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2000 Auburn Drive Suite 200
Beachwood, OH 44122

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About Bosley Hair Restoration - Cleveland

In Cleveland, hair loss patients can count on America’s largest network of hair restoration experts: Bosley Medical. Whether it’s a hair regrowth treatment like Propecia, a new development like Laser Hair Therapy, or one of the most advanced hair transplant surgery procedures on the planet, Bosley delivers results at competitive prices, getting you back to the natural, youthful look you desire.

Your Bosley experience starts with a private hair loss consultation in Cleveland. Hair Restoration is a multi-faceted field these days, and no patients have the same needs or goals, so your consultation will cover every aspect of your treatment, from the origins of your hair loss to the details of how modern hair transplantation works.

If hair transplant surgery sounds like the best solution for you, you can rest assured that your Cleveland hair transplant will be conducted by a licensed Ohio physician with considerable experience handling this in-demand procedure. And because your own hair follicles are used in the hair transplant process, the results will have the natural, undetectable look that many other hair loss solutions just can’t match.

Bosley hair restoration clinics conduct more than 11,000 procedures across the country every year, and now that they’ve added the former clinics of Medical Hair Restoration to their own network, that number is sure to grow even more. To set up your consultation at Bosley of Cleveland, contact us today!

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Overall Rating................................................................................................................... 8.7


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Bosley Hair Restoration - Cleveland
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User Reviews for Bosley Hair Restoration - Cleveland


M. K. 10.0
"The counselor was really honest. He told me because I had radiation, I am not a candidate for the treatment and I also do not have enough donor hair for the surgery."

B. B. - Cortland, OH 10.0
"The consultation was very informative and professional; it made the the decision a lot easier and I left with the piece of mind, knowing I made the right decision."

C. K. 9.4
"Rob was informative kind and eager to assist my needs concerning my hair loss. The price seems a little high for me, but I'm working to saving up money to hopefully undergo the procedure within the next six months."

R. A. - Beachwood, OH 9.0
"My consultant was excellent. If/when I choose to have the procedure, he will have played a large roll in the discussion. He was very professional and instills confidence!! The only downside was the call center, which increased the difficulty of making an appointment."

H. L. 10.0
"great personality. very helpful."

D. M. 9.1
"Consultant was nice, well-informed and very encouraging."

J. V. 10.0
"I thought the counselor did a great job. "

E. W. 8.8
"Staff was friendly, and informative, while general cost was discussed and introduced well."

M. C. - Union Town, OH 8.7
"If I get this procedure done, it will be by this doctor. The doctor gave me by best options and we will evaluate my situation again in the future. "

T. M. - Painseville, OH 9.1
"I was very pleased with the staff and the doctor. I was impressed that the specialist was able to set up a webcam with the doctor from home to make sure I was able to ask him any questions. "

E. B. - Willoughby, OH 7.9
"The consultant was very informative and thorough in her discussion of the procedures and risks in undertaking the surgery. She provided a comfortable atmosphere that allowed me to ask sensitive questions. Mostly though, she was easy to talk to and just made me feel comfortable about the procedure. "

A. C. - Canton, OH 9.1
"My husband and I were pleased with the honestly of the consultant and especially the physician. The consultant explained the cost of the procedure to me in a way to prepare me for what I may need to spend. I in no way felt pressured. It was very hard for me to share something so personal with strangers and the tears did flow but the staff was very supportive. They made what could have been a very embarrassing consultation a extremely positive experience."

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