

T. S. - Richmond Hill, NY 10.0
"It was good quality."

C. O. 8.8
"My physician had a great " bed side manner " he constantly checked to make sure I wasn't in any pain. When I got home that night he called to make sure everything was ok. (SO FAR SO GOOD) At this point I would recommend Bosley to a friend as it recommended to me from a fiend."

D. B. 10.0
"This was my second procedure and it was even smoother than the first. Great staff! They made the day fly by!"

J. M. 10.0
"I respect them, I think they were all good. Doctor Alpeter was confident and a great asset for Bosley."

N. H. 8.9
"Everyone at the office was wonderful to me. They recognized my fears and helped me throughout the procedure. I felt that I was in very good hands. My doctor was equally as wonderful as the staff. However, I don't know what to expect from now till hair growth. I really can not see the hairs that were transplanted. I only see all of the scabs. Patients have told me what to expect or what happens now. But maybe i simply can not remember if doctor told me (i might have been very anxious to leave LoL). I know the transplanted hair falls out, but when?, etc. I am extremely satisfied at this point in time. Again my office visit was extremely pleasant."

B. F. - Arverne, NY 9.5
"Bosley staff are very professional. The experience has always been a great one for me. The NYC office is a wonderful office with a great staff who I'd definitely recommend to a friend. Dr. Alpeter is a great doctor and that is why I chose him for all my procedures. His knowledge, professionalism, courtesy are a 10 (highest rating) in my book. My only issue with my last procedure was what was stated in the previous question."

V. B. 8.5
"Experience was excellent, a very good experience. Even with the follow ups, they were still good. Everyone was very kind and good, but one of the tall technicians stood out to me, she was really good. My physician was great too."

M. S. 8.9
"The physicians made me feel very comfortable about me procedure."

- Utica, NY 10.0
"It was well organized. I was impressed how well everybody worked together very impressed. Thank you all for being so nice."

J. R. 9.9
"The entire staff starting with the physician were professional and made me feel comfortable. Everyone at the procedure were very personable with me and I felt that they had my best interests in mind throughout the procedure. I would highly recommend the New York office and procedure to potential clients."

A. S. - Little Neck, NY 9.7
"Dr. Alpeter made me feel comfortable and addressed all my concerns."

J. M. 10.0
"Everyone at the site was very professional and friendly. Definitely made me feel comfortable. The only recommendation I would have is have the oral instruction for post-op written down as well. I'm not sure whether it was due to the lack of sleep the night before or the operation itself, but afterwards, I was pretty tired, and it was difficult for me to pay attention to what the nurse was saying about the post-operational procedure. However, when I called in the following day to verify the post-op procedure a nurse was happy to assist me. Not sure if others had this issue. As stated earlier, I was just really tired that day, but I had a great experience and will definitely do again if need be!"

Z. R. 9.0
"All were friendly courteous and knowledgeable."

S. G. 9.5
"As a surgeon myself, I can certainly attest to the fact that Dr. Dibiase is quite a talented surgeon. This is my third hair transplantation procedure, and my 1st and 3rd have been with him. My pain is far less, and healing far faster (so far) after his surgeries. I would recommend him without reservation to anyone I know who would like to undergo this procedure, and would highly deter them from going to anyone but him, as finding another surgeon of his caliber would be a gamble. I very much appreciated the fact that he took great care to make sure I would be comfortable both during and after my procedure, and if I ever need another procedure, I very much hope it would be by him. The only thing I think could have been better was that I wish I had been more vocal about filling in the corners of anterior hairline a bit more, but I forgot to mention this. Also, the staff was very helpful and alert from the outset. The receptionist cheerfully demonstrated proactive thinking and had me checked in, by reading my name tag before I even had a chance to speak her, which impressed me. Dave, my counselor was knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and thorough, and the rest of the staff I dealt with was also very attentive, considerate, and professional. I wouldn't recommend anyone go to any other office than the New York branch. Thanks so much for a great experience. Hope to see you all again in the near future."

I. L. 9.0
"I did love the way everyone has dealt with me. Dr. Mollura was great in accommodating anything i needed and I felt safe and comfortable at all times."

E. L. 9.0
"quality and the customer service was great"

A. M. 10.0
"They are excellent staff and helped me in ease the pain."

A. L. 8.5
"Everyone was great"

E. M. 9.9
"The physician was professional, explained the procedure thoroughly. So far it met my expectations. I will have to wait to see the results. "

S. T. 9.0
"I liked the staff they were very professional."

R. S. 9.8
"Doctor DiAbise was good. friendly and very thorough. As good as he was, the assistants who placed the grafts were even better. Besides the long day of sitting in the chair receiving the grafts, (as to be expected as that's what i signed up for) it was a good experience. the pain the following days was not as bad as i thought it would be."

P. S. 7.0
"The physicians and staff were good and courteous."

A. B. - Virginia Beach, VA 9.0
"Everyone has been extremely helpful, informative, and accommodating at the office. My consultant was easy to reach too."

A. A. 8.0
"The staff was wonderful, they were all helpful and I had no complaints."

- Weston, CT 10.0
"Awesome across the board."

H. L. 7.0
"I think they were all helpful. The physician as well. "

- Port Washington, NY 10.0
"Dr. Alpeter was the best. His demeanor is very comforting. The entire staff is so friendly from first greeting you with a smile and an introductory handshake. Very well run operation. Thank you Bosley !!!"

