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About Bosley Hair Restoration - Dallas

In Dallas, Texas, hair loss patients turn to America’s trusted name in hair restoration and replacement, Bosley Medical. Whether it’s a hair regrowth treatment like Propecia, a new technological development like Laser Hair Therapy, or the most advanced hair transplant surgery on the planet, Bosley delivers results at competitive prices, getting you back to the natural, youthful look you desire.

Your Bosley experience starts with a private hair loss consultation in Dallas. Hair Restoration is a multi-faceted field these days, and no patients have the same needs or goals, so your consultation will cover every aspect of your treatment, from the origins of your hair loss to the details of how modern hair transplantation works.

If hair transplant surgery sounds like the best solution for you, you can rest assured that your Dallas hair transplant will be conducted by a licensed Texas physician with years of experience handling this exciting procedure. And because your own hair follicles are used in the hair transplant process, the results will have the natural, undetectable look that most other hair loss solutions just can’t match.

Bosley hair restoration clinics conduct more than 12,000 procedures across the country every year, and now that they’ve added the clinics of Medical Hair Restoration to their network, that number is sure to grow even more. To set up your consultation at Bosley of Dallas, contact us today!

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K. B. 8.0
"The staff was great I really enjoyed the staff. "

W. S. - Roanoke, TX 9.3
"I was extreamly nervous going into my procedure, but the bedside manner and professionalism of everyone involved put me at ease"

L. P. 9.5
"Everyone has been great from the first interaction to the 8 month checkup. "

L. P. 9.5
"I am extremely happy with the results. I actually enjoy washing and styling my hair every morning. I actually want to look in the mirror more times than often. "

J. F. 10.0
"I'm so very happy. What a difference it has made in my self-confidence. I had a procedure for my eyebrows. My brows are so full and beautiful. Could not be more pleased. Staff there was so nice and professional. Would not change having it done."

R. A. 10.0
"The consultant was very intelligent on the process and was very polite and made me feel at ease. Was not pressured to make a decision right away, which is very important. Very pleasant experience. Thank you and I will be back for restoration treatment soon."

D. B. - Fayetteville, AR 9.3
"The entire staff was friendly and professional which made me feel comfortable considering the circumstances. Glad I had the procedure done! Looking forward to hair growing out! "

R. H. - Taylor, TX 10.0
"The staff was very professional and made me feel comfortable."

H. Y. 10.0
"I couldn't have asked for a better experience. It was phenomenal. I want to have a second procedure; I just can't afford it right now. On a scale of one to ten, the staff was a ten."

- Dallas, TX 10.0
"Everyone was friendly and they offered a professional, great experience!"

A. P. - Carrollton, TX 9.8
"Dr. Jones and staff were amazing. I was comfortable from the second they started working with me. They were professional, but best of all they still had personalities which made a big difference. "

O. D. 10.0
"I have higher self-esteem, I'm not self-conscious about my hair anymore. I'm just amazed at what you advertise is exactly what happens, I got my hair line back!! I look younger than I did 10 years ago. Everybody was very helpful and friendly."

C. O. - Lewisville, TX 7.3
"The doctor and staff were great. They made me feel at home."

J. R. 10.0
"My counselor was very nice at the Dallas Bosley clinic."

L. C. - Sachse, TX 10.0
"I can't say enough about the staff. They were all very pleasant and made this scary/life-changing event very easy. ;-)"

R. G. 9.9
"The staff, including the doctor were all very welcoming and understanding. Also very complimenting."

P. S. - Little Rock, AR 10.0
"This procedure was more professional and not a cattle call practice like those I've previously experienced. I have already recommended the Dallas site to other people. Gratitude!"

K. L. - Midlothian, TX 9.8
"Had my first procedure 13 months ago and had fabulous results, totally thrilled to have hair! Came back to do another round just to thicken up the front. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Very happy with Dr. Jones or I sure wouldn't have done it twice! Huge game changer and worth every dime. Love it!!"

J. R. - Carrollton, TX 10.0
"The staff was very caring and professional. Everyone always had my best interests in mind."

M. R. - Arlington, TX 10.0
"I would like to have a special price because I've been saving for this treatment."

L. S. 10.0
"They made it easy to have it done ASAP... They were excited and I was excited.."

V. H. - Burleson, TX 10.0
"I want to thanks to all the staff members. They did a great job. Everybody was very professional. Everyone was very nice to me I am very happy and very satisfied and grateful to Mosley members God bless all of you."

O. P. 10.0
"All were very friendly and made it easy for me to understand and be knowledgeable regarding Bosley's system. Well-trained an informative."

P. H. 10.0
"I really liked my physician. They treated me very good. I just wanted a little bit more hair, but I'm satisfied."

