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About Bosley Hair Restoration - Atlanta

As a chief hair restoration provider, the Bosley Medical office of Atlanta, GA has helped countless patients suffering from hair loss. For over 30 years, Bosley’s skilled practitioners have restored hair among balding patients, producing results indistinguishable from that of naturally growing hair.

Bosley Medical has recently merged with another leading hair restoration provider – Medical Hair Restoration. This merger will offer patients in Atlanta and across the country easier access to hair loss solutions and licensed, experienced hair loss specialists. With Bosely of Atlanta, hair transplant surgery entails removing healthy hair follicles from the side and back of the scalp and replacing them onto areas affected by hair loss. A Bosley hair transplant surgeon can produce results that are absolutely indistinguishable from that of naturally growing hair. For patients more interested in a non-surgical option, Bosley offers laser hair therapy, as well as Rogaine and Propecia, which have been clinically proven to stop hair loss and in some cases, stimulate the re-growth of lost hair.

Bosley’s office in Atlanta is a surgical office that also offers complimentary consultations. Here, guests can learn about the potential risks and benefits of each procedure. Bosley of Atlanta welcomes patients from Clarkston, Decatur, Home Park, Marietta, Midtown, Lenox Park, Oakdale, Smyrna, and Tucker. Balding is preventable and reversible. To schedule your free consultation in Bosley of Atlanta, call today!

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L. R. 10.0
"I think he did a great job. It was just more expensive than I had hoped it would be. I only had a receding hairline."

C. D. 8.4
"Everyone that I encountered at the Atlanta office was so friendly and treated me great. I had a great experience with the team! "

A. H. - Flat Rock, AL 7.7
"No waiting. Friendly and attentive staff and doctor. Everyone was very positive and encouraging. I received a detailed explanation of pre, during, and post procedures. All my questions were answered."

J. O. 8.5
"I am happy with the results, I have an appointment already for my 1 year follow up. "

L. K. - Baxley, GA 9.5
"The procedure was not what I expected. I was dreading it, as I was afraid it would be painful during and after. However, It was not painful during, and I only had minor pain after. Staff was very helpful and friendly. Could not ask for a better experience. Very well pleased."

H. C. 8.0
"1. Physician was excellent. Skilled and caring. 2. Office staff made my wife and me feel comfortable and cared for."

T. S. 10.0
"I am undecided about the surgery because he told me I have to see my dermatologist first. "

D. S. 10.0
"They were all super friendly. The doctor even gave me his cell to use if I had any questions after the surgery. I am very, very glad I did it."

L. K. 10.0
"I think that my counselor was great. I am just a little concerned about the recovery process."

S. M. 10.0
"I had issues with a post-surgery scalp infection. Staff and Dr. Lorenz were always available to see me; even once when I arrived without an appointment. 1) Exceeded expectations. Girlfriend was not totally on board, stating that I already have a full head of hair. Post-surgery I now agree with her! 2) Fast recovery. After watching a ball game in the hotel room, I was able to drive 3 hours home later the same evening. 3) No embarrassing post-surgery head bandage back in the hotel lobby. Put on a hat, and no one even knew that I had the surgery earlier that day. 4) Love that I can cheat the graft genes."

G. W. - Clarkston, GA 10.0
"The counselor was nice and answered all my questions. "

N. D. - Newnan, GA 10.0
"I was very very impressed with the entire staff. I expected professionalism, but your staff is also comprised of a genuinely nice people. I was totally at ease during the procedure and they exceeded my expectations. Great job with recruiting your staff, Bosley. You have some winners. I would imagine that some of your patients keep their procedure a secret. But my friends and coworkers know about mine (including a few who might be good candidates for hair replacement). My head is your billboard! I have shared my great experience with everyone and we will see if word-of-mouth proves to be good advertising for you. I certainly hope so. My deepest thanks and I look forward to seeing hair in about three months!"

A. H. 9.9
"They shared some frequently asked questions with me."

L. D. - Atlanta, GA 9.7
"The scheduling was a little confusing and changed a few times. Also, would have liked to have seen the doctor earlier than a day before the procedure. The rest of the experience went well."

O. E. 9.9
"From start to finish, I was impressed with the professionalism of the staff. I was particularly pleased that the counselor had the treatment himself so he was credible. "

N. D. - Newnan, GA 9.9
"The counselor really worked hard so that I could get this financing. I needed to get the procedure. It's been five years that I filed bankruptcy."

C. M. 10.0
"I had a great experience at Bosley. I am highly considering transplant surgery with them. "

W. S. 10.0
"All of the grafts took except in one small spot. I have more confidence now and now I am letting my hair grow back out after years of trying to hide my hair. I plan on having one more procedure in the future to fix the one spot that I am not content with. am trying to talk myself into it due to the sheer pain that I had from the first procedure. The staff in Atlanta were awesome. They insured that I was comfortable thru out the procedure. The checked in on my aunt who was in waiting room and made her comfortable during my surgery."

D. M. - Locust Grove, GA 9.9
"Counselor did an excellent job explaining the options & procedure. I was also impressed with the physician's credentials."

F. E. 8.0
"I definitely love how I look now. I should have scheduled two sessions to have all of the transplanted grafts that I wanted, but I purchased what my money could afford me. The process was more painful than anticipated, but fortunately, the physician was good. I was disappointed that he left after punching the holes in my scalp, though."

T. R. 9.0
"I loved the consultation. My counselor was very nice and made me feel comfortable. I wish I could jump right on the procedure, but I need to save up some money first."

L. D. - Waleska, GA 9.5
"Procedure was non painful everyone made me feel Very comfortable before the procedure. The staff is very friendly n professional."

K. L. - Powder Springs, GA 8.5
"The salesperson was super nice and I understand sales, but sometimes more details need to be provided. The pain wasn't intense, so I didn't have to take anything."

H. E. 10.0
"I experienced great results with Dr. Lorenz. "

M. K. 10.0
"My hair looks amazing. The procedure was so easy."

M. K. 10.0
"The procedure was way better than I expected it would be. I'm happy with the results."

L. K. 0.5
"The location was far, but the staff was great."

L. M. - Germantown, TN 9.0
"The doctor and staff were very professional and helpful."

S. W. 10.0
"The physician and staff were incredible. They made me feel at ease and after talking to the physician for just a couple minutes, I knew I had made the right choice."

S. W. 10.0
"This has totally changed my life. My confidence is through the roof. There is no way to put how it in words how happy I am. Impossible."