E. A. 10.0
"The entire experience was great. Staff and Sales personnel very welcoming and professional. Whole experience was very rewarding."

S. R. 10.0
"Friendly and professional"

T. B. 10.0
"This was my second procedure. I was very satisfied with the first one obviously and confident that this second one will turn out just as good. Everyone was very courteous, understanding, and a pleasure to be with. Dr. DiBiase is an outstanding surgeon and a true professional and a fine person. I realize he has been practicing medicine a long time and as I am 66 and retired, I wanted him to preform the procedure while he is still available. I am sure the other physicians are also very fine but I knew from the first time I met Dr. D, he was the one I wanted to do the procedure. I tell everybody about the procedure and bosley. I do not care who knows. I actually show my driver's license to show the before and after. As I had a clean canvass on top and have had only 4000 grafts total, it is thin but all agree it was an outstanding result. Dr. D did a great job on the hairline which there was none when we started. My wife says that they should give me some free grafts for all the publicity I give. She is always telling me "you do not have to show EVERYONE". Actually, there were some free grafts on the first procedure. With a smaller incision length that I asked for and the old scare that had to be removed, it turned out to be the 1000 that I signed up for. but that is what I paid for so it was fine. It does take time to grow in and thicken and at my age I am not sure if I would get more although I would like to. This is the only way to go as I considered hairclub but that is really only a hairpiece and my wife did not want to touch the thing. She is fine with this as it is my hair just moved to a better place-lol. again thanks to all, and a fine surgeon--Dr. Dibiase."

E. K. 9.6
"My physician was very interested in my comfort and relief from pain during the procedure. He also performed the procedure in a timely and professional manner. I will comment on the success of my hair transplant procedure when I see my hair growing in the manner that I was told by my physician."

S. K. 9.8
"My surgical team and doctor were absolutely amazing!"

E. H. 9.5
"The entire team was very professional and tried in every way to make me as comfortable as possible."

D. K. 10.0
"Everyone was great"

M. L. 10.0
"I appreciated that all information was direct and expectations were honest - there was no 'sales pitch' to say that all my hair will grow in as full as it was when I was younger. But the confidence of the physician on the success of the procedure was both encouraging and contagious. I also appreciated the attitude of the entire team - they treated me as a person and not just a patient. A critical part of the procedure day was obtaining the instructions that I would need to follow for the days after the procedure. The staff was clear in their instructions and they made sure I understood them - not just that I said I understood, but that there was no doubt that I understood and had no questions. Thank you for treating me with respect during the entire process. I am looking forward to seeing the end results!"

A. F. 9.0
"I think everything was good, including my results! The procedure went perfectly. I do think I need a few more grafts. I am looking into coming in for another procedure."

A. F. 9.0
"The staff and physician was good."

F. J. 10.0
"My doctor was very informative, friendly and comforting. The staff was fantastic from beginning to end; they made this experience the best it could be."

K. G. - Brooklyn, NY 8.9
"All the service during the procedure was really good. Another survey should be sent to the customers 8 months after the procedure with tangible results"

D. K. 7.0
"I liked the physician."

J. H. 8.5
"The Bosley office was a pleasant experience. Many of the staff members went out of their way for me. All of my questions were answered, along with great follow ups. I have now been back three times! The staff prepared me well."

V. R. 10.0
"Everyone was professional and me and my wife were treated lovely."

A. S. 8.5
"Everyone was great, the doctor made me feel at ease."

J. K. 9.0
"Everyone that I interacted with at this Bosley office were very professional. My experience with the physician was good too."

J. S. 10.0
"With Dr. Dibiasea I had a perfect experience all 3 times. The staff was very nice too! The office was clean and neat. I do not have one bad thing to say."

"The staff and doctors were fantastic!"

B. W. 10.0
"The doctor that did my procedure was great."

A. H. 9.0
"Everybody was pretty good. Everybody was helpful and professional. No complaints."

E. A. 9.5
"This is my 2nd procedure with Dr. Mollura. He has a very calming way and was the reason I came back. I did come back for the 2nd procedure as I was not completely satisfied with the crown coverage. I am going for better results with the most recent procedure. I enjoy the staff very much and they are not only professional but very fun, too. That makes the visit so much better. I am looking forward to my next set of results being markedly improved, I hope."

E. B. 9.0
"My experience was really good. The physician took care of everything and gave me great advice on recovery."

L. J. 7.0
"Everyone was very professional and kind! They were all so great. The physician had all the traits I wanted in a doctor and he made me feel comfortable."

E. R. 10.0
"Dr. Dibiase is the BEST!! He explains everything. He has a wonderful bedside manner. This is my second procedure with him and I would recommend him HIGHLY to anyone. I find all of the staff to be patient, professional and caring. With something that can easily be considered traumatic, they do a wonderful job. Wish I had discovered you years ago!"

A. C. - Seaside Park, NJ 10.0
"I had my procedure done in Manhattan and Dr A was excellent. Warm and friendly with a great selection of music."

H. K. 10.0
"I would like to say thank you THE WHOLE TEAM you did a great job two years ago and last week, once again thank you all so much."

