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About Bosley Hair Restoration - Orlando

Orlando hair loss sufferers can experience the magic of on of the largest hair restoration companies in the world: BosleyMedical! In Orlando, FL, hair transplant surgery is always performed by highly skilled hair restoration practitioners at Bosley. Since 1972, the Bosley team has been specializing in advanced hair restoration technology and treatment solutions for local hair loss patients. Today, Bosley has over 70 hair loss consult clinics nationwide, and performs over 11,000 hair transplant surgeries annually!

At the Bosley clinic in Orlando, hair transplant surgery consultations are free for both men and women! Consultation appointments generally include a complimentary hair and scalp analysis, customized treatment recommendations, and an in-depth discussion about hair transplant surgery costs, risks and recovery—all with a trained Bosley hair transplant surgeon.

If Orlando hair loss patients are deemed candidates for hair transplant surgery, they may even qualify for same-day hair transplant services after their consultation! Bosley's on-site surgical suite can be reserved ahead of time, allowing select Orlando patients to expedite their hair restoration process.

Other popular Bosley hair restoration services in Orlando include eyebrow restoration, Propecia, laser hair therapy and Rogaine! Enjoy the delightful feeling of a full head of hair complements of Bosley specialists. If you'd like more information about hair transplant surgery or follicular unit transplantation in Orlando, FL, or want to schedule your free Bosley consultation, contact our representatives today!

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K. M. - Winter Garden, FL 10.0
"The consultant was comprehensive and answered all my questions and objections to my satisfaction. The doctor showed expertise, passion and compassion for me and his profession. The environment of the facility was warm and inviting. "

K. K. 10.0
"I feel like I have more hair and its thicker. It is such a huge difference. I look completely different. "

R. A. - Arcadia, FL 10.0
"Second procedure by Dr. Rodillo, far superior than the first experience. This time additional pain meds were given when requested. Procedure was completed in a timely manner. Staff very professional, patient and helpful."

L. S. - Clearwater, FL 10.0
"At first I was a little scared about the procedure however when it was all said and done they walked me through the process and made me feel at home. I was very impress. Thank you guys so much "

E. E. - Maitland, FL 10.0
"Outstanding team in Orlando!"

J. S. - Winter Park, FL 10.0
"Everything and everyone were fantastic! The only recommendation I might make, to reduce discomfort, is to numb the eyebrow area prior to inserting the needle with the lidocaine (This was REALLY painful and I have a very high tolerance for pain!). Dr. Rodillo was wonderful: warm, friendly, courteous, professional, always with a smile on his face. The staff was very friendly and professional as well. All did an awesome job!!"

E. P. - Ocala, FL 10.0
"Dr Leavitt's team has to be one of the best around, they took care of me through out my procedure with the best care. Dr Leavitt has to be the best, his attention to deal before me procedure was second to none. During my procedure and post op I knew just what to expect. So far everything has exceeded my expectations by a long long way. I would highly recommend Dr Leavitt to anyone needing a transplant. Also, I speak from experience as I've had 4 procedures from 2 other doctors. Dr Leavitt and his team are simply the best."

A. H. - Geneva, FL 10.0
"Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable."

T. M. 10.0
"I am so happy the results have exceeded my expectations. "

M. T. 10.0
"I was very impressed. It was very thorough. "

A. K. - Lake Mary, FL 10.0
"This was the second hair transplant but not with the same company. The difference was very different in a good way. I would do it again if I if financially able. I strongly recommend this Bosley group. They were professional, courteous, and very compassionate as well as very informative. The place was clean and the follow-up was very thorough."

M. S. 7.5
"The Staff is terrific. I think everyone there is superb."

A. G. - Odessa, FL 10.0
"Suture lines will be well-concealed, pain was managed with aplomb throughout the day. Aside from being slightly uncomfortable for sitting so long, the experience was comforting. "

L. M. 10.0
"Everyone was so helpful and nice. Words can't describe a full head of hair versus baldness."

K. K. 7.4
"I was very satisfied with my last visit to Bosley. The specialist was very helpful with his advice . Your staff were extremely friendly and Helpful . It is always a great pleasure to visit your office !"

D. T. - Orlando, FL 10.0
"I met the physician the morning of the appointment for the initial consultation. He was friendly and knowledgable and gave me the confidence that he could improve my balding concerns. My expectations can only be met 10 months down the road when progress and increased hair growth can confirm my hopes. See you in 10 months."

M. G. 10.0
"My counselor was very professional and helpful."

L. Z. - Havana, FL 9.9
"Upbeat. Confident. Team on top of their game"

H. B. 10.0
"The consultation went fine. Everything was great. I'm doing the rogaine at home for now because I won't have the money for surgery until the summer time."

I. R. - Gainesville, FL 9.5
"Dr. Rodillo sure seems like a great artistic surgical hair replacement surgeon. I knew nothing about this procedure but had read about it and knew I only wanted the best (Bosley) surgeons to work on my hair replacement. I trust Dr. Rodillo to give me a natural hairline when it heals and grows into place. I had made up my mind about needing to do this procedure but was still a little uncomfortable about the day's events and the healing process afterwards. Dr. Rodillo was great at making me feel comfortable during this process and with as less pain as possible. The nurse was on the spot each time I needed more of the pain meds injected in the area being treated. The complete team was great!"

L. L. 10.0
"The surgeon and consultant were very thorough and helpful and did not rush me. Answered all my questions. Very professional, also."