F. B. - Fletcher, NC 10.0
"The men and women were awesome in the room. The nurse is a true professional. "

S. B. 10.0
"Great things to say. Doctors are amazing. Just perfect."

A. J. - Dayton, WA 10.0
"Even though I was poked and prodded, bloodied, sliced, and sutured, and made to look like something from the Hellraiser horror films, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. What a great crew you've assembled at the Atlanta office. They were all top-notch. "

- Winchester, TN 9.7
"This place was phenomenal. I normally stay clear of doctors but everyone here made my visit very relaxing and comfortable. All of the staff members, including Dr. Lorenz, of course, were awesome! I really enjoyed my visit. They were professional, but down to earth with a sense of humor. I have never been to a doctor's office where they actually treated me like a family member instead of just another patient. I am beyond satisfied with my entire procedure. Thanks for making me look my age again and not like a grandpa!!!!! GO VOLS!!!"

- Conyers, GA 9.5
"Very professional, everyone seemed to have been an expert in their field. It was a lot of fun, thanks for a great experience!"

- Jackson, TN 9.5
"The transplant process was easy and comfortable. The procedure was exactly what I expected based on the information kit I received."

H. K. - Roswell, GA 8.4
"The friendly staff contribute to the professional atmosphere. They even made follow up calls after the procedure to check in on my progress."

M. C. - Brandon, MS 9.5
"The staff was amazing they were very caring, professional and courteous. The doctor was very thorough. I couldn't have imagined a better atmosphere or team. Very impressed! Thank you."

L. G. - Tallahassee, FL 7.8
"I used the Atlanta office for my procedure. Although they could've done a better job of communicating expectations and following up, the staff and the physician are very nice and professional. I called three days after the procedure for instructions on my Theradome that I thought should have received while I was there. Also, I received instructions while under narcotics, so I had issues remembering how to use Versed and Valium. With that said, Dr. Lorenz is excellent and explained what I needed as far as grafts. His staff seemed very capable and attentive. Hopefully, all goes well for me in my healing process. "

B. W. - Chattanooga, TN 9.5
"Dr. Lorenz and the Atlanta staff are great! They answered every question I had and made my experience wonderful. I will recommend them to anyone. "

A. H. - Huntsville, AL 9.3
"I appreciate the honesty the most. They gave a very candid and realistic explanation as far as what to expect for each procedure. "

T. T. - Atlanta, GA 10.0
"It's been great and Dr. Lorenz is great!"

W. A. - Wilmer, AL 9.6
"The staff were very friendly and made me feel as comfortable as they could. I would've liked the option to have the deposit back or to dedicate it to the bill, but other than that, I feel I made a good decision and hopefully the results will confirm that! I'm thinking about buying one of their laser helmets and would definitely recommend this location to my friends."

A. R. 9.0
"Staff were great the day of the procedure"

M. L. - Harvest, AL 9.3
"Dr. Lorenz explained the procedure and the history of the procedure very well, in a scientific but yet easily understandable way which made me feel at ease. He was willing to answer my questions at all times e.g. details on the size of the donor area and how it would be enough to supply the recipient area. He used a bit a humor at the right time to make me feel at ease. I was apprehensive and a bit nervous going in but after talking to the doctor I felt fine. The procedure was "a breeze"; I was made very comfortable at the start and during the procedure. Excellent application of local anesthetic resulted in no pain whatsoever. I was able to count along with the nurse every one of my grafts as the doctor made the tiny incisions (which by the way it was something I wondered before the procedure i.e. how does one know that all the grafts paid for are actually implanted?)."

G. R. - Knoxville, TN 10.0
"They were all great!"

H. K. - Gatlinburg, TN 10.0
"I couldn't have been more pleased with the entire experience. Everybody there was so nice and they make me feel like I need to be a better person."

E. W. - Atlanta, GA 9.6
"Doctor was absolutely superb. I felt that our conversation was friendly and genuine. I really appreciated him."

M. S. - Thaxton, MS 10.0
"Everyone was so nice and helpful in Memphis, Tennessee. The consultant helped us to understand my hair loss, recommending the most fitting procedure with the best price possible. When I visited Bosley's Atlanta, Georgia office, everyone was was absolutely great at their respective jobs. Thank each of you so very much!!!"

L. S. 10.0
"My counselor was outstanding. Made me feel at ease, and answered all my questions."

B. S. 9.9
"It was very, very easy. Beside the swelling it was seamless. As long as it works out the way they said, then I'm pleased with the whole process."

W. S. 10.0
"Everyone has always been friendly. It was always in and out. I loved doctor Lorenz. IF I had more money I would do it again."

K. O. 9.5
"The staff was highly professional and made me feel at ease."

L. H. 9.0
"They were very helpful and did a great follow up. I was very satisfied with them "

T. G. 9.5
"All staff members encountered pre and post procedure were professional, friendly and courteous. They made the process as comfortable as they possibly could. Went a lot smoother than I expected. I look forward to my 8 month check up."

A. M. 7.5
"The doctor was great. Everyone down there was fantastic "

B. L. 8.4
"All staff were very nice and totally took care of me during the procedure."

L. W. 8.4
"Very friendly physician -- was thorough and experienced. He was available until the end of the procedure, which was late in the evening. That was very reassuring. My only suggestion is to use densitometer on everybody to reduces the need for 2nd hair strip removal. Overall I am very thankful to the physician for a very professional, compassionate and skilled service. I am also thankful to the very professional, hard working, patient and caring staff. I was very comfortable and felt at ease during the whole procedure mostly due to the very attentive and caring staff. If I need to do this procedure again in the future Bosley and Dr. Richard Lorenz will be the only choice for me."

A. K. 9.3
"The staff including physician was very friendly and open. The procedure makes for a long day but they made it as comfortable as possible."

T. S. 8.4
"So far I'm pleased with the hair transplant. All the physician where very helpful. I will recommend bosley to my friends and family. Thank you bosley."

R. D. - Sneedville, TN 8.0
"People were all top notch. Helpful, and friendly.Medical staff was special. They all make you feel comfortable and relaxed with the personal service they provide. Bosley has a very good choice of employees. That definitely is one of your strong points."

M. K. 10.0
"Dr Lorenz was really good."

J. U. 9.0
"I don't remember anyone's name but I do know that everyone was very friendly."

S. M. - Johnson City, TN 10.0
"Staff was helpful."

J. K. 9.5
"This is the second procedure that I have had at the Atlanta facility. I was very uneasy about returning for a second procedure as I was not comfortable with the doctor who did my first procedure. But, I am very pleased with the courtesy and professionalism of Doctor Lorenz and the staff that did my second procedure and I highly recommend them! "

C. G. 10.0
"I always enjoy my time at the Bosley office. They are always very friendly and professional. They take the time to explain everything you need to know. Thank you for all you do and I am very pleased with everything."

A. K. 9.5
"Dr. Lorenz was great and so was his staff"

J. M. 9.0
"I don't remember any names but they were all very helpful and easy to work with."

N. W. 9.0
"The prep team was great as were the people that did the followup calls."

M. B. 9.5
"They were all pleasant and I enjoyed meeting them. Everything went well."

W. S. 10.0
"Dr. Ballon and his staff were very professional and understanding. They went above and beyond to ensure that I was comfortable and my procedure was as stress free as possible. They gave me all the confidence that my procedure was going to be successful and my results were going to be phenomenal. And they were."