B. R. - Morristown, NJ 9.7
"The process was extremely smooth - better than I expected. Dealing with medical professionals can be annoying as they can be brusque and self important, but this was completely the opposite. Admittedly this is the first time I have ever done anything elective and cosmetic but it was a good experience. I am unusually excited about having it done as I can tell already that it will really make a difference. I do want to commend the New York surgical team that looked after me - they were simply excellent. The only minor thing was that the post operative written instructions did not explain the use of the wound gel and, while I was told about it, could not recall the instructions as I had just had my head sliced up like a watermelon and looked like the Bride of Frankenstein (I bet that won't go in the advertising quotes). However, this is a very minor point and it was overall an experience that exceeded my expectations. Thanks to everyone."

D. K. 10.0
"Dr Mollura and his staff made the entire procedure painless. I am extremely satisfied with their professionalism and care they provided me during the procedure."

J. H. 8.0
"Ameer Weldner in New York was helpful. The doctor was great. "

F. D. 9.5
"Excellent physician and great job by Dr Mollura. Very pleased by the procedure and service. Thank you."

C. H. 10.0
"A very positive experience from start to finish. Everyone was very professional and accommodating. A very positive experience."

C. H. 10.0
"Very happy with the whole experience."

M. E. 9.5
"Everyone was professional and excellent."

X. H. 10.0

D. G. 9.0
"I liked the physician and everybody was very caring and helpful. Everyone was right on task."

K. L. 10.0
"I have nothing bad to say at all about this office! Everyone was extremely professional and polite. The staff members were so polite too."

L. B. 10.0
"I think the overall experience everyone was very helpful and they made everything go smoothly."

Q. L. 8.5
"the staff was extremely professional and made me feel I was worth a million bucks."

C. N. 9.5
"The team immediately made you feel comfortable and right at home. The physician himself was extremely "cool." Definitely professional, but I felt he made an attempt to connect, and relate with me as well. I never felt like a stranger. Even through the surgery itself, everyone was engaging with me, making me feel like the center of attention at all times. I brought entertainment to keep me busy throughout the procedure, and it wasn't even necessary. I constantly had conversation from the team, and the physician himself. They definitely made me feel comfortable from start to end, and they were continuously advocating for me asking if I'm still doing okay and if i need more anesthesia, a bathroom break, etc. Even afterwards, I had to wait for my pick up ride, they provided me a private room securing my patient privacy. My experience surpassed any expectations. Was extremely grateful for the team I was provided with; without a doubt I wouldn't have the same contentment about my procedure without them."

B. S. 10.0
"My overall experience with the office was good. The nurse was thorough with the cleaning of my stitches. Dr. Mollura was very good, he explained everything well. Only thing that would have been better with the experience was if they would have forwarded my prescription quicker. After the procedure they wanted me to come in to receive my prescription, this was not the most convenient thing for me to do. I also paid cash, and when I was suppose to receive my reimbursement for the graphs it took them longer than I would have preferred. I thought with cash I would have received it back quicker?"

"The only complaint I have is the use of the moist dressing/Hydrating gel/hydrating spray. I thought the instructions would have included information on when to use those items but it does not. It could be my fault for partially paying attention when it was explained, I guess I assumed the directions would have included when/how to use the items."

K. G. - Basking Ridge, NJ 10.0
"The doctor did exactly what i needed. He new what i wanted and put the follicles where they were needed most. The staff was great. they made me feel very comfortable and were very focus on me and my results. i was happy with the room and my first experience there."

K. J. 9.0
"everyone was great "

K. J. 9.0
"great results, really happy, glad that my interviewer Ali in Ny took the time to make it affordable for me"

- Middle Island, NY 9.9
"Everyone in the Bosley office was friendly and professional."

F. C. - Stamford, CT 10.0
"The procedure was a little long, but I knew that from the beginning. Everybody was very nice, very caring about my needs. The whole team were very professional, we laughed, we joked around, making me very relaxed and at ease. I will definitely recommend Bosley to any of my friends and family."

K. P. 10.0
"Dr. Dibiase was friendly, experienced and gave me confidence that the results of the procedure would be excellent. He was both professional and down to earth."

K. P. 10.0
"Very happy all around."

R. G. 8.5
"My experience with the Bosley office and staff was wonderful! The nurses are terrific and positive individuals to work with. The physician is a great guy who really knows his stuff."

J. C. - 111111 Fake, NY 7.0
"I was satisfied with the people at the office. They have good customer relations and they make you feel at ease as well."

J. C. - 111111 Fake, NY 7.0
"The procedure is very detailed oriented, they left no detail out on what they did or what I have to do. In time I will come back for another procedure."

A. W. 9.5
"The Bosley office and staff was really nice. They kept me relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure. They were also accessible to answering all of my questions."

B. D. 8.0
"The office and staff was great! They were really helpful and nice. The staff also was there for me through the extremely long process."

L. S. 9.1
"The staff and physician were great. Patient and thorough the post-procedure instructions were given verbally were thorough but weak in written format."

J. W. 10.0
"The whole operation was a well oiled machine.I would highly recommend this to all."

A. N. 7.0
"The staff and physician were great. I was well informed, and the whole experience was just so good! The staff was also very excited to work with my curly hair which made me feel comfortable. Amir (staff member) really took the time out for me over the phone. He took his time to make me feel comfortable enough to travel to New York and have this procedure done."

"The staff was amazing and helpful"

"I had a comfortable experience at the office. I was put to ease and everyone around me was kind and supportive."

K. O. - Smithtown, NY 9.9
"I felt comfortable all day throughout the procedure. The team was hard-working and thorough. Thanks. Of course I will wait for the results to judge it overall."

