American Laser Skincare - Clear Lake, TX

251 W. Medical Center Blvd Suite 130
Webster, TX 77598

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About American Laser Skincare - Clear Lake, TX

American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) of Clear Lake is at the forefront of advances in non-surgical cosmetic treatments in Houston. Laser Hair Removal, VelaSmooth™, Refirme™, and Microdermabrasion are just a few of the wildly popular and remarkably effective procedures offered at ALS, and with the backing of the country's largest aesthetic network, you know your treatment is always in the very best hands.

In Houston, Microdermabrasion treatments are just one option available to patients who choose American Laser Skincare of Clear Lake to help them with skin imperfections. American Laser Skincare is also known for its state-of-the-art Laser Skin Rejuvenation treatments, as well as skin tightening with Refirme™ and cellulite removal and body contouring with VelaSmooth™. IPL Photofacial, meanwhile, is an excellent, non-invasive solution for treating wrinkles, age spots, and large pores.

American Laser Skincare is probably best known for Laser Hair Removal, and Clear Lake guests can expect permanent hair reduction with American Laser Skincare after just 4-5 sessions of hair removal in Houston.

Isn't it time you explored the American Laser Skincare advantage for yourself? Contact us today and we'll schedule your free consultation with the friendly skin care experts at American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) of Clear Lake, TX.

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Ratings for American Laser Skincare - Clear Lake, TX

Overall Rating................................................................................................................... 8.6


Overall Ratings for American Laser Skincare - Clear Lake, TX for the past 4 quarters

American Laser Skincare - Clear Lake, TX
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User Reviews for American Laser Skincare - Clear Lake, TX


W. O. - Webster, TX 8.5
"My visit was pleasant. "

C. D. - Houston, TX 7.3
"The staff was very honest with me. What I was looking to have done could not be done was a laser treatment."

A. C. - Pearland, TX 8.4
"I felt the individual who did my consult was very professional, knowledgeable, and had my best interest in mind. "

L. L. - League City, TX 7.2
"I was under the impression that the person I spoke with would be doing my procedure and was surprised to find that another person was performing it. I would like to have a choice over who does procedure or at least be able to inquire about their credentials and experience before I'm on the procedure bed."

P. E. - Texas City, TX 9.7
"The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable."

A. C. - Baytown, TX 7.2
"good attention!!! Thanks"

N. C. - Webster, TX 9.3
"I enjoyed the visit and will do business with the location."

L. F. - Pearland, TX 10.0
"I found the consultation very good and informative."

R. B. - Galveston, TX 7.3
"was charged an extra $200 for an overly extended bikini line. Hope it get taken care of. Otherwise, great service!"

D. S. - Pasadena, TX 10.0
"I really enjoyed the visit and talking to Jessica, she was very helpful about all questions asked."

P. M. - Houston, TX 8.9
"The office building is new and is not marked well as to office locations yet. So I did not know where to go in the building. I have had this procedure before, so before and after photos were not necessary. And since it was a new place, there were no magazines to read in the waiting area. Other than that, it was great!"

R. S. - Pearland, TX 9.7
"The staff could not have been nicer and put all my concerns at ease. I signed up immediately and scheduled my first procedure for the next day."

S. C. - Texas City, TX 10.0
"I liked the fact that the office was convenient for me to find and the pricing is about what I expected to pay so far I am happy with the procedure."

S. H. - Dickinson, TX 10.0
"I found Jessica Stavena, the Clinic Manager, to be both polite, discrete, and extremely professional. She answered all of my questions and concerns completely, and put my mind 100% at ease. She and the rest of the staff are a joy to work with, and I am most definitely looking forward to my first treatment tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to seeing a new and improved me in the mirror!"

C. U. - Baytown, TX 10.0
"The staff was great. During the consultation all questions and concerns I had were discussed in detail. Everyone that I spoke with was very attentive. My overall experience was very positive. I will definitely recommend friends and family to this facility."

S. S. - Houston, TX 9.3
"i felt very comfortable with my decision with this person and she made the payment process clear and easy. "

R. F. - Alvin, TX 8.9
"I have done research on the internet about laser hair removal, and it's possible side effects. I have also reviewed the information about the Aurora laser, and hopefully I found enough information to come to a good decision. Based on this information I have decided to begin the process, which will begin this Wednesday. I hope I will be satisfied with the results in the short term, and especially with the long term results."

N. W. - Santa Fe, TX 10.0
"I truly felt comfortable with the ladies at the clinic... they were serious but not pushy... they fed off the fact that I use humor when dealing with decisions and responded in kind... I was the only person in the clinic at the time so I have no idea how they deal with other people but with me they were just fine..."

H. A. - Galveston, TX 10.0
"very friendly & supportive in her approach & style. Very understanding person who answered all my questions very positively that encouraged me to go ahead with my treatment."

