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About Bosley Hair Restoration - Seattle

Bosley of Seattle is a reliable destination for those serious about today’s proven hair loss solutions. With a team of highly trained doctors, Bosley of Seattle offers some of the most popular hair restoration treatments in the world today, ranging from home re-growth options like Rogaine and Propecia to more advanced hair transplant techniques.

During your free consultation, Bosley specialists will go over every detail of the hair restoration process, including the amount of time the surgery takes, the simple process of transferring the hair, and how much it will all cost. Bosley of Seattle wants to make sure you are well informed before making a decision about hair restoration.

Bosley’s skilled doctors can perform fast hair transplants, leaving patients with a great, natural hairline and very little pain. And because Bosley physicians perform over 11,000 procedures each year, you’ll know you’re in good hands.

A few extra hairs on your comb are not an issue anymore with the help of Bosley. So if you’re considering hair restoration, why not head to the name that thousands have trusted in the past: Bosley of Seattle, Washington. Contact our offices to set up a free consultation.

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Ratings for Bosley Hair Restoration - Seattle

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Bosley Hair Restoration - Seattle
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User Reviews for Bosley Hair Restoration - Seattle


E. M. 8.4
"Got good information about hair transplantation."

H. R. - Baker City, OR 10.0
"The physician and all of the assistants were very professional and helpful. They all made me feel very comfortable and the procedure was well explained in advance as well as during the procedure itself. I am very pleased with the decision to go forward with my hair transplantation and I look forward to seeing the results as they progress over the next few months."

"Very pleased with the Counselor's knowledge-my husband and I learned a lot about hair we didn't know, very informative. Not pushy at all-left the decision of surgery and products up to me. The front office was very polite and welcoming."

M. M. 9.5
"This was my second procedure and the team was just as professional and pleasant as the first team I had."

L. Z. 10.0
"I am beyond happy I have nothing but good things to say about it. Its nice to have Bosley there because it does change your life. There are no negative impacts from it. "

A. A. 7.5
"I am very happy as was very light on hair on my head. If I can get time to come back I would be interested in some more transplants. "

J. N. - Oroville, WA 10.0
"I was pleased with the whole experience. The entire staff was friendly, polite and very professional. I would recommend the Seattle Bosley office to anyone."

J. T. - Seattle, WA 9.9
"Everyone made the operation experience so comfortable. I was nervous walking in, but the entire staff was very inviting and knowledgeable. Thanks!"

C. S. 10.0
"It was a very pleasant visit, he was really knowledgeable and made feel right at ease "

P. L. 9.7
"Everyone was extremely friendly and knowledgeable."

M. M. - Seattle, WA 10.0
"It was very pleasant. Very knowledgeable and professional staff."

"What a great consultation! Definitely a valuable use of my time since I learned a lot about my hair situation."

J. B. 10.0
"My consultant was very helpful and answered all of my questions. As a former patient, he was very knowledgeable about the procedure and all my options. I really appreciate all of the time that he dedicated to helping me out!"

D. H. 8.5
"Everyone was helpful and friendly. My counselor began with saying that a transplant wasn't the best option for me. I told him that I was interested in finding out all of my options. He then went into detail about the other options, which was good. I had several clarifying questions that were important to me in making a decision. He didn't ever ask me if I had questions, he laid out the info and I had to interject my questions. He answered them completely and provided the info I was looking to learn. He seemed to be distracted. I was making a decision, in a very short period of time, about whether to spend $1,500 or not. I did decide to buy the laser helmet and the Bosley hair strength treatment."

A. G. 8.5
"I enjoy having more hair. The procedure was my second one as I mentioned before. I was hoping for a more dramatic impact on the results of the second procedure. Top-notch physician."

A. G. 8.5
"The physician was top-notch!"

K. G. 10.0
"My consultation exceeded my expectations. The staff was very professional."

C. H. - Tacoma, WA 9.9
"The doctor and staff were all very professional and hard-working. Everyone was pleasant and well-versed in the procedure. I was very grateful to the doctor who had some extra grafts and placed them at no charge. I know this is a very time-consuming procedure, so this was very appreciated! The doctor did a great job randomly creating a pattern that looks supernatural! Great experience, I will refer many people!!!"

K. M. - Ridgefield, WA 10.0
"The entire team was very professional and they made the experience as comfortable as possible. They encouraged me to see the grafts under the microscope and explained the entire process. Great team!"