D. O. 10.0
"I went to the Manhattan office. They were all phenomenal the whole staff. The doctors, the assistants and secretaries. I am a physician myself they personalized my care and put me at ease."

D. F. 10.0
"I am just happy that I went with Bosley. I feel that they are the only to go company for hair restoration! Hands down they are professionals and know what they're doing!"

J. C. 10.0
"Just thanking Dr. Di Biase and his team for improving the quality if my life."

Z. R. 9.0
"Doctor dibiase was great"

H. E. 10.0
"I am very pleased with the physician and staff who worked on my hair restoration. I would recommend BOSLEY to any of my friends that need a hair transplant. Thank you."

- Astoria, NY 10.0
"Its really a people thing, they make me feel at ease, welcome. Anything I need they got for me. It does become uncomfortable but its an exciting experience. It was an overall great experience. Also good bed side manner. "

- Astoria, NY 10.0
"The physician was fantastic. Angela was great. Ali is fantastic. They were all great. "

J. S. 9.0
"Staff was great, doctor was great. They made me feel very comfortable at the office. At first I thought they were going to look at me funny but they were very nice and made me feel comfortable."

A. C. 7.5
"The staff was very nice and professional and they were also very accommodating. I did appreciate the hard work and expertise of the staff."

L. R. 8.5
"Everyone that I worked with was professional, polite and a pleasure to work with."

H. K. 9.5
"it was a 1st for me and going to Manhattan was a pain. I might need a little more in 8months if all goes well I will be back. if not I will go somewhere new the staff were very nice."

O. R. 9.0
"They were great."

P. H. 10.0
"the Dr and nursing crew were good"

"Everybody was great."

C. K. 9.3
"Overall, the experience which I wasn't looking forward to went very well. I was surprisingly comfortable and it was remarkably simple. Everyone was friendly yet very professional and helpful. The surroundings were clean and orderly. I would definitely return if needed and recommend the service. One slight inconvenient problem; you sent me 4 of these surveys. That should be corrected. Otherwise, I even like the survey follow-up process."

"I am very pleased with the results of my procedure. Dr. Altiere understood my concerns about the restoration of my hair line and agreed with my suggestion. Both the doctor and entire staff was courteous and professional. Special thanks to medical tech Crosby, he was extremely nice and professional."

W. B. 10.0
"From the initial consultation to post surgery the entire Bosley team/staff has been extremely professional and informative throughout the entire process. I am confident that my results will be as good as my experience thus far. That being said I will gladly and highly recommend Bosley to anyone who is interested."

H. E. 9.5
"The entire staff made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked through the door. Always asking me if I was okay and if I needed anything. Bosley is a first class operation all the way!!"

U. H. 9.5
"MD was understanding with what I wanted done. I have had several previous procedures and this one was exactly what I expected."

M. C. 10.0
"The whole experience was very professional. Doctor DiBiase and the staff were very cordial. Possibly the written post instructions could be more extensive. What I am referring to is the GraftCyte System instructions which I do not see other then the instructions on the various bottles and drape package. If there were other written instructions in the kit I either did not receive them or I misplaced them. Thank You."

G. W. 10.0
"Physician was very cordial and professional. He explained what I should expect from this procedure. He anticipated probable discomforts during the procedure and arranged for these discomforts to be minimized to my satisfaction. The operation, including the actions of the staff, proceeded like the proverbial "well oiled machine". Very impressive."

A. C. 8.5
"Everybody was very nice and helpful"

G. G. 9.9
"the whole staff and physicians were all friendly and made my experience and procedure feel so relaxed and comfy."

N. B. 10.0
"Dr Alpeter is a highly talented hair restoration surgeon. He has a great personality and is very professional. His team is nice and everyone seemed very qualified. I have not healed from my procedure yet so the results are still yet to be seen, but my first procedure with this doctor went excellently and I had great results."

M. M. 10.0
"The process was easy and the procedure was easier, very professional staff and they were very helpful, you can tell they have done this quite a few times because everyone knew what his or her position was and they all worked together as a team. I am very pleased with the procedure and all the follow up calls, it shows that they really care. I will strongly recommend BOSLEY to everyone i know."

S. M. 7.0
"The surgeon and his staff were all very courteous and considerate. They made sure I was comfortable at all times and not in any pain."

C. J. - Staten Island, NY 9.5
"They were very friendly, helpful and professional. They put me at ease during the procedure."

O. R. 9.0
"Easy to work with but office schedule was always so tight. Need to book way in advance."

"The service and staff are great. Dr. DiBiase is very knowledgeable and easy to talk with. "

K. M. 9.5
"The doctor and the team were securely professional and courteous. my procedure was handled with the utmost respect and concern. it was a great decision to use Bosley for my hair restoration needs."

G. B. 10.0
"Great staff, Dr. Alpeter is the best. He takes a personal approach and makes you feel very comfortable. During the procedure he put on my favorite music cd."

T. L. 10.0
"Am from Bermuda so I did have to travel but that was ok. The staff was EXCELLENT and the service was the best. I will recommend your facility to everyone"

F. C. 10.0
"My experience with Bosley was wonderful. I never personally knew anyone who had the procedure. But, I talk about it all the time. Every one who knows me or meets me, pretty much hears my story. The whole experience was amazing. The staff and Dr. Alpeter made me feel so comfortable. I recommend Bosley to anyone who finds themselves in the position of hair loss. Women especially don't realize, they can have it done too!! I am so thankful to the Bosley staff, I am able to feel confident with my own hair. I don't know where I would be now, without Bosley. Thank you again!!!!"

