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About Bosley Hair Restoration - Philadelphia

Founded in 1972, Bosley hair restoration is a pioneer in cosmetic hair replacement, offering the latest technologies to hair loss patients looking to improve their look.

In Philadelphia, hair loss sufferers can rely on the trained specialists at Bosley to give them stunning, natural looks through hair restoration. Bosley provides permanent hair loss solutions through their world-renowned hair restoration services, from at-home regrowth options to cutting edge hair transplantation.

Bosley of Philadelphia not only offers free consultations where visitors are given extensive information packets and professional advice, but also allows same day surgeries if patients are deemed eligible for hair transplants. The quick micro-surgery requires hair from the back of the head to be relocates to the thinning areas in front. Doctors will take special care in making sure the reconstructed hairline is free of unflattering scars and has a natural look.

So if hair loss is holding you back, regain power and confidence with the help of Bosley of Philadelphia’s certified hair restoration techniques. Trust your hair to the experts, and contact us today to set up your free consultation.

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R. M. 9.9
"Very honest and professional with a sense of concern and compassion. "

B. W. - Belle Mead, NJ 10.0
"Since Bosley my life has changed dramatically. I have since lost 110 pounds.With Gods help and Bosley, I got me back. I have so much confidence now. You know without hair, its doesn't matter how much makeup or how much jewelry you put on or even the clothes you buy. If your bald and your a woman, you will not feel good about yourself. Thank You Bosley!"

B. W. - Belle Mead, NJ 10.0
"There are no real words to explain to you how wonderful everyone at Bosley is. The best experience, wonderful staff and an amazing doctor."

E. C. - Hatboro, PA 10.0
"The staff was very very helpful. Now everything is really good."

E. B. 10.0
"I just cannot believe how natural it looks. Initially, you never think you see results then all of a sudden, it's there and so natural, especially since I've had friends that had other treatments from competitors (and you can see the plugs). Everyone was so professional and made me feel comfortable."

J. B. - Drexel Hill, PA 10.0
"My physician was incredible. Made me feel comfortable the entire time. "

M. E. - Sewell, NJ 10.0
"Dr. Cornwell and the staff could not have been more professional and put me more at ease more than they did. I will gladly recommend that my friends seeking hair restoration treatment consider Bosley Philadelphia and Dr. Cornwell."

B. B. 10.0
"I am not really a good candidate for the surgery, so we decided on the laser helmet and propecia or rogaine for 6 months to see where we are at. I thought the consultation was fine. "

R. Z. 7.5
"The staff was helpful and friendly."

S. R. 10.0
"I am scheduled for the surgery for June 6th, but I would like to have the surgery sooner than that if possible because I am on vacation."

L. L. - Browns Mills, NJ 10.0
"I am very very satisfied. I am going in for another procedure June 30th. The physicians and technicians were excellent."

J. H. 10.0
"The counselor was really nice. I just need to think about it a little bit more. I think I will do it, but I just need more time to decide. "

M. H. 7.5
"The staff during my procedure was excellent. The doctor and nurses were great--very attentive, explaining the process as it went along. "

G. K. - Landisville, PA 10.0
"This whole process was truly wonderful from start to finish...the team that did the actual transplant was terrific. "

E. G. - Levittown, PA 9.0
"The group was patient and thorough and made me feel comfortable throughout the process."

R. F. 10.0
"The physician who handled my procedure on March 7, 2016 did an outstanding job. The procedure was lengthy, but because I received 1,013 grafts, it took all day to complete this project. I know the results are going to be outstanding, so I did not mind it at all. The staff was professional and patient with me throughout the procedure and answered all my questions. "

K. G. - Quakertown, PA 9.7
"This was my third procedure and it gets better every time. The staff and doctor were very professional."

J. F. 10.0
"The only complaint I have is maybe having a more useful and practical chair. The chair was meant to be sat in and I was laying on my stomach."

C. B. - Downingtown, PA 10.0
"I felt warmly welcomed and comfortable through the entire day. Dr. Cornwall and his team spent over 10 hours of painstakingly detailed work, sometimes with three people working simultaneously on my rather large graft area. But they never seemed hurried, checked in with me regularly to see if I was comfortable. The initial outcome is better than I expected. I would gladly be a reference for the quality of the procedure, and expect to show great results later this year!"