C. K. 9.9
"He was very informative, professional, and he answered all of my questions."

D. C. - Richland, WA 8.9
"The Seattle Bosley staff was excellent and kind."

J. W. - Dillingham, AK 7.5
"The consultation was professional and accommodating. I had to wait for a while to see the doctor, but I understand that's how things generally work in the medical world. "

J. T. 9.0
"I'm happy and I would recommend this procedure. I feel much more confident about the way I look now."

J. T. 9.0
"The doctor met me on the weekend because of how resistant I was to the pain medications. Great guy."

G. A. - La Grande, OR 9.7
"The Seattle office was pretty good."

S. L. 9.0
"I don't like having to use medication for life, but I'm happy with everything in regards to my results."

D. M. - Selah, WA 10.0
"Feels a lot better knowing my hair isn't as thin. Just being out and about and swimming. "

D. M. - Selah, WA 10.0
"The staff was really helpful and I felt relaxed."

J. S. 9.5
"Everything was great. I couldn't have asked for a better experience."

J. S. 9.5
"I know it's hard to explain how well it has changed my life. Thanks, Bosley."

- Spokane, WA 9.9
"Dr. James Aachen-Winans had great bedside manners. He made me feel at ease. Then he explained everything to me. He gave me hope about the procedure and explained the number of grafts we thought we could harvest to cover the full area. We were a little short of the amount, but got 90% from the best case scenario. When he left the room, he had made me feel that I did in fact make the correct decision in doing this procedure. Then when I was sitting in the office by myself, I was looking at the picture frame of others that had before and after photos. All of the people in it looked great and you could tell they had restored self-confidence. I was completely sold at this point, leaving no doubt that this decision was going to be a great decision and went into the operating room gung-ho! The team was great and the day was enjoyable, or should I say the best experience I could expect to have under the circumstances. I want to give thanks to the doctor and team for everything they did for me, making my experience the best that it could possibly be."

C. A. - Salem, OR 10.0
"I'm extremely satisfied. The procedure has changed my well-being and women are noticing my hair."

C. A. - Salem, OR 10.0
"The entire staff was awesome and very helpful. I'm planing my third procedure for more hair."

C. H. - Lewiston, ID 9.5
"I felt that the procedure went very smoothly and the staff made me feel just as important as any other patient. Everyone was very nice and helpful. And even though the time in the chair was lengthy, they made it go by as quickly and painlessly as possible, which I appreciate that very much. Thank you to the entire Bosley team!"

C. P. - Everett, WA 9.9
"Very friendly Bosley team in Seattle. Good experience undergoing a FUE hair transplant."

L. S. - Staten Island, NY 10.0
"The group at the Seattle office are terrific. This was my second session."

A. W. 9.5
"The doctor was really good, all the nurses were helpful and kind. They have been good with calling back about my questions."

O. B. 9.5
"They were nice and courteous, no problem."

R. J. - Meridian, ID 7.0
"They were really professional. They walked me through everything and made me feel comfortable "

T. F. 7.0
"They were super great! Really eased my nerves."

B. T. 9.9
"Brenda was great and the entire surgical team was very professional and organized."

L. C. 10.0
"They were great. They were very nice and friendly. Even the lunch was good. "

B. D. - Riggins, ID 9.6
"it was great everyone was professional"

I. D. 10.0
"Physician and staff make you feel very comfortable and take care of any issues and answer all questions."

A. R. 10.0
"Great experience. Wish I had done it sooner! Excellent staff - great treatment. I have no complaints whatsoever about the experience."

P. B. 9.0
"My experience with the staff was good. They were friendly and professional."

F. S. 9.7
"Great staff, very open for questions"

D. K. 9.8
"Seattle office staff were exceptional. Very helpful and professional. Greatly impressed by everyone."

J. R. 10.0
"The physician and surgical team were great, exceeded my expectations and am very pleased. I will highly recommend them all."

A. H. - Seattle, WA 9.5
"Very professional and courteous staff. Operating rooms were very tidy and clean. I was made at ease throughout whole procedure. Fantastic!"

C. K. 7.5
"The doctor was nice. "

V. B. 10.0
"Everyone was wonderful. Please thank the staff for their great service! A special thank you to Brenda at the front desk. She took great care of us, along with everyone else!"

