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7475 Poplar Pike
Germantown, TN 38138

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About Dr. Gregory Laurence

Dr. Greg Laurence has been offering state-of-the-art approaches to cosmetic surgery in Germantown, TN for over a decade. As a Board Certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Laurence treats each patient as a unique case and will provide his patients with a number of treatment options that can help them reach their unique cosmetic goals.

Dr. Laurence is a perfect match for patients searching for innovative surgical techniques to standard cosmetic procedures. This Memphis cosmetic surgeon specializes in the highly advanced "Belly Button" or transambilical breast augmentation (which eliminates unnecessary scarring), as well as "tumescent" anesthesia which causes little if any side effects and speeds up recovery time by up to 50 percent! This cosmetic surgeon in Memphis also specializes in Tummy Tucks and Short Scar Facelifts (S-Lifts).

If you're searching for a cosmetic surgeon in the Memphis area, Dr. Laurence should be at the top of your list. Located near the Train Station, Dr. Laurence provides incredible cosmetic treatments to Bartlett, Memphis, and Desoto County, MS. Contact us today to learn more about cosmetic and plastic surgery in Germantown, TN and to arrange your complimentary consultation.

Whether you're looking for breast augmentation in Germantown or S-Lift facelifts in Bartlett, Dr. Laurence is the Memphis cosmetic surgeon for you.

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Overall Rating................................................................................................................... 9.2


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Dr. Gregory Laurence
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User Reviews for Dr. Gregory Laurence


N. K. - Memphis, TN 8.7
"I LOVED Dr. Greg Laurence and can not wait to be able to go back to complete the work I am having done."

G. S. - Millington, TN 8.0
"I love Dr. Lawrence and the staff. They were very friendly and helpful. When I decide to get the operation done I will go to Dr. Lawrence and his staff."

C. W. - Ripley, TN 8.4
"Dr Laurence and his staff are the best -- professionally, clinically and personally -- they make their patients feel very comfortable and safe. any thing i needed they scheduled to accommodate my schedule. I will recommend patients to dr laurence"

D. E. - Collierville, TN 7.6
"We didn't touch on some subjects because of time constraints... on my part. It was a great consult and I will plan to do at least one of the procedures as soon as possible. "

M. F. - Germantown, TN 9.1
"Loved the doctor & his staff! I am seriously considering the procedure."

M. B. - Olive Branch, MS 10.0
"I really enjoyed the visit. I felt very comfortable and at ease with the doctor and staff."

A. B. - Hernando, MS 9.7
"I like that it is a small practice, where the team is comfortable and used to working together everyday. I am nervous but confident that I'll be taken care of."

C. C. - Newbern, TN 10.0
"Dr.Greg and his staff was very friendly. They answered all of my questions and made me feel very comfortable. I can not wait to have my procedure done by Dr. Greg."

B. C. - Ripley, TN 10.0
"Dr. Laurence and his staff are exceptional."

A. G. - Ramer, TN 10.0
"I really enjoyed the time that Dr. Laurence and his staff took with me and my husband. They were very professional, yet very personable... a nice and unfortunately, rare combination to find! Thanks, Gina, for your patience and kindness with me and my ton of questions!"

L. M. - Cordova, TN 8.5
"I have been emailing Ms Gina DeAngelis and she has been so helpful with answering all of my questions. I had scheduled a date to have breast augmentation done on 3/18, but unfortunately the financing part didn't go through. I am going to explore other avenues and I am hoping to get the funds to make this happen soon. I have always wanted to get this done and now that my children are grown and I don't plan to have any more children, this is the perfect time. When I am ready, I will definitely go with Dr Laurence :)"

L. M. - Cordova, TN 9.7
"I must thank both Ms Gina and Dr Laurence for making me feel so comfortable and answering all of my questions. I am really considering having this procedure done after all my research. I look forward to seeing them again in March, that's when I plan to have this done."