C. H. 8.5
"The staff were very comforting. They got in and made me comfortable. The staff was amazing and the physician was as well. He was very open to getting me back out there and schedule the next procedure. I was very satisfied."

V. T. 7.5
"They took really good care of me. Everybody was great. The staff was awesome. I had a good experience with them, I was very pleased."

O. C. 8.0
"The staff was great. Top of the line. I give them a ten."

B. G. 10.0
"Pretty much everyone was professional. It was good."

V. E. 9.0
"They were competent, friendly, and timely. The physician was friendly, and had a genuine interest in my hair procedure."

V. C. 10.0
"Everyone there was friendly, courteous and easily put me at ease. I was very nervous coming into the procedure & was made to feel calm. Everyone there was so calm and put me at ease. Very nice office."

M. K. 8.0
"the doctor was pretty cool"

L. B. 9.5
"Every person involved with the procedure or support were extremely professional, pleasant, and personal. The day went as described and I was always informed of what is happening and why. The facility was/is excellent. Lunch was a nice touch but I was a little anxious all day so I chose to eat very little. Parking was great and easily accessible and inexpensive. I was well informed of what to expect with regard to discomfort/pain but very little discomfort (no pain!!) occurred. I have followed all the instructions closely and look forward to returning to have my stitches removed on Friday, January 22 which I really look forward to. I thank everyone for their professional behavior and pleasant interactions. I trust everything will go well from this point forward."

T. R. 10.0
"Thanks initially to Matt for the first 2 consultations and Drake for the final one. MANY THANKS to: my nurse, Shawnta and to the entire team: Antonio, Marie, Kel, Tyaiasha, Salicia, Sherwanda and Sabine.... they were ALL wonderful to work with and very professional and personable. They all made me feel comfortable and totally at ease! Thank you, Sabine for my "next day" shampoo and for going over my post-op instructions, again in detail. And last, but not least: Dr. Lorenz.....Thank you so much for your incredible precision (talent) and kindness during the entire procedure. I felt as ease and even more excited that nervous after consulting with him the day before and the day of surgery. I have already recommended 3 people to Bosley and intend on continuing to do so (even though it only been 4 days since the surgery), because I know what the end result is going to be....HAIR! I will no longer be self conscious about my scar from a major head injury. I've waited for this for over 20 years! If you ever want me as a spokesperson for Bosley, just let me know! THANK YOU, BOSLEY!"

B. G. 9.5
"Initial consultation was very positive. Explanations of procedures, pricing, and expectations were informative enabling me to make proper decisions. Dr. Lorenz provided information I needed to make the best decision for me. His expertise and guidance has led to a very positive experience for me. This procedure corrected 40 years of very negative experience from a previous transplant performed elsewhere. The staff made sure we were comfortable and provided whatever assistance we needed."

W. D. - Orange Beach, AL 8.7
"Thank you for the great service by the best team and Doctor. I was very pleased."

H. K. 10.0
"Honestly everyone there was great"

R. F. - Columbus, GA 10.0
"Physician & team were very professional & responsive. I'd recommend them to anyone. The instructions on when to stop washing hair twice a day was a little vague, but that is the only negative. Highest marks all around."

A. H. 9.5
"The staff could not have been better. Great movie selection. "

A. H. 10.0
"The physician and staff were both professional and friendly. I never felt uncomfortable during the entire procedure. I had a sense that the physician and staff really had a personal concern for me."

M. W. 9.5
"Staff were perfect. I had a really good and comfortable experience."

"Doc and staff were great."

R. G. - Leesville, SC 8.4
"Easy to schedule. Staff was professional and answered all questions. Physician was quite thorough and helpful. Hope to return for additional procedure."

L. K. 10.0
"The doctor was very friendly and patient oriented. Felt at ease with him. The surgical team was superb. Went out of their way to make me comfortable and get anything I requested. The experience was favorable. I have not experienced any pain or discomfort during or after the procedure. I would make the same decision again."

T. S. 9.0
"They were very nice, cordial. They explained the procedure in depth and I was very pleased."

L. L. 9.5
"It was very positive. They were excellent. Very attentive and inviting."

C. L. 10.0
"The staff was very friendly and professional."

A. O. 9.8
"The whole experience was much better than I expected, everyone explained what was going on and answered any questions I had during the procedure. I would like to Thank each one of them for helping me feel at ease."

M. H. - Marietta, GA 9.9
"Doctor Ballon and the Staff of Shawnta, Jean,Ashley, Sherlena, Johanan were of the utmost, professional, dedicated, knowledgeable,and clearly attended to my procedure with compassion. Please recognize these outstanding people for a job well done."

D. S. 9.2
"This was my 3rd procedure. Each procedure was handled with the same professional care, courtesy and thoroughness. I appreciate the work of Drake Van, Dr. Richard Lorenz and his medical assistants, and the entire office staff for making each procedure such a comfortable experience. I'll never be mistaken for Larry from the "Three Stooges" ever again... Thank God!"

A. D. 10.0
"Everything went smooth and the people were great and professional, as they always are."

C. V. 10.0
"Doctor Ballans is great. I had a third procedure done on Friday. Becky was great she was so professional. "

M. W. 10.0
"Staff and physician were wonderful. Looking forward to seeing the results in the months to come!"

L. M. - Germantown, TN 7.5
"The staff and doctor (Ballon) were great. I really appreciated the staffs care with my procedure."

S. R. 10.0
"Dr. Ballon an his staff were Awesome .. I have no regrets, I'm very pleased to know in four months I can have new growth in my transplanted area..."

M. M. 7.0
"The Atlanta Bosley staff were the most professional and courteous staff a patient could ask for. Outstanding atmosphere."

C. H. 8.9
"I had a wonderful experience. Dr. Lorenz was patient and professional. He explained everything to me and answered my questions taking time with me to give me confidence in the procedure. The ladies who worked on me were professional and kind being so interested in my well being and comfort. I was very impressed with everyone. Now time to heal."

D. M. 10.0
"Great atmosphere! Felt at ease and confident in the team's and physician's abilities to perform excellent!"

B. S. 9.5
"I am so thoroughly impressed with how the entire day went and how warm and professional everyone I encountered during my visit was! I will recommend Bosley to anyone I ever know in need of this procedure. Obviously I have to wait to see how my hair grows in to know how satisfied I will be with the end result but so far so good! Minimal to no discomfort and I am so confident that I am going to be happy with this! Thank you!"

F. R. 10.0
"The procedure was great."

H. B. 9.5
"I am very pleased with the entire process. The physician had a great bedside manner and sense of humor. The nurses were especially comforting. Matt Longshore, the Southeastern Regional Manager, traveled from Birmingham, Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia to greet me the day of the procedure. It was nice seeing a familiar face."