L. H. 10.0
"The procedure was easily handled by me, in fact I found myself dozing for a time. The doctor was very professional, thorough, and friendly. I felt that he had best intentions for my procedure. In fact the whole team working on my procedure were professional, friendly and made me feel at ease. Thanks to all involved."

A. B. 10.0
"Great staff and very helpful team of folks!"

K. N. 9.9
"Physician was extremely helpful with planning the surgery ie what areas to fill in etc"

L. A. 10.0
"Everyone was top notch-physician to receptionist"

"Everyone was pleasant to talk to. It was like a well-oiled machine. I had a couple of questions afterwards, so I called up, and they were all very happy to fill me in and put me at ease."

D. S. 9.5
"Dr Winans was professional and personable throughout all phases of the hair restoration procedure. I was particularly impressed with the time and concentrated effort he made to design the procedure to meet my requirements. Compared to a previous restoration experience many years ago, I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of nearly any discomfort during the procedure itself. The kindness and attentiveness of Dr. Winans' staff was also impressive. They were constantly attentive and were instrumental in making the procedure comfortable and almost enjoyable."

E. A. 9.5
"AMAZING and highly qualified staff! All were incredible and professional and knew what they were doing. Staff stayed into the evening to finish the procedure in full. Had a followup visit the next morning and a hair washing to cover post-steps to follow. Amazing experience, and can't wait until my hair is all grown out to see how improved I am. I ended up getting 2570 grafts, and just the feel of the new hair stubs tells me that I will be happy with this when it all grows out. The ONLY suggestion I have would be to invest in BETTER chairs. The chair I was in all day/evening was rather uncomfortable. It was leather and all, but very uncomfortable in the butt/lumbar area. So after sitting all day it was uncomfortable, but the top customer service far outweighed any chair discomfort! lol"

D. O. 9.7
"being very nervous about the procedure and cost they were very attentive and worked all the financial details out for me and assured me of there expertise in the area of hair restoration."

R. L. - Corvallis, OR 10.0
"I was kind of overwhelmed by how everything was so smooth, so planned-out. Everyone was really nice and forthcoming with answering my questions, even after the treatment."

D. M. 10.0
"The Bosley team were friendly and professional. They explained every step and made me feel at ease. I felt welcomed and confident in their competence. I would definitely return for any further procedures and recommend them to anyone interested in hair restoration."

C. D. 10.0
"Great friendly staff from the front office to the surgical team. They really made me feel at ease and explained everything clearly. They kept me updated throughout the day on progress and the next steps. Did everything they could be make me feel comfortable and relaxed. I would highly recommend this office/team and would like to sincerely thank them for making a day I was pretty nervous about go by really easily and comfortably, great job Folks!!!"

A. A. 9.9
"My main concern was to see if I was a candidate. I felt very good after consultation."

"Everyone is professional and friendly"

H. W. 8.5
"Everyone was helpful and the doctor was very nice."

K. K. - Portland, OR 10.0
"knowledgeable and helpful assistance before, during and after the procedure."

I. H. - Terrace, BC 10.0
"I read the Bosley patient mandate hanging on the wall at the Seattle office and I felt that the Bosley office fulfilled this patient mandate extremely well. I have nothing but praise for the Seattle office physician and assisting staff! No matter what I am happy with my transplant procedure that I had done but I wish that I was told before my first session that there would be scars left after the procedure. I was not told that I would not be able to have short hair if I wanted to conceal the significant scars left. This was a bit of a shock/surprise to me after my procedure and something that I had not planned for or mentally prepared myself for. Like I said above, I would still do the procedure I just wish that I had been more prepared for the scarring aspect of the procedure."

E. S. 10.0
"They were all wonderful. Very helpful and very concerned."

K. K. 7.5
"the Staff was great. the doctor was a bit plastic in his interactions. I am happy with the work but not convinced the doctor has an artistic attention to the individual. the hair line seems not to be that thought out and the request that I had to change the hair line was not enough of a discussion. I do know now that a picture from my youth or other may have been of some help in this decision making."

B. Z. 10.0

S. C. 10.0
"I was pretty much sleeping most of the times and I am very thankful for all the staff for being professional. The procedure went smooth and I myself didn't feel any pain even though I had a medicine to take home. Thank you all so much :)"

I. F. 10.0
"Very happy with everyone I interacted with."

J. A. - Regina, SK 8.0
"The staff was great, they all took care of me. During the procedure, they kept me all drugged up so I would not feel a thing. "

D. W. 9.5
"Very friendly, professional staff that made me feel at ease. So far I am very satisfied with the procedure although once the hair starts showing, I will be able to say if satisfied."

