American Laser Skincare - Bellevue, WA

1370 - 116th Avenue N.E. Suite 203
Bellevue, WA 98004

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About American Laser Skincare - Bellevue, WA

The Washington city of Bellevue, loosely translated as “beautiful view,” is appropriately named with its mountain vistas and nearby lakes. American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) in Bellevue ensures clients their own “beautiful view” when they look in the mirror. Priding itself on an expert staff and upscale, modern facilities, Bellevue's American Laser Skincare is equipped to perform today's hottest cosmetic procedures.

The American Laser Skincare in Bellevue has earned a wonderful reputation with King County residents. Patients from nearby Beaux Arts Village, Medina, Kirkland, and Redmond enjoy the variety of treatment options, including: Microdermabrasion, VelaShape™ body contouring, Laser Hair Removal, IPL Photofacial, and Refirme™ skin tightening. Bellevue American Laser Skincare clients know VelaShape™ will keep them smooth and dimple-free no matter what the occasion. The treatment's rolling, deep massage soothes muscle pain, while its elos (electrical-optical synergy) technology fights cellulite immediately.

Contact us today and we'll get you in touch with a specialist! American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) in Bellevue offers FREE first-time consultations for clients.

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Ratings for American Laser Skincare - Bellevue, WA

Overall Rating................................................................................................................... 7.9


Overall Ratings for American Laser Skincare - Bellevue, WA for the past 4 quarters

American Laser Skincare - Bellevue, WA
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User Reviews for American Laser Skincare - Bellevue, WA


T. S. - Kirkland, WA 8.7
"Staff was very friendly."

H. C. - Mercer Island, WA 8.9
"The office environment seemed to be really professional. The consultant was knowledgeable of the procedure of my interest. The only downsides were the price and the length of the procedure. The price was way too high than I have expected it would be. In addition, it takes just way too long to complete the procedure. It was quite different of what I was aware of or heard of from other experienced clients. I thought I would be seen by a specialist to determine how many treatments would be enough. But it did not happen but I was given to a set price for two year program. I am considering to meet with a few other specialists and then will decide where I would receive the treatment. Too expensive!!! Cannot believe the original price is over $1800. The discounted price didn't help a lot either. "

C. H. - Renton, WA 8.1
"Very Friendly. "

K. R. - Redmond, WA 7.3
"Although the office staff was a bit rude and left me waiting for 45 minutes before I was seen, the actual consultant was awesome. The consultant explained she was running late. The gals behind the desk just took my paperwork and that was it. They never attempted to make me feel comfortable at all. The only reason I'm not getting the procedure is I have blonde hair and I'm not a candidate. :("

J. N. - Bothell, WA 3.1
"I arrived 15 minutes early. I filled out the paper work. My appointment time arrived and after another 1/2 hour I left. If I can hurry to make my appointment time then someone should have seen me or at least told me how much longer it would be. As a possible customer you made a terrible first impression and I don't think it would be wise to have you preform any procedures. I will say your staff was pleasant and I had no clue that this appointment would turn out with me leaving before seeing anyone. I am no longer interested in doing business with you. Thank your for your time."

N. K. - Bellevue, WA 9.1
"The overall experience was very good, and each and everything was well taken care of. I have already started up with my treatment after full and final satisfaction and agreement."

N. S. - Bellevue, WA 9.3
"I had the first of six laser hair removal treatments that day. Everything went smoothly. I would have preferred some kind of numbing creme instead of ice. Mostly because this is the first time I have done anything other than shave my underarms. I must say, I don't think I was ready for the amount of pain. Yes, it was quick,painful but quick. Thankfully the staff were very helpful and friendly. "

B. O. - Bellevue, WA 7.7
"Very Professional"

J. M. - Bellevue, WA 5.6
"The office is tricky to find. I found the building all right, but the office itself was not clearly marked. The professional who I was seeing seemed indifferent about me doing the procedure. She was not convicible and did not show me any before or after pictures. She did not ask any questions about why I wanted the procedure done, what my expectations were. She provided very basic overview of laser hair removal procedure and provided bare minimum answers to my questions. I will probably have consultations with other facilities first to see if I can find someone who makes me feel more welcomed and comfortable."

C. S. - Redmand, WA 7.2
"It was unpleasant feeling pressured to commit to purchasing a package (if you don't you won't get the special 20% off) A more honest approach would be giving a price for the patient to consider and compare with other providers. "

K. K. - Issaquah, WA 5.7
"I felt extremely pressured and if I was given a "sales pitch" for something I consider a medical procedure. I was pressured to sign the agreement right then & there. When I told her I wanted at least the afternoon to think about it, she agreed, but called me within 2 hours to see if I'd made up my mind - again WAY too much pressure on sales!!! I returned to the office because the special (20%) off seemed too good to pass up, even though I wasn't comfortable with their business practice of selling. When I told the assistant manager how I was feeling, she was WONDERFUL. She sat me down and walked thru my concerns, etc. It was because of her that I signed up. Had she not been there, I would have likely turned this clinic down and visited another specialist. When something is this expensive, and is a long term decision, I don't think I should feel like I'm at a used car lot! "

J. F. - Snoqualmie, WA 9.9
"I had a tough day at work, it was raining and traffic was horrible getting to the appointment. However, the professionalism of your staff got me past the frustrations of the day and feel good about my decision to use your services."

L. J. - Normandy Park, WA 7.0
"The staff is very professional!"

P. F. - Auburn, WA 8.8
"Amy was very helpful and knowledgeable. It made me extremely comfortable that the professionalism was important to them and it showed."

N. M. - Belleview, WA 8.1
"Though I liked their promotional offer of giving $250 off any package + 1 microdermabrasion treatment, I feel costs are still too higher. American Laser being a big company now, should work on giving low cost packages, it will increase their clintele as they already have very good consultants and specialists."

J. B. - Maple Valley, WA 7.6
"I had the procedure done on 2 areas this morning. Everyone was very nice and professional. "

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