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About Bosley Hair Restoration - Chicago

In Chicago, hair loss patients can count on America’s largest network of hair restoration experts: Bosley Medical. Whether it’s a hair regrowth treatment like Propecia, a new development like Laser Hair Therapy, or one of the most advanced hair transplant surgery procedures on the planet, Bosley delivers results at competitive prices, getting you back to the natural, youthful look you desire.

Your Bosley experience starts with a private hair loss consultation in Chicago. Hair Restoration is a multi-faceted field these days, and no patients have the same needs or goals, so your consultation will cover every aspect of your treatment, from the origins of your hair loss to the details of how modern hair transplantation works.

If hair transplant surgery sounds like the best solution for you, you can rest assured that your Chicago hair transplant will be conducted by a licensed Chicago physician with considerable experience handling this in-demand procedure. And because your own hair follicles are used in the hair transplant process, the results will have the natural, undetectable look that many other hair loss solutions just can’t match.

Bosley hair restoration clinics conduct more than 11,000 procedures across the country every year, and now that they’ve added the former clinics of Medical Hair Restoration to their own network, that number is sure to grow even more. To set up your consultation at Bosley of Chicago, contact us today!

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K. R. 10.0
"The entire process made me feel comfortable and with assurance that the procedure done would make me satisfied. The entire staff including the physician, were very professional. I feel I made the right decision choosing Bosley. "

S. K. - Melrose Park, IL 9.5
"Everything went really well as a matter of fact I have another surgery scheduled for later this month."

S. K. - Melrose Park, IL 9.5
"The staff was great very accommodating. "

S. M. 10.0
"Very nice and helpful staff. My experience with BOSLEY has been great. They even accommodated me in their schedule as I had traffic delays and live 4 hours away."

S. M. 10.0
"Very happy with the results. I feel like I look my age (36) again. "

R. L. 10.0
"I am very pleased with how my hair has grown in. I have more hair and it's thicker."

R. L. 10.0
"The doctors were really happy with how my hair has grown in that made me happy too. "

M. D. 10.0
"Wonderful experience. Extremely happy."

- Peoria, IL 10.0
"Dr. Parungao was very professional and explained everything in detail. He made your procedure as comfortable as possible with no pain. I didn't know what to expect when I went there but after I was there and the way I was treated by the Dr. And his staff I was very pleased with the whole procedure. I'm planning to return for a second procedure."

N. G. - Bloomington, IL 10.0
"This was my 2nd procedure with this Bosley team. What a great group of professionals! I was treated more like a friend than a client and I liked that. They are a very caring team. The entire team follows the demeanor of the doctor which is very calming."

A. B. 10.0
"I am very happy. Everyone was really great and really friendly."

T. M. - Downers Grove, IL 8.5
"The Dr. and staff were all exceptionally friendly and treated me very very well. Top notch all the way, couldn't have had better."

T. M. - Downers Grove, IL 8.5
"The hair came in very well. My expectations were kind of low since I had the procedure that takes the hair one plant at a time. Dr. said to expect only 30%-60% to work. I think a lot more than that succeeded in coming in. I feel so much more confidant, but I would like to have more done and have my head perfectly thick. Maybe I'll scrape the funds together in the future."

A. B. - Franklin, WI 10.0
"Dr Allen Parungao was the best in technique,surgical skill and communication with me. I am a dentist and can really appreciate his calming demeanor his leadership skills,and again his surgical skills. Had this procedure done 23 years prior by Cleveland clinics but this was much better. The team worked together like a well oiled machine all very technical, caring and skilled in making my experience a great one. Thanks to Dr Paurngao and his team."

M. B. - Chicago, IL 10.0
"Everything was perfect. I actually already had the surgery. "

L. G. 10.0
"He was good. He explained everything in detail to me. "

J. S. 10.0
"I'm still weighing out my options so I'm trying to decide if this is something I really, really want to do."

M. C. 10.0
"The consultation was satisfactory. I just need to talk it over with my husband more for a number of reasons. "

L. K. 10.0
"I am extremely happy. Couldn't be happier. They were all great"

R. B. 10.0
"I was just with the doctor a few weeks ago and he said everything looked great. I am extremely happy."

- Bloomington, IL 10.0
"Very pleased. The whole thing pretty much went as expected and the entire staff answered my questions and made me feel at ease."

K. J. - Chicago, IL 10.0
"The physician was very reassuring and made me feel very comfortable. The rest of the staff were friendly and fantastic. They continually assured my comfort. I think that the initial consultation should be more explicit about the post-care treatment."

A. A. 10.0
"I am so pleased. I haven't been in for an evaluation because I am so so happy with everything."

T. L. 10.0
"The senior consultant is an excellent consultant. He is very professional and answered all of my questions. He goes into great detail with each procedure and answered my personal questions. He is an asset to your company due to his knowledge and experience in Bosley procedures. I would recommend him to my friends and family. He goes out of his way to make you feel confident with each procedure. "

T. D. - Wauconda, IL 9.5
"The physician was very professional and efficient. I am waiting to see the results of this procedure."

P. S. - Rock Falls, IL 9.5
"Everyone was very friendly and outgoing. These people are the best, what else can I say. "

M. W. 9.8
"It was simply the best experience. I was greeted and treated by a warm, friendly and caring staff. The physician was outstanding and provided excellent information. I plan to return once my research is completed. "

A. G. 7.5
"The physician was great, he was very happy with the way my hair is growing in. "

L. L. - Wilmette, IL 10.0
"I had the procedure done on Monday. The Dr and staff could not be any nicer or more professional. The entire experience was pleasant. I highly recommend Bosley!"

J. E. - Chicago, IL 10.0
"Dr. Parungao and his team that was performing transplant were 100% professional, very polite and very friendly. They surely are making a whole procedure, pain-free and very comfortable. Thank You Z.M."

J. E. - Cedar Rapids, IA 10.0
"Could not be happier with my procedure at the Chicago location. The staff was outstanding. Made me feel very comfortable throughout the procedure. "

"I was made to feel very comfortable because the staff was extremely friendly!! Also the doctor and staff were quick to answer questions and they explained everything very thoroughly. This is a big step for anyone. It was important that through communication I was comfortable at all times. I also was pain free for the most part. I'm very pleased with the end result and am enjoying the added confidence it gives me. Prior to I was very self conscious of my practically bald head!"

W. J. - Elmhurst, IL 10.0
"Great team. Thanks!"

L. P. - Plainfield, IL 10.0
"All of the medical team and staff were very professional but also very friendly and made me feel very comfortable and at ease. My physician, Dr. Allan Parungao was truly exceptional. Like all of the staff he was also very professional and friendly. Within minutes of meeting and talking to him, he made me feel quite at ease and I knew right away I had made the right decision to undergo the hair transplant especially with him being the physician. It was also very comforting and encouraging to know that he underwent hair replacement as well and his hair looked great with a full head of hair and impossible to see that he had any treatment performed. He was very thorough in explaining the procedure and also on other possible options that I could also do following the surgery in order to maintain my existing hair. I was very impressed that he gave me his personal cell phone in case of emergency or if I had questions. I was also quite impressed that he called me personally to make sure I was doing well following the procedure and to see if I had any questions. I understand that he must be a very busy man with not just his professional life but with his own family life as well, but he still took the time to personally call me after his work hours during his own personal time."

P. R. - River Forest, IL 10.0
"Can't think of much to say. Enjoyed it, though."

P. B. - Glenview, IL 9.3
"Dr. Parungao made me feel comfortable and confident in his experience in performing hair transplant surgery."

"Value to the procedure and it has changed my life."

C. W. 7.8
"Everyone was very nice at the Chicago clinic. Made the Bosley experience enjoyable."

B. W. 9.8
"Thought it was a good visit. I learned a lot. Consultant was very friendly and knowledgeable."

M. D. - Chicago, IL 7.8
"I was analyzed. My focus was on the center and the counselor was focused more on the widows peak area. That was crucial, that turned me off the most."