L. S. 9.5
"The doctor was great, he was thoughtful, professional and made me feel at ease. He answered all questions and was willing to take the time to address my concerns. I felt very comfortable with him and he seemed like he cared. I would highly recommend him to others."

S. O. 9.5
"The procedure went much better than I anticipated. I felt very comfortable during the entire time."

V. B. 9.0
"Jennifer in Mobile at my initial consultation were very nice and helpful. Dr. Ballon was exceptional."

L. R. 8.0
"I couldn't have been more impressed with Dr. Lorenz. I had plug transplants in 1978, and the difference in procedure was impressive. They now have it down to a science. The one day visit was great. What the results adds to a persons confidence is worth the inconvenience of the procedure. The results that i received were good, but for reasons discussed;were not as effective as i expected. I don't feel this was a result of anything at the clinic. I discovered that i was not as good a candidate as i had of course hoped to be. And now, what i received in the second procedure in July 2013 is thinning. Really, really frustrating. I actually feel that if the total grafts had produced better results, then i would have been happy and, of course pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend the procedure for anyone not pleased with their chrome-dome look. The staff couldn't have been more informed and helpful. Dr. Lorenz maintained a pleasant and professional manner the entire time he worked on me. Thank-you for allowing me to vent."

M. B. 10.0
"Dr Ballon was very genuine and down to earth and made me feel very comfortable. The Experience was positive and better than I thought it would be I was a little nervous going into it. Dr Ballon showed me where he had had the procedure done as well that made me feel better."

E. O. 7.0
"Everything was good, everyone was good."

C. A. 8.0
"Everyone was really friendly and nice. The consultant, I forget his name -- he does a really great job of calling in on me, checking in on me. I haven't been in for a check-up yet, but I know he'll give me a call and make sure I get in there, so I'm waiting for that."

I. B. 9.2
"I really appreciated the team keeping my wife informed in the progress throughout the day."

J. M. 7.5
"Everyone was really kind and helpful. The sales manager I met with was great, there was absolutely no pressure to go through with the treatment, but it was there if I wanted it."

I. B. 7.5
"Staff were all wonderful. They treated me with great respect and warmth and attention."

T. G. 9.5
"Everyone was good, I would rate them all a 10"

"Doctor Work was great / very nice staff / Every body at the Bosley office was the best"

T. D. - Mcdonough, GA 10.0
"I was very nervous before the procedure! The entire bosley staff treated me with kindness and care the entire day. They made sure I was comfortable and at ease. The entire procedure exceeded my expectations! Please make sure they all receive my sincere appreciation for handling me with "kid gloves"! I will highly recommend bosley!! Thanks again for making this procedure so easy for me!"

V. K. 10.0
"The staff members were all very nice. They did a good job of communicating with me. The doctor was very personable."

E. B. 9.4
"The Doctor and the whole team were wonderful. As a Physician myself I will be recommending this office, the Doctor and the staff to my patients. Very pleased with the results so far. Counting the days to see final results."

C. C. 8.0
"Staff and doctor were great!"

T. W. 9.0
"Nothing stood out. Everything was great and the staff and doctor was polite and attentive."

D. M. 8.9
"Since i was a category 7 he diffused my high expectations & left me with a more realistic hope. I will not know how pleased I am with the procedure for 6 to 9 months. I hope for the best!"

C. S. 10.0
"Dr. Ballon very professional and personable. Team put me at easy from Drake at consultation to Shawnta, Keldrick and Lindsey on day of to Karen on post day hair wash."

H. K. - Roswell, GA 9.1
"very professional staff, very comfortable surroundings, all involved had a pleasant and helpful attitude to make my procedure as pleasant as possible."

R. D. - Sneedville, TN 9.0
"I was a little unsure of myself in making this big step because of past experiences with those that claim their product will grow hair. Watched the commercial a bunch of times, and after a year or so, I finally decided to do this. I was a little apprehensive at first, not knowing if this would really work for me, especially with the financial commitment, but after meeting with the rep, and the doctor, and seeing their own results, I decided to take the plunge. The operating staff and doctor were very nice, helpful, and made the day of the procedure very comfortable and relaxing. The thing I really like about Bosley is they are there for me any time I call with questions I have, no matter how simple my questions might be. They are there for me no matter what I ask, and they always make sure I get the answers I need. Although there is a lot of post op stuff I have to do, I feel pretty good, and look forward to the day that I will have a full head of my own hair back again. As it has only been 3 days since I had the procedure done, all I can say at this point is Bosley has covered all the bases in depth, including the post op care and products needed to bring out the best results, and eliminating any problems that might occur down the road. Bottom line is I feel that I got friends at Bosley that will stand by me all the way, no matter what. So far, so good."

V. K. 9.0
"Everyone was great. Customer oriented, and met all of my needs during surgery."

- Brentwood, TN 10.0
"The doctors were very patient and knowledgeable. The consultant did a very good job explaining the procedure/costs, as well as following up. Very informative post-op instructions. All questions were answered by the staff. I feel like a new person who is not ashamed to be seen without a hat on."

C. M. 9.5
"Great staff"

R. R. 9.5
"Everyone there was great! I like how they were very subtle about the procedure and kept everything private. I like the follow ups that Drake did for me as well."

R. R. 9.5
"The experience was great from the very first meeting where they explained everything to me in the beginning. Even during the procedure they took very good care of me. The whole company is first class and later on if I have the money in the future I will have another procedure."

V. O. 10.0
"I have been very happy with the three hair transplant procedures that I had at Bosley. I was treated very well. The procedures went very smoothly. The only complaint that I have is due to my age I should have had the transplants sooner."

M. T. 9.0
"Everyone was great from the receptionist to the doctor."

A. H. - Senoia, GA 9.5
"My procedure was smooth, comfortable and by far the best experience I've had so far. This is my fourth procedure, 2nd with Bosley. I would and have recommended this office to others and have had success in Getting others to also have this team perform their procedures."

A. S. 9.0
"The staff is very welcoming, and makes you feel at ease. It's a great experience, and well worth it!"

B. H. 10.0

M. K. 9.5
"Waiting is so hard! Great work all."

I. K. 10.0
"Dr. Ballon is a great physician and an artist. His placements of the grafts were as if they grew there from birth and my hairline looks natural. I'm very happy with the job he did, and I'm telling friends to use the Atlanta office and ask for Dr. Ballon. Thanks Dr. Ballon for doing such a great job on my hair replacement."

H. K. - Biloxi, MS 9.7
"this was the best treatment I have ever received from a professional institution of any kind. the staff and doctor(s) took great care in making sure that I was as comfortable as possible,(that is to say, make me felt that I am all that matters and they all focus on me and my needs). thank you bosley and staff."