V. C. - New York, NY 10.0
"Everyone was informative and helpful. My doctor was very professional. The whole experience was a lot easier than I thought"

T. H. 9.0
"The staff was very professional and caring. It made the anxiety that I felt at times very tolerable."

K. H. - Stephentown, NY 9.0
"Dr DiBiase in NYC did a great job. I have not completed any follow up visits due to my living in FL for the past 8 months. I will see Dr DiBiase again when I get to NYC."

"Everyone was so pleasant, and seemed to have my interests foremost in their minds. They were all very professional, courteous. Dr. David Alpeter was thorough with explanations and had an array of songs on his phone to choose from! The whole experience was very relaxing. I experienced no nervousness and was surprised to find no after procedure pain or discomfort. I did not take them up on their offer for medication prior to leaving the office, as I had a long commute."

F. M. 10.0
"I like the fact that the Dr. Meloura was very realistic and upfront. And also very honest about what to expect. "

S. K. 7.0
"All staff was terrific!"

S. J. 1.0
"Staff was nice, the results were not."

D. T. 9.5
"All members of the staff were affable, reassuring, and acted in a professional manner"

H. N. 7.0
"They were attentive to my needs. They were very pleasant and professional. Very understanding. Very plus experience. "

G. S. 7.5
"I wish I had spent more time with the Doctor going over how I wanted my hairline to look, instead of just allowing him to design it without my input. I also wish I had had a conversation about how different the textures can be between transplanted and original hair, especially near the temples."

M. M. 10.0
"The doctors were wonderful. The staff was very nice. They catered to every thing I needed. THey were excellent. "

P. H. 10.0
"They were aa very good. "

H. C. 9.0
"I think the woman who did my consultation was very informative and professional. The doctor who did the procedure was very professional. He recommended what he needed. He showed her what she needed. After Chemo I was going to have my eyebrows redone and the recommended I not do. The office staff was very professional and helpful."

E. F. 9.5
"I the procedure to clear and direct. The staff was very kind and all too willing to make me comfortable. I did not expect the pain to be so intense; but, that passes and the result of having hair in a desired area is worth the effort and the pain."

S. W. 10.0
"Every staff member was knowledgeable and considerate."

- Astoria, NY 10.0
"Dr. Alpeter was extremely thorough and forthcoming with information and was genuinely concerned with my comfort. His team was also outstanding and I believe that this is a credit to his professionalism and positive, upbeat attitude. The mutual respect that I witnessed put me at ease and gave me confidence that everything would proceed smoothly, as it did. Dr. Alpeter is a great physician and asset to Bosley. Overall, the staff of this office was very friendly and professional."

- New York, NY 9.3
"It feels premature to rate the experience, as I won't know the results for months! But the process has been great. I adored my "team," the pain has been minimal and so far so good!"

M. B. - Riverdale, NJ 8.0
"The staff and the physician were very good. I trust them it was the second time. "

T. C. 10.0
"my surgeon was excellent with very good bedside manners. he appeared trustworthy which enabled me to relax."

A. D. 10.0
"Dr. Alpeters is just a very nice guy and the staff were very nice too. The whole team was very personable and helped make a long procedure seem short."

R. H. 9.7
"The team and especially Dr Alpeter was exceptionally professional with extraordinary surgical skills."

R. C. 9.0
"Everyone was good, the doctor as well."

J. W. 9.2
"The entire staff was not only very professional but also very friendly. I was made comfortable in seconds. At no time did I feel uncomfortable or that the procedure was not progressing smoothly. On a scale of 1 to 10, the degree of pain felt was 1."

M. G. 8.8
"Staff was very friendly and helpful"

C. G. - Scarsdale, NY 10.0
"Dr Alpeter is an awesome surgeon, will definitely recommend family/friends if anyone needs hair transplant. Thorough/professional/calm/efficient all in one package. Don't have to travel far to have one great team. Support staff were truly great"

C. B. - Bayville, NJ 9.5
"I felt very comfortable and at ease with the experience.i had many professionals all around me which were very concerned with my well being by constantly asking me about pain level and if I was comfortable . They were all working as a team where all their actions were to address my being comfortable and pain free..they went beyond my expectation and want to thank them all...the Doctor as well as the rest of the team kept me well informed at every point of the procedure. I would recommend this office to many people...Thanks again!"

H. K. 9.5
"The office staff was very helpful and informative as well as the doctor was very professional"

M. C. 9.9
"I thought that there will be more pain involved, the fact is that it's less painful than getting a tattoo."

M. E. 9.2
"Consultant Jeanine Acca was excellent. Surgical team was exceptionally nice and professional and extremely hospitable. Dr. Mollura is an excellent surgeon, this is my 2nd procedure w/ him and I would recommend him to others if asked. "

E. L. 8.4
"The surgical team was the best. They made the procedure smooth and very comfortable for me."

J. F. 8.9
"Dr. Mollura was nothing if not frank about any and all risks and possible outcomes of the procedure, ingenuous and open without being off-putting. In contrast to my earlier encounters with Bosley (then MHR) in Dublin, OH, I never felt as if I was being "sold" anything. The staff present during my procedure were all personable, knowledgeable, and competent."

J. K. 10.0
"I am very happy with the services provided to me. I was very pleased with the consultation. I had a total of two procedures. I was happy both times that I went there. "

I. L. 9.5
"Everybody was wonderful. I had a very good experience and I felt very safe and comfortable since the very beginning."