- Dallas, TX 8.0
"Everyone was very helpful."

G. M. 10.0
"My consultant was really helpful. I learned a lot from my counselor."

L. B. 9.9
"The Bosley counselor had a great response to my concerns regarding taking Propecia."

M. H. 9.9
"I have to say, I had a great time at Bosley's Dallas location. The consultation was pretty thorough."

H. K. - Poteau, OK 10.0
"My experience went much easier than I thought it would."

A. B. - Dallas, TX 10.0
"I felt that the staff at Bosley's Dallas site were helpful. I received detailed explanations."

W. S. - Weatherford, TX 9.9
"Counselor was very understanding and helpful. Dr Jones was very friendly, professional, and helpful. "

C. O. 10.0
"I'm excited and can't wait to get started with the actual procedure. My consultation cemented my decision to move forward."

M. Q. - Bullard, TX 8.8
"The procedure was absolutely painless, which was a big deal. The entertainment system and food service kept me distracted, so time flew by. I thought the anti-anxiety administration was a huge plus as well. The staff and Dr were very amiable and professional."

M. P. - Euless, TX 8.9
"The office staff was great. Very professional team. As part of the post-op care, Bosley staff at the Dallas location recommended to go back to the Bosley office for a hair wash. I did that. The chair was uncomfortable. On a scale from 1 to 10, the level of pain and discomfort that I experienced was a 10. The hair wash was more painful than the hair transplant."

C. P. 9.9
"Everyone were very professional and detailed, which has been very useful in helping me to make a decision about undergoing a hair restoration procedure."

B. R. - Dallas, TX 10.0
"I had reservations about my hair looking like doll hair, but after seeing before-and-after photos, I am confident that I'll receive the natural look I'm hoping for."

R. P. 9.9
"The counselor was wonderful. She explained everything thoroughly and was also very frank and honest in letting me know that due to the condition of my donor site, I would not be a candidate for implant surgery at this time. While I was deeply disappointed, I really appreciate her being upfront and honest with me. She discussed things that I could possibly strengthen my donor site, so that I might be eligible for a hair transplant down the line. I have ordered the laser helmet and will be getting Rogaine for women as well and am hoping for the best. Cannot say enough about how great she was. "

V. C. - West Monroe, LA 9.5
"My procedure went great. I really like Dr. Jones out of the Dallas office; he is a true professional, and I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in the Bosley treatment. His staff also deserves a lot of praise and credit for the truly wonderful job that they show to their patients. I have nothing but high marks for Dr. Jones and his great staff in the Bosley Dallas office."

J. W. - Jarrell, TX 10.0
"The physician and staff were very professional, pleasant, and helpful during the entire procedure. I thoroughly enjoyed my procedure and am looking forward to returning for the next phase in my hair restoration."

T. L. 7.0
"I'm nervous that the doctor may lose the grafts, but this was a definitely good procedure and I have better confidence as a result."

H. C. - Euless, TX 10.0
"I love going to your office. The team always makes me feel important. I love the process; its simple to understand, especially knowing you're getting your hair back. Thank you to Doctor Jones and the entire staff. "

- Lubbock, TX 10.0
"The physician and staff were just wonderful. I felt right at home. They were all very helpful, well-mannered, and professional. I loved my visit. "

J. H. - Justin, TX 9.2
"Everyone in the office was very helpful and friendly. I was comfortable throughout the process."

S. S. - The Colony, TX 10.0
"The entire staff was awesome. They made the experience very stress and pain free. Dr. Jones was great."

J. J. - Oklahoma City, OK 10.0
"The doctor and medical staff were friendly, comforting and professional during the grafting procedure. It was much less painful than I expected. The first night is discomforting but the medications eased the pain and helped me sleep. Everyday there is a noticeable improvement and I just can't wait until the transplanted hair grows, becoming thick and manageable again."

S. R. - Dallas, TX 9.5
"Everything is as expected; my hair looks fine. I don't think I'll need another treatment for a while, hopefully."

L. G. 8.5
"Though the manager and physician didn't contribute to the positive experience, the Phoenix office did everything perfectly. Nothing went wrong at all."

L. G. 8.5
"Everything looks really good. I could use a little touch-up in one area and I might be coming in soon to take care of that."

H. J. 9.5
"Denise was great and really put me at ease through in the entire process. She went above and beyond. Dr. Jones was top notch as well. "

K. L. - Ponchatoula, LA 9.9
"Bosley's Dallas counselor was very detailed in his analysis of my hair problem."

L. L. 10.0
"Happy with the visit, but the treatment looks a little pricy."

C. T. 10.0
"From the moment I walked into the consultation room, my counselor made me feel so pleasantly comfortable. A true professional with lots of knowledge. I welcomed her opinions greatly. As I move closer to having this procedure done, I hope to meet with her again."