W. S. 10.0
"Dr. Ballon and the staff could not have made my restoration any better an experience than what it was. They were informative, courteous and most importantly very personable. They made me feel more like a friend than a patient. Anyone who had them do their procedure would never hesitate to have another procedure done. Thanks so much for my new hairline!!!!"

J. R. 8.0
"Everyone at the office was great! A fun crowd who helped me stay relaxed and less nervous. The physician did a good job of explaining."

L. W. 10.0
"The procedure went smooth and was very comfortable. In no way did I think going in that it was going to be that way. Looking forward to next visit to finish up the back."

M. M. 9.5
"All of the staff members were nice and professional."

K. H. 8.5
"The staff and physician were good. Very pleasant people. They compensated me for the hotel which was very nice. The main nurse you was in the room during the procedure, was diligent and focused."

T. L. 9.9
"The procedure exceeded my expectations. The use of versed for pain helped tremendously. I was really dreading the numbing shots, so it went much better than expected. My only suggestion would be to give the versed through an IV as is done for a colonoscopy. I was really thrilled with Dr Ballon. He is a skilled surgeon, but also has a great bedside manner. He really made the procedure easier than I expected. The surgical team was also very pleasant and accommodating. Everything was explained before they did it, this relieves apprehension of the patient. I think I'm going to be very pleased when the hair starts growing. Overall, I'm am very pleased and will gladly refer friends, and tell them to request Dr Ballon."

D. H. 9.0
"It was very great and so was the physician."

W. P. 7.0
"Dr. Richard Lorenz is a well qualified and personable physician. I have a lot of respect for the man. I love my hair line and he did the first third of the procedure. There were two other teams who did the other two parts of my head. Team one did the top portion and team two did the back portion. I was not happy at all with these two teams, they did not have the same skill level as the physician. My hair looks thinner in these two portions of my head. I do also want to let others know that it is not likely that they will achieve their results desired in one procedure, you need more than one."

J. M. 10.0
"Staff was very courteous and helpful. Always checking to make sure I was comfortable or needed anything."

J. L. 10.0
"Everyone did an outstanding job, the pain the first night was a little more than I expected but tolerable after that point."

"I was very satisfied with the office and staff members. I also really liked my physician he was good."

N. W. 9.5
"Dr. Lorenz was very warm and friendly, thoroughly explained all aspects of procedure and gave a good opinion of the probable results. Staff were wonderful and made this procedure even more exciting than just the thought of regaining hair that was lost. Super job, thanks."

K. H. 9.0
"I really liked the physician and the nurse technician. The staff was commendable!"

S. B. 8.5
"Everyone was very friendly and informative. I really appreciated how everyone seemed to really love what they were doing. They really put me at ease and made me feel comfortable."

J. K. - Nolensville, TN 9.0
"Tim was great and he answered my questions and gave me the price right up front and what to expect."

Z. K. 9.5
"They were all good and they treated me well. "

M. R. 9.0
"My overall experience was good and it was positive. My physician was knowledgeable and he did a great job explaining everything to me!"

H. Y. 10.0
"The overall experience was great. the entire staff was professional and I would do this again in the future is needed."

A. K. 9.5
"Dr. Lorenz (forgive me if I misspelled his name) and his medical staff were great!"

L. S. 9.5
"Everyone was professional and excellent."

R. P. 9.5
"I would say my doctor and the assistants were a great help and a great reassurance. They let me see what was going on. I always got treated the same way no matter who I saw."

M. N. 9.0
"My experience with the Bosley staff was very nice and pleasant. The physician and staff had a ton of experience and a good attitude. They made me feel comfortable."

S. W. 9.5
"Most helpful was the office administrator. There was a woman that helped from start to finish. She was most helpful and very concerned and very good. The doctors were good and didn't rush or push. "

J. M. 8.5
"Great staff very friendly and helpful."

K. M. 7.5
"My personal experience with the Bosley office and staff members was great, I had no complaints on how they treated me. Though I thought they could do a better job with the scar."

A. C. 9.5
"I thought they were very professional and they made me feel right at home."

E. R. 9.9
"Dr. Ballon and his whole staff are great! They were professional,kind and considerate of my comfort level throughout the procedure. This being my first hair transplant experience,I didn't know what to expect. Dr. Ballin and his staff made it a personal experience that was a lot less traumatic than I expected (there was no pain). I truly believe they have the best service and hair restoration treatment available today. Glad I chose Bosley!"

D. D. 9.7
"Very pleased with my visit. "

S. B. 10.0
"The doctor and his staff were very professional."

L. M. 8.6
"I thought the procedure went well, I was not aware that the donor area would go around so far above the ear and the hair was cut back too far on one side to hide the incision so I am wondering how long I can keep the cap on with my job and not cause questions. The Doctor and staff were great though and I think I will get a good result, this was my 3rd procedure so I understand it well."

L. B. 9.0
"The staff was nice and they took care of me while I was there"

G. L. 9.5
"The counselor and the physician made sure I had the knowledge."

F. C. 10.0
"Dr. Fredrick was extremely helpful. This was my second transplant. He explained what could have happened. He gave me a better outlook on how everything will work. I am thinking about one more. "

M. M. - Ellijay, GA 9.1
"Some of the information in the written instructions is outdated. The information and instruction sheets need to be updated. All team members were professional and friendly. "

A. R. 8.9
"Very professional. Physician was great, and staff very kind and courteous."

N. H. 9.0
"The staff was kind, sweet and personable. "

F. D. 8.9
"The Bosley professionals were awesome! From start to finish, it was obvious, I was in good hands! It was extremely evident the Bosley people cared for their patients; and their “can-do” attitude was contagious. Outstanding! I’d recommend the Bosley experience to anyone. Thank you, Bosley."

A. P. 9.0
"Staff was very nice!"

J. R. 10.0
"Well, it took me about 15 years to get up the courage to have hair transplantation. I was afraid of the pain. But after having it done, I would certainly have it done again in the future if necessary. I was thoroughly impressed with the entire team from start to finish. I started with Tim in the Nashville office and he was extremely helpful and professional. I was met by a friendly and smiling Brandi when I first entered the Atlanta office. Then I had a great consultation with Drew (I believe) and Dr. Leonard who has a great sense of humor, is very knowledgeable, very skilled, and made me feel comfortable and confident with the procedure. Then I was greeted and prepared for surgery by Karen and Nurse Dianna. They were both friendly, courteous, and professional. As the procedure began I was really impressed when I realized there were at least 6 people in the room with me, working on me, and preparing the grafts. It sure made me feel important! And everyone was terrific! I believe there were Stacy, Antonio, Michael, and Shea-La as well working in teams performing the procedure. (I hope I didn't miss anyone) I couldn't be more pleased with how I was handled during this entire experience. Tim called me over the weekend to check up on me and I called in to the office and spoke to Nurse Shawn-Te to ask a question about after care and she was also very courteous and knowledgeable. I am confident and excited about the results to come and am extremely grateful to everyone involved. Thank you Bosley Medical Group!"