R. L. 9.9
"Everything was good and I was satisfied. "

R. F. 10.0
"Everyone was great I did my homework and they are the most skilled. My hair is actually thicker than I even expected. I am very happy with the results. I can really see the difference. Its really thick."

J. C. - Doylestown, PA 9.9
"A great experience. Again Dr. Cornwell made everything even more accommodating and agreeable. As a very young rapid hair-loss sufferer, I will likely choose Bosley again if needed in the future. "

A. G. - Philadelphia, PA 10.0
"Everyone was so pleasant; they may me feel right at home."

T. R. 9.8
"Very friendly staff, and very knowledgeable. I liked my visit and appreciate their assistance with making this decision."

A. D. - Greenwood, DE 8.6
"The doctor was helpful in advising me. He went over the important details for a full recovery and a full head of hair."

H. W. - Collegeville, PA 9.1
"The staff was very professional as well as friendly. My doctor went over everything prior to the procedure, so I knew what to expect post-procedure. My procedure took a little longer than expected, but the staff made sure I was fed and hydrated throughout the entire procedure."

G. S. 9.6
"Everything was wonderful. You all have been so helpful and welcoming and insightful. Thank you in advance for continuing to help me with the same attitude and professionalism. Bosley is simply the best hair restoration option around. You are appreciated."

M. R. 9.5
"The procedure was much easier than I expected. Dr. Cornwall and his staff get a 10/10 from me. I felt at home the entire time. I will, and already have, highly recommended Bosley & Dr. Cornwall."

N. T. 10.0
"My counselor was very detailed and professional. Ultimately, the cost is a little more than I expected, though. That's the only thing holding up my decision."

G. F. 9.9
"The staff at Bosley's Philadelphia office was friendly and understanding. I guarantee I will be back. "

A. M. - Mansfield, PA 9.6
"Dr. Cornwell did an extraordinary job at making me feel welcomed. Keeping me at a complete level of comfort, and making it easy to put my trust into him that whatever he did would turn out great. He is an incredibly informative, down to earth, and straight out talented surgeon. Dr. Cornwell's surgical staff holds all of the same qualities. Amazing at what they do. I would recommend this team in a heartbeat to anybody looking to have this procedure done. This was an incredible experience and I cannot wait to see these guys again this summer!"

L. K. 9.9
"My counselor was very helpful in my consultation. She dedicated quality time explaining everything to me, so I can understand the procedure. "

J. H. - Wayne, PA 9.7
"The procedure was much more effective than others for me. Great coverage!"

"The consultant I had was very nice and very helpful in addressing my concerns."

F. K. - Bear, DE 10.0
"I am very satisfied."

F. K. - Bear, DE 10.0
"They were great, took care of me, and even conducted a follow up."

S. C. - Southampton, PA 10.0
"Awesome experience. The doctor was super. All the staff, too! Had a surprisingly enjoyable day!"

J. G. - Bridgeport, PA 9.0
"I was impressed by the willingness of staff to stay through a very lengthy procedure and I am pleased with how well the grafts have filled in. A friend even complemented the procedure."

- Landisville, PA 9.9
"Very pleased with my experience and enjoyed working with the Philadelphia team."

A. R. 10.0
"Very knowledgeable staff"

H. K. 10.0
"The decision to have a hair transplant was a very difficult one for me and to have the professional support from the Bosley Philly team (esp. Dr. Cornwell) was very reassuring. I wish the best to everyone at Bosley."

L. S. - Reading, PA 9.7
"Whole experience was good."

R. F. 10.0
"My fourth visit to Bosley was a very, very, pleasant experience. Staff was well trained and the doctor was very skilled at his craft. My doctor performed two previous procedures with outstanding results. After my one year healing period, I will return for my fifth treatment. Looking forward to that experience. Thanks for a wonderful experience."

A. B. - Hermitage, TN 9.7
"Overall everyone was really nice. I love the fact that they allowed me to look through the microscope to see the grafts. My only suggestion would be to give one or two pills of stronger pain relief. The first 48 hours my donor area was VERY sore and the medication didn't quite dull the pain enough. The sleeping pills were a great idea. You can suggest to future patients to use a travel pillow to sleep with. This has allowed me to rest fully on a pillow but not have either my donor or surgical area touch anything (less pain)."