G. P. 9.9
"I have already had the procedure on Thursday. There happened to be an opening, so I scheduled the procedure. Everyone at the Michigan Ave office was terrific. I look forward to going back to have the stitches removed in two weeks. Dr. Parungao was also terrific. He made me feel at ease and always asked me how I was feeling. He also explained things slowly in easy to understand terms. I would highly recommend this office to others."

E. R. 10.0
"The team members that assisted me are exceptional ambassadors for your company, product and services, each of which were of high importance to me. Also, Dr. P is top-notch in his skill and expertise. This procedure has altered my outlook on life and increased my confidence level on so many planes. I can't imagine my life had I not gone through with it. All I can say is, "Thank you, Bosley!""

L. F. - Mokena, IL 8.7
"The procedure was relatively painless. I think I even fell asleep at times watching the movies (no movement, so..). And all the questions I had got answered. Of course, I have come up with a few things I should have asked more about (which wouldn't have impacted my decision, just prepared me better). Such as the risk of swelling. I was surprised by the swelling around the eyes and below the eyes (starting about 48 hours after the end of the procedure, it came and went in around 36 hours). I remember the mention about swelling in the guides and such, but it never specifically mentioned that eye and cheek swelling (man, I looked bad for about a day). Also being told to sleep elevated afterwards, which makes perfect sense .. but I never thought to ask or read about it. I know I'll come up with more things as the days progress till I come in on 12/31 to have the stitches removed."

K. H. - South Bend, IN 10.0
"Although the process wasn't easy, it was WELL worth it in my case. This procedure has given me confidence and a more youthful appearance. Really happy with the results."

K. H. - South Bend, IN 10.0
"Everyone was friendly and attentive."

J. F. - Chicago, IL 9.5
"I appreciated that both the counselor and the doctor I met with did not push for any one treatment, but rather encouraged a multiple prong attack to treat my hair loss. I went in expecting a hard sell for hair restoration, but did not get that, which was great! There was no pressure. I'm still only three days post-op and far away from seeing the end result, but so far everything I am experiencing after the procedure is exactly what the staff told me to expect. The team assigned to me the day of my procedure were very friendly and warm and made me feel comfortable. They really did a fantastic job and walked me through everything I needed to do post-op. Now I just need to wait for the results! "

M. S. 10.0
"I'm very satisfied. It's the best in the front. It's worth it."

M. S. 10.0
"My experience was good because I already read all the info and knew what to expect."

K. K. 9.5
"I'm very happy with the grafts I have and I'm thinking of putting in more."

L. S. 10.0
"Everything was great. Need to make another appointment."

L. S. 10.0
"My head was back to normal in 4 days. There are still little dots, but no pain whatsoever. The doctor did a great job."

G. C. 10.0
"The quality was amazing. My interview was beyond expectations."

C. K. - Crystal Lake, IL 10.0
"Very professional and friendly staff. The doctor was very courteous and helpful."

N. M. 9.5
"My wife described it best, "I LOVE IT!""

K. F. - Crystal Lake, IL 10.0
"Dr. Alan P. was upbeat, willing to listen and was a positive figure during my procedure. My procedure compared favorably to my expectations. I had a good experience, which I relate to the Chicago staff."

C. G. - Chicago, IL 10.0
"This was the best decision I ever made. The entire staff and doctor were amazing. I could not have asked for better treatment by the staff and doctor. I actually had a great time talking with everyone and felt very much at ease."

C. G. - Chicago, IL 10.0
"The staff was absolutely wonderful. Knowledgeable, helpful, made me feel at ease, and hopeful."

N. G. - Bloomington, IL 10.0
"I didn't expect the post-op procedures to be as much as they were, the price wouldn't have changed my mind either way. I'm happy that I had the procedure done."

H. K. - Madison, WI 9.3
"Although a receptionist treated me rudely, I would still recommend this location to anyone because I think Dr. Parungao is amazing and he makes the procedure enjoyable. I also think that the nurses made it so comfortable and fun for me to be there."

A. S. 10.0
"All questions were answered in detail and I was very comfortable with the entire interaction. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! "

H. D. 10.0
"Team was great - The doctor and consultant were awesome. Was really impressed with the entire presentation. The cost is a big issue, though. If the grafts were cheaper, you'd have my business."

T. K. 7.5
"They were very helpful"

B. M. - Chicago, IL 8.5
"Sean was great. I was never looked at as lower class. Customer service was great. The assistants who helped were wonderful."

B. N. 7.5
"good experience, everyone was friendly and nice."

C. B. 9.2
"I had an excellent experience at the Chicago office. I think Dr. P is great. The staff was very friendly also. This was my second procedure so I already knew what to expect but I feel that Bosley as a whole should be more forthright about recovery time for the patient. Dr. P was good about doing this but Bosley as a whole sugarcoats it a bit. That's my only constructive criticism. I am very happy with Dr. P and the Chicago office and my procedure so far. Thanks."

T. V. 10.0
"Pre-operatively, Dr. Parungao fully explained the details of the procedure and discussed points I hadn't considered. He asked me about my goals and tailored the treatment plans to meet those goals. He listened to all my concerns and addressed each individually. Operatively, everything went great. Surgical area was marked and shown. The whole process was painless, quick, allowed time for food and rest and the whole process was seamless and stress free. Post op care was fully explained and follow up was made."

S. V. 10.0
"This was something that I wanted to do for a long long time and the Bosley team couldn't have made a better job. Starting from the first visit with William to the the time we said goodbye the experience was phenomenal. I am extremely pleased and I will recommend to everyone I can."

"The doctor and all the assistants were informative, professional and courteous. Each step was explained and they made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire procedure."

E. H. 8.5
"Everyone at Bosley was polite and professional.. I was immediately put at ease. If I could change one thing, it would be that I would have arranged to be driven home rather than driving myself. I was not as alert as I wanted to be."

R. W. 9.0
"Everybody was very friendly."

D. B. 8.5
"They are wonderful. The procedure technicians were all really good. It was perfect, I am really happy"

I. F. 9.5
"Everyone was great. No complaints."

C. C. 10.0
"They were all pretty helpful."

J. C. 8.9
"Was pleased with overall procedure but I'm glad I took more time off of work. It seems like the swelling and redness will be around for a while. Other than that I thought the doctor and staff were terrific."

D. O. 10.0
"The whole Chicago staff were pretty helpful"

K. W. 9.8
"I just wanted to thank the entire staff for everything they had done for me. I am at 11 days after my transplant and everything is looking good."

R. J. 9.5
"My experience was very positive. I was nervous about the whole process, but I wanted to do it for myself. Being bald in areas really bothered my self esteem. I am a very confident person and didn't like the feeling of an esteem issue. The entire team displayed excellent customer service and made me feel comfortable."

"The physician and staff were what I would describe as class all the way!! They were the definition of a sales call and how to treat the customer. Being in sales myself I couldn't of been more impressed. I'm anxious to see the results."

C. W. 8.0
"Everyone was great"

D. W. - Thornton, PA 10.0
"Very friendly physician and staff. Great day with no real issues. I was pleased how everything went and the staff was very accommodating and caring. From beginning through surgery, very professional and helpful!"

B. D. 10.0
"I felt the staff was very accommodating, knowledgeable, and all around wonderful group of professionals. I believe that Bosley was the right choice for me. I would highly recommend Bosley for this procedure. "

K. F. 9.0
"The staff was great and very knowledgeable. They take very good care of you."

F. H. 9.0
"everyone was very professional "

V. J. 10.0
"Maribeth helped me in understanding the procedure. She was very pleasant. Dr Allen Parungao and his staff were great. They made me feel like part of the family. I will probably be the spokesman for Bosley as they see the progress. Thanks again to everyone."