G. B. 9.7
"procedure was more extensive than i anticipated. recovery time more than what i expected. i would have been more prepared if i had been able to watch a video showing an actual procedure being done and interviews with patients regarding their post op impressions. very pleased thus far, but only 7 days out. staff did a great job, no issues with any member of the team!"

A. K. 10.0
"Very professional, kind and courteous! I would consider coming back!"

R. P. 8.9
"The physician, staff, and team made the experience comfortable and relaxing. I was not worried in the slightest because they were knowledgeable, confident, and friendly."

M. S. 8.0
"staff experience was good... all members very helpful"

"Great experience with staff but my hair doesn't seem to be growing"

P. P. 7.5
"they were kind and supportive"

B. S. - Columbus, GA 10.0
"Everyone was very professional and supportive during my procedure."

V. O. 8.0
"I was very impressed with the consultant and the people that applied the hair transplant."

A. D. 10.0
"It was a pleasant experience. Dr. Lorenz and the staff did a great job."

V. B. 10.0
"Due to the large number of grafts (2882) I chose, the time for the procedure was lengthy. During the entire procedure all of my needs were well attended to by Dr. Bollen and the Bosley staff. If only the recovery period were as easy as the actual procedure it would be a wonderful experience. Sadly the "no pain no gain" applies. But as they say "this too shall pass" and then the rewards will be wonderful."

A. K. 9.0
"Very relaxed environment friendly staff"

P. S. 5.6
"Physician was great. I would have liked a more detailed understanding of what was going to happen, the side effects, checkout process etc. There was clearly a difference between the "sell" the procedure concept and reality."

L. M. 9.5
"Everyone treated me very good. It was beyond my expectations. This group works well together and really know how to make patients comfortable."

T. H. 9.8
"Physician: Rick: top notch- experienced capable, personable…clear communication. Sales Representative: Matt: no pressure, stayed in touch…made it happen. All staff: friendly and engaging, I felt comfortable from the moment I was taken back to the end of procedure. White board with welcome and notation of personnel assigned a nice touch. Each person introduced themselves to me. Have no knowledge of other offices for comparison…would not want to, great team right there."

A. T. 9.4
"All of the doctors, nurses and medical staff are very kind, patient and helpful. I deeply appreciate and thank for all of Bosley's help and kindness."

P. B. 10.0
"Everyone was cordial and professional. They were all personable and Dr Frederick was good and I was pleased with them all."

H. G. 8.6
"The experience was overall a really good one I can't wait to see the results in the end"

K. S. 8.0
"The doctor was great and the staff was all good too. The consultation was salesly- i'm sure that's the nature of the process. Its like buying a car. It wasn't pressure but the numbers fluctuated. It wasn't like that the day of the procedure. "

K. D. 9.5
"The entire experience was pleasant and professional. I was made to feel at ease and that I was in capable hands. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again or to recommend Bosley to a friend. The physician was friendly, thorough and knowledgeable and the staff was pleasant and competent and went out of their way to see that I was relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire process. I continue to comply with the post procedure instructions which are simple to follow and I'm really excited to see the final results in a few months."

E. K. - Columbus, GA 7.5
"The staff was really good, very professional and caring. They had the willingness to reapproach and fix the problem and also comp the price. Dr. Lorenz is very personable. "

A. K. 9.5
"Great team in Atlanta. Dr. Work made the whole process stress free"

K. S. 7.0
"The staff and doctors where very helpful in answering all my questions about the procedure and the surgeries"

C. H. - Sylva, NC 10.0
"The physician was very knowledgeable and intelligent. He was very thoughtful. The surgical team was great. Instead of watching movies I enjoyed chatting with them all day. They truly made the experience excellent. I hope to see great results. "

"I was very pleased with the professionalism provided by the doctor, and the nurse that administered anesthesia. They were very attentive through the whole process. I could tell that they were very interested in giving me quality service. I also was impressed that I was not just rushed in and rushed out of the procedure. All that might be a concern to me was a concern for them. I am 100% satisfied with my whole experience. I have had a procedure from another company (NuHart) and I know now that they were only interested in getting their money and getting me out the door. It was a completely opposite experience than I had with you. I also had no results from the money I spent with them."

D. H. 10.0
"very professional staff and procedure went better than expected"

"Great staff at the Atlanta office! I was made to feel at ease and comfortable throughout my visit. They answered all of my questions and concerns with an understanding manner. Throughout the procedure they made sure that I was not in any pain or discomfort."

N. C. 8.4
"I felt as though everyone was very professional. There was a problem with the computers the day of my procedure which delayed everything and made the wait time extensive. One thing that I wish was more detailed was the after effects of the surgery. The impression I had was mild discomfort and sore spots. However, it turned out to be very painful and unprecedented swelling the day afterwards. Other than that I am very pleased with the transplant and cannot wait till the follicles begin to produce permanent hair."

B. W. 9.9
"This was my second visit to Bosley. I was very pleased with the results from my first visit. During my first visit I got to know my doctor. We shared common stories. When I came back he remembered me and asked about the same stories. My second visit was to add more grafts to the same area as last time. The doctor explained how he would do this for me. There were staff members that remembered me as well. One of the members was actually surprised by the results of the previous procedure and we laughed. All the staff made me feel very comfortable. Everything was well explained before each phase of the procedure. I am confident this second procedure will have the same great outcome as the last one. Thank you Bosley I cant wait to see everyone again at my checkup to show off the results."

J. S. 9.5
"It was a very good experience overall, I would do it again if I need to."

M. C. 9.1
"Once the consultation and procedure had started, everything was fine. The biggest issue I had was the am wait time before the consultation. When I made my appointment, it was emphasized to me to be at the office on time (7:30). However it was 10 am before my consultation started."

R. W. 8.5
"The Bosley office and staff were pleasant and helpful. Everyone there was great. The doctor was good but he wasn't always available. I had an appointment set up and he wasn't there that day so we had to reschedule. "

V. N. 9.0
"The consultant was kinda like a car dealer, I felt like it was a pressure sales meeting. This is a medical thing and you should not pressure any one into something medical but I went in knowing I wanted the surgery so I purchased. When I arrived for the surgery I didn't get any instruction, I was so concerned that I needed to talk to the manager and made a complaint because I was not prepared for the surgery and no one made sure I was."

A. D. 10.0
"Not bad. The way the doctor spoke was frank, and they explained everything."

D. S. 10.0
"I had a great experience with the bosley staff as well as the doctor. This was my second procedure and I met with Matt Longshore and he was my consultant for the second one as well. He was very informative about my procedure and said that he should only need one more and that is it. I was not aware at first but he also had the procedure done, I would not have noticed if he did not say that. If I ever would need the procedure again, I live in Arkansas and I had the procedure in Georgia, I would definitely go back there and have it done, it would be worth the trip. I was given food and movies while sitting there and that made me more comfortable the whole day as well."