L. S. 7.5
"Staff were very professional and helpful. And the physician was fine. "

S. B. 10.0
"The team that did my procedure went above and beyond my expectations for care and comfort. Every one was very professional and made me feel as comfortable as possible. While I was concerned that the price tag of the operation was a bit steep, I can tell that the major of that price was for the wonderful service through and care that was provided by your team. Thank you for that."

M. B. 8.5
"Staff were friendly and helpful."

A. R. 10.0
"Dr. Winans is about as nice as they get. His professional, easy going demeanor totally put me at ease and the day was over before it hardly got started. His entire staff was a compliment to his way of doing business. It is now day three and I feel minimal discomfort. In the three days, I have just needed to take two (400mg) of ibf and not needed to even touch the strong stuff. A sleeping pill each night helped to get some good rest. I'm looking forward to watch my new hair grow!"

H. K. 8.0
"Friendly, well-trained staff."

L. M. - Seattle, WA 8.0
"Everyone was super nice and informative. My doctor was very clear about what I could expect from the procedure, and didn't promise anything that couldn't be delivered. I really appreciate candor, so this was extremely satisfying."

A. G. 9.0
"Loved the staff, very pleasant and the Doctor results were excellent"

F. K. 7.5
"They were all good. THey did great. "

H. K. 8.5
"I would hate to leave any one out and I am not great at remembering names. Everyone I dealt with was awesome. I do remember Brenda's name. She works in the office area and I called her so many times with questions. "

D. O. 9.5
"I had a total of two procedures done here at the clinic. I am very happy with the services provided. I would recommend anyone to come here."

F. S. 9.5
"Everybody there was more than helpful. "

K. P. 9.9
"At the Seattle office, Papillon, the consultant, and Brenda, the office manager, were very helpful to me in setting up an appointment for the consultation and procedure. Everyone was very friendly, warm and helpful during my day long procedure at the office. Dr. Wynan was very nice and thorough. Melonie, one of the assistants, was very patient and thorough going over the post instructions with me. My only suggestion is that they recommend that you take one of the pain pills an hour after you leave the office. Because when the anesthesia wears off, the sudden pain you feel in the back of your head is excruciating and the pain pill takes a while (an hour or so) to take affect. I realize everybody is different but I would strongly recommend taking the pain pill before the excruciating pain hits you."

R. S. 10.0
"I can honestly say this was the best experience. Myself and my wife were treated so good that I felt like the Bosley team really cared about me as a person and wanting to take care of my needs. I fully plan on a second procedure and will not hesitate to make the appointment knowing that I will be happy with the experience as well as the results. Thank you for everything your staff did for me."

E. F. 6.0
"I am very happy with the results and the hair growth. I just was not with the after care. I was frustrated because they set high expectations. They should have been more realistic with how long it takes to get back on your feet after the procedure. This information I did not find out until I the called Dr. Also I was contacted for 6 month review in October or November. I had to drive to Seattle and I live in Spokane. They really just wanted to see me to book for next procedure. I asked about patches I was not comfortable with and they told me they cant say anything until my year is up. It was a sales call honestly. I don't like being a bitchy customer but I wasted my time and money for a sales call. I would have waited to go all the way over there at my year point if I had known that. I also didn't know I needed another week off work because of the unrealistic expectations they set."

P. K. 10.0
"This was my second procedure with Bosley. Dr. Winans and his staff are so professional and the process is so seamless I find the procedure much like an unusual day where I just sit and relax. I recommend Bosley to others without the least hesitation, because I know how satisfying the results are."

O. Z. 9.3
"I like Doctor James he put me at ease about the procedure and gave me hope."

I. F. 10.0
"My answers gave high ratings to the medical team and the staff at Bosley and I just want to re-emphasize that it was a very good experience at every moment. I felt welcomed and was treated very well. Would definitely recommend this office to other people!"

J. P. 10.0
"Every aspect of my of procedure exceeded a lot better than my previous sessions I've had in years before. I can't wait to see my results."