D. L. 10.0
"The Dr. and his assistants were all a pleasure to deal with."

L. B. 9.5
"They were fabulous. They were very good. Very professional. They knew what they were doing. They were just great. "

D. T. 9.0
"It was good. Everybody was great."

M. O. 7.0
"They were good, I didn't have a problem with them. They were a lot better than the people over at another company."

A. H. 10.0
"Everybody was great. The nurses, the doctor, everything."

A. O. 9.5
"Just wanted to clarify a question. I did not get a phone call the night of my procedure but i left the office late afternoon. I did get a call early the next morning which was sufficient for my needs. Very pleased with the physician, staff and procedure."

E. R. 10.0
"The entire Bosley team is to be commended for having a strong, competent and professional service orientation. Once I received the communiqué in the mail sharing the information about the Bosley procedure, I was convinced that there would be only one way that I would not go through with the treatment, and that was if the staff did not measure up to the literature and CD that I received in the mail. And the phenomenal part of all of this is that they not only measured up they outdid themselves. I left my orientation session knowing that I would be contacting Bosley for a follow up in office procedure."

C. G. 10.0
"My physician was helpful and thoughtful when it came to answering my questions and concerns. He kept me at ease and the I found out why. He not only is a transplant physician but also a recipient of a hair transplant himself. He probably had the same questions and concerns that I was having. Have to mention the staff as well. They all were great and showed not only professionalism in what they do but also had the people skills to keep me as a patient comfortable and perhaps somewhat part of a family. Kudos to the Chicago Bosley team, or should I say, "Bosley family.""

B. T. 10.0
"Everybody was very nice & professional & really put me at ease. I liked that the Dr texted me to see how I was doing. Will highly recommend friends & family to Bosley. Looking forward to seeing my progress in 8 months."

N. S. 9.6
"The process was well worth it. It was something that has been on my mind for years and this year seemed like the perfect time to get the transplantation done. Bosley Medical Group is the leader in this industry. A job well done by all involved."

N. O. - Roslyn, NY 10.0
"From my initial call to the appointment/procedure to the follow afterwards was what I was expecting. The staff was simply professional, knowledgeable and caring."

E. H. 9.5
"I thought everyone did a great job. Great customer service, very customer friendly, very accommodating. Everyone seemed to work as a team."

"I couldn't be more pleased with my Bosley experience. I will certainly recommend it to my family and friends. Thank you!"


C. L. 10.0
"The doctor did a fantastic job. He's very personable and I met with him a couple of months ago and he's very happy with results. Looking forward to what happens over next 6 months. All in all very pleased"

G. M. 9.5
"Everyone was really nice. The consult was good and the office staff was great."

M. D. 10.0
"All members of the staff were great. Dr. Parungao is the absolute best. my mother came by the office I was doing the procedure at and he sat and talked with her while doing the procedure. Overall great experience."

G. F. 9.1
"The surgical team was great and the lunch was good. The doctor was extremely comforting and professional. I like the surgical team. They made me feel valuable and appreciated. I will continue to recommend Bosley as the place to go for hair replacement."

V. L. 9.7
"I had a great experience! Thank you to the team that helped me out!"

E. W. 8.9
"The procedure went well. The staff was very professional and on the ball with what part of the procedure was next. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. It puts You at ease with the long day that seems so short. Great job. Do not know about the results yet. Time will tell."

G. C. 10.0
"Everything went better than expected. Everyone was cheerful, positive and professional."

P. H. 10.0
"Dr. Parungao and the nursing staff were absolutely fantastic. I felt very comfortable under their professional and hospitable care. "

D. S. 9.5
"I enjoyed my experience and I enjoyed the nurses and the doctor. Everybody did a good job in my opinion."

T. W. 10.0
"I had wonderful experiences with Bosley staff. My pre-procedure consultation was helpful and informative. My doctor, Doctor Parungao put me at ease on procedure day. He did an AMAZING job. All staff in the office were very pleasant. All in all it was a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to anyone. I am so happy with my results!"

L. B. 9.0
"They were all wonderful. Can't complain about it. All excellent"

M. S. 9.0
"They were great, really friendly, accommodating and nice."

R. P. - Des Plaines, IL 7.5
"The staff was great, very friendly and nice. Customer service was good, I don't have any complaints."

S. C. 10.0
"Let me start by stating that I am fully satisfied with the procedure, I feel that the team that carried out the procedure were very professional and attended my needs. They made me feel very comfortable throughout the procedure, I had a great lunch, and saw some good movies. Overall it was a great experience and I know I am going to very pleased with my hair transplant and look at myself in a more positive light."

B. C. 10.0
"My overall experience has been great. The staff at Bosley Chicago are very professional and happy I chose them to complete my procedure. I'm excited to see the results of the procedure and will certainly speak positively to anyone interested in doing the same."

S. C. 10.0
"They did a marvelous job. They followed up and followed through. I am thankful for all that stuff."

S. G. - Slinger, WI 8.0
"Office was clean. The doctor was personable. The support staff answered any needs. "

A. B. 8.0
"Bill, my consultant in Milwaukee was great to talk to. Very knowledgeable and had real life experience of the process which was nice to see."

C. T. 10.0
"I felt that the entire staff worked well together and were very professional. This atmosphere eased my anxiety immeasurably and made the entire experience as comfortable as possible."

L. W. - Cedar Rapids, IA 10.0
"Everything was perfect. From check in to a call a day after. Bill Partin did a great job getting the best deal price wise, setting up a schedule, and financing. Dr Parungao and the girls (all of them) did a great job, from drawing the hairline to splitting and transplanting all the grafts. Thanks Everyone!!"

G. S. - Milwaukee, WI 9.0
"My surgeon (one of Chicago ones) was extremely pleasant and helpful. Many of the nurses were nice. They were very efficient and constantly made sure I was okay."

R. O. 9.9
"I was pleased with the staff, their friendliness and professional approach during and after the procedure. The Dr. was very thorough and informative in explaining what was going to be done and what would happen afterwards."

B. H. 9.5
"all of the staff was very nice and professional and the physician was outstanding"

J. T. 9.5
"They were just very friendly and very helpful."

C. C. 10.0
"William was amazing as was the surgeon"

H. K. 10.0
"They were great! All of them were. They were friendly, and made me feel really comfortable. The doctor gave me his personal phone number, so you can't get any better than that."

"great doctor"

T. G. 9.0
"The lady, Maryann, was super nice. We talked for a while, she gave me a few anecdotes, and she was really warm and tried really hard to make it affordable for me. She really seemed to care about making this work for me, and I was really impressed with that."

I. G. - Thiensville, WI 10.0
"Entire staff was outstanding from receptionists to Physicians."

Y. K. - Charleston, IL 8.5
"The one who did it was getting ready to retire was excellent and the one who did the follow up was a great young guy. I had no problems at all."

R. K. 9.5

G. A. 10.0
"I am 13 years old and everyone did an excellent job of making sure I was okay and comfortable. The procedure wasn't too bad and I didn't feel a lot of pain after. I would definitely recommend an eyebrow restoration at Bosley to a friend."

J. T. 9.8
"The surgeon was excellent and the staff were very professional and helpful."

N. G. 10.0
"Dr. P has a great personality, he is very professional. Every member of the staff was very knowledgeable and helpful."

B. S. 8.5
"Great patient experience. Great staff and excellent Dr!"

F. B. 10.0
"Everything was perfect, everyone was helpful. I'm actually going in for a second procedure."

N. B. 9.9
"I have a rather long history with Bosley, dating back to 1993 or 94 I believe, so have some perspective. As to the current procedure, I think Dr Parungao is the best doctor of all that I have had. Very knowledgeable, forthright, friendly, flexible about options and skilled in the execution. He even provided me his cell # in case I had issues, which I found extraordinary. In terms of the post-op care, it is also a great improvement to rename the products to something other than Bosley--having that Bosley labeled shampoo was a source of angst, Iamin raises no eyebrows. The extra pads at night/am as well as the healing spray are great additions as well. There is clearly a stronger push on your end to help get the healing process completed, scabs off, so that things can be unnoticeable as soon as possible. That is greatly appreciated! The ambien is also a smart addition--most often, if sleep can happen, pain can be lived with, and an Ambien will get you there better than the pain meds and risk less addiction--and leave you w/ more energy in the morning. The surgery itself seems to have gotten considerably more refined--scabs are much smaller than previously, which I am also grateful for. I also appreciate moving away from the mummy cover post-op exit, that was embarrassing. I was able to walk out w/ a baseball cap and move fairly unnoticed right after the procedure, which I was grateful for. In terms of Parungao and his team, they were great, I could not ask for better, my hats off to them--most, most impressive and my thanks to them..."