N. C. 5.0
"My hair restoration results was not what I expected. I dont remember how much graphs I had, but the donor area of my head is not healing well. Also, the area that I had the hair restoration is not full enough. I do not remember the doctor's name or how he was because I was sedated. But the nurses and the consultant was great."

J. D. 7.5
"Everyone was very professional and made me feel at ease during my visit."

C. O. - Blakely, GA 9.0
"Everybody made me very comfortable, the guy upfront was very nice"

A. Z. - Loganville, GA 10.0
"Doctor Lorenz was great, as well as Drake Vanderkohogen who was the consultant I met with initially. They were both very friendly and always ready to help and answer questions. Everyone was great. They were quick with greeting and having a friendly face."

M. S. 9.5
"The bosley team members did a great job! Well done. They're very professional, friendly, hospitable, excellent team!"

S. D. 8.0
"Very nice people, I felt I would be in good hands."

T. T. 8.7

K. S. - Fayetteville, GA 9.2
"My consultation with Drake Van was very enlightening. It was very informative to speak to someone who has gone through the process and could give a personal account. Still uncertain about recovery time and potential complications/ follow-ups that might be necessary but am still early in the research phase..."

C. S. 8.7
"The swelling is much worse than was described."

M. K. 9.3
"The physician and the whole staff were very professional, helped me to stay calm during the process."

D. W. 9.3
"My Physician was outstanding. I was a little unclear on the afternoon session. My recommendation would have been a scheduled bathroom break as it never seemed quite convenient to take the break. Also, I would suggest that earplugs for hearing the movie or other devices. The conversation among the surgical team was a little disconcerting and earplugs could address that. Finally, I would recommend a regular question at regular intervals of 'how are you doing?' - this would invite a bathroom break, or questions, or thoughts, or concerns in real time. Overall, it was good - I would just try to make it a little more patient centric."

C. W. 9.5
"Everyone was great and made me feel at ease. The doctor was excellent and all the staff made this a good experience. They worked very hard and carefully. However, I will let you know my true satisfaction when the hair grows in. Right now I am very excited and nervous and hope I will feel good in the months ahead. My hope is that if I am satisfied with this procedure, I will have another large and hopefully final procedure which will be what I have been looking for."

T. H. - Canton, GA 8.8
"Good experience"

J. R. 8.9
"Everyone was so nice and professional, I was nervous about the procedure but after we started it was great! I want to thank everyone for all they have done before during and after!!!! Again THANK SO MUCH!!!! PS: I wish I would have came to bosley the 1st time I had it done!!"

L. S. 7.9
"Friendly staff, caring, kind, made me feel at ease."

B. W. 10.0
"The staff was excellent and made everything easy for me."

"Very nice"

J. O. 9.5
"Great Job, Very Pleased"

A. J. 9.0
"They were all so nice, I don't remember his name he was really there was several was very nice"

M. B. 9.5
"I had a good experience overall with the staff and the doctor, they were helpful and informative throughout the whole process"

M. D. 10.0
"Staff members were were very courteous and knowledgeable during the check-in as well as during the actual surgery. Physician and staff were also efficient and provided updates during the procedure. I would recommend Bosley to friends and relatives."

E. G. 8.9
"Everything was explained the say of surgery and it was as described. However, it did not match what the sales person said. Wonderful staff, doctor was great! Could not have asked for a better experience!"

A. M. 9.5
"I had a good experience with the whole staff and the doctor. They answered all of my questions and was informative."

K. S. 7.5
"As a physician (family medicine, sports medicine, MRO) I found Bosley very professional, all the staff I came in contact with friendly and polite, and your follow-up is excellent!"

K. Z. - Memphis, TN 9.9
"The team was highly professional and very courteous. This made the experience so much better."

M. E. 9.0
"Everybody was great, the staff and Dr. Lawerence were all great. I have nothing bad to say about any of the people at the office. I even referred my brother and another friend to the office."

T. T. 9.5
"Very relaxed guy and very sensitive to his patients. Great personality and nice to talk to."

L. S. - Atlanta, GA 8.5
"Amazing Atlanta office staff, Very Patient friendly and professional...... Always satisfied"

T. K. 10.0
"The staff was very fun and made it interesting for me. Lunch was enjoyable, and the whole process was very easy for me. The consultant I spoke with on the phone was incredibly patient with me because I had a lot of questions. As a result of the consultant's patience, I moved forward with the procedure. I had no pain during the procedure and awoke just as the doctor was finishing. The medication they gave me during the procedure did not make me drowsy afterwards, and I was happy I was able to drive myself home. They used a new medication on me to numb the area, and that did cause some swelling on my face. I was not happy about that, but it did go away."

D. J. 7.5
"Everyone was very personable and I had a great experience. The doctor thought I would only be able to get 1200 grafts but he was able to do 1449. The doctor was very optimistic because of my unique situation. "

D. E. 9.0
"I don't remember specific names, but the patient coordinator was very helpful throughout the entire process. I felt well cared for and he answered all of my questions. The doctor spoke with me just about the surgery, and was very professional, but the coordinator helped with the details."

M. L. 10.0
"Everyone was helpful and friendly"

N. F. 9.5
"I had a great experience with the staff, the moment I walked into the office they treated me like I was a movie star. All the staff was kind and nice and I would recommend this office to anyone of my friends."

G. F. 9.5
"Dr. Lorenz was extremely knowledgeable and competent, he also has a great sense of humor all of which I very much appreciated."

J. D. 7.8
"The level of professionalism varied greatly from one technician to another."

A. P. 10.0
"very nice staff!"

R. B. 8.0
"All very helpful"

M. M. 10.0
"The personnel taking care of me were absolutely fantastic. They kept me entertained and comfortable."

"Everything went fine, and I just had a follow up at the clinic. I am happy with the results."

D. O. 8.9
"I really had a great experience with the whole process form scheduling to the surgery. I did not receive a follow up call the night of the surgery because I was staying at a hotel and I don't think they had the number for me there. The office was very professional, the only thing I did not like was when I got my sutures out, the nurse was very nice but they did not ask me any questions about how I felt and if I had any questions. They just took the stitches out and that was it, it felt like they took my money and that was the end of it. I would recommend the doctor come in when the stitches are taken out and make sure there are no other questions that I have and to also look over the surgery. Tim was very nice and informative after the procedure and am sure he will call back to schedule a follow up."

R. C. 9.4
"Doctor Work was very informative about everything and seem to care a lot about my welfare. That helped me relax and feel more comfortable."

"The doctor had a great personality and a good bedside manner. I really enjoyed my visit to the office because it was very nice as well."

