American Laser Skincare - Dearborn, MI

6 Parklane Blvd Suite 120
Dearborn, MI 48126

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About American Laser Skincare - Dearborn, MI

Home to the world headquarters of Ford Motors, Dearborn, MI, sees its fair share of body work. American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) in Dearborn has made a name for itself by servicing locals who believe regular tune-ups are just as important for your skin as for your vehicle. As part of a nationwide network of laser skincare clinics, American Laser Skincare features knowledgeable, caring laser technicians and the latest in cosmetic technology to ensure everyone's skin has superb appearance and performance. Currently providing the best laser hair removal system on the market, American Laser Skincare in Dearborn can treat all skin and hair types, including red, blonde, and gray hair. Other procedures available at the American Laser Skincare can treat Dearborn's cellulite, unwanted hair, wrinkles, sun damage, age spots, and even rosacea.

The American Laser Skincare in Dearborn, MI, provides IPL Photofacial, ReFirme™ skin tightening, Microdermabrasion, laser skin rejuvenation, VelaShape™ body contouring, and laser hair removal to Detroit, Highland Park, Westland, Redford, and Livonia. VelaShape™ is the latest addition to American Laser Skincare's innovative, skincare options in Dearborn. Using a combination of Elos™ technology (radio frequency and infrared energy) and a mechanical rolling massage, VelaShape™ stimulates deep skin tissues to increase collagen production and simultaneously alleviates muscle pain. Effective at reducing the appearance of fat cells and cellulite, VelaShape™ is also drug and side effect-free!

To rejuvenate skin tone and eradicate superficial spots and scars, American Laser Skincare in Dearborn recommends Microdermabrasion and IPL Photofacial to Detroit and Wayne County. Both treatments require little to no recovery time and produce a noticeable difference in skin right away!

How long has it been since your skin's last oil change? American Laser Skincare's highly trained technicians are dedicated to getting under the hood of your skin problems and creating a smooth, new finish for your appearance. Contact our representatives today to set up your first American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) consultation and to find out more about American Laser Skincare's amazing aesthetic procedures like laser hair removal, VelaShape™ and Microdermabrasion in Detroit.

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Ratings for American Laser Skincare - Dearborn, MI

Overall Rating................................................................................................................... 8.4


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American Laser Skincare - Dearborn, MI
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User Reviews for American Laser Skincare - Dearborn, MI


L. B. - Brownstown, MI 10.0
"Loved you :) You were so nice and helpful. Made me feel so comfortable. I felt like everyone in the office cared about me. It was a pleasant environment and I'm so excited to go back!"

S. B. - Dearborn Heights, MI 8.7
"Wonderful clinic"

A. T. - Dearborn, MI 7.7
" i think the procedure was over priced"

K. A. - Detroit, MI 9.6
"This is a great experience. The providers provided me with lots of information and guided me through all the process and they were really respectful and nice. Thank you so much!!"

H. F. - Grosse Ile, MI 6.9
"I thought the staff was super friendly and very eager and passionate about helping. I was unclear about how much I was spending until I was leaving after the procedure was complete. Got sticker shock because the whole cost issues was rushed and not clear to me. I think they gave me a deal but not sure. It was very difficult to find office. There are multiple parklane tower buildings and "6" is not clearly marked, however the office was very nice. I would change whatever it is that they had playing on their little tv monitor in the waiting room, it was annoying. Overall it was a good experience and excited to see some positive results from the procedures."

J. M. - Taylor, MI 9.6
"Good Job"

A. B. - Romulus, MI 9.2
"Great staff, I loved the way they handled everything. Plus I absolutely loved getting the procedure by that specialist. She was very quick and didnt make me feel nervous or unsafe in any way."

G. H. - St. Claire Shores, MI 10.0
"The staff was excellent! I couldn't have asked for better service. Thanks!"

E. C. - Dearborn Heights, MI 9.7
"The staff was professional, but I don't like how they suggestive sell every time I go in for an appointment. It's like they are pressuring you to purchase more services."

M. P. - Westland, MI 9.1
"Very happy with the consultation!"

L. T. - Warren, MI 7.5
"I felt that being obligated to have 6 sessions might be unecessary since so many of my friends had less than that and were satisfied... I don't want to feel overcharged for something I might not need... I might go with another place that is cheaper and lets me do as many sessions as I need, not a pre-scheduled number..."

D. S. - Milan, MI 8.3
"The staff seems to have trouble scheduling appointments efficiently. They have arranged appointments for me, then accidentally overbooked and changed the date on me. ...then told me it was MY fault. I was very upset about it."

L. Z. - Brownstown, MI 8.7
"I was surprised no doctors had to be present. Staff was delightful, however could be a bit more professional. I did start the procedure and look forward to the results."

D. L. - Lincoln Park, MI 6.5
"Pricing was too high and savings plan offered were geared to pay up front versus paying as you go. With an investment such as this not everyone has thousands of dollars at their disposal to pay up front. I would have been more likely to agree to pursue the procedure if the pay as you go plan was just as attractive as the package pricing. Also, I felt pressured to decide on the spot. The consultant kept pushing for me to get a co-signer for financing also suggested I call the potential co-signer from their office which I found to be very unprofessional. The consultant also insisted I call her back that very night with my decision. Again this is an investment and making a major decision such as this on the spot is difficult. Finally, I was told that if I didn't make a decision now or put a deposit down then the prices I was quoted would not be honored; again a form of pressuring. "

T. C. - Dundee, MI 7.6
"I was pleased with the information provided by the consultant. She made me feel very comfortable by taking ample time to answer all my questions."

D. T. - Wayne, MI 8.1
"Ann was very professional. Jamie the tech was very understanding and informed me about my skin. I really appreciate both of them. However the procedure is unaffordable for me. I will not finance anything so I will just have to wait. I will call when I am interested."

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