Bosley Hair Restoration - Portland


4800 SW Meadows Road Suite 300
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

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About Bosley Hair Restoration - Portland

Hair loss is a struggle for many people in Portland; Bosley hair restoration is here to help. If you’re interested in hair restoration in Portland, then trust the specialists who have been in the hair restoration industry for almost 40 years.

For anyone suffering from hair loss in Portland, Bosley is one of the elite options where people can get advanced hair restoration solutions, including FDA approved treatments and state-of-the-art hair transplant surgery. Hair loss sufferers in Portland no longer have to hide their balding heads in shame and embarrassment. There are plenty of other options available, and Bosley can help you decide what treatment suits you best, whether its at-home solutions like Propecia and Rogaine or more advanced treatments laser therapy or hair transplantation.

During your consultation in Portland, Bosley doctors will take the time to go over every detail of their procedures, even the hair restoration costs and how you can finance your surgery. Bosley professionals like to educate their prospective patients to make sure they make informed decisions about their hair loss needs.

With friendly service and experienced hair restoration professionals right at your fingertips, you have no reason not to get your hair loss treated. It doesn’t take much to get started, just a quick phone call to set up a free consultation at Bosley of Portland.

Bosley of Portland is a non-surgical clinic, but patients can arrange for their surgery in Seattle or another Bosley surgical facility.

Nearby Neighborhoods & Landmarks: Far Southwest, Maplewood/Ashcreek, Hayhurst, Washington Square Clackamas Town Center Pioneer Place

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Bosley Hair Restoration - Portland
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User Reviews for Bosley Hair Restoration - Portland


M. G. 10.0
"The Bosley counselor was very professional and informative."

M. J. 9.5
"Roger was very polite, professional and informed."

H. A. - Vancouver, WA 10.0
"Had a complete answer to all my questions."

J. R. 9.1
"Everything about the consultation was superb. I was offered a hot beverage and was left comfortably for a brief wait. The consultation in itself was extremely comfortable and very helpful. If I'm approved, I'll be scheduling my appointments ASAP."

J. M. - Salem, OR 8.1
"My consultant was very professional. All of my concerns were met with answers and multiple solutions. Then a plan of "attack" was laid out. It maid me feel very confident in this offices ability and care of their patients. Thank you. "

J. C. - Portland, OR 9.3
"I look forward to having the procedure!"

J. M. - Tigard, OR 9.7
"I think that it is very important to have a consultant who has had this procedure in order to give confidence to future patients. So, I was glad to see that your consultant had great results! This has motivated me to pursue this procedure."

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