D. M. 10.0
"Overall the staff, the doctor, nurses were all very professional, kind and helpful."

E. G. 9.5
"The entire staff made me feel very comfortable. "

T. E. 7.0
"I thought everyone was great and made me very comfortable. The dr did a great job. I have nothing but praise for them."

N. M. 9.0
"the people were great, nice & attentive "

M. L. - Kendall Park, NJ 8.4
"Everything went smoothly. Dr. & staff were great."

L. H. - Catasauqua, PA 9.9
"The doctor and his staff were very kind in their care and ever attentive. As involved as the procedure was, they made it all so seamless."

T. H. 9.4
"I was very happy with the professionalism of the staff. The discomfort was minimal and they reacted quickly to it. I wish it wasn't so pricey as I would have considered more."

H. K. - Kennett Square, PA 9.9
"The staff members were friendly and extremely professional. They made me feel very comfortable throughout the procedure."

A. W. 9.5
"Everybody was nice. I don't have any complaints. They were very friendly and took care of me throughout the whole time."

C. R. - West Chester, PA 10.0
"They were very friendly and accommodating. Very professional."

M. H. - Cinnaminson, NJ 8.3
"Dr. Cornwall was very professional and made this whole process easier for me. This was my third surgery with Bosley and it was by far the best of the three. The team is well trained and I wish I had used them for all three surgeries. Pending the results, I would give the Philly team a 9 out of 10. "

L. S. - Cochranville, PA 9.0
"The girls on the team were fantastic"

M. W. - Lambertville, NJ 9.5
"From the consultation through the end of the procedure the doctor and staff were friendly, informative and most of all professional. During the procedure they made me feel very comfortable by keeping me informed through each step answering all of my questions and concerns. Leaving the office that day I truly felt I had made the right decision by choosing Bosley for their overall professionalism, looking forward to the amazing results."

J. K. 8.9
"I thought the staff and surgeon were excellent. No complaints. I wasn't aware that the scabbing would be as prevalent even several days after the surgery, but I guess that comes with the territory and will eventually go away. Hopefully people at work won't notice. My wife says that it looks like I have alien skin right now :). I did indicate that the Doctor didn't call me that night, but I wanted to let you know that Dr. Michael J. Cornwell did call me the following morning on Saturday, which I was very impressed with. Bottom line, every treated me very well and I am looking forward to the results."

S. H. 9.5
"Everyone made me feel comfortable and were quick to take care of any personal needs that arose. i was kept aware of the process and was asked if i needed anything numerous times during the day."

"The doctor as well as the staff were extremely professional and polite. At no time did I feel uncomfortable. They explained from the initial consult that sometimes several procedures were necessary. I was just hoping that wouldn't be the case for me, which it is. Otherwise I would say that the Philly office and the doctor are excellent."

H. K. 9.5
"The doctors put me at ease before the process so I had nothing to be nervous about. My previous procedure with another company did not do this. The day went very smooth, thank you all."

B. F. 10.0
"Staff was extremely friendly and made me feel at ease. Very thoughtful of all my needs. So glad I had this done."

G. M. 10.0
"Wow, I wish I had enough room to write all the great things about Dr. Mike Cornwall & his staff at the Philadelphia office! this was my third procedure and very happy with the results, and the staff is so friendly, they put you right at ease! Highly recommend them for anyone considering a procedure and Bosley is fantastic at what they do!"

O. A. - Whitestone, NY 10.0
"Initially I thought I would take a chance and have my surgery and transplant done in Philadelphia. I was extremely pleased when I met Dr. Cornwell. I traveled back to Philadelphia from New York City for my second transplant operation, just to be sure that it was Dr. Cornwell who did my surgery. Meticulous polite and professional, he and his staff work like a well rehearsed team. I could recommend them to anyone."

T. M. 8.5
"Absolutely 100% positive. Everybody I called or saw was super professional, calm and caring, made you aware of what they were doing--what could have been a very stressful process, they made incredibly comfortable."

R. S. 9.0
"The doctor was really good. Everyone was very knowledgeable and very personable. It went great."

B. W. 10.0
"The whole team was great. They were patient and sweet and caring throughout. I knew what to expect in theory, but did not realize it would take so much time. It must have been tiring for the staff, but they were meticulous from beginning to end."

A. C. - Phialdephia, PA 10.0
"I felt very much at ease with the staff they were very professional, courteous and understanding. My Doctor was also the best of the best with the same qualities, and I felt he had an interest in my individual needs; and still does on an individual basis. I have the hope I will like what I see with my procedure months down the road."