G. H. 10.0
"Everyone was great no complaints."

N. O. 10.0
"quick and to the point."

C. K. 10.0
"Everyone was really helpful. Counselor was awesome."

R. K. 10.0
"It was a good experience. Full understanding of hair loss."

K. B. 10.0
"Everyone was very helpful and kind"

M. S. 9.8
"Dr. Jones and his staff were excellent. They did a great job and I really appreciate it."

N. T. - Lancaster, TX 10.0
"They were very nice and very helpful. I would rate them a 10."

E. C. - Moody, TX 9.0
"Well, I think it went pretty smoothly. there's not a lot of people who notice a 75 year old guy. Not a lot of people noticed I got it done because it was just starting to thin. Only feedback was from my family"

D. B. 9.5
"I can't remember names but everyone there was helpful and no one made me feel out of place."

Q. L. 10.0
"My consultant was really good about ensuring that I had what I needed. She asked why I stopped stopped using Rogaine. I told her I lost my dropper in the hospital and she went and found me another one."

K. S. 9.9
"Dr. Roy Jones and his team in Dallas were great. I don't think they could have been any better, professional yet very friendly and caring. They seem to have every step of the procedure down to a science. thank you all - Dr. Jones, Deneice, Amecia (sorry if I spelled your names wrong), Edwin, Kim and Laurie. I would definitely recommend this team."

M. S. 10.0
"My hair transplant experience was at Bosley in Dallas Texas. I arrived at Bosley, completed the paperwork and started the procedure. I could not have asked for more knowledgeable and experienced team members than the ones they had at Bosley. Each time a procedure was performed everything was explained. I was never left alone the whole entire time I was in the procedure. I was given a light sedation, a Valium, and this relaxed me. The numbing procedure started at the donor site. The team member used a stimulation device as he injected the lidocaine and you cannot feel anything. There was no pain involved at all. Then he proceeded to do Marcaine which is like a longer-lasting numbing medicine. He did the same technique and I did not feel anything with that. Next they injected epinephrine and took the donor site. There was no pain involved sewing me up. I felt nothing. The second part of the procedure was the graft site. The same technique was employed and again I felt no pain. You're placed in a room and you can see the team and other room with microscopes working with the donor sites to harvest the follicles that will be transplanted. There was a team of 3 to 4 members doing the Follicle harvesting. The second part of the procedure is at the transplant site and the doctor began the small puncture sites that the follicles will be placed into. Again I did not feel any pain. When the transplant sites are completed and the team has collected the follicles The third part of the procedure begins. The team start placing the follicles into the graft sites. This was not painful either. My procedure started about 10 AM. I had 950 graphs and was completed at 3:30 PM. I was given great discharge instructions verbally and written down with all medications that I will need provided, as well as hair products provided. Everything was explained. After the procedure that night Dr. Jones called to check on me. I was very pleased with all I experienced at Bosley. Before I chose Bosley I did research on the Internet and read all kinds of reviews. Some were very negative of Bosley and some were positive, but I felt like Bosley has been doing hair transplants the longest. I researched Dr. Jones at the Dallas office and I knew he had years of experience. I know not to go in and expect a 100% recovery of all the follicles because that may not not happen - it is a transplant some are going to be rejected. I am hoping for 40 to 50% and will be pleased with any that are obtained. I have been a nurse for 30 years and I know not everyone has the same experience each and every time however I could not have asked for a better experience than I had at Bosley. This is my second day postop and I still have no pain. I have taken ibuprofen and that's all I have required. "

F. W. 9.0
"Due to bad weather my initially scheduled procedure was delayed for a day but the office staff (KIM) worked very hard to reschedule my procedure the following day. Although I had to absorb the expense of spending an extra day, I do appreciate the staff and Doctor enduring the elements to make my procedure happen. This was my third procedure and the best experience of the three. Ed, who administered my medication did and excellent job and Nancy, Joann and Beth, who placed my grafts did excellent work. All of the staff working with Dr. Jones made the experience as comfortable as possible for me So, many thanks to the staff at the Bosley office in Dallas, Texas."

S. C. 9.6
"Dr. Jones is AWESOME! I am PLEASED with my decision to use Bosley as the choice to restore my hair. The team was professional, courteous, and made sure I was comfortable. In addition to the team being taking every step to ensure I was comfortable and well-informed, they had a GREAT sense of humor which helped calm my nerves. On the day of my surgery, the staff was low which caused my procedure to extend past the projected end time. However; the staff were precise, unrushed, and focused on getting the job completed properly! I was thoroughly impressed by this. I believe the staff are prideful in a job well done and work precisely to ensure Dr. Jones' reputation remains intact. Thanks again Bosely Dallas - I look forward to the final results and seeing you again!"