A. H. - Oswego, IL 8.9
"Dr Parungao was very kind and professional. He followed up with me directly after the procedure and responded to my request immediately the next day when I informed of unusual pain and discomfort."

J. S. 10.0
"My physician was very professional and spent time explaining everything and answered all my questions. Him and his team were great and very friendly! Glad I went through with the procedure!"

A. T. 10.0
"Doctor OHare was top notch and world class. All the nurses and staff were great and nice."

E. O. 8.4
"Staff was very professional."

C. P. 9.5
"More than met my expectations. Very happy that i chose the Bosley Chicago office."

A. G. 9.4
"The physician was first rate, one of the best I have encountered in any medical field. His staff seemed to follow his lead. I was impressed. The rest I will find out in a year."

"Everyone was very friendly and professional and made me feel less nervous about the actual procedure. The whole experience could not have been better."

M. D. 9.6
"The only real problem for me was that my appointment was for nine am and we didn't actually get started with the procedure until close to noon. They did tell me the doctor was in a meeting. Some of the time was used for filling out the papers and being advised on all of the new products and other information the procedure and how things work. Once we got started everything went very smoothly. The staff was very pleasant and helpful. The doctor was also very pleasant. Great care was taken to make sure that I was comfortable and at no time in any pain. The instructions for post care were very well prepared. And thoroughly explained. Mary Beth, who did most of my briefings, was very pleasant, helpful and thorough. This was my second treatment. I was very pleased with the first, and hope the second will make things even better."

D. S. 9.0
"Dr. Parungao was great and very professional and responsive to all my questions."

I. F. 9.5
"It was a little more than I expected, the pain and swelling was pretty bad but the doctor did warn me that it might be. I did get 2 black eyes and looked like a MMA fighter LOL. As long as this works it will be all worth it, time will tell. The doctor and the whole staff were awesome !! I was very comfortable and relaxed."

E. H. 9.5
"I was put at ease as soon as I entered the office. The office staff was wonderful to me and to each other. Very professional! The day went faster than I expected, which was great. I felt cared for and important to each person I came in contact with. I asked for an ice pack after my sutures were in place and thought that this might be a great addition to prevent swelling asap. Also, it would have been nice to bring something for my head to wear after treatment. The cap Bosely supplied was sufficient though. I would like to see more women in the video photos around the office but was happy about how the women who worked with me gave me some tips about washing my hair and what to expect. Overall, a great experience at a crucial time in my life."

L. B. 9.0
"Everyone was so professional. I felt awkward about the procedure and they made me feel so comfortable. I got regular phone calls and follow up by the Dr. and the Nurses. Great job."

K. L. 10.0
"Dr. Ohare he is great. Why did he retire he should have gotten a raise. Kristina and Alieke were great girls, just really good."

R. J. 10.0
"Dr. Parungao and the entire staff did an excellent job preparing me for my procedure, during the procedure, as well as after the procedure. They made me feel very comfortable during times of anxiety and took time to answer all of my questions. I never felt that they were rushing me. I was comfortable during the procedure which is what I was told. I felt everyone was very professional and the customer service was wonderful. I hope I don't have to ever have the procedure done again; however, if it is necessary, I would not hesitate. Thank you Bosley team!!!"

Y. F. 8.0
"very nice people"

J. S. 10.0
"They did fine, they also recommended the hotel nearby. It was nice that I didn't have to hunt for one. They had a big staff, I did not have trouble with any of them. The interaction with the physician was good."

A. T. 9.0
"They were all wonderful. The doctors and the young girls. They were all very nice and professional."

A. K. 8.3
"My first contact was with Senior Counselor Sean Amos, whom I would rate at a 5 out of 10. He has a great attitude and knows quite a bit about the HT process. My biggest issues were: (1) The cost of the procedure was not made clear to me until the day of my procedure. Specifically, we had agreed to a certain price ($11K - 2600 grafts) to "get this done," and the pre-op documentation and I believe Sean himself told me that the room deposit ($500) would contribute to that total price I thought we'd agreed to. But on the day of the op, I only saw someone in the front office who acted as an intermediary between Sean and me (as though Sean didn't want to deal with me directly), who told me that the $500 DEPOSIT WAS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PROCEDURE COST, ONLY CONTRIBUTED TOWARDS "ANESTHESIA" AND THE POST-OP KIT, WHICH WAS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PROCEDURE COST AT ALL. IN SUM: I WAS TOLD I WOULD PAY $11K BUT WAS INFORMED THE DAY OF THE OP THAT I'D PAY $11,500. (2) The financing details weren't made clear - specifically, how many banks would be applied to and how and when I'd receive notification of approval or denial of credit (I only received a denial message a couple days before the procedure which was unpleasant; I did appreciate that Sean took a call at about 8pm Friday night to answer my question about that). I also didn't appreciate that much of my initial consultation with Sean consisted of rehashing all the information in the info kit I'd received ahead of time, including significant discussion of medications that I wasn't interested in discussing at that time. I think his performance could be much improved if he listened more first to what the goals of the patient were, made sure he understood them, then provided way more detail in his responses to any questions. My experience with Dr. Parungao has been very good thus far: 9+ of 10! He took the effort to understand what my detailed expectations were for this procedure and from the results thus far, has met those expectations. I've had many questions since my first consult with him and post op and he's been very quick to provide meaningful answers! On the slight, temporary downside, I'd have appreciated knowing exactly how visible the scabs and scar would be in the first week or so post-op, as I was told I'd be able to go back to work, which I suppose was technically accurate, though the scar was pretty alarming. Overall, though, I liked his straightforward, no-nonsense yet compassionate approach and felt confident in his expertise in this type of procedure! The other staff I'd rate 8 of 10 overall. Scheduling was easy and the staff was understanding of the drive I had to make and how to deal with busy Chicago traffic and parking. The woman on procedure day who game me my receipt initially didn't know the details of what I was paying for and what not, which I think caused some unnecessary delay. The surgical team was good: cheerful, ready to answer questions and receptive to my requests. Some healthier options for lunch (e.g. salad or just a sandwich with lots of greens/vegetables in it) would have been appreciated though I can hardly lay that at the staff's feet!"

M. K. - Louisville, KY 7.0
"all the staff and medical technicians were very friendly and helpful. "

"The entire staff was extremely friendly and really made me feel at ease and comfortable during the entire procedure. I am more than satisfied with my decision to choose Bosley. Thanks for your outstanding professionalism!"

M. H. 10.0
"This is my 4-6th time getting hair implants. I have been extremely pleased with every visit and very pleased with the results as well. The doctors and staff have always been very pleasant and professional. My doctor checked on my progress more than once and called in more pain medicine as I needed. I travel 5 hours one way to get to my appointments and would not think of going anywhere else. Thank you so much for helping increase my self confidence."

P. C. 8.4
"Dr. Paruango was extremely patient and accommodating in regard to my pickiness with adding more hairs to my brows. He made me feel like it was important for me to be happy with the end result, which I am!"

R. H. 9.0
"Dr. O'Hare was extremely reassuring about positive results and that it would be worth it."

C. P. 10.0
"I liked that the doctor explained what he was doing and why he was choosing to put hair where he did."

W. Z. 10.0
"The staff was very amicable and the doctor was knowledgeable."

S. H. 10.0
"The quality of the physician was fantastic. Dr. Yates was very nice, I was comfortable with him. He is patient, thorough. He listen to ya as to opposed to doing what he wants to do. I highly recommend him."