A. H. 9.7
"The entire surgical team and dr. Cornwell were great and put me completely at ease. I was concerned about discomfort and would have benefited by being reassured when scheduling procedure how the numbing procedure was done and how completely comfortable it would make the procedure. The compassion and supportive staff made this a relatively pleasant experience."

S. H. 9.4
"I thought that the team in Philadelphia was wonderful. The nursing staff was great at keeping me laughing and at ease till the procedure began. Dr. Cornwall was very good at making sure i was happy with the "drawings" of my new eyebrows. I think that there was a bit more swelling and discoloration than i expected. My husband had a hair restoration 2 times in Philly. His swelling and bruising was significantly less than mine. I totally understand that my face is far more sensitive than his head. I'm just glad i took a week's vacation. I would recommend Bosley and especially the Philadelphia team to everyone. Great job! i'm looking forward to seeing my new eyebrows!!"

R. H. 10.0
"I've had three other procedures done from another facility. I was completely satisfied with the results with the staff and with the doctor. Although I did have to travel to New York to get the procedure done, I do not want to do that again. I went and had a consultation at the King of Prussia office and felt very confident that they would do a good job. The price was very competitive and setting up appointment was very easy, and they also have Saturday hours. I would give that office a 10 on any questionnaire that I answered. After getting the procedure done at Bosley in the Philadelphia Center City office I was totally blown away by the staff, the doctor and the result. The experience was a 20 on a scale of 1 to 10. I would highly recommend and I have recommended my friends to this office. If I need in the future another procedure there would be no hesitation to go to the office in Center City."

E. W. 7.5
"Everyone at the office is very nice. The people I talked to... you know that they are all very experienced, that they know what they're doing, and that is great."

E. W. 7.0
"Oh, I can't say enough about Bosley. Everything good. They really treat you with respect, they're very professional. They go out of their way to take care of you and make you feel like a king."

M. C. 10.0
"It was a pretty good experience: they give you something to drink, one injection, and it's done. My only issue is that I didn't go back to Bosley to get my stitches out. The Bosley treatment was absolutely painless, but I thought that it would be a fine idea to go down to an outpatient clinic to get my stitches out. THAT was painful. My hair really filled out in the front. If I can afford it, maybe in a year, I'm going to go back and get the crown of my head redone, that area's still a little thin. If you've got the inclination, Bosley makes it affordable and they make it easy. They really make sure you understand all the plans for your treatment and walk you through step-by-step, which is great."

M. C. 10.0
"The staff was fantastic, very professional about everything. They know that you're coming in there pretty nervous, and they really do a good job of calming you down, making you feel at ease. They lay everything out front, tell you about cost, make sure you understand everything. They give you exactly the right dose of anesthetic, that probably helped with the relaxing part! They really make you feel like a superstar, in the chair and even before you're sitting down for surgery, everyone you talk to is really professional and really interested in you."

T. K. 10.0
"My surgeon and the nurses all did excellent work"

M. S. 10.0
"My experience with Dr Cromwells office was well above what I expected. From the consultation to when I walked out the door the day of my procedure was extraordinary, I felt like I had known them forever. I would absolutely recommend this office to everyone that was thinking of going through with hair restoration. Thank you so much and I'm excited to see the final outcome!!"

D. O. 8.0
"All of them were really professional. They were caring as well."

R. G. 9.6
"I was impressed beginning with the initial consultation one month ago. The day of the procedure things went smoothly and I was made to feel very comfortable throughout the day. I think there can never be too much information about what to expect in the days following the procedure, as I had some discomfort, and my concerns were eased with the written information and the knowledge that I could call the doctor at any time. I feel better 6 days later, and am optimistic about the success of the procedure."

R. F. 10.0
"Medical physician was very knowledgeable about the procedure. Showed me exactly how he was going to proceed with the procedure. Physician made me feel very comfortable during the process. The medical staff were also very knowledgeable on the job and were very polite. They always made sure that I was very comfortable during the procedure."

A. T. 9.4
"Dr. Cornwell and the Bosley staff in the Philadelphia office were great. I am very excited in seeing the final results of my procedure 9 months to one year from now."

E. C. 9.5
"The whole team was excellent, I cannot remember names as it was a year ago but I can tell you based on what we went thru that day I can attest to the stamina, professionalism and patience of the staff and Dr. Cornwall... I would highly recommend this office, and I already have, to anyone seeking the procedure."