H. K. 9.2
"Everyone was great! They went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. I will go out of my way to refer people to Bosley. The only little disappointment I had was, I felt I should have received the pre-procedure instructions much sooner. And, I didn't feel I needed the post procedure kit that included vitamins and shampoo for $484.00. I was able to return it with no problem."

A. M. 7.5
"The staff was very pleasant, very great. There was no wait, everything worked out perfectly."

H. K. 10.0
"I am good, happy customer. I am really pleased with my results and I want to go back after the one year mark (in February) and have more done. I don't remember how many grafts I got but I got as many as the doctor could do he told me. The only down side I had was because I am allergic to steroids so I couldn't take them so I had black and blue eyes. I was told after the surgery that it was due to me not being able to take that medication but it went away and I was fine. I really thing Bosley is not doing enough to get themselves out there. They really are the best in the field and there is not enough information out there to tell people that Bosley is better than the other companies out there. I had been to a few and Bosley's experience was completely different. The counselor at the office, Drake, was great. My doctor also was fantastic. I have already referred people to Bosley and am completely willing to be a contact for people who want to talk to people who have already had this service. "

T. B. 9.5
"I am very pleased and I thought they did an excellent job."

F. S. 10.0
"Everything is good."

M. U. 10.0
"This is my third procedure and I healed even faster this time than after my two previous procedures. Everyone was very kind at the office, and the doctor makes it all seem so easy because of how knowledgeable and personable he is. The whole process was a pleasure."

K. S. 9.5
"I was so happy to have this surgery. I was so excited when I went there and I was not let down. The doctor was good, nice and did a really good job. But the girls, the staff there was excellent. If I could give them a gold star I would. They took the time to review the after surgery instructions with me many times and answered all of my questions. They went above and beyond in customer service. I will be calling the office to see about replacing one of the shampoo pumps that I got in the mail because it's not working but that was the only hold up. I also want to see if I can come in for a consultation sooner than scheduled because I think I see some regrowth much faster than the paperwork said I should expect it and I want to make sure everything is going okay. "

E. B. 10.0
"Everyone was helpful."

C. M. 9.9
"I was pleased with everything including the followup and the steps they took to treat me."

E. S. 9.4
"If one day I can be on a commercial I would love to do that!"

A. C. - Camilla, GA 9.5
"Like to take the time to express a very much deserved thank you to Doctor Frederick Work and the Bosley staff which included the following: Jackie, Becky, Brandi, Lindsay, Shawna, Shelly, Sheckema and Sherlena. All of you have helped to make the hair restoration procedure worry free, and am very happy and grateful to meet a group of wonderfully trained professionals, and look forward to see all of you eight months from now."

D. S. 9.5
"My initial consultation meeting with Drake Van was informative and comfortably presented which made it an easy decision for me to proceed. Dr. Lorentz was very thorough in his pre-op examination and explained everything to me in a personable and easy to understand manner. The medical staff was friendly, thorough, and professional during the entire procedure. All in all, a very pleasant experience, and I'm confident I'll be pleased with the results. Thank you."

S. M. 8.9
"The Bosley staff was superb. Each step of the process from initial consult to procedure was enhanced by the staff. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and providing an excellent product is evident in the compassion the exhibit. Dr. Lorenz was great. He answered all of my questions thoroughly. The transplant staff made me feel comfortable. I am glad I chose Bosley."

E. L. 9.5
"I had a pleasant experience. My procedure was not uncomfortable. I have had no post procedure problem. I hope to come back again for further treatments in the future."

L. O. 8.6
"The staff including the counselor were very pleasant and friendly. My counselor made me feel very comfortable about Bosley and the procedure."

R. B. 9.0
"Very professional staff - including the doctor."

M. W. - Cleveland, TN 9.0
"The whole experience was positive. I am pleased with the whole process."

S. S. 9.0
"I was impressed with the level of expertise of the staff and the organization involved. They had all angles covered, possible complications, and written discharge instructions as well as verbal. I appreciated the next day exam. I was also concerned about the airline not allowing me to carry the bottles of medicated shampoo etc in a carry-on bag, so the physician wrote a letter for me. When I got to the screening at the airport they just waved me through without a question and I didn't even have to use the letter. Either they were feeling generous or they had dealt with Bosley patients in the past."

E. L. 10.0
"Everyone was polite and professional. "

D. R. 8.5
"There was no trouble in finding the building and parking"

E. J. 8.9
"Everyone was extremely pleasant. Doctor & staff were friendly and helpful."

K. B. 8.9
"Everything was great, I just wish that you would explain in more detail the kind of results I will see and when I should expect to see them."

C. B. 9.0
"Professionalism of staff. Everything went like clockwork, no stumbling around. People worked together like a well trained team."

J. O. 8.5

B. R. 9.0
"The staff was great... but I am a fan of Dr. Work! He has done work on me in the past and I have such confidence in his abilities....totally satisfied....AGAIN!"

D. W. 10.0
"Had procedure done last August and returned to the Atlanta office for the yearly checkup and some of the grafts had not taken and new graft where done the following day due to a cancellation. Was very happy to have this done as soon as possible."

J. J. - Atlanta, GA 9.7
"I found the whole experience very helpful and honest. I appreciate the honesty and candor of the specialist and he was very open to my full array of questions. His professionalism and honesty was greatly appreciated."

J. T. - Wildwood, GA 9.6
"This is something that I've been thinking over for about 6 years. I've researched and tried practically every alternative with unsatisfactory results. I'm ready to take the step to a permanent solution. I'm very nervous, but the staff at MHR in Atlanta have made me feel comfortable and confident in my decision. My consultation went very well and Drake was extremely helpful and friendly. He answered all my questions and made me feel good about myself, which is odd for me since I've felt a very low self esteem since losing my hair. With the great staff in Atlanta, I truly feel like they can accomplish the goals I've set for myself and I can't wait until my surgery day! Finally, after years of embarrasment, wearing hats, and not participating in soooo many activities, I'm going to get my hair back!! :-) Very special thanks to Drake and Dr. Simmons for their time, patience, and understanding. "

L. L. - Smyrna, GA 9.7
"Very pleasant experience overall. The office staff, consultant, and doctor were all very helpful, courteous, and professional. I especially liked the no-pressure attitude."

J. M. 0.0
"The nurses and the doctor were great, really really wonderful. I didn't give the doctor a high rating only because he came in and just started the surgery and didn't talk to me. This is my third time doing this surgery but he just came in and started. The assistants though were really nice and able to help me if I had any questions so it was fine. I live a long way away from the center so I did end up staying over night in a hotel close by and the doctor and I arranged to not have the follow up call that night. I really liked the whole experience but I do want to say the initial counselor, the guy I saw when I first inquired wasn't too open or helpful for me. He seemed really closed off to answering any questions I had, he was very to the point about certain things but wouldn't answer anything else. I got all of my answers eventually but it would have been helpful to have some answers my first meeting, even if he needed to get back to me with the answers."

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