P. M. 9.0
"The staff was great. Dr. Parungao was great."

M. S. 7.0
"Dr. O'hare and his staff members were great! "

C. G. 9.4
"Everyone was warm. The procedure was easier & less stressful than expected. My comfort was their primary concern. I am very satisfied with my treatment so far. I will recommend Bosley to anyone who wants to look good."

T. T. 9.0
"nice people"

A. H. 8.4
"This was my second procedure with Bosley. Since I was very much pleased with the first procedure I flew all the way from Switzerland to have my second procedure done at the Chicago Office again. I am a physician myself and therefore know how important it is to give the patient the full comfort and trust necessary. I also understand that several patients have to be treated at the same time and therefore do not expect the doctor to be around with me all the time. So all together I am very pleased and would highly recommend Bosley and would come again - although I hope that it will not be necessary anymore."

D. S. 9.6
"The procedure and the team that took care of me were great."

P. M. 9.5
"Dr Parungao did a fantastic job! He is a top notch surgeon. He went out of his way to make certain we were on the same page with what I was trying to accomplish during the procedure. I would highly recommend him."

M. N. - Zion, IL 9.9
"My expectations were for a lot of tedium, but I got to eat lunch and watch a movie and talk, so the time flew by. The procedure was almost painless, as one would hope but can hardly expect. Dr. Parungao inspires confidence, as do Christine and Christina, who cut and placed the grafts, and Leda, the anesthesiologist. They all made me feel very comfortable. But it was Sean Paul Amos, the senior counselor and representative, who first convinced me that I had come to the right place. He is very knowledgeable and understanding, and conveys that he believes in and is dedicated to what he does. I will certainly recommend this team to my friends and family (as soon as my grafts grow and I have something to show them)."

H. K. 9.5
"I'm happy to say that I did not feel pressured into this procedure. The staff that I met with were all very comforting and helpful. I would have enjoyed gaining more knowledge and experience about the post-procedure expectations. Particularly in the first month as it was a major shift in habits and daily preparation. All of the staff were very friendly and professional on the day of my procedure. The only thing that was not as expected was when I took a bathroom break and noticed that no grafts had been placed in the crown area of my scalp. I was expecting to fill mostly the front and also some in the back. When I came back to the room and asked about this they brought my physician back in and he explained that he made a judgement call to put more in the front to more densely pack that area. I told him I still wanted to stick to our original plan and he agreed and placed grafts there as well. While I feel putting more in the front would have helped make it a little more dense, I'm happy with my results and having additional hair in the crown area. The first couple of nights at home were the most difficult—mostly in regards to sleeping. The one thing I'd recommend is advising patients to use a neck / airplane pillow to keep the head up more comfortably. I woke up the first night with some blood spotting on my pillow next to a couple small grafts. I was really alarmed and this happened because I was not able to keep my head from tilting. The neck pillow really helped for the remaining few days when the grafts were setting. I know that most of the videos say you can get back to work in a couple days and that's mostly true. I'd recommend patients take at least 4-5 days of just staying at home so the healing can advance further. This will also aid in confidence of your appearance post procedure. The most painful part of the whole process is having your sutures removed 10-12 days after the procedure. I was very dedicated to applying the gels and cleaning this area which really helped. The associate who removed them was really great and told me it looked good. But also told me it almost always is very painful. 10 minutes after the removal I was fine and continued to care for the area as instructed. It's been about a year now and the results are really natural looking. People I've shared the news with are all impressed. The scar on the back of my head is noticeable but only if you really look for it in good lighting and close up. No one would ever know it's there and it doesn't bug me whatsoever. Many days I forget I even had major surgery like this. In this regard, my physician was seriously incredible. The texture of the new hair will be a little different at first, but over time will become more similar the to rest of the hair. Some of my hair is a little wiry so I occasionally trim those individually. I've noticed the thickness increasing. If you grow your hair out some you can even see the difference from ends to scalp. I think the post-op visit should be a bigger deal than it is. I was happy to see a counselor and my physician but was really hoping to make a bigger deal with better before and after photos. While I was sent my before photos for comparison, it didn't feel like there was an emphasis on this. And really, since this is cosmetic, that's a very important part to me. Perhaps when I go back next time it will be made a bigger deal and example. I was also told at my post-op that results should continue to increase and I look forward to see that happen. I'm happy I chose to do this. I do sometimes consider a second procedure to increase the density but don't think it's really needed. "

F. O. 9.5
"I like how he explained procedure & professional manner. His experience made me feel comfortable."

H. B. 9.2
"Dr. Parungao was easy to talk to professional and thorough. However, I recommended that he suggest that he tell patients that the first night or two the donor area is fairly painful and that sleeping in a recliner is a must. Furthermore, I learned on my own that rolling up a large towel and wrapping it around the back of my neck to act as a sleeping head rest (just like an 'airplane pillow') should be recommended to all patients. I was not able to rest until I figured that one out on my own the second day. Thanks."

M. R. 7.5
"My experience overall was really good! My time with the physician went well too."

G. H. 7.0
"Everyone was great, I had no issues whatsoever. They were very upfront with me in the beginning about the results that I might receive."

M. G. 10.0
"The staff members were professional and competent! The physician was a very nice guy too. "

D. B. 10.0
"Everyone was great!"

A. M. 8.5
"My experience was good. The Chicago office has a good quality of staff members. Dr. Ohare was great too, no problems at all."

S. Z. 9.5
"Everybody was friendly and great"

F. S. 9.0
"Everyone was nice and the girl that took out my stitches was helpful"

A. H. 10.0
"I want to thank everyone there they are the best i can't wait till my next treatment thumbs-up to everyone and the staff."

E. B. 8.5
"It would probably be nice to get a recommendation of quantity from the staff. It's hard to guess. I think in talking with people that have had it done I was able to come up with a decent number. They all have their ducks in a row when it comes to answering questions."

E. B. 8.5
"Everyone was very helpful and processional. The facility was well kept and clean."

E. D. 9.0
"They were all great. I was impressed. "

A. P. 10.0
"Physician is excellent. Would definitely recommend."

K. K. 8.0
"It's been a while but they were all very well informed and courteous."

C. J. 7.5
"The whole process was easy, they made me feel comfortable. The only thing is I have not come back for a follow up and to compare the before and after pictures so I am not exactly sure how it compares to when I first had the procedure."

C. J. 7.5
"They were excellent, I enjoyed being around them."

M. F. 10.0
"The staff was very experienced. They were professional and explained to me everything that I needed."

L. S. 9.5
"My Physician was down to earth and cool. So were the assistants. Funny."

E. K. 7.0
"My experience with the Bosley office and staff was fine. I liked everything about Dr. O'Hare, and the nurses were also great! "

D. K. 10.0
"Everyone working there were very kind, but professional."

E. H. 9.9
"Dr. Purango was outstanding. His team did a great job and their attitude and professionalism is top notch."

Z. N. 9.5

P. R. 9.0
"The physician was great, felt very comfortable and confident. I am not sure the post operative package for $550.00 was at all worth the value. The whole team was so friendly, the only complaint and it was so minimal was the process at first before starting the procedure- it was pretty slow it took over an hour and a half to get started."

M. K. 10.0
"I could not have had a better experience - all of the staff were extremely professional and helpful. They very quickly put me at ease and made me feel very welcome and relaxed. They were a fantastic team!"

T. B. 8.5
"Doctor O'Hare was the best. He is awesome he does good work."

S. M. 7.0
"The staff was great! The procedure did not even bother me this time. This was my 4th hair restoration procedure. I went straight to the office when I got off from work (I work nights) and I was able to go to work that night. The staff kept me feeling good and relaxed."

