American Laser Skincare - Langhorne, PA

582 Middletown Blvd. Suite B-22
Langhorne, PA 19047

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About American Laser Skincare - Langhorne, PA

On the eastern edge of Pennsylvania, Langhorne is a community west of Levittown and Trenton, NJ. Langhorne residents don't like to spend a lot of time and energy correcting blemishes, unwanted hair, or tired skin. That's why Langhorne relies on American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) to treat their aesthetic troubles with the most advanced, non-surgical procedures available. Specializing in laser hair removal and laser skin rejuvenation, American Laser Skincare in Langhorne can eliminate skin problems for good! Currently providing the best laser hair removal system on the market, American Laser Skincare in Langhorne can treat and remove unwanted hair for all skin and hair types, including red, blonde, and gray hair.

In addition to incredible laser hair removal procedures, the American Laser Skincare in Langhorne provides IPL Photofacial, ReFirme™ skin tightening, Microdermabrasion, VelaShape™ body contouring, and cellulite treatments to Levittown, Doylestown, Feasterville-Trevose, and Trenton, NJ. VelaShape™ is the latest addition to American Laser Skincare's innovative, skin care options in Langhorne and Bucks County. Cellulite doesn't stand a chance these days against American Laser Skincare's VelaShape™ contouring treatments. Using a combination of Elos™ technology (radio frequency and infrared energy) and a mechanical rolling massage, VelaShape™ stimulates deep skin tissues to increase collagen production and simultaneously alleviates muscle pain. Highly effective at reducing the appearance of fat cells and cellulite, VelaShape™ is also drug and side effect-free!

To rejuvenate skin tone and eradicate superficial spots and scars, American Laser Skincare in Bucks County recommends Microdermabrasion and IPL Photofacial to Levittown and Langhorne. Wrinkles, sun damage, large pores, and even rosacea are cleared up quickly and safely with American Laser Skincare's modern treatments in crystal exfoliation and light based energy techniques. Langhorne's Microdermabrasion patients rely on American Laser Skincare to create a noticeable difference in skin tone right away!

Aging skin patients in Langhorne, Woodbourne and Levittown choose Botox injections at American Laser Skincare for treating their unwanted facial wrinkles and crow’s feet. For enhancing thin lips, eliminating wrinkles and correcting facial lipoatrophy, patients of West Trenton and Langhorne choose Juvederm and Radiesse injections.

Don't waste any more of your valuable time dealing with pesky skin problems; let American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) encourage your skin to work for you, rather than against you! Contact one of our representatives to learn more about American Laser Skincare's laser skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal in Langhorne, PA. A highly trained American Laser Skincare aesthetician will give you an individual assessment and create a personal treatment plan based on your skin's specific needs; because at American Laser Skincare, the staff is dedicated to meeting each and every customer's individual skin goals. Give us a call to learn more about what VelaShape™ Microdermabrasion, or laser hair removal in Bucks County, PA, can do for you; or to get connected with an American Laser Skincare professional and set up your free consultation!

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American Laser Skincare - Langhorne, PA
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User Reviews for American Laser Skincare - Langhorne, PA


C. C. - Bristol, PA 9.6
"I look forward to the appt. I had all my questions answered and felt that if I was not satisfied with the Botox after a week or two that I could get a tweak. I am limited on money so that made me decide to make the appt. If she did not offer that I would not have returned."

A. P. - Bensalem, PA 9.1
"I was very happy with my visit. The adviser was able to answer all of my questions and very helping to cover my every concern. "

J. P. - Bensalem, PA 9.2
"Very professional; got a good understanding of what the procedure is like and what the end results could be"

H. F. - Trenton, NJ 7.1
"The laser hair removal "specialists" at Levittown senter do not work professionally. They work too fast on my body, like they are always in a hurry, skipping some areas of my body (which I paid for), and acting that they don't care or do not notice. I paid big money for this service, and I would like these cosmetologists to take their time and work patiently, miticulously, and accurately. One lady I should menion, though - Rachel. She was really amazing, caring, helping, and working on my body wery well and accurately. I actually felt that I lost MUCH more hair after her session with me than after the sessions with other women cosmetologists working in Levittown office."

J. H. - Princeton, NJ 7.9
"I felt confortable with the staff"

L. H. - Bensalem, PA 8.9
"It would have been nice if the esthetician looked or even ask me first what I truly would like to have done or looked at my face before slapping on cold cream. It would have been nice and would have been what I was looking for. The consultation sucked it was all about money. Not professional. Take some pride in the individual. I want a certain touch when it comes to my face. look at her from a lamp magnifying glass. I will let her know next time Im there. Exactly what I want her to do. Geeez "

K. W. - Newtown, PA 10.0
"Alyssa did a really amazing job of fully explaining the eMatrix system. I am unable to afford this procedure at this point but appreciated the information and was impressed by the before and after pictures."

K. K. - Langhorne, PA 7.9
"Overall felt was good."

Q. M. - Croyton, PA 10.0
"I was very satisfied with the way Lisa explained things to me. I had a consultation with another company 4 days prior and they weren't nearly as informative as Lisa was. Thank you so much and I'm looking forward to my treatments. Lisa is awesome!"

S. M. - Trenton, NJ 9.6
"The visit was very informative. I felt comfortable with the overall environment in the offices.The staff was pleasant and professional. After the consultation, I began the process."

D. S. - Yardley, PA 5.2
"Found the ofrice barren and not alive= caution about feasability of actual business practice. Am very uncomfortable about having the procedure done w/out direct, on sight, over sight. I always have my procedures conducted w/in a physician's office. Personnel was very polite and as professional as a non-medically qualified person could be. "

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