M. M. 9.6
"Great staff, warm and friendly environment."

A. K. 9.8
"All seems well. Healing and waiting. Your staff is excellent. Very professional."

S. W. 10.0
"I had no issues at all. Everything went very well. "

J. P. 9.5
"the surgical team and the physician were incredibly pleasant and the procedure went very smoothly."

E. A. 9.5
"The Doctor and Staff were great. Everyone was extremely professional and pleasant. I can't believe I didn't do this sooner! I was a touch nervous post-op on how my scalp would appear, but my appearance was spot-on with what I was told. Overall a really great experience, I can't wait to get some hair growth!"

E. M. 9.2
"Long day, but very pleased with staff and Doctor. Post operative techniques and information could be a bit more informative. Very happy with kindness and understanding. Looking forward to the final results. Thanks again for a job well done!"

M. V. 9.4
"Dr. DiBiase and team were truly amazing. They made me feel comfortable during an emotionally difficult undertaking."

M. C. 9.3
"The whole crew was pleasant and made it very clear that my comfort was their goal."

C. J. 9.5
"As best as can be expected since it involved surgical procedure. Dr. Debiase and the surgical team were very cordial and professional. It remains to be seen in eight months when I finally uncover the final result. So far I'm very optimistic for having made the decision to undergone the procedure. "

M. M. 10.0
"Alpeter's the best"

E. T. 9.5
"The Bosley office and staff are very nice. They called me right away to check on me and see how I was doing. The Dr was excellent too. No complaints about them."

"The procedure went great and had no problems with the staff or doctor"

D. C. 9.5
"The Bosley office and staff were pleasant and accommodated me for lunch. They let me watch movies and constantly asked if I was in pain. The Dr was very nice and attentive making sure he gave me what I wanted. He was also very knowledgeable about the procedure as well."

"Dr. DiBiase and his team made me feel very relaxed and comfortable during the entire procedure. I was a little bit nervous when I first arrived for the procedure but once they got started they were there for all my needs and made sure that I was in no pain. Dr. DiBiase and his team work very well together and were very pleasant the whole time. I can't wait to see the results in 3-5 months."

F. J. 10.0
"The staff made me feel very comfortable with an uncomfortable topic."

D. O. 8.0
"I had a great experience with the staff at Bosley. I chose Bosley because I was confident that they were professional and was very experienced with these type of treatments. I have only good things to say about the staff here."

G. B. 10.0
"This is my second procedure with Dr. Alpeter he was very professional and caring about my procedure. He covered all bases and gave me a phone call the night of the procedure to make sure I was feeling well. I can't say enough about Dr. Alpeter and his staff, they were great."

K. G. - Basking Ridge, NJ 9.2
"My physician was extremely informative and said i was a good candidate. He said i had good donor hair. He was quick and thorough and the team was very professional and concerned with my comfort. They were very helpful in making me feel calm. The whole experience was pleasant and very comfortable. I never felt any pain or discomfort, which is important."

S. M. 7.0
"As I wrote before I really appreciated when both my doctor and salesman saw that when I was not satisfied, they arranged for a second procedure at a discounted price and were able to fit me in quickly. However, now that I am looking at the need for a third procedure, I will definitely need to see some help in determining if the grafts are actually working and /or if I do need more that they are placed where they will be most effective in giving me the full head of hair we are working to achieve."

A. T. 9.5
"The salesman, Ken, and the Doctor were excellent. The staff at the office and the nurses were amazing. This was my second surgery and each time the direct center was able to accommodate me easily."

O. R. 9.0
"nothing negative all good"

M. R. 8.5
"The people are really nice there. The doctor did follow up with me after the surgery and he was able answer any questions that I had."

T. N. 10.0
"I remain very pleased with my decision to undergo this procedure. From the very first meeting with the Senior Consultant, I have had nothing but demonstration after demonstration that the client's need is paramount at Bosley. Losing my hair, because of the damage that I inflicted, devastated me; and made me feel that I was somehow less than people with a full head of hair. With the Bosley experience, I am starting to feel good about myself again. It is not just because I might again look normal, it was the way that I was treated by the entire staff. I felt as if my ease and comfort were their ultimate goal. Bottom line, I felt as if they cared, and that above all is what I wanted this process to feel like."

A. Z. 9.5
"Overall great experience. Everyone I met at the Bosley office was very nice and polite to me and looked for my best interest. Made me feel at home."

"Felt no pain. Everyone was wonderful & understanding."

A. H. 10.0
"Everybody was great and they were all definitely great. The girls in the office were great and so was the Dr. He was very good."

N. D. 10.0
"The staff were pleasant and nice they were excellent and I cannot say anything wrong about them. The physician was polite and explained everything to me, he was just a great guy."

B. P. - Welland, ON 9.0
"Dr Dibiasi in the New York office was very helpful and had performed my two previous surgeries. Would have appreciated his attendance more during the actual procedure, and oversee the installation of the grafts."