C. M. 9.5
"Everybody was good."

A. C. 9.0
"Everyone that I came into contact with exceeded expectations. The best part was that the experience was never pushy, especially during the consultation. And also Dr. Parangao had a great demeanor that was unmatched by any doctor I have _ever_ visited. I wish he could be my family's general physician!"

S. L. 9.0
"I really liked Dr ohare. Made u feel comfortable with what he was doing."

E. H. - Milwaukee, WI 10.0
"Bill Pardon is an excellent salesman. He was the reason why I came back for a second procedure. He didn't bother and he wasn't pushy."

D. L. 9.5
"First off, Dr. OHare is simply THE best!! I like everything about him. He is professional, kind, informative, gentle, AWESOME at his profession & Has a fun but relaxing personality to make his clients feel at ease & very comfortable. All the medical assistants were very kind & professional also, making sure that I was always Comfortable & well hydrated. I have no complaints whatsoever. & am very pleased with my Second procedure."

V. H. 10.0
"I felt the staff and Doctor were excellent."

S. C. 10.0
"my only regret is that I should have done it sooner, Allen Parungao, MD., F.A.C.S was a fantastic and very personable and very approachable doctor that made me feel comfortable throughout the procedure. and his whole team of medical assistants were excellent in all aspects and the way they treated me was beyond my expectations. nothing but the best. I am contemplating having more grafts soon."

"Dr. Purungo and his staff lived up to my expectations... excellence."

C. T. 9.5
"My physician made me feel at ease very quickly and made my decision to proceed with the treatment almost a non-issue."

T. W. 9.9
"My physician was very thorough, warm and friendly and made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire procedure. I had nothing but the utmost confidence in the entire staff. I was a little concerned at the end of the procedure when I was being told my post-procedure instructions because there were so many items, but I was so happily surprised to see the instructions printed out for me in detail when I got home. I was able to follow them easily. I was also very very impressed with the follow up call from my physician after my procedure. It really made me feel that he cared for me. The only suggestions I have for future patients are: - Based on the informational video and printed material, there was 1 woman who said that she worked for 10 hours the next day (I do know that all others in the video said they took a long weekend off...but I guess it is true, patients only hear what they want!), I thought I could go to work the next day. I would have preferred to know that I would be unable to wash my hair the following day. I would not have looked presentable had I not called in to work. - I would have preferred to know in advance that I would be unable to use any product on my hair for 2 weeks. I know that most of your patients are men, but as a woman, especially one with very thinning hair, products are what make my hair halfway presentable on a daily basis. It would have been nice to have a little preparation for this and should be discussed at the informational meeting. I had a very positive experience and was impressed with all the staff and how they really worked to make me comfortable all day. I loved that I got a baseball hat to wear on my way out so I didn't have to feel uncomfortable with others seeing my head. I felt truly cared for. Way to go Bosley! Now I just can't wait to see the results. The waiting will be the hardest part!"

A. K. 10.0
"Everyone was great but especially the nurse who removed stitches she was wonderfull and went out of her way to help me with treating and caring for incision from donor area."

V. G. 9.5
"This is my fourth procedure, and I was completely satisfied. The doctor was great and very informative. It has been ten years since my last procedure and it is even more professional then my first three. I live in Utah so making the ten month appointment might be hard, but the Dr. Even gave me his cell phone number. I am a happy Bosley patient."

U. L. 9.5
"Everyone was very nice. Great experience."

P. M. 7.0
"The staff were very friendly and professional."

H. S. 5.0
"The staff and physician were Greg and I had a good overall experience during my procedure. However the results were not as per my expectations."

O. S. 10.0
"In my opinion, the best in the nation. Experts in their field..... DR. Parungao and staff, heaven sent. Can't thank you enough for giving me my life back. GOD bless you all."

K. F. - Crystal Lake, IL 9.9
"A professional office procedure that made me feel confident in results I would receive. I felt that the staff was exceptional. They kept me in the loop the whole way. I appreciate the Chicago Team."

H. K. 9.5
"The Doc was great. Really on the same level with me. Everybody was a delight to be around."

J. T. 9.1
"The physician was great and friendly and explained everything well. To follow-up, while he did not call me the night of the procedure, he did call me first thing the following morning, which I thought was a great follow up. The only downside is the sales reps. They tend to leave out certain facts about the procedure, like saying red bumps will last only 2 days when surgical team tells you about a week, and they make it sound like you'll be back to normal within no time when it is really about 2 weeks, other than that the surgical team was great and the overall experience was great."

M. Z. 10.0
"Dr. Parungao and his staff at the Chicago bosley location made me feel at ease through their caring and professional demeanor."

M. A. 10.0
"From Maribeth (counselor) to the surgeon (Dr.Parungao) down to the entire surgical staff and office mgr in Chicago,Ill... Kudos to all of you working together as a team of professionals in your perspective fields of expertise! The degree of professionalism and representation were some of the traits that stood out to me personally as a patient.I had done extensive research with other organizations in the same industry and Bosley was clearly head/shoulders above the rest based on reputation,longevity and skill level.Based on past/present testimonials, clear/concise information and transparency,I felt a high degree of trust and confidence with Bosley restoring a part of me that I was gradually losing.I still feel and am very youthful for my age, so I needed to reflect on the outside how I actually felt on the inside. In today's world you never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression whether at work or play! You only live once! The whole process from start to finish went above and beyond my expectations and was completely/totally satisfied! All of my doubts/fears were put at ease based on the facts and education that Bosley gives their patients. Communication,education and motivation are the primary ingredients that they personally gave to me. Empathy,compassion,integrity,transparency and communication are also some of the other qualities that I discovered with Bosley. I would highly recommend to anybody who's considering on getting back a "part" of their life back that they've "lost" and allowing Bosley to give this back to them! They are true "artists" in this industry and are the pioneers who are always on the "cutting edge" on breaking new ground in technology in their field! Get your self-esteem, confidence and appearance back again. You owe it to yourself and the ones that you love! "

J. K. 10.0
"The staff was warm, cordial,and professional. My physician was experienced and skilled. I was completely satisfied with the procedure and results. "

A. G. 9.0
"The procedure went very well. It just lasted so long. That was partly due to the distance I had to travel to get there. They did so much so that I would not have to come back."

A. G. 9.0
"The staff were fantastic. They knew all the answers to the questions I asked. They were courteous, polite, and kind. I highly recommend them."

A. P. 7.0
"I need more grafts but the results were good ...I would return if I could afford it"

F. L. 10.0
"Dr O'Hare and the team were all very supportive, cordial and made me feel very relaxed in spite of having a procedure."

C. O. 8.5
"Everyone was so accommodating and helpful. Seemed to care about my well-being and outcome."

"Bosley exceeded my expectations on several levels... very nice and professional Dr. and Staff. Some constructive criticism: My post op instructions were a little hard to understand (her accent) and my recovery and seat positioning in listening, seemed somewhat hurried...(Friday late in day). Not sure why the 8 mo visit is important but will look forward to the visit and it was set before the day got started... The pain meds worked but I should have asked for them sooner... I wish they would have been more assertive to checking on my pain when the actual transplant procedure began... The day got started about an hour late but and I was there an hour early... not a real problem but it made for a longer day than I expected... Really appreciate the meds and after care kit that was provided... Great Stuff! I definitely will use Bosley again for more work... Thank you very much!"

A. L. 8.7
"The surgery went good. The doctor was nice, professional. The staff was nice & explained what went on & what I had to do in order to take good care of my hair. The one thing that bothered me was my son also went to the surgery with me & I was offered food & me thinking he as well had gotten something to eat, he went all the surgery with out eating. that bothered me a little. Over all the service was good & the staff was helpful. I'll be having another procedure in the future with bosley again."