L. A. 9.0
"All staff were very pleasant."

S. B. 10.0
"I am actually doing both treatments, the laser comb and products (Rogaine, etc.), followed by the surgery"

E. H. 9.0
"Everyone was very nice and wonderful. I have only good things to say about the staff and my experience here."

M. G. 10.0
"Everyone was extremely professional and helpful from the person who I would talk to on the phone to the doctor. You have a great system and stick to it and I know what was going to happen and when at all times. Every effort was made to make me comfortable on the surgery day. Only thing I would have liked to know was that I should have let my hair grow out a little bit so the scar would have been less visible during the first week and a half. Either way I took an appointment at the last minute because the rep gave me such a sweet deal I couldn't refuse."

D. M. 10.0
"At first, I was a little apprehensive. However, After my meeting with the site counselor, he was able to explain the entire process and ease my mind. I appreciate the professionalism, patience, time and effort the staff took in creating a comfortable environment. I would definitely recommend Bosley to anyone interested in improving their appearance. Also, I would have no hesitation returning to Bosley in the future."

L. S. - Staten Island, NY 10.0
"Dr Winans was very clear and professional. The staff were great."

B. L. 9.0
"All was good."

T. L. 10.0
"The staff was very understanding, friendly and nice. It seemed like they were concerned about me and the procedure. They answered all the questions with understanding."

R. S. 9.0
"I especially appreciated the consultant attitude and very personal touch of the meeting, his honest and straightforward opinions and recommendations. "

P. O. 10.0
"Everyone at the clinic was very friendly and helpful. I wasn't very talkative and didn't ask many questions, but I felt they addressed my needs very well. I felt they let me be in control of the type of experience I had there. I wanted to be discreet about having this done, and I felt they were respectful of that. It was nice being able to use the back door and tunnel entrance so that people did not see me directly entering or leaving the facility."

K. S. 9.5
"The doctor was extremely skilled and the whole team was very professional and worked together well. I was so impressed with their expertise that I decided to move forward with the procedure. The consultation experience is what really helped me make my decision."

"The doctor was so sweet and really nice to me during the whole process. I have already seen some results and I am happy with it so far."

H. K. 9.8
"I am very pleased with my decision to have surgery with Bosley. My decision to go with Bosley stems from their consultation. The doctor met with me and he was very thorough in his explanation of what I should expect from surgery. For comparison, I went to another company for a consultation and the doctor just came in the room to say "hi" and left. Also, Bosley provided me with a lot of information to read through after the consultation which I found beneficial."

S. W. 9.4
"I don't have much to add, everything went well."

H. L. 10.0
"Consultant in Portland very professional and experienced, knew surgeon personally. Seattle office very professional, friendly, personable, answered my phone calls promptly and courteously."

P. T. 9.0
"Roger in Lake Oswego consult office was good. "

B. H. 10.0
"Everything went really well. My only suggestion is that the chair is very uncomfortable!"

M. S. 10.0
"I was nervous as I had never had surgery of any sorts before. The staff was welcoming and extremely helpful preparing me for my experience. They took time and made the experience enjoyable and comforting."

C. M. 8.9
"Although I was disappointed that a few less grafts than were estimated were obtained, I was grateful for the explanation and adjustment in charges for the session. The office has the most beautiful view of the harbor!"

M. P. - North Vancouver, ON 10.0
"I appreciated the doctor's explanation as he proceeded through the steps - this did a lot to put me at ease. So far my recovery has been smooth and I hardly even had to take any of the pain medication. The pattern of hair "reforestation" looks good so far. Of course, it is much too early to comment on whether the whole process is worthwhile as that determination can only be made in a few months once hair has grown in. But as to the entire process to this point, I am pleased with the experience as my survey comments reflect."

A. S. 9.0
"The front office reception was excellent, friendly, prompt and professional. Meeting with Papillion Anselmo was also very professional and provided detailed answers to my questions. The only minor item was that I waited 15-20 min. before being seen for a 9:30 scheduled appt but I had been given a cup of coffee and had a book to read so not a problem really...and it was a nice place to wait with a great view of Elliot Bay!"

P. T. - Everett, WA 9.5
"The Staff was very friendly and helpful. All questions that I asked were answered to my complete satisfaction. "

A. M. - Tacoma, WA 9.9
"I was a little intimidated, but the specialist and the doctors were very nice and supportive. However, what I liked and admired most, is that it was all about me. There was not any pressure sales approach or the atmosphere like you would find at a car dealership."

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