C. S. 9.2
"As expected. Dr, staff, anesthetist great, office staff all good."

N. B. 9.4
"I could not have ask for a more gracious and professional staff. Their caring attitude was evident in every action."

R. S. 10.0
"I was scared out of my mind, but everyone was so friendly and helped me calm down. I am very excited about the prospects of having a head full of hair once again."

T. V. - Judson, TX 9.7
"I was most pleased with the surgical team's efforts to address my anxiety by explaining every single thing as it was happening. Their energy was calming for me. Impressed with the massaging technique that made the injections almost painless. It was a bit unnerving when Dr. Jones did not explain each move he performed as the team had but when I asked questions, he was certainly forthcoming and helpful. I'm fairly skilled at masking my emotional state so he probably did not realize what a fragile ball of nerves I was."

J. S. 9.9
"This was my third procedure. Dr. Jones was excellent. The nurse was excellent. The staff was great and very efficient. I was very pleased with the process and the procedure."

B. K. - Dallas, TX 7.0
"The staff was very nice, friendly, and efficient."

A. B. 8.5
"The staff was great. Friendly and helpful. It was a good experience. "

L. B. 10.0
"The doctor and the whole staff were exceptional! They made me feel at ease. Professional and attentive! Please pass on the compliments to the whole staff!"

C. S. - Grapevine, TX 9.5
"I'm very happy with the results. They were all very nice, concerned, courteous, and professional."

D. T. 10.0
"They were all pretty good and friendly. They were well-trained and professional."

K. G. 10.0
"The whole experience was comfortable and they were attentive to my needs. Kept me very comfortable."

M. J. 9.5
"I had a very good experience with everybody there. I would expect that bosley would maintain the same level of service in years to come"

V. C. - West Monroe, LA 10.0
"It was my 2nd experience with Bosley, and I will go again next year to have a 3rd procedure. It was well worth the money spent, and I have the utmost respect for Dr. Jones out of the Dallas location, matter of fact, he is the most caring and warmhearted doctors I have ever met and his professional manner is without question at the very top of the list. I also feel that way about his staff, these people couldn't have been any nicer, better, or even more professional than they were with me. God bless them, and yes, I am very satisfied!"

R. A. 8.0
"Great office and procedure personnel"

C. C. 9.5
"Everything about my experience with the staff and the surgical team was top notch. They kept me informed every step of the process. always making sure I wasn't in any pain and that I was comfortable, or if I needed to take a break. And what can I say about Dr. Roy Jones he is absolutely one of the best that I have ever come across. A big thank you to all the staff, surgical team, and to Dr. Jones for a fantastic job. God bless you all."

L. L. - Arlington, TX 9.4
"The procedure was painless and the staff's very friendly and comforting."

L. H. 9.5
"I just wanted to thank the entire Dallas Bosley staff including Erica, Laurie, Beth, Jill, Dr. Jones, and the rest of the team for making my Bosley experience fantastic! The professionalism, work ethic, and meticulous attention to detail was amazing!!!"

L. O. 9.9
"Everyone was very nice, and made the visit go very well, The doctor was very good about explaining what he was going to do."

K. J. 10.0
"The doctor and his entire staff were great, they made sure I was comfortable throughout the process and made me feel at ease. I could not have had a better experience and I am looking forward to seeing the end results!"

M. M. 9.0
"Everything was positive. The staff was fun to work with. They were a good group the doctor was knowledgeable and I can tell he has been doing this for awhile. "

"Everything was great. Staff was very professional."

"every one at the Dallas office was helpful and friendly."

L. K. - Plano, TX 10.0
"I just completed my surgery and I was amazed how quickly and painlessly the procedure was. Great staff, I felt very at ease. Can't wait to see my results! Thanks Bosley."

B. R. 10.0
"Extremely helpful staff. CJ who did my initial consult was really helpful & he is the person who convinced me to make the decision. All the nurses were very friendly and caring. Love the Dallas team."

H. K. 10.0
"Dr. Jones was wonderful. This was my second procedure and it was significantly better than the first where I had a different doctor. I will recommend Dr. Jones and Bosley to all of my friends. It has been a wonderful experience that has changed my life for the better."