R. K. 10.0
"This is my second procedure and there have been some mark improvements. You've added a moist dressing, hydrating gel for donor area and spray GraftCyte to help the healing process to prevent scabbing, scarring and better hair growth. Both Doctors O'hare and Parungao provided excellent surgical hair transplant and placement design skills. The hairline looks natural for now. I will know how well it worked in a few years. The hair transplant team were excellent and took care of everything from food, drink, movies and most of all processing the hair and placing it in with expert skills with on pain. Wow! they are the best! I hope this time I will have more hairs to take on the right side hairline than before and less black dotes in the front of my forehead. The new steps by adding more moisture to prevent scabbing should help reduce the black dotes effect or the doll look on my forehead. Lastly, I appreciate the great services your staff provided on both procedures and I like the results so far. I would recommend any of my friend that need your service. Like any organization you need to continue to improve the process to stay competitive and you have raised the bar of care. You have a very professional staff and your organization respects the customers privacy. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns or suggestions to help me maintain my hair for life. Keep me informed on ANY new treatments or breakthroughs."

F. L. 10.0
"Dr O'Hare is excellent. He had great rapport and I was sad to hear he is retiring but happy for him. The team in the Chicago office is excellent. All professional and made you feel welcome and relaxed even in light of having a procedure done. Thank them please."

B. R. 10.0
"They were all really great. "

D. P. 10.0
"The quality of the physician. Everything was good. "

"It was good. Everyone was friendly and informative about the whole situation. "

F. B. 10.0
"The entire team was very professional. Dr Parungao is very talented and made me feel very comfortable. Your post treatment products are impressive. Everything exceeded my expectations."

Y. F. 10.0
"Dr. Ohara did my procedure and he was great. They were nice. They were considerate. Very attuned to my needs. "

L. S. 9.5
"Dr. Parungao was OUTSTANDING--with consultation, surgery, and follow-up !!!"

L. U. 9.0
"The two physicians were excellent. "

L. B. 9.3
"It is still too soon to determine whether the procedure was as expected, however the physician, the nurse, and the personnel involved in the process were excellent, professional and experienced. All of those traits makes me feel confident with choosing Bosley."

C. O. 9.6
"The physician did a great job of providing realistic goals and expectations"

J. P. 10.0
"Great physician and staff. Will highly recommend to others considering hair transplant. "

L. K. 10.0
"I didn't have any complaints. I thought everyone was very professional. I found out through a friend. She tried it and didn't get the greatest results. "

G. B. - Holdrege, NE 10.0
"A big thank you to Dr. Parungao and staff at the Chicago office. They were a fantastic group of individuals that really made me feel comfortable and confident in them and their abilities. They went above and beyond the "usual" office visit by providing the distraction of a movie and even providing lunch. I especially thought the use of the vibration during the shots was amazingly helpful. I am thankful for each one of them from the doctor to the gals that provided such gentle hair washing the next day. You guys were awesome! This is kind of an unusual thing to have done, but if I meet someone thinking of it, I will definitely recommend the Chicago office. Thanks for all your help."

S. K. 9.3
"Everyone at Bosley was very helpful, kind and made the procedure easier that way. Dr. O'Hare was someone I have complete confidence in. I hope I get a great result!"

C. P. 8.8
"This was my third treatment. As usual the doctors' aides made the experience go a lot easier. The doctors' discussion before the surgery was straightforward, telling me I needed more on one side than the other to balance things out."

N. G. 10.0
"The office staff was helpful and very informative. "

T. T. 8.9
"Professional and friendly treatment by the physician and all the staff."

A. T. 9.2
"I was amazed by the technology and the caring, professional way it was provided. Thank you so much."

A. P. 9.7
"Everyone did a great job and I'm very pleased."

L. K. 9.0
"The Bosley office and staff were friendly and they told me all the information I needed. They gave me hands on experience too. The doctor gave me a lot of information and was extremely helpful."

E. S. 10.0
"I loved everything about Bosley. Everything went smoothly. I had the best of services before and after my surgery. Everything was relaxed."

A. M. 10.0
"The doctor, nurses, and medical assistants were truly exceptional. I would have preferred more pain management post procedure, as it has remained somewhat uncomfortable. However, it has only been two days."

H. G. 10.0
"I am happy with the results so far. I did not compare pricing with any other company. But i am happy with bosley's services and the results I have. I did have multiple procedures with them. I have no complains about services or the treatment. I am happy with my results."

A. P. 9.4
"The procedure went as I expected. The physician's follow up call the night of my procedure was greatly appreciated and it was a nice way for me to recap any questions that I had thought that I did not ask during the procedure. There is a great deal of post-operative instruction and information provided (both verbally and written), the amount of information I found to be a bit overwhelming at first. But, it was nice to have all the info, especially broken out on a day by day calendar of what to do and when. The only confusing part was that some of the info I was told when I came back in to have my hair washed was different than what was provided in the post operative instructions."

E. A. 9.7
"The Physician was very friendly and thoroughly replied to all the questions. The procedure was slightly painful contracry to expectations, but the staff was really helpful all along."

H. K. 6.0
"- Team was very professional during the entire procedure. - Physician took correct amount of time and explained everything that was happening. - Do not allow a group of patients with a big number of grafts on the same day. Too much waiting in between or have two physicians on duty if you want to be able to handle more people/larger number of grafts. Even the receptionist was annoyed with four people showing up first thing in the morning trying to get everyone situated. It's not good for everyone involved. - Make it mandatory to come in for a pre-operative (not on the same day as the procedure) meeting so you’re not trying to cram in a large number of activities on the same day and rush people at the end of the day. - Do not have sick assistants allowed at work so the patients have to be around this all day listening to coughing as they are putting grafts in along with the possibility of getting more people sick. - If you are renovating an office, close it and accelerate your construction schedule so the patients do not have to be around this at all or get a better contractor that cleans up properly."

J. S. - Phoenix, AZ 10.0
"This was my third procedure and the staff made each experience pleasant"

C. R. 8.4
"It was a smooth experience and well managed. I have had a procedure done by another company in my past and the experience much much more professional at Bosley. The post op follow up was weak compared to my past experience however. I am excited to see the results match the procedure experience."

A. R. 9.5
"All-in-all, the whole process was much easier than I expected. I did not feel pressured into anything, which was great. I always tend to fear the emergence of the used car sales process, which did not occur here. I believe that I received a very fair pricing offer to go through with the procedure in 2012. My only constructive criticism is that if I am offered lunch, then my wife should also be offered the same, as she was choosing to stay & work from your office. It's only a $5 cost that goes a very long way."

L. M. 9.5
"The Dr. made me very comfortable and was concerned for my comfort during the procedure. Really liked him!"

A. C. 9.3
"Dr.Parangao did a fantastic job of putting me at ease. As a person who doesn't require skilled care often, this was a welcome feeling. During the initial consultation, there were no high pressure tactics used to get me to agree the procedure. Additionally, the entire team did a great job and we even shared a few laughs together. One suggestion would be for the post-op instructions. While they are detailed, they don't reference the medications and the schedule for their consumption."

A. H. 10.0
"I thought the staff explained everything to me very well, and the procedure went very smooth and I am happy with the results. "

L. P. 8.0
"It was very good and everyone was very pleasant, courteous, and respectful. They took their time and did a good job. The doctor is excellent in what he does barely see my scar can't see it on the other side just one side. But I am very happy."

D. H. 8.8
"The clinical staff of nurses and medical assistants were great from start to finish. They were very professional and made the day easier through conversation, and making sure that I had everything I needed in terms of drinks, movies, comfort, etc. They also were helpful with any questions that I had in terms of the procedure and after-care. Doctor O'Hare did a great job in explaining the process of growth as well as making me feel at ease when possible throughout the procedure. My one complaint is that the chair in the procedure room is very uncomfortable. They had to add a padding for me to sit on and the neck/head device was very worn down from any sort of padding or comfort. Luckily, I had a great staff of medical assistants that were able to create an ice pack/towel to rest under my neck to ease the pain. Although this was a huge help, it still was very uncomfortable for most of the day. I feel like with the cost of this procedure, there should be more comfort in the chair that you are in for 7-8 hours. As a whole, the staff in the Chicago office were great. The senior Adviser was great to work with, the front desk was very nice and the medical staff had great personality, professionalism, and kindness. I would recommend anyone to visit this office for their procedure or hair loss needs. If they could assist in the comfort of the procedure chairs, this would be an A+ location."

