American Laser Skincare - SW Milwaukee, WI

1233 N. Mayfair Road Suite 304
Wauwatosa, WI 53226

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About American Laser Skincare - SW Milwaukee, WI

From their offices in nearby Wauwautosa, American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) of Milwaukee is changing the way Wisconsin residents think about non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

American Laser Skincare the nation's #1 network of aesthetic clinics devoted to hair removal and skin rejuvenation, which means you can expect nothing but the best technology and most experienced Wisconsin estheticians at American Laser Skincare of Milwaukee. Laser Hair Removal, cellulite removal, and wrinkle removal are all central focuses of a procedure list that includes popular treatments like Microdermabrasion, Photofacial, Refirme™ Skin Tightening, and VelaShape™.

Milwaukee patients can discuss any and all of these options during a free consultation, including the many viable treatment combination options. Dealing with unwanted hair and cellulite? Why not come to one place for Laser Hair Removal and VelaShape™ body contouring treatments? That's the convenience of American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) of Milwaukee. Let us schedule your free consultation today!

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American Laser Skincare - SW Milwaukee, WI
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User Reviews for American Laser Skincare - SW Milwaukee, WI


D. S. - Hartford, WI 9.5
"Consultant was very knowledgeable and friendly. They checked me out to see if I was compatible very professionally. I walked away feeling confident in their competence. Two thumbs up!"

L. W. - West Bend, WI 7.2
"My specialist was great. She didn't pitch the cosmetic procedures as if she was trying to sell a car. She was candid when discussing the benefits and consequences and the consequences out-weighed the benefits. I have two keloids from prior surgeries and was interested in something that wouldn't cut my skin, so I was thinking Velashape. However, she informed me that the Velashape was likely to have the same result. She suggested Zerona; however, I wouldn't have been happy with the results because I did not want a procedure that was going to cause weight loss in my butt and thighs. I simply wanted a smaller waist for a curvacious look. I was very disappointed when I left, but was grateful that she was honest. Now that I know I'm not a good candidate for cosmetic procedures, I can put this behind me."

L. S. - Milwaukee, WI 8.4
"It was a very informative consultation. The staff was very friendly. I thought the consultation would be more personal where they would evaluate my problem areas. Most of the information given I feel like could have been given over the phone or through email. It was great information to have, but for me to come into the office I thought it would be more personal. Overall, I am confident if I decide to go through with the procedure that they will take great care of me."

C. S. - Delafield, WI 9.6
"I am really looking forward to seeing results. I am excited and hope this really works. If I am satisfied with the results I will definitely recommend this place to many people I know who will take advantage of getting their body or procedure done. Thank u if this does show a satisfactory improvement on my body you would truly be a blessing to me and I would try and get many people to get laser surgery done. I would be a walking testimony of proof."

K. G. - Milwaukee, WI 8.1
"I am looking forward to my procedure. I hope to see the expected results!"

J. B. - New Berlin, WI 5.3
"just talked about prices never given the opportunity to experience the procedure so don't know if it is compatible for me or not."

T. M. - Milwaukee, WI 8.7
"i liked the how easy it was to get the information about the different places that offered what i was looking for and that i didn't have to agree to anything right away."

P. M. - Milwaukee, WI 10.0
"The staff was very friendly, honest about what procedures would work for me and very helpful. I am looking forward to the procedure... I hope my results turn out as well as some of the pictures I saw."

J. H. - Milwaukee, WI 10.0
"I felt very comfortable with Alex and her knowledge"

S. J. - Oak Creek, WI 8.7
"Very helpful and knowledgable. "

L. J. - Milwaukee, WI 9.6
"The staff was great! They made me feel extremely comfortable."

M. K. - Thiensville, WI 8.0
"The service was helpful and friendly for setting up the appointment."

M. B. - Milwaukee, WI 4.1
"The place was difficult for me to find. It was just an office space in a large building and seemed very cold and sterile. I went in and no one was at the reception desk so I waited a good ten to fifteen minutes before anyone came out to greet me. I then filled out their forms and was told it would "be a while" before I was able to see the "manager" which is how she referred to the person I supposedly was waiting to see. I told her I had another appointment way across town for another consultation (at the place I originally called to schedule an appointment)and that I couldn't wait much longer. The woman then took me into a room and looked at a computer to tell me their prices. She said the fee is $2000.00 for the treatment. I asked how she knew that - she hadn't even looked at my skin or anything. She said that's what "the research recommends" or something like that. I told her I wasn't interested in spending that kind of money and I couldn't wait any longer so I left. The worst part of the experience I must say was this office was right across the hall from Scott Walker's headquarters and it was the day after the election. It makes me sick that he is going to be the new governor of Wisconsin and I literally felt like throwing up the entire time I was there. UGH! Overall a total waste of my time and gas. I don't think it was good business to encourage me to make two appointments so close together - I just wanted to check out the Laser Centers of Wisconsin which is what I was trying to do when I called but instead I got swayed into making two appointments and ruining my afternoon with the first one. (To think I took an afternoon off of work to do this too makes me pretty angry)."