E. K. 9.5
"Very professional, and nice"

M. C. - Mckinney, TX 10.0
"This Team at Bosley lead by Dr. Jones did a FANTASTIC job with me from the moment of the first appointment and throughout the procedure. This is my second procedure at Bosley and I was very disappointed with the bedside manner by the first Dr. who performed my first procedure... He barely spoke to me and I barely saw him during the procedure (his Team were great but the Dr's personality wasn't... however I was very pleased with the results). This new experience with Dr. Jones and his team was really a pleasure and I am very happy with the results. I will definitely recommend this Bosley office to anyone who may ask about it."

B. N. 9.5
"They were very friendly. They make you feel comfortable."

E. D. 10.0
"I thought the staff was extremely professional. They were exactly what I was looking for in a treatment center. I thought my counselor, Casey Miller was very helpful. I tried to stay out of the surgical staff's way so they could do their jobs so I did not interact with them much but they were great."

E. D. 10.0
"I got the results I expected, I thought the whole procedure is definitely worth the price. I never had a negative experience and I thought the entire process or ordeal was simple and easy to go through. I have no complaints and I would recommend Bosley over any other company out there for hair restoration."

A. F. - Arlington, TX 10.0
"The Staff was great they made sure that everything was going good and made me feel that i was in good caring hands."

K. Y. - Fort Worth, TX 10.0
"Everything that was discussed or shown to me in the office was professional and knowledgeable. Even though the injections to numb the area was uncomfortable, the nurse did the best she could to make it less painful."

P. Y. 9.9
"Great job. I hope my hair looks great and if I ever need any future work done, I would not hesitate to go to Dr Jones in Dallas."

J. C. 10.0
"Dr. Jones and his staff did a fantastic job. They made me feel at ease with the whole procedure. This is the second time I have had this procedure. I was extremely happy with the first procedure. The second procedure was equally as good. They have made some improvements since the first time. You give us much better hats than last time. The post procedure instructions were easier to understand. The only suggestions would be to have a chilled or frozen eye mask for right after the procedure. That way it would help reduce the swelling even more. Other than that it was a great experience. Thanks again."

H. K. 10.0
"I have loved everything about my Bosley experience. The staff and physicians were great and best of all I have hair again!"

J. V. - Fort Worth, TX 10.0
"All Bosley members were first class in my experience. I was very nervous prior to the first procedure and quite self conscious after; Bosley members helped tremendously to reduce my anxiety throughout my first procedure and second."

K. Y. - Fort Worth, TX 8.0
"Extremely professional and knowledgeable."

K. B. 10.0
"I appreciated the staff how friendly and caring everyone was to me. And also the professionalism."

K. H. 10.0
"Staff and whole experience was nice and pleasant. My interaction with the physician was fine, his bedside manner was cool."

K. B. 10.0
"I want to thank the entire Bosley Staff and especially Dr. Roy Jones for making me feel relaxed and comfortable. They answered all my questions before and during the entire procedure. I was impressed with the professionalism that everyone exhibited. I was surprised how smooth everything went from beginning to end.They exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend Bosley to anyone losing their hair. Keep up the good work guys and dolls. My only regret is that I didn't have this done sooner."

K. B. - Amarillo, TX 9.5
"Dr. Jones and his team were great. Very professional and nice. They made me feel at ease before, during and after the procedure. Dr. jones was very kind and he called me at home that very same night. I can not forget my counselor Dennis Kelly in the OKC office. He was very reassuring that everything would go smoothly and he call me a couple of times after consultation and also the day of to make sure I had hotel reservation and that i was on my way. My husband and I felt very well about all the good care I received. Thanks to monika, susana and all of the girls at the Dallas office. Can't wait to see my results!!!"

W. J. 10.0
"I could write a novel about how awesome the experience was. I am 25 years old. I felt like I was 50. Now I'm on my way back to 25. The team was not only professional, but made me feel like we had known each other for years. I was treated like I was the only patient in the world. It was an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction. Denise was so sweet and very informative. I couldn't be happier and it's only the first week. I just want to thank the Dallas office team for changing my life. Once again thank you for the opportunity, it's the best decision I've made for myself..."

S. S. 8.9
"Dr. & employees were very courteous & professional. Made me feel at ease w/ procedure."

G. L. 8.5
"Everyone was helpful."

M. L. 9.0
"It's been a really positive experience. They were really upfront about the giving me advice about not getting what I cannot afford."

M. L. 9.0
"I was really impressed when I went to the 10 month review. I had one spot on the head, I was concerned with more hair at the front then the back. They told me they are going to make the spot right. The doctor was really nice, he worked with me. I was impressed. I wanted to my forehead to have more hair and they are going to go back 400 more grafts there."

D. Q. 10.0
"I am happy with how everything went. I will come for another procedure when I can. Thank you all for your help."

