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3030 N. Rocky Point Drive W Suite 150
Tampa, FL 33607

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About Bosley Hair Restoration - Tampa

When it comes to the subject of hair loss, Bosley professionals can provide extensive knowledge and experience. As one of the leaders in cosmetic hair transplantation and non-surgical hair loss solutions, Bosley hair restoration offers innovative techniques and almost 40 years of experience. Now that Bosley has teamed up with Medical Hair Restoration, Tampa hair loss sufferers have greater access to high quality restoration services.

Hair loss can be a shot to male and female egos alike, but Tampa residents now have somewhere to turn. Bosley can help you regain your pre-hair loss confidence, improving your image and quality of life.

Whether you’re interested in home regrowth options such as Rogaine and Propecia or more advanced techniques like laser hair therapy or hair transplant surgery, Bosley of Tampa will gladly provide you with all the information and financial details you need. While Bosley’s Tampa location is a consult-only facility, you can schedule a procedure at any of the Bosley surgical centers, like the one in Orlando or Boca Raton.

So if you’re ready to boost your confidence through hair restoration, consult the experts at Bosley. Call our offices today to set up a free consultation at Bosley of Tampa, FL.

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Ratings for Bosley Hair Restoration - Tampa

Overall Rating................................................................................................................... 9.2


Overall Ratings for Bosley Hair Restoration - Tampa for the past 4 quarters

Bosley Hair Restoration - Tampa
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User Reviews for Bosley Hair Restoration - Tampa


H. K. - Plant City, FL 10.0
"Everything went great. I bought the laser helmet."

A. B. 10.0
"I feel like all of my questions were answered. I just have to think about spending that kind of money."

E. R. 9.8
"The counselor was good. The differing hair counts were confusing, but other than that, he was very nice."

E. D. - Bradenton, FL 9.9
"The consultant we met with was fantastic. Neither of us could believe he was a patient until he showed us his "before" photos. Great salesman - made me feel comfortable and confident about my decision to get surgery."

H. K. - Plant City, FL 9.7
"The consultant was very informative and professional. It was very helpful and educational that he has had the surgery himself."

K. D. 10.0
"The consultation was smooth and easy. I learned quite a bit. I would recommend someone else to Bosley."

R. C. - Beaufort, NC 9.9
"The gentleman was very professional and knowledgeable. I was not pressured into anything and I am considering my options currently."

R. C. 10.0
"He was very informative. He went through each step. He couldn't give us specific prices, but he was very thorough."

N. W. - Tampa, FL 9.9
"My Bosley consultant was great. He previously has a Bosley transplant and now works for the organization. To me, that shows how good the treatment must be."

K. W. 10.0
"Everything was fine, but the price is double of what I expected. It's too expensive and I don't want to make payments over the course of a few years."

R. A. 10.0
"The Tampa Bosley location did a great job with the consultation!!!"

C. C. - Sun City Center, FL 10.0
"I really liked everyone. I would have liked it to be a little helpful, though."

L. L. 10.0
"The counselor was very helpful and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable with him."

E. L. - Brandon, FL 10.0
"I had a great visit at Bosley's Tampa clinic. Not much else to add."

E. B. 10.0
"My visit to Bosley Hair Restoration in Tampa was a very comfortable one."

N. S. - Port Richey, FL 10.0
"The counselor was easy to talk to and did an outstanding job at making me good about what I was doing."

"After my consultation, I was pleasantly surprised that the gentleman I was speaking to gently offered some things for me to buy at the time of my visit. He wasn't a vulture and didn't make me feel obligated to buy anything. The whole consultation was very informative and not pushy and that really meant a lot to me. Thanks for my consultation!!"

C. S. 10.0
"The gentleman that helped me was exceptionally professional. He was courteous, patient, and professional. He was the reason that I bought the treatment with the laser hat and the package. I could tell he was looking out for my best interest and he wasn't just there to sell without care. I'm a wounded warrior and a retired marine and I'm going to recommend this location and Bosley to all of my wounded warrior buddies all thanks to the gentleman that helped us. Thank you so much "

I. W. 10.0
"Rick was very courteous and shared his experience about his hair transplant."

S. B. 10.0
"I think it is very important that the consultant has been a patient. I makes a huge difference knowing that they are talking from experience."

M. G. 10.0
"Great customer service. My consultant gave me great advice!"

A. G. 10.0
"Great visit, learned a lot that I did not know, my consultant, he was more than I could expect. I took my wife with me and she feels the sames as I do."

K. B. 10.0
"Great visit. The staff was very professional. I was impressed."

P. S. - Greenville, MS 9.2
"The staff was exceptional in their attentiveness and professionalism. Though there has not been enough time to judge the outcome of my procedure, I am reasonably sure that I will be totally satisfied with the results. If not, they have guaranteed their work 100%. Who could ask for more?"

D. G. - Lakeland, FL 9.5
" Kelli is outstanding! she is very knowledgeable, and confident with her presentation. I cannot wait to have hair again!"

C. H. - Valrico, FL 9.7
"Over all I was very pleased with the doc and tech, they were very helpful, not pushy, and made me feel comfortable in using them."

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