J. Z. 9.9
"Physician was pleasant and professional"

C. R. 10.0
"everything i said in the other one like this, everything was a great experience"

Z. R. 10.0
"was very pleased with the physician and staff. both made the procedure comfortable and easy."

J. B. 7.5
"The staff and the doctor were excellent. I really wished I had heard back from my consultant, we had spent so much time building a relationship to get me ready for the surgery and then I never heard from him again. I was very impressed that the doctor followed up with me personally after the surgery and was able to answer any immediate questions I had. "

M. O. 9.9

L. G. 8.9
"The procedure went well and everyone was very accommodating."

K. G. 10.0
"Everyone made me comfortable"

D. M. 10.0
"I felt pampered the whole time that I was there. Everyone was very accommodating."

F. V. 9.3
"i was really pleased with the way all bosley people treated me. now lets wait for the best results. dr. diabase was very open to all my questions."

T. H. 9.0
"Great people working there."

B. G. 9.4
"The process was quicker and easier then I had thought it would be."

"The consultant took his time explaining everything to my knowledge. And before and after photos moved me so strongly that I had to do this as soon as possible."

R. C. 10.0
"I will like to say that I was very happy with the support that your staff gave to me while I was in your care. I will recommend any person who is going to the same issue with hair loss to go with the best Bosley. Thank you for everything."

E. B. 8.9
"The person i spoke to was professional and helpful to my needs but i still would like to think about my decision because it it a lot of money."

J. M. 9.5
"Very professional and very accommodating felt very comfortable."

J. H. 9.9
"Everyone was great at the New York office."

G. B. 10.0
"They took care of me and they took me right away after a cancellation. They were very nice and excellent and I was so happy to eat my lunch there they gave me a menu to choose from. The girls were great the nurse was excellent and very professional. They made sure I had no pain. They were very positive and professional. The Dr explained everything before he started and took before and after pictures. He was great too."

M. G. 9.5
"Amir was great. He answered all of my questions. He has excellent follow up."

I. K. 10.0
"Very friendly and detail oriented. Provided clarity."

A. G. 9.7
"My answers to the previous questions speak to the professionalism of everyone I encountered, but what surprised me was how much I enjoyed my time there. Great music, smart, interesting, funny people, and it's not every day I can look out the window and see the Chrysler Building."

J. W. 7.5
"Better than expected"

E. P. 10.0
"This was my second grafting. Dr. DeBiasie is fantastic! Little to no discomfort during the procedure. Some minor discomfort lingers on day three. No big deal. It's amazing - the transformation is just that - AMAZING."

C. H. 10.0
"I was nervous and anxious in the beginning but the staff along with mt Dr. were amazing. Specifically, Kim, John, and Dr. Mollura were very thorough and it's very apparent they know there jobs well and enjoy what they do."

K. D. 8.2
"Too expensive for the promised results."

B. F. 9.0
"I had a great experience with the office staff, the staff was incredible, nice and very nice. I did not have one complaint about the office staff or the doctor."

S. T. 10.0
"I can't pick a specific staff member because they were all extremely helpful and made you feel that it was all about you at that moment. Dr Alpeter was my attending physician and I can't say enough about him, I believe he is the best in the field. what an awesome doctor, he always makes me feel special and his advice is spot on."

H. K. 9.5
"well, i was scared and excited at the same time but, the staff was extremely professional, made me feel very very comfortable, we were chatting, having jokes, laughing,etc was like hanging out with friends...very friendly atmosphere which made the time fly by...very caring, compassionate people...dr. dibi was as professional as a dr can be...i was very pleased with the whole experience...thank you"

L. E. 7.8
"Felt consultant really cared."

B. L. 9.0
"Great all around very professional staff."

R. L. - Somerset, NJ 9.3
"My consultant David was great, and the physician was very helpful. I wish you received more explanation on the cost and financing. Besides that my experience was great, and I am waiting for clearance from a dermatologist. Thank you "

M. B. 9.5
"Everyone was very pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable. I felt at ease throughout the entire process."

C. W. - Remsenburg, NY 9.5
"The consultation/discussion with the doctor preceding the surgery was informative, helpful."

T. K. 10.0
"Very pleasant, informative, helpful experience. Will go ahead with surgical hair replacement when the "stars" are right!!"

M. A. 9.5
"Overall I was extremely pleased with the care and attention that I received from the Bosley physician and staff."

D. K. 9.9
"My Consultant Ken was very personable and knowledgeable. He pretty much explained everything so well that I had very few questions. I was very impressed with how advanced the hair replacement technology is. There are still a couple of items that I need to be reassured, but I will address those once I set the appointment for the procedure. "

A. D. 9.7
"At this point in time, although I'm pleased with my decision to undergo the procedure, ultimately the end results, that will take some time for me to notice and will determine if my expectations were met. The Dr. and staff made me feel comfortable with their professionalism and kindness."

J. B. 10.0
"Everything have been going great. I did the procedure because I had a good referral to this bosley clinic. My sister's son had the procedure done here. The staff was great, not only the doctor. They offer great care and services. I am very satisfied with my hair restoration results. I will refer everyone to Bosley. I am extremely satisfied with Bosley and the results that I got from them. The attention the staff gave me is very good. The doctor was great. I have also referred my hairdresser to bosley. I have been using the products given to me. "

K. P. - Commack, NY 9.5
"The staff was very helpful and all excellent staff. Dr. Mirasaki was fine too. "

E. B. - East Northport, NY 9.0
"Doctor Diblase was terrific"

Y. W. 9.0
"Everyone in the office was all very nice. I did have some discomfort at the beginning of the surgery but they were able to help me as soon as I mentioned it. I'm just waiting to see the results. I know I am only 3 months in but I can feel the new hair growing in but I can't see it yet. Once I see results I will absolutely recommend Bosley to my friends."