M. K. - Grapevine, TX 10.0
"The Bosley staff members were very nice and helpful! The Physician I had was fantastic. I couldn't have asked to work with such a lovely group of people."

J. M. 9.5
"Great team. Looking forward to the results."

- Oklahoma City, OK 9.0
"My memory is hazy on it. They were all pretty friendly. I didn't have any trouble."

S. G. 9.5
"All very experienced and polite."

C. S. - Dallas, TX 10.0
"Everything was good and everyone was helpful"

A. K. 10.0
"I am really happy. They did a very good job. I am in no pain. It's nice and full and it looks great."

A. K. 10.0
"Everybody was great. I had a little trouble getting there. They were helpful. Everyone there made it a great experience. Everybody did their part."

D. Q. 10.0
"I have had 4 procedures so far. I am scheduled for the next one soon. The doctors have been great so far!"

J. S. 8.7
"The decision to have hair restoration is a difficult one to make. Customers just need a little more encouragement and patience. I did not not experience any setbacks because I have been through three surgeries and I knew what to expect. I was encouraged by my wife and then my first consultant on my first surgery in 2009. On this same note - we are self-encouraged as we are going through the procedure because of the benefit we will receive as the end result: compliments and satisfaction that you made the right decision. I have received more compliments and positive comments from all the folks who knew of my hair looks before. Thanks to Bosley. They have changed my (life) and my "looks" for the better and I hope to live to age 100. Nothing is fake or artificial - everything is real, natural and professional. I will recommend Bosley to my brother in Kansas, City. I felt discomfort because the chairs are too hard to sit for 7-8 hours. Dr. Jones did call me the evening of the surgery to make sure everything was alright. I am glad I did not have to travel to get my surgeries."

B. K. 7.5
"The staff was okay and helpful."

K. F. 10.0
"Great team! Great experience"

H. K. 10.0
"They scheduled me for a procedure a week after my consultation, it was done in a good manner. I had virtually no hair loss after my procedure, all of my hair is intact. I didn't have much interaction with the physician but the nurses really helped."

C. C. 10.0
"The staff was very helpful. I was very happy with my results."

D. M. 9.5
"The doctor was great, the consultation and consultant was good seemed like the consultant and myself clicked. I had the procedure done twice and it was nice to go back the second time to see the same faces, it made me feel more comfortable going the process again."

G. S. 10.0
"I had a better experience with Bosley. The staff was great. I actually went to different company as well for a consultation but they were rude and Bosley staff was great."

"The guy that was not the physician that did the preliminary stuff was excellent. Excellent communication skills, he was great."

J. K. 9.5
"Everyone was very nice and professional. The nurses spent lots of time with me and got to know me a little better. I felt very comfortable being there. The only issue was the wait time. The entire procedure took much, much longer than expected. I was given lidocaine injections for the pain and I sat there waiting for too long to the point that the effects started to wear off wile the grafts were being placed in the opened wounds. The last hour of the procedure was painful only because of that. Nothing I couldn't handle, but other patients may have trouble with that. My procedure was finished at nearly 7 pm on Saturday. At the end I felt I was kicked out by the nurse. They provided me with my post op care kit, allowed me to change clothes, and then showed me the way out and said good bye. Everyone did a superb job. The only issue was the waiting around for the actual procedure. If it's going to take a long time, the doctor needs to reconsider when the patient should receive the lidocaine shots to minimize the discomfort. If I need the procedure done in another area of my head, I will definitely consider Bosley again. However, I will be very vocal about when the shots should be applied. The patients needs not be shy. The procedure does hurt and minimizing pain and discomfort is a must."

L. H. 10.0
"I just wanted to thank the entire Dallas Bosley staff including Erica, Laurie, Beth, Jill, Dr. Jones, and the rest of the team for making my Bosley experience fantastic! The professionalism, work ethic, and meticulous attention to detail was amazing!!! I am excited to experience the results and to help promote Bosley in any way that I can and am grateful for the opportunity."

C. G. - Oklahoma City, OK 8.8
"I enjoyed the entire staff from the Jr./Sr. Consultants to the MA's, LPN, RN and the Dr. Each had a specific job to do to make that day happen smoothly and a success for me and they were a top notch staff to accomplish this job. I wasn't at all nervous is team had all the anxious because of this team of professionals had all the answers and testimonies' to share of their own experiences with Bosley. It amazed me to see even the staff/people who worked for the company felt so pleased at the success rate that they would do this on themselves making me feel more at ease seeing and speaking to real live consumers. Thank You Bosley for making me just another happy customer who will want to shout to the world that Bosley made it happen in my life to feel young, beautiful and very confident of my appearance again."