V. S. 9.0
"They made it really easy and comfortable. My interaction with the physician was good and professional."

C. H. 8.0
"They were great! Very friendly and personable people. They took the time to explain to me what the steps were and helped me walk through it all. My physician was very good, very positive, and personable. I liked him a lot."

R. G. 9.5
"Everything went very well. Happy with how the doctor did the procedure."

R. G. 9.5
"I thought the price was high. I didn't check anywhere else. All in all I would do it again. I made the best choice."

B. S. - Alexandria, VA 9.0
"The doctor and staff were great. They were all very friendly and helpful."

C. D. 9.3
"The surgical staff was outstanding. They were pleasant and tried to ease my concerns. I was happy with the experience. I was a little concerned about the difference in grafts recommendations from initial consultation to the day of my procedure. I had planned on a max of 2,200 and had to go with 2,400, which is substantial. However, overall I was pleased with the process and people."

K. L. 9.0
"Everyone was very helpful and friendly. I had no issues with any staff member. Everything was explained really well too. There was no surprises at all which was a really good thing."

T. M. 10.0
"I like my results so far, I was wondering what the difference is from my before and after pictures. I do suggest that the office offers references to people who are skeptical. When I asked Jim in finance if there was anyone I can talk too, he gave me references that got me over my hump. I also did receive unbeatable promotion deals."

T. M. 10.0
"I think everyone, including my consultant, was super attentive, caring, and polite. They made a traumatic experience much easier for me to deal with. The doctor was great too, calling me the next day to follow up with me."

J. C. - Doylestown, PA 9.5
"This was my third procedure with Bosley and as of now (approx 48 hrs later) probably my most satisfactory. Though I had fewer grafts transplanted, the placement was thoroughly discussed and ideal. Dr Cornwell could not have been kinder and more professional and informational. Same can be said for the assistants. Great experience. Hopefully I will not need another, but if so I would not hesitate to call Bosley."

B. F. 8.5
"I was pleased with the physician and all staff members. The New Image employee who used to clean my hair piece stated the doctor did an excellent job too. This reinforced my thoughts."

Z. V. 10.0
"All of the staff members were fantastic! I think they did a wonderful job with my procedure. Great experience overall."

T. H. 9.5
"The entire staff, from Zack Pruitt (financial) to the surgeon and his nurses and assistants make your visit a pleasant one!"

T. H. 9.5
"The initial idea of having my hair restored excited me. Having seen an infomercial late one night I decided to check Bosley out. I sent for information and, a few days later I received a packet with rather complete assay of the way it works, complete with photos of previous clients (before and after) the procedure. There was also a CD to view. I felt encouraged and made an appointment over the phone. I had an office consultation at which time it was explained to me the possibilities for my own hair restoration. A week later I arrived for the procedure was given time to relax and chose a movie to watch, and to choose my lunch before the upcoming procedure. Now I felt at ease. The team of assistants tended to me, the Doctor and Nurses administered the requisite meds and before I knew it lunch was ready! More than half the procedure was finished. Again, before I knew it, it was time to get ready to go home. Since then I wondered in awe how all that hair grew in so painlessly over the next year! The post-opt period of a few days was a breeze. Suddenly people took notice that something about me was different. It was my positive attitude, and of course my new hair. Ever so encouraged, after a few years I wisely decided on a second procedure to enhance my original! I was tickled at the new wave of rapidly sprouting hair. Persons other than myself took notice and inquired how this was. I feel so much more confident and youthful looking than I had prior to having gone to Bosley.. I have found the fountain of youth, so to speak. I'd recommend this procedure to anyone who wants a fuller, thicker head of their own real naturally growing hair!"

B. K. - Philadelphia, PA 9.0
"Everyone was great! Very helpful. Kind and courteous."

E. C. 9.5
"Everybody at Bosley was very professional and compassionate. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them."

R. O. 7.5
"Overall the staff was professional. Everyone did a good job."

O. W. 7.5
"They were very helpful and attentive. I was very pleased with how I was treated. "

I. C. 9.8
"All the staff was nice."

W. W. - Smyrna, DE 10.0
"My results are better than I expected. My friends are amazed and now are happy to actually say the commercials are not lying. They watch it come in over the months and they are in awe when I show the before pictures."