A. J. - Covington, TN 10.0
"Dr. Laurence is great! I am READY for this!"

M. T. - Walls, MS 9.6
"I really liked the dr and staff but felt his pricing was a little steep based upon pricing research. tehy were very pleasant and made you feel really excited and comfortable."

S. M. - Memphis, TN 10.0
"Highly impressed with the amount of time the doctor spent personally with me answering questions and addressing concerns. Wonderful ambiance and staff. Excellent even when compared with other similar practices in the area!"

B. B. - Ripley, TN 10.0
"Extremely pleased with all aspects of my consult and very confident in my decision to use this doctor for my procedure. The staff were wonderful to me. They made me feel very comfortable and right at home!"

B. B. - Southaven, MS 10.0
"The staff and atmosphere were very pleasant and comfortable. It made what would usually feel like an intimidating doctor office/hospital setting and made it feel very homey. The Dr. was very professional yet also made you feel as if he was there for you and did not rush us in any way. I will definitely recommend this practice to friends/family."

B. A. - Collierville, TN 8.9
"I could not be happier with Dr. Laurence, his staff, and his expertise! I will continue to sing his praises. Thank you!"

C. P. - Cordova, TN 9.2
"The atmosphere of the office was very inviting. While waiting staff comes out to visit and makes you feel very welcome. I felt more like an old friend coming to visit than I did a patient. My job is very demanding and they were always willing to work with me even when my schedule changed at the last minute. The staff realizes the importance of timely follow up visits and does everything in their power to get you in when you need to be. Dr Laurence made and exception and did my surgery on a Friday so I would not have to miss too much work. This exception caused staff to have to come in on a Saturday to check on me. I feel this was going above and beyond what another doctor office would have done. The best compliment I can offer is that I have already recommended Germantown Aesthetics to others."

B. A. - Collierville, TN 9.5
"I am very much looking forward to my procedure. My experience thus far with Dr. Laurence and his staff has been nothing but positive and encouraging! "

R. L. - Memphis, TN 9.4
"Dr. Laurence and staff were very friendly and informative. They make you feel very comfortable and are willing to answer any of your questions"

G. C. - Memphis, TN 9.2
"Dr. Laurence's strengths include being a professor at a University and knowing and using the latest technology available. He has great interpersonal skills and so does his staff. I found no weaknesses."

C. A. - Medina, TN 10.0
"I was very pleased with Dr. Greg Laurence's whole medical practice. From the minute I walked into the office I was treated very nicely, and felt very comfortable. As soon as I met Dr. Laurence I knew he was the one who I would want to do my surgery...I wish now I would have found him first and saved all of that wasted time with the others. I have never had a doctor spend as much time going into detail like he did to make sure I understood everything, and it's made me think very highly of him.... I am no longer scared of the procedure after he talked with me, and I'm actually looking forward to it... I will tell anyone who is considering having this surgery that Dr.Laurence is the one you need to go see..... he's got an office full of wonderful people who actually care about you as a person."

K. S. - Memphis, TN 10.0
"Dr. Laurence is one of the most brilliant, dedicated, and informed physicians of our time. He had the wisdom to know that my implants needed to come out first when other plastic surgeons were insisting on painful tests and procedures before even considering removing them. I had become very ill from both implants rupturing and have begun the healing process since they were removed. His entire staff is cordial and informed and see to it that you are taken care of from the time you come in until you leave. I highly, highly recommend this physician. I was so very fortunate to obtain his services."

J. B. - Memphis, TN 10.0
"Dr. Laurence was very nice and helpful. He made me feel comfortable. I will have this procedure done, and soon! I really enjoyed the staff. Everyone was very nice."

D. M. - Memphis, TN 9.6
"Building a great rapport with the doctor; the staff was very warm and pleasant. I look forward to my procedure. Within minutes, I had a strong inclination that this would be the doctor to perform my breast augmentation. "

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