"I am still in recovery so I can't really express how well the procedure worked. I am very impressed with with friendliness of the staff and the professionalism of Dr. Jones. He really made me feel at ease even during some painful parts of the procedure."

A. B. 9.3
"Dr.Jones was very polite and professional. He seemed truly concerned about my post-op complications. The staff was extremely friendly and attentive to my needs. I would highly recommend Bosley to my employees and colleagues."

S. H. 10.0
"Everybody was super friendly and helpful with my needs."

K. Y. - Fort Worth, TX 9.5
"Again, the results will be seen in the near future. I was hoping that the doctor was going to be more involved with the transplant part of the procedure."

B. N. 9.5
"Dr. Hubert was fantastic. He completed my first procedure in January of 2004. When I started scheduling my second procedure I completed it because I was told he would be in Dallas the week of August 19th. I cancelled other plans so he could be my surgeon. I had all confidence in him and he came through for the second time. All other staff in the office were very professional. They made my visit as pleasant as possible."

W. A. 10.0
"My consultant in Dallas was very helpful and he was a customer himself. He helped me by showing before and after photos. I felt very comfortable after my visit with him. Up to then, I was a bit hesitant. I did have a very negative visit in Austin however and I do not want to see that consultant again. He was a fish oil salesman and I was not at all comfortable with him. In fact, I was not going to see Bosley again but I decided to go ahead with the procedure after a phone call from Bosley months later. "

J. V. - Fort Worth, TX 9.5
"My second Bosley procedure was completed on 20 June 2013 with only positive results. All members of the Dallas Bosley team were very professional and helpful which placed me at ease; as this was a follow-on procedure I was more comfortable with my environment and knowledgeable of the sequence of events. Discussion and coordination of payment plans was swift and uncomplicated. I would recommend Dallas Bosley to anyone who desires to improve their self-image and opinion of themselves given the confidence I possess in the team's knowledge and expertise."

D. C. 9.0
"I am very happy with the services provided to me here at Bosley. I did have a total of two procedures here, both times I was treated very well. "

B. R. 9.5
"I did have a good experience with the Bosley office staff and the doctor. I am actually on my second procedure and everything is going good so far."

K. O. 9.5
"This was my second Bosley procedure and I intentionally seeked out Dr. Martin Behnke and the Dallas office. Having already experienced a prior procedure with Dr. Behnke and the Dallas group I did not research as extensively for the procedure last week. One of the reasons I felt comfortable with the group in Dallas was because of Dr. Behnke's more conservative approach. I felt that Dr. Behnke's counsel was realistic and practical in regards to the longevity of a solution that I would continue to be happy with as I progressively age and lose more native hair over the next few years. My first procedure was nearly five years ago. I have remained happy with the results and look forward to seeing the fruition of this last procedure over the next few months. I was surprised that my procedure this time was easier and more comfortable as improvements have been made. The entire staff was great."

S. R. 7.6
"The one suggestion I do have is to make the phone numbers to the local office more accessible. Wen I had post op questions, I went to central answering service who had to connect me too many times. Just makes a customer feel like I'm dealing with an airline."

J. V. - Fort Worth, TX 9.5
"All staff members were very professional, kind, and focused on the job. All combined, this placed me at ease which I must admit I sorely needed as I was quite nervous especially on the day of the procedure."

B. D. 9.1
"All the nurses were great, friendly and very professional."

I. K. 10.0
"The quality of the physician was very good. The lady who did my consultation was extremely helpful in answering all of my questions. Everyone involved in the surgery was very nice."

B. R. 8.8
"The lady that we met with was very encouraging that we had come early enough that more extensive treatment would likely not be necessary. "

M. T. 7.9
"This was my second procedure it was very easy and actually more comfortable than the first can't wait to see the results in 8 months"

E. F. 9.5
"The staff was really excellent. It's been so long ago I can't think of too many specifics but I know the service and the staff was very good."

L. H. 9.5
"The team was very helpful and understanding, especially when I passed out from all the shots to numb the treated area. They were ready to give any comfort necessary if I started to feel ill during the procedure. I wasn't verbally told any details about the post check up procedure, but in all my post op instructions there was a notification that I would need to come back at a scheduled date. My biggest challenge is taking care of everything on the first days of recovery considering the fact that I'm alone (being military and not having any family near by). So my biggest fear is the stitches in the back recovering properly without being able to really have someone check on them."

H. R. 7.9
"The doctor and staff gave 110 per cent of their time and knowledge toward my procedure, I'm very thankful to all of them. They are the best."