W. W. - Smyrna, DE 10.0
"I was really not expecting to see results before 6 months. Within 3 months I was able to see growth. The staff at the Philadelphia location was excellent. They made me feel safe and had great customer service skills throughout my appointments and procedure."

F. K. 8.0
"No complaints about the staff"

M. W. - Wayland, NY 10.0
"The gal that gave me the anesthetic was very competent. She knew what she was doing. Dr. Cornwall was my physician and he was great. I never felt rushed. I looked at the things I would want. I am in health care."

A. S. 7.0
"Office staff and office were great. Very responsive."

A. K. 7.5
"staff was extremely caring and compassionate. I had a fainting spell in the middle of the procedure and they attended to me with care and compassion. as i said earlier, i feel that from the sales perspective, i was not able to go back to work as i was told."

R. K. 9.5
"I am very satisfied w my results, it feels nice to style your hair and actually see hair and totally amazing when people that you no come up to you and say you look great ! The procedure was quick and comfortable The staff understand your situation and make you feel at ease! I would recommend it to anyone who has thinning hair! It's worth it!!!"

R. K. 9.5
"The girls that were placing the grafts were very nice they made me feel very calm and Dr Cornwell was awesome!"

W. W. - Enola, PA 10.0
"The whole process was a lot easier than I expected. The staff and physician were super, they made me feel very relaxed through the whole procedure. Thanks again to the whole entire staff!! Looking forward to seeing you in May. Thanks again. "

H. K. 9.8
"On its entirety it has been a great experience and in specific my special thanks goes to my physician. It is time for me to look forward for the results in next few months. I wish Bosley the very best and I totally agree they are best in class. "

K. S. 9.5
"From the sales person, Zack Pruitt, to the Dr, the nurses, and the staff... VERY professional, nice, and accommodating! I am very pleased with the procedure and I'm looking forward to the end results. I would HIGHLY recommend Bosley to anyone, especially, the Philadelphia team. Thank you."

"they were all great and very friendly"

T. M. 10.0
"The results from my first procedure were amazing so I had this second procedure to thicken the hair density. I admit to being skeptical at first but the results made a believer out of me. The staff is so incredibly professional and polite. I have nothing but good things to say of the entire process and would highly recommend Bosley and its Philadelphia office to anyone considering hair transplantation. It truly works!"

V. B. - Philadelphia, PA 9.0
"Zack Pruitt did an excellent job as the senior counselor at the office on Market Street, Philadelphia. Dr. M. Cornwell completed the surgery with a very little scar showing. "

C. F. - Swedesboro, NJ 10.0
"Staff was very professional and helpful when came to the care needed after the procedure. I would definitely recommend Bosley to others. The location was perfect for me."

M. W. - Wayland, NY 10.0
"very competent"

J. D. 6.0
"Great staff but disappointed in the results. The hair is thinner than expected and I was told that it would come in nice and thick."

R. H. 10.0
"Very professional, It was a great experience. I've had three other procedures in the past, but I must say that the Bosley Institute was for the best experience ever."

W. W. 10.0
"I highly recommend a Bosley procedure to anyone interested and more specifically, I recommend the Philadelphia office/location. The Doctor and staff was very understanding, friendly, and thorough. Everything from pre-procedure to post-procedure was explained clearly and easily. I've felt comfortable during the whole process. More importantly, I am highly satisfied with the results. I have nothing but praise for that office and I had a wonderful experience. "

L. V. 9.0
"The office staff and doctor were very professional and straightforward. They did not try to hide anything at all, they told me exactly what to expect"

F. P. 10.0
"Everyone was professional, efficient, knowledgeable and very kind. I was made to feel very comfortable with my during my stay and have absolutely no regrets for choosing Bosley. Thank you!"