S. A. - Galveston, TX 9.9
"My consultant was very friendly, supportive & understanding towards our needs. She explained everything clearly & answered all my questions. Her approach was very professional."

M. C. - Pasadena, TX 10.0
"Everyone was very friendly and helpful. They were very accommodating and I felt like they did everything they could to help me. I also felt the prices quoted were very fair."

R. N. - Pasadena, TX 6.7
"Three main things: 1) You need more before and after pictures from all parts of the body with a variety of different hair colors. Only having three sets of photos from clients with very dark hair/ light skin is not acceptable when the procedure is marketed to other candidates 2) That the building sign did not say American Laser Center is unacceptable. This caused much confusion in finding the facility. 3) Why an esthetician is qualified to use this equipment is not clear."

A. N. - Dickinson, TX 8.0
"I liked the fact that this company stands by their results for two years. I am looking forward to starting my procedure."

K. J. - Pasadena, TX 8.1
"It was not made known that the office had a different name on the building. It was overlooked when searching. The name, American Laser Center was only printed on the door, which is not readily seen from the parking lot! Both Denean and Marisa were very cheerful and answered all questions in a helpful manner. The pictures would have been more beneficial if they were zoomed in to the follicle pores (showing shrinkage of pores/smoothness of skin). The pics could've been airbrushed. It would've helped if there were more detailed pictures to show progress from each of the six treatments. Showing the before pic w/hair and the after one without is far from convincing (could've been freshly shaved or waxed). However, I had previously researched the procedure and had already made the decision to atleast have full legs done before attending the consultation, pricing and packages were the only detail remaining. I had originally planned to have bikini done in addition to legs, but the incentive wasn't as inticing. I feel that it wouldn't have taken much more persuasion to have multiple procedures planned, from a discount stand point. Plus, a diagram would've been more professional to illustrate the difference in area coverage from the various bikini areas. Visual aid is more easily understood than explanations, they all start sounding the same causing confusion. I look forward to working w/these ladies, and achieving desired results. Their confidence is reassuring. Thanks."

D. B. - Lamarque, TX 7.2
"I found the consultant a little to eager to make a sale, reminded me of a telephone solicitor. "

L. J. - Houston, TX 4.3
"I was not actually able to complete my consultation appointment. After arriving, no one was at the front desk. I sat down and someone finally came out about 10-15 minutes later. She asked me to fill out the standard paperwork and left again. I filled it out and set it back on the counter. Another 20 mins went by and another employee came out, confirmed who I was & said they'd be with me in a moment. I waited another while and finally had to leave to make another appointment. Wait time was almost an hour and I was not seen. I did leave a note asking them to call to reschedule the consultation. I was contacted within 20-30 minutes and was offered a free procedure in apology. I did reschedule the appointment for this next Saturday, Nov. 26th. The employees were very nice, but were just unable to see me at the time of my appointment."

A. S. - Galveston, TX 10.0
"The staff was very professional and nice, I was made to feel very comfortable and left very informed about the whole process. I will be going in for my first treatment today confident that I chose the right place."

M. S. - Houston, TX 9.6
"The staff and operators are very friendly and helpful, they put people at ease. At the same time they have a high level of professionalism. I've been very pleased with my dealings with your staff."

R. G. - Houston, TX 9.3
"I was very comfortable talking with the consultant about my concerns, and she answered my questions very thoroughly. What was most impressive, was that she tried to finance the procedures I wanted as best she could and gave me several alternatives, since I could not afford the procedures at the time. American Laser Centers is the only place I am comfortable with going to get laser hair removal, but unfortunately my financial situation still prevents me from doing so."

S. W. - Lead City, TX 8.0
"I found the staff very pleasant and very accommodating"

N. M. - Clearlake, TX 10.0
"I was really comfortable with all the staff. They were very nice and made me feel very welcome. I will continue to go there for all my treatments. I wouldn't try going anywhere else."

A. S. - Houston, TX 5.5
"My consultant seemed too be talking in circles. If i had not research on my own before comming in i would have been completely confused. The way she answered questions and pushed me to sign up right then made me feel uneasy and therefore undecided about that clinic and procedure. Not to mention the rates were steeper than some other places i have researched."

P. S. - Houston, TX 8.9
"The person who did the procedure was very professional and shared her background and experience. She also talked with my wife to alleviate any of my spouses worries. I am very happy with her and hope she will be able to continue my treatment until it is completed. "

S. B. - Angleton, TX 8.1
"I was very happy with my first treatment."

R. B. - Seabrook, TX 9.7
"Selena was really friendly (sometimes cosmetic places can be very snobby), knowledgeable, and easy to talk to about sensitive subjects."

T. E. - League City, TX 9.5
"Overall Serena was very professional."

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