A. H. - Milwaukee, WI 9.3
"I am very impressed with the staff at American Laser Centers and with their professionalism."

T. G. - Kenosha, WI 9.2
"The only thing I didnt like was that I had to pay $50 - I thought I was told on the phone I would get a free consultation....which was true, but I had to pay $50 to get the consultation and one appt. I think that was a little misleading. I would have appreciated to know that up front."

C. F. - Milwaukee, WI 9.5
"I had my first treatment and the consultant and technician both made me feel very welcome and comfortable. I am excited to see my results."

S. D. - Milwaukee, WI 8.9
"Nice,clean & very friendly environment.I like the staff & the consaltant Anna. They are very friendly & are very skillfull. I have already started my treatments but they are still slightly expensive.... I will certainely recommend my friends,relatives & whoever i know intrested in tratments to this place..."

L. C. - Brookfield, WI 7.9
"They were very nice and the office was very nice. The other place I went to covered risks more extensively."

C. B. - South Milwaukee, WI 9.2

K. N. - Chuhady, WI 9.5
"I am very pleased with the professionalism, friendliness and skill levels of everyone I have come in contact with at American Laser Center. Without exception, they have been wonderful! I believe it will be money well spent when all the treatments have been completed and I no longer have to shave."

A. B. - Milwaukee, WI 9.5
"With my specialist I felt very comfortable because she was friendly, respectful, and attentive. She was able to answer all of my questions regarding my issue with problem skin. She provided me with all of the information that I needed and considered my opinions in selecting my procedure. Overall, it was a wonderful experience. "

K. G. - Fort Atkinson, WI 7.9
"I was very satisfied with my first consultation. The clinic manager was very nice and made me feel comfortable about asking some very personal questions. I plan to start the procedures for laser hair removal before the end of June. I am excited to have this procedure and am very pleased that I have found just the team for the job!"

E. H. - Milwaukee, WI 6.5
"I thought the consultation was helpful for an initial inquiry into this procedure. However, I was not given any reading material to take home with me, no begore and after pictures were shown, and it would have been nice to see the actual lazer or equipment used during the procedure."

R. G. - Milwaukee, WI 10.0
"All of my questions were answered, I felt very comfortable."

T. S. - Wauwatosa, WI 9.2
"Ms. Lidwin was friendly and answered my questions perfectly."

J. W. - Lannon, WI 8.4
"I would of liked to see before and after photos I did not ask to see and was not offered. Also more info on the laser would of been nice. I felt very comfortable with Angie. and decided to book the procedure. I had a consult with a similar clinic last spring and although they were quite informative, i did not feel comfortable and did not have the procedure."

P. S. - Milwaukee, WI 5.1
"The hour consultation was more of a sales pitch ... The consultant did not even check my condition ... it "felt" that it was all about selling ... did not truly make it personal. "

J. K. - Elkhorn, WI 7.7
"I was very pleased with the consultant that I was with. She was very helpful and I recieved a great deal. I was very pleased and look forward to my procedure."

M. W. - Oconomowoc, WI 9.5
"My consultation exceeded my expectations. The consultant answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable in asking them. I was able to schedule an appointment very conveniently...just 3 days after the consultation. I was not pressured into the decision at all, I made it all on my own accord."

D. B. - Mukwonago, WI 9.5
"Specialist was very helpful."

M. M. - Lacrosse, WI 8.8
"everyone was helpful and friendly, procedure was quick and easy."

B. L. - Racine, WI 7.1
"I felt very pressured to pay for the procedure and like I was supposed to have carried that large sum of money with me to a "free consultation." This made me feel like a sale and not a person trying to better myself."

L. L. - East Try, WI 9.9
"Sara was comfortable to talk with; had had some laser work done personally and shared her experiences; answered every question; and was thoroughly genuine throughout."

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