A. B. 9.5
"I think Bosley is a very useful service. A couple of things that I would like to mention would be, you don't need to push so hard to sell, you should only try to sell the end result. It just felt like you were selling a product and not the overall service. I really did have a good experience with Bosley and even referred two other people that I believe already had the procedure done. I am very happy with the end result."

A. B. 9.5
"Overall, the staff was very helpful and made me fee comfortable throughout the whole process. I did not have any bad experiences throughout"

A. T. 9.7
"I got much more than I expected from the doctor and his team, they were a pleasure to work with and made me feel at ease the entire time. It is truly rare to have such a dynamic team working together and they were so easy to talk to. All I can say is Congratulations to them for they way they made me feel."

A. C. 10.0
"The process was a little different for me because I had a long drive filled with traffic in order to get to the clinic. The commute aside, once I arrived at the clinic I was treated like a king. I liked everyone there so much that it really made up for the inconvenience of driving. I have always felt much younger on the inside, and now when I look in the mirror I feel like I look the age I feel. I am 51 years old, but I feel like I am in my 30s again."

A. C. 10.0
"I had this procedure done three times. I agreed to the first procedure after only speaking on the phone with a consultant. I agreed based on the pricing and financing options. After the first procedure, I continued to go back because of the staff expertise and positive experience. The office is beautiful, the staff is wonderful and very professional."

O. B. 10.0
"The staff and doctor was very professional, helpful,and knowledgeable. "

R. S. 9.5
"I think Laurie Field is the greatest, she really helped me a lot getting a hotel room, parking, etc."

C. C. 9.0
"Staff provided comfortable facility for my wife to wait. The eased my concerns for her while I was undergoing procedure."

D. A. 10.0
"The whole staff was extremely professional during the the entire procedure. I was very pleased with dr behnke and his coordinator Laurie. I will definitely return and refer other to this office."

E. D. 9.4
"Well, everyone was very polite, supportive and nice. It was just perfect. And you guys are the best. It was a very good experience for me. Thank you very much."

S. H. 10.0
"I feel like a new person. I'm more confident and ready to enjoy life again without a ball cap."

J. K. 10.0
"Al was very helpful and professional answering every question I had and even gave me his cell which I called on his day off. Much more courteous and helpful than I had expected."

"I had a wonderful experience with your personnel. Louis was very helpful and sensitive when she explain the information. I am not a qualified candidate because I am menopausal but I definitely recommend your company to people who may be benefit from it."

B. B. 9.2
"Dr Behnke and team were very professional, friendly, and put me at ease. Jill (front desk) was great too. I was comfortable through the entire procedure, but wish there was extra padding for back of head. That area became rather uncomfortable."

K. G. 9.5
"It was the most comfortable and professional medical procedure I have ever undergone. I am a physician and was very impressed with the whole experience from start to finish."

K. G. 10.0
"Everyone was professional, knowledgeable, and experienced. Doctor was great and very welcoming."

N. L. 8.9
"From the initial visit through the end of the procedure, everyone was very courteous and professional. Thank you."

B. J. 10.0
"Everything was great. The DVD had me well prepared and the staff was very courteous and professional. Hopefully they put me in their next commercial."

H. M. - Lake Village, AR 9.8
"Everyone seemed to go along with the notion that the patient probably walks into this kind of treatment with zero dignity and was really respectful of the patient's decision to be a hair transplant guinea pig for a day. The doctor was concise about what was going to happen and what the results could be for me, and I was happy about this because this isn't something you want sugarcoated in any way."

M. H. 10.0
"The experience was very easy and comfortable. I am looking forward to the procedure with as much patience as I can muster."

B. L. 9.4
"Dr. Behnke in Dallas was the most articulate doctor - of any kind - that I have ever met. I had a sick child and never did anyone come close to being as kind, understanding and helpful as Dr. Benke. He educated me to a point where at least I can feel a little in control. He explained that, although hair transplants could be done on me, at this time it is better to do the laser comb and have my OB-GYN check my hormone levels, etc. He also recommended reading up on the treatments and procedure so that when I do decide to move ahead I'll know everything. Thanks for the wonderful experience Dr Behnke!"

J. D. - Highland Village, TX 8.7
"I was very impressed with the professionalism and the credentials of the surgeon. Overall it was a very pleasant experience. "

S. S. - Plano, TX 9.9
"The surgeon that I spoke with was great and very helpful. He seemed sincerely concerned about me and my procedure."

S. D. - Dallas, TX 9.6
"The people at your office and the consultant himself was great Thanks!"

B. W. - Skiatook, OK 10.0
"The office staff was great. Much more affordable than expected. Really excited about getting this done."

D. M. - Texarkana, TX 9.5
"The staff at MHR's Dallas clinic was very pleasant and I plan to have the future procedure with them."

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