D. C. 9.9
"I was very pleasantly surprised by the hairline restoration at this second procedure. I wasn't expecting anything more than improving the hair density in the hairline restoration from the first procedure, but Dr. Cornwell advanced the hairline by 2 cm and created a very pleasing contour. He did this while also addressing my concerns about filling in the vertex and the areas leading posteriorly from the temples. One constructive criticism: when advocating for products such as the laser comb, if the physician (rather than the lay counselor) is recommending the device, I would have appreciated receiving copies of the scientific studies that Dr. Cornwell mentioned anecdotally. A physician should not advocate for any device or treatment for which there is not evidence of efficacy. And if there is such evidence, the physician should offer it readily. (In this case, Dr. Cornwell told me that I can do my own research.) But overall I was very pleased with Dr. Cornwell, who listened to my concerns about the restoration and accommodated them very nicely. "

K. B. 9.5
"Met my expectations, which were high. Dr. Cornwell and his team were excellent."

E. C. 10.0
"The team at the Philadelphia office were top flight. They were attentive to all of my needs, they were understanding of my apprehensions, they did all they could to make my procedure as comfortable as possible. It was as pleasant an experience one could hope for considering the intensity of the procedure and the complexity of the process. Dr. Cornwall was cordial and explained all aspects of the process in detail, he was vigilant as the procedure took place and was reassuring and supportive, as was the complete team, when we had a slight deviation in the original plan. I would highly recommend the Philadelphia team for anyone who is considering the process. "

E. P. 10.0
"Dr. Cornwell is a true professional who has the customer's best interest in mind. If an additional procedure is needed in the future, Bosley and Dr. Cornwell will be my first call."

H. K. 9.2
"Dr. Cornwell and the staff were very professional and made me very comfortable and at ease during the procedure. "

R. S. 9.2
"physician was very nice, thorough, very professional and easy to understand. The procedure went very well, as i didn't know what to expect. I was disappointed with just a sandwich for lunch, but it was satisfactory."

T. H. 9.5
"The physician was professionally candid in regards to my understanding the upcoming grafting procedure and the importance of a healthy donor area! I actually had reservations prior to having a second procedure. These reservations were quickly dismissed. I praise the talents of the entire Bosley team, including the technicians and financial executives! I was in good hands. I am highly satisfied! "

B. K. - Philadelphia, PA 10.0
"I was a bit nervous in the beginning as I would believe anyone would be before they undergo the surgery. But during the procedure they calmed me and reminded me that I was doing something that was bettering myself. The aftermath was a bit shocking, but overall wasn't that bad. Just have to get through the first few days. Overall, it was great!"

C. M. - Belvedere Tiburon, CA 10.0
"There is not much to say. Everyone was very pleasant and professional. I left there very excited with the near future. If in 8 months I would want additional hair transplants, I would do it again in a minute. However, I don't think that will be necessary because of the great job that was done. You should be very proud of your doctor and his entire staff, I know I am."

W. W. - Smyrna, DE 9.5
"Although I did not receive a call from Dr. Cromwell the night of my procedure, he did call me the next day. He was superb. The staff was fun and kept me entertained. Love them all. They were very patient with me when I had to get the needles to numb me on my hairline in front. I can't wait to see the results."

R. F. 10.0
"Physician made you feel relax and comfortable. Explained in detail what he was going to do. Excellent work on my head."

K. L. 9.2
"I visited the Philadelphia office, there was a minor wait 15 minutes to actually meet with the doctor. However he was very thorough and professional. I had the implants the next day and the nursing staff made me very comfortable. Great overall service."

T. K. 9.7
"Zack Pruitt did an excellent job explaining about the Bosley hair replacement procedure"

L. H. 10.0
"extremely professional and friendly."

T. D. 9.5
"Everybody there was extremely nice!!! I did end up with an infection which is all cleared up now. Just want to say, the medication that they gave me for the infection really didn't help at all. I had to keep putting hot compresses on my head, but it was all worth it! VERY nice staff!!!"

J. D. 10.0
"Staff were very friendly I was very comfortable and trusted their expertise."

"Dr. Michael Cornwell and his staff were extremely professional and made me feel warm and at ease."

"Excellent, professional care with a personal touch..."

N. L. 9.7
"All good"

M. M. 9.3
"very friendly staff"

L. G. 8.2
"The people were very nice and they explained what I needed to know. The office space was very comfortable and the products that are supposed to be used for the hair are very interesting."

L. H. 7.9
"The team was great, the made me feel at ease and really knew what they were doing and cared about their performance."

B. C. 10.0
"I did not have any complaints about the staff or the doctor at all. Everything went really well"

R. K. 9.2
"On the day of my procedure I was very nervous; but when I was called in for the paper work, the staff were very friendly and when I finally entered the procedure room and met the staff that were going to work on me I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were as warm as my physician :) everything that was going to be done was explained to me, they showed that they cared and that meant a lot to me. Thank you bosley staff for making my experience there, an educational, pleasant and carefree one. Thanks again!!"

