Dr. Gary Takowsky


8500 Wilshire Blvd Suite 630
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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About Dr. Gary Takowsky

For about 20 years, Dr. Gary Takowsky has been helping Los Angeles plastic surgery patients realize their aesthetic possibilities. At his beautiful office in Beverly Hills, breast augmentation, facelift, liposuction, and tummy tuck surgeries (and much more!) are offered. Patients meet personally with the doctor to map out a custom surgical plan and all procedures are performed in-house, giving patients the most intimate experience possible with personalized attention.

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Dr. Gary Takowsky
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C. M. - Bakersfield, CA 10.0
"It was great. It was easier than I thought. Going through Signature Forum was easier and faster. I got scheduled the next day."

N. P. - Los Angles, CA 5.6
"I didn't feel like I asked enough questions. Although I was comfortable with Dr. Takowsky, he wasn't asking me enough questions about what look I wanted. He showed me pictures but mostly pictures of procedures that I wasn't interested in. I didn't get a chance to show him what I wanted to look like after the procedure. "

C. C. - Parlier, CA 7.2
"thank you for your help"

Z. D. - Compton, CA 10.0
"I had a very positive experience and plan to have my procedures done. "

G. S. - Corona, CA 9.6
"the doctor (gary) is a really nice guy, and he works with you, to feel at home. and i did. yes i had a second consultation all ready, and im going with dr gary takowsky. thank for sending me to him...."

M. R. - Los Angeles, CA 10.0
"I was very impressed with the physician. He explained everything to me about the two procedures that I want to have done. I felt comfortable and confident in his ability. His office manager did an excellent job of presenting and helping me prepare for the pre-surgical things that I need to do. She gave me a packet and list. I am very satisfied with my consultation."

K. K. - Los Angeles, CA 8.7
"Very good consultation experience. Dr. Takowsky was very comfortable to talk with and to get my questions answered. His office staff also made the experience very comfortable and professional."

C. G. - Los Angeles, CA 5.6
"The physician spent most of the time telling me what he was going to do rather than asking me what I wanted. This is my biggest fear with breast augmentation that the physician will do what he wants rather than what the patient wants. I don't want to walk out of there bigger than expected and regretting the procedure. He never asked if I had any questions and I was prepared with many. I tried asking questions but he didn't answer them or changed the subject. He only skimmed through my paperwork and didn't look at my past medical history. When I brought up concerns he said that they shouldn't be a problem but when I was given a paper explaining the procedure, it listed one of my medical conditions as a risk. He also said that implants reduces the risk of breast cancer but on the same paper it says that it neither decreases or increases your chance of breast cancer. Very conflicing info. This info was provided after I had seen the doctor so I was unable to ask him questions in regards to it. A price was only given to me orally and nothing on paper. I was told he was giving me a reduced price but on the sheet I was given upon arriving had a much lower price listed- almost half. I left feeling very frustrated. "

M. E. - Sun Valley, CA 10.0
"I loved my whole experience."

K. L. - Gardena, CA 10.0
"The staff at Dr. Takowsky office was very nice and helpful."

K. H. - Inglewood, CA 6.5
"The doctor was really nice and very up front. I like that fact that he did not beat around the bush. I am interested in having this procedure and I believe I will go with this doctor. "

D. R. - Riverside, CA 9.9
"The Dr. and his staff have been professional and have exceeded my expectations. In fact, I have been so impressed the both procedures have been completed and I am in recovery."

K. H. - Burbank, CA 8.7
"Dr. and staff were great. Doctor is a very compassionate man who understands the problems of a patient. I will look forward to surgery with him. He was wonderful. I was comfortable and at ease in his office and with his staff. A+ "

D. F. - N. Holly, CA 8.3
"I feel confident about the competence of Dr. Takowsky's office. "

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