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1860 Howe Avenue Suite 230-A
Sacramento, CA 95825

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About Bosley Hair Restoration - Sacramento

In Sacramento, hair loss sufferers have struck gold with Bosley. As one of the leaders in hair restoration, Bosley has expanded their services even further by recently teaming up with Medical Hair Restoration. Sacramento hair restoration patients now have greater access to the innovative and refined Bosley procedures.

For anyone suffering from hair loss in Sacramento, Bosley can provide them with detailed hair restoration solutions, including FDA approved treatments and advanced methods of hair transplant surgery. There are plenty of hair restoration options available, and Bosley can help you decide what treatment suits you best, whether its at-home solutions like Propecia and Rogaine or more advanced surgeries like hair transplants and laser therapy.

During your consultation in Sacramento, Bosley doctors will take the time to go over every detail of their procedures, including how the surgery is performed and how you can finance your hair restoration treatment. Bosley professionals like to educate their prospective patients to make sure they make informed decisions about their hair loss needs.

Although Bosley’s Sacramento location is a consultation-only facility, you can schedule a procedure at any Bosley surgical location, such as Los Angeles. With friendly service and experienced hair restoration professionals right at your fingertips, you have no reason not to get your hair loss treated. It doesn’t take much to get started, just a quick phone call to set up a free consultation at Bosley of Sacramento, California.

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Overall Rating................................................................................................................... 8.6


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Bosley Hair Restoration - Sacramento
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User Reviews for Bosley Hair Restoration - Sacramento


L. C. 10.0
"Everyone was really helpful. I will be back next week to get the helmet. "

L. C. 10.0
"I loved the Sacramento Team. Great Time."

L. C. 10.0
"I received a small tutorial on hair restoration techniques."

L. C. 10.0
"No complaints with my Sacramento consultation visit."

C. K. 10.0
"My appointment was thorough and everything was done to perfection."

C. K. 10.0
"The representative was great and fully explained all my options. I am still considering all of them."

C. K. 10.0
"The Sacramento office was nice and clean."

H. K. 9.7
"At my consultation in Bosley's Sacramento office, the consultant helped me to realize that my hair loss isn't too bad at the moment."

S. W. - Citrus Heights, CA 10.0
"Great time at the Sacramento office."

S. W. - Citrus Heights, CA 10.0
"My consultant made all the difference. She had all the answers and knowledge that I required for making an educated decision."

S. W. - Citrus Heights, CA 10.0
"Not too much add, but I did feel like it was time well spent."

S. W. - Citrus Heights, CA 10.0
"The individual who conducted my consultation was very informative. The staff at Bosley's Sacramento office was also kind and professional."

L. B. 10.0
"It is a great office"

"Lobby was very clean and professional, clear instructions to office, and welcoming staff."

"Ms. Martin was very considerate about financing options... especially during today's economy, it was much appreciated."

"It looked very professional and high-class."

"The staff was very polite and helpful. They answered all my questions, and were not high-pressure types. I will say that I did not care for how many automated reminders I got, though. I think one is enough. The text the morning-of is fine."

"Counselor was good.... more expensive than I anticipated."

B. C. 9.9
"They were extremely helpful. I was told because of my young age the hair transplant technician has concerns about doing the hair transplant procedure but I understand. I will use Rogaine and the laser comb for now but if it doesn't restore my hair to where I want it to, I will continue with the hair transplant procedure. "

F. W. - Norden, CA 10.0
"Gina was just amazing! My consultation was incredible! I am making a dream come true, and everything happened smoothly, easy, pleasant... I still cannot believe I am going for my surgery next week! You guys ROCK and that's all!"

A. M. 9.5
"The consultant was very friendly and helpful."

G. P. 10.0
"Gina Avalos was extremely professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and kind. The office environment was extremely extremely comfortable. The wait was extremely minimal. Nothing could have gone better."

C. W. - North Highlands, CA 8.8
"Ruth was very pleasant and answered all my questions. "

Z. T. - Sacramento, CA 9.7
"I was very pleased with the consultations and she was very helpful and well informed."

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