C. E. 9.1
"The staff made the procedure seem to speed by."

P. L. 9.5
"Everything and everyone was great and very professional. The day went by very smoothly. I was given everything I needed and made sure the pain levels were kept minimal. Looking forward to seeing the results."

D. G. 9.8
"The initial process was very pleasant. The consultant and the doctor were very professional and very knowledgeable regarding the procedure."

O. H. 9.5
"Everyone I worked with was great. From consultation to general staff and the doctor all was good."

R. S. 8.1
"My consultant was very helpful. Decided on the Laser Comb for my needs. I am 25, female, and in the beginning phases of my hair loss. The consultant spent a lot of time talking about hair loss in men, which was interesting, but didn't really pertain to my needs in particular. I was pretty set on getting the Laser Comb before I showed up, but was very thankful for all the information I received about the biology and mechanics related to hair loss. "

B. S. 9.0
"The office staff was great, very kind, informative and very helpful. I had no complaints about the staff or the office, I even already recommended a couple of my friends to the office as well."

C. H. - Michigan City, IN 9.5
"The staff was excellent and very nice, the did answer most of my questions and I am very happy about the procedure and the results that I am getting right now."

J. S. 10.0
"Dr. Parungao was very professional and honest about the procedure and the swelling and discomfort I would have following the procedure. He was also very helpful and realistic about the pattern for the restoration. The nurses and technicians were very courteous, and hard workers. William Partin, the Senior Consultant that I first had contact with, was always available and helpful up to the date of the procedure. Even though my head and eyes are very swollen, the experience was as expected and I am glad that I did it. Bosley lived up to 100% of my expectations. I am a retired, previously owner, of a customer service business, and to live up to expectations is a tough job. Thank You."

A. G. 9.0
"Dr. Parungao was phenomenal and so was his assistant, though I cannot remember his name. Because I traveled from a distance I was able to get a surgery right away. The only thing is I wished that they could either supply me or make a cream or something to help with the itching."

O. F. 10.0

"My physician, Dr. Parungao, was great. Explained each step in detail. Was very concerned if I was experiencing any discomfort during the procedure. Put me very much at ease. Great "bedside" manner. The staff during the procedure were great too. Made you feel very comfortable and relaxed. They attended to every need- especially comfort during the procedure."

A. S. 7.5
"Had great experience at Bosley's Chicago office. also plan to return for another procedure soon."

M. W. 8.4
"Dr. O'Hare was great!"

R. L. - Thunder Bay, ON 9.5
"Staff and doctor helpful and friendly"

D. W. 8.5
"I am comfortable with the physician - seemed to know what he was talking about. I trust him to take pride in his work. That seemed to be very important to him, nice guy, trust him. Staff was great, and I was in a hurry to get out of the city though."

J. K. 10.0
"I'm absolutely pleased with Bosley and your friendly, skilled physicians and medical support staff. I will not hesitate to recommend Bosley to my family and friends. Thank you!!"

"It went very well. Sean was very helpful and polite. He made me feel comfortable and answered all my questions."

A. B. 10.0
"I was hesitant to do this surgery again because the doctor I had passed away. This new doctor really put me at ease and as a result I decided to move forward. He had a wonderful personality and was so nice to me."

N. G. 10.0
"The office staff was very friendly and made me fee comfortable about the surgery."

I. H. 9.0
"The staff gave me a very positive experience. They were courteous and the doctor took his time and was very informative. They were all really nice. The follow up went well, very positive experience."

L. S. 8.8
"The day afterwards the woman who washed my hair was pulling and tugging a little too roughly on my head. When I told her that she was pulling too hard she said that I am worrying too much. Other than that, everyone was very nice. I noticed I experienced more pain this time during the procedure and afterwards. I have had this done three times before and this time seemed to be the most painful. It could just be that I am getting older, and that the process feels different at this age. I also did not tell the staff that it hurt more this time, and instead I just waited for it to be over. Looking back, I realize I should have asked for more pain control medication."

G. B. 10.0
"I appreciated everyone there."

"I had this surgery done many many years ago and I knew what to expect. Bosley offers a much more advanced surgery than what I had in the past so I knew what it was but I wasn't as prepared as I thought. My last surgery with another company not every hair got its own hole, but Bosley does. I got 1500 grafts, I was told what the changes were but I didn't really realize it till that surgery. Every hair gets its own hole and so I have 1500 pokes. But I'm happy so far and will see how the hair turns out in 6 months. The doctor was excellent, I didn't have any questions for him since he was so thorough."

E. R. 9.0
"Sean Amos was very helpful in my decision and was pleasant to work with. Dr. O'hare performed my procedure and was awesome. I really like him alot. I trusted him and that was the most important thing."

C. O. 9.4
"Everyone treated me with respect and was so helpful in making sure I was comfortable."

H. K. 9.7
"Surgical staff was very pleasant and informative. Dr. Ohara was very professional and made me feel at ease about procedure. Senior consultant very knowledgeable."

C. L. - Amherst, WI 9.5
"Everyone was extremely helpful, courteous, and professional."

B. C. 8.0
"Overall I'm pleased with the procedure to get the hair transplant. Today is only my third day since I had the procedure done so am still waiting to see the overall end results. I ended getting 995 graphs and were placed towards the front of the head and trust that the Dr. knows best as far as end appearance results, I did mentioned to Dr. Ohare that I was a bit concerned about towards the back of the head I feel is also a bit thin but he said that with the graphs he had to work with it would probably be best to cover the the density at the front of the head. I'm thinking that perhaps if he had suggested an additional 500 or so graphs if that would have been enough to cover the rest. Overall I feel pleased with Dr. Ohare's work and can't wait to see the end results."

G. C. 5.4
"The staff was very professional. Procedure was painful for me and I am currently in some pain. I feel the sales staff was not really honest with regarding how long it takes for hair to grow in. I was told by the sales staff that it would take no longer then 2-3 months for hair to start to grow in, 6 months for full results. However, the physician told me it would take at least a year for results. I was really disappointing when the doctor told me this."

D. Z. 9.7
"I was very pleased with the day and how it went. Dr. O'Hare was phenomenal!"

J. T. 9.5
"Was a great experience. Can't wait for the hair to grow."

F. L. 10.0
"This was my second time; it was just as great as the first experience. Thank you to Dr O'hare and team."

W. M. 8.7
"Doctor O'Hare is the best!"

C. K. 8.3
"I thought the physician and team were great, but it was mentioned to me that I would be asked before I left if I would be willing to donate left over tissue to research for a $100 gift card, but I was not asked again before I left, and when I remembered and tried to call back to ask, it was extremely difficult to get a hold of the Chicago office to simply ask that question. I will be trying again, but other than that I couldn't have asked for a better experience."

S. N. - Chicago, IL 9.6
"I realize that I am a somewhat different case- woman with radiation damage, and staff was very appopriate and made sure I understood the procedures and what realistic goals are. "

T. M. - Rockford, IL 8.5
"We were very impressed with the doctor and the staff, they have been very patient with all of my questions and [post-procedure] phone calls and right now we are thrilled with the results."

S. B. - Little Rock, AR 6.1
"Consultant was very friendly and professional."

M. K. - Cedar Rapids, IA 10.0
"Everything went extremely well. I felt comfortable and able to able to ask all the questions I needed. The professionalism in which I was treated helped make my decision an easy one. I was impressed with Dr. Katona and he was willing to take the time to talk with us. I also felt Tom Johnston did a very good job introducing us to the procedure and made our visit pleasant. Thanks much!!"

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