J. G. 9.7
"The staff seem to all get along and sincere about how my procedure went and the physician was very detailed."

K. B. 7.0
"The staff was very informative and helpful, the doctor was okay but he seemed kind of cold..... The procedure did make me feel more confident and positive with myself but I did have concern with the front side of my head, I feel like it did not grow in too much and wanted to see the doctor about that but have been very busy with work and hopefully will see him soon."

B. L. 10.0
"The entire professional staff from the Doctor to surgical team and office manager were extremely warm and encouraging and answered all my questions thoroughly and honestly throughout the process. They truly care about making the entire experience as comfortable and painless as possible. I am very grateful for their dedication and commitment to customer service."

D. T. 10.0
"Friendly, non-judgmental."

F. H. - Patchogue, NY 9.5
"The staff was really excellent. I can't remember the girl's name, the nurse who helped, but she was really nice. Even when I came back to get the stitches out the girl was really good. "

L. K. 7.5
"It felt like this was not about them selling me a product. It seemed as if I had to convince them to give me the surgery. It really did feel like they cared."

K. M. 8.0
"Dr. Mollura was really pleasant to talk to. I was skeptical about the medications because of the fine print and their possible side effects. He was able to talk to me and answer all of my questions. I now take the medication with no hesitation. "

L. B. 9.5
"The staff are great at the NYC office, met all my needs"

F. L. 10.0
"The overall experience with the staff and doctor went very well, no complaints with either one."

R. T. 10.0
"The staff was very nice and informative except I wish they would have told me how painful the needles were. I was going through the anesthesia pretty quick and I felt all the needles going into my head. But the staff and doctor were very nice and helped me throughout."

C. H. 9.5
"Overall it was as I expected. Everyone was professional and friendly."

H. K. 10.0
"The experience was great, I did not have any complaints about the staff or the procedure. Everything went really well."

M. S. 10.0
"Thank you!"

A. C. 10.0
"I had a great experience throughout the whole process starting with the person on the phone, she was very polite. The office explained everything about the procedure and also explained about the financing as well."

Z. D. - New York, NY 8.5
"Dr Alpeter did a great job and even though I was not as happy about the results at the 8 month follow up, he put my confidence back in the result with the pro-bono surgery."

J. B. 10.0
"I had a great experience with Bosley. From the start with the consultation with Gina as well as a great experience with the Doctor as well. I would recommend Bosley to anyone that was interested in having surgery done. "

L. H. 8.3
"Doctor was very professional"

P. T. 10.0
"I was taken care off by the entire team and made me feel at ease even though I know that what I am going through is an actual surgery, the team made me feel comfortable."

B. T. 9.7
"Ali Afshapour is by far one of the best people you can have on your team!! I came in with very little info, wanting to know more, and if I was in fact in need of surgery and Ali explained that I didn't need it right away. He explained all the other things I should try first and how down the road I could look into the surgery. I really enjoyed this consultation. I didn't feel at all pressured by Ali or that he was trying to push on me something I didn't want/need. My next step will be to purchase your laser brush and in 6 months see where I stand financially so I can plan for surgery."

H. S. - New York, NY 10.0
"So far so good. Today is my second day. I am very happy that I choose Bosley."

W. G. 9.7
"I highly recommend Dr Stephen Leonard. He happened to be in NYC the day of my procedure and I am very glad that he was. Great doctor and great work!"

H. K. 8.1
"The people were all very professional and made me feel comfortable."

S. R. 7.5
"The office staff was polite and informative. When I first went to the consultation to meet the doctor, I only wanted to have part of my head done but the doctor did showed me that area and also a little more and I understood where he was coming from, it looked more natural and that is what I agreed on. When I was first quoted the price I almost got up and walked out but then the doctor said we would be able to work something out and ended up agreeing to a lot less. The main reason that I did go with Bosley was the customer service when I first called. I called Bosley and another company and the person on the phone seemed very polite and interested in my concern."

"Office staff made me feel at ease as I was there for 7 hours."

"I have had other procedures with Bosley, so this is not my first procedure with this office. The staff was great and the doctor was as well. Usually when I get a procedure I feel sick, but I remember going home and what they did I was not sick at all."

A. C. 8.5
"The staff was very nice and helpful. I had my 8 month follow up last week and everything is looking fine. The people in the surgery kept me busy and I wasn't bored, and I thought everyone was really nice."

H. R. 10.0
"Everything went as planned. I appreciated the doctor and staff for all their information. I had an excellent experience."

W. S. - Awendaw, SC 10.0
"Great job by all! Thank you!"

B. G. 10.0
"I am 23 years years old and this was my second procedure. I would not have gone back if I didn't feel happy with my first procedure. Everything was perfect."

K. M. 10.0
"Everything was straightforward and easy"

B. E. 9.8
"The whole staff made me feel comfortable."

C. J. - Staten Island, NY 9.0
"Everyone was professional and extremely helpful."

O. M. 10.0
"Everything went well satisfied with the staff in the why they treated me. Very professional."

E. K. 10.0
"The surgery went well and would recommend to a friend or family member"

T. S. 8.0
"I had a good experience with Bosley."

A. B. 8.5
"I felt I had a good personal experience with Bosley. I knew this last treatment area would be a difficult area to see great results and I was informed before the surgery that I should expect this. I am a little dissatisfied with the results but I knew going in that the results were not going to be like my first two surgeries that were great. "

I. W.