A. C. 9.3
"Zack from the Philadelphia was professional and knowledgeable. He answered my all of questions. Thanks."

G. P. 7.0
"The staff were helpful and answered all my questions. They knew what they what they were talking about. The doctor was helpful and answered all my questions he gave me his email."

A. K. 9.5
"Dr. Cornwell and the staff were wonderful. so considerate and kind and paid complete attention to me. I became faint during the procedure and the staff took complete care of me and after about 30 minutes, the procedure continued. I loved the staff - everyone was so professional and kind to me. all procedures were explained completely and thoroughly and to my complete understanding."

T. N. 9.4
"Long day made easy to deal with very professional and friendly staff"

A. C. 9.5
"I had a very good experience with the staff, they are very helpful. I had no complaints with them at all or the doctor"

J. S. 9.8
"I found the Bosley team to be very friendly and professional. John was able to work with my budget and schedule which helped me make the decision to go forward with the procedure. As of now, I am very pleased with the procedure and look forward to successful results from the surgery and laser comb."

J. K. 10.0
"All on staff, especially Doctor Cornwell, were most friendly, solicitous, and thoroughly professional. "

C. F. - Swedesboro, NJ 10.0
"The Bosley office was very neat and clean. The staff were very helpful and friendly. I also found the physicians to be extremely knowledgeable and put me in a very confident mood as to the procedure. "

"Dr. Cornwell was very nice and professional. All the staff were nice and did an excellent job. I hope the results will be good to complete the experience."

A. S. 9.0
"The staff was great. I was happy with the service I received."

M. L. - Downingtown, PA 3.0
"The office staff was very professional, but the consultant was pushy and very sales-y. I received a lot of calls prior to making my decision to have the procedure. They also didn't give me realistic goals to help me make my decision. They never told me about the number of people who do not see successful results. I think that is important when making a decision of this nature."

P. N. 10.0
"I have been having these procedures done since the 1980s, and I would say that Bosley has been my best experience so far. The results are great considering my hair is fairly thin and the staff went above and beyond to take care of my needs. The nurse who was assisting the doctor was especially friendly and helpful. I slept for part of the time I was there, which helped me relax."

M. H. - Camden Wyoming, DE 10.0
"Thank you Dr. Cornwall and all nurses/med techs."

H. K. 8.5
"Excellent. Made me feel very comfortable and prepared for a very difficult procedure. I'm very thankful to the physician and staff at the Philly office."

H. W. - East Syracuse, NY 10.0
"very good experience, i really enjoyed my procedure. thank you"

"Extremely knowledgeable, warm, and professional."

C. B. - Newark, DE 10.0
"Staff and doctors were very nice made me feel comfortable"

R. S. 9.5
"While the procedure is somewhat long, it went very smoothly, thanks to the professionalism and friendliness of the physician and staff. They let me know that the safety of the procedure, and my comfort were most important to them."

J. M. 9.1
"Helpful staff."

C. S. 10.0
"This is my second treatment with Bosley in Philadelphia...What an outstanding, experienced staff they have...They treated me so well I wouldn't even thing about dealing with anyone but Bosley..I'm so pleased with my outcomes a new person and look...They do excellent work extremely professional at Bosley....Thanks"

N. O. 9.9
"I was completely pleased with the process; was pleased with the time and energy the staff took to explain the process, what could be expected as far as results were concerned."

M. S. 10.0
"Made me feel very comfortable."

N. O. 9.5
"The staff and Doctors were excellent. I got the results I was looking for."

G. M. 10.0
"Dr. Michael Cornwell & staff were very good at putting me at ease. Admittedly this is a permanent surgery so I was very nervous as it cannot be reversed. They explained every step along the way and what to expect. Admittedly I am only 3 days past my surgery, and the grafts understandably show, so I am a bit anxious hoping in the next few weeks there is little obvious signs I had some thing done. But the entire staff is excellent!"

V. B. - Philadelphia, PA 10.0
"The Bosley physician was very informative and made the procedure easy and smooth. The staff was very professional and responded very quickly to any of my needs during the procedure. I am very pleased with the results and look forward to a new head of hair."

T. M. - Lancaster, PA 9.7
"I found them to be overall the best hair restoration group that I have visited so far. Very welcoming staff and the consultant was very friendly and down to earth, which I liked very much."

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