O. E. - Saint Petersburg, FL 10.0
"Dr. Rodillo was extremely courteous and professional. He is a very skilled surgeon. He called me the night of the surgery and did a second follow-up call two days later. As a doctor in my own right, I am impressed with the entire procedure."

C. A. - Bloomfield Hills, MI 10.0
"From the first phone call to setting up the appointment to the hair wash following the procedure, everyone was thoughtful, courteous, professional, all with a twinkle in their eyes. Incredibly, I was relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire procedure."

R. S. - Hudson, FL 10.0
"Everyone was wonderful to me. They gave me good care and checked to see what I needed at all times. I can't wait to have hair again since no woman wants to be without hair. Thank God for Bosley."

F. P. - Lake Mary, FL 10.0
"The people are great and the doctors are wonderful."

- Winter Park, FL 10.0
"The Orlando team was very helpful and professional."

H. L. - Granby, MA 10.0
"The Orlando team and Dr. Radillo were awesome. Dr Radillo is so kind and friendly. He checked on me the evening after the procedure. The team was so together and so much fun. Not once, was I left alone in the room. The procedure was absolutely painless for me. The nurse made sure that there was never any pain with Dr. Radillo. They made sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure. Thank you all for this wonderful experience. I truly have made made the right decision for my life and look forward to coming back to Florida for my next procedure to finish my restoration."

M. L. 10.0
"Everything was excellent. The staff and doctor both treated me with respect. I am very happy with the appointment."

- Port Saint Lucie, FL 10.0
"Dr. Phillips and his team were all Awesome!"

L. C. 9.5
"The hair transplant procedure has certainly changed my life giving me confidence and being single I have not had any difficulty finding a date with a pretty woman. I no longer feel that I need to carry a baseball cap in my car. When I first walked in, I was greeted with smiles and everyone was very friendly. Dr. Rodillo was a very warm and helpful individual. While they were prepping me, they took my lunch order and were asking and talking about everything in general to keep me at ease. They were very thorough in explaining to me what they were doing and what would happen during the week of recovery time. I can honestly say it did not hurt. I would do it again in a heartbeat. The results make me look 10 years younger."

C. T. - Ruskin, FL 7.5
"The hair plugs are completely unnoticeable. I had plugs before and they were very noticeable. This time, the change was dynamic. Very confident with my procedure."

A. R. 10.0
"I think that Bosley's Orlando office had very nice team members."

A. P. - Orlando, FL 10.0
"The initial free consultation went very well. My consultant guided me, offering phenomenal insight into the costs and details of the procedure. The day of the procedure, Dr Rodillo explained the details of how it would be done and was very good at making me feel like I was in good hands. The nurses were also very sweet and helpful. I was never left alone or unattended at any moment. Overall, it was a great experience and I would recommend it to any friend. I feel that things went as expected. It is a very extreme process. If I get the results I'm expecting, it will definitely be worth it."

M. W. - Savannah, GA 8.9
"Everyone was very nice and professional. I would absolutely recommend it to a friend."

M. M. - West Lafayette, IN 9.9
"I am very happy with everything."

N. S. - Port Richey, FL 9.6
"The team was awesome and exceeded my expectations, but there was more pain than I expected there to be. However, the results outweigh the pain. "

M. J. 10.0
"Dr. Rodillo answered all my questions with straightforward answers. The staff was nice and helpful. I am very happy with the results."

S. W. 10.0
"Counselor was very friendly and thoroughly knowledgeable."

M. K. - Bradenton, FL 10.0
"I found the procedure to be as pleasant as could be given the situation. I only wish that the facility was closer."

N. J. - Lake Mary, FL 9.5
"I feel I received the best care possible! Dr Levitz and his staff were very professional and informative. I will recommend him and his staff anytime."

I. K. 10.0
"I am happy with the result, although paid for a little more to be added at that time."

I. K. 10.0
"Very helpful and very friendly office staff. The environment was just as pleasant."

A. W. - Orlando, FL 10.0
"The Orlando team was kind and honest and helpful!"

J. M. - Flagler Beach, FL 10.0
"Overall, this was a very smooth, professional group."

"There wasn't anything I didn't like about the consultation. The doctor and staff were extremely helpful and started me on treatment to preserve my scalp area and donor hair. They really went beyond my expectations. Unfortunately, this isn't an affordable plan for me right now. Thanks for your concern."

M. N. - Winter Garden, FL 10.0
"Dr. Rodillo and his entire staff were awesome! Dr. Rodillo explained in detail how the procedure would be performed. The medical assistants were exceptional! Those ladies were extremely personable, warm and friendly. They really made me feel as though I'd made the right decision. Another medical assistant, was also pleasant. The PA explained everything that she was doing to ensure my comfort. Even the lunch that was provided was yummy. I would definitely recommend Dr. Rodillo to anyone who is considering this procedure. "

B. S. 9.9
"Though the procedure was painful at times, the staff made every effort to ease my pain immediately. I can’t say enough words about the doctor’s professionalism, courtesy and just down-to-earth sincere bedside manners. I am very please with the entire experience. "

N. H. 10.0
"The Orlando staff members were very helpful and professional."

E. C. 10.0
"I was asked to go to my dermatologist to get some biopsies of 3 different areas on my scalp before they would consider me. That appointment is next week."

J. W. 10.0
"Very informative and the people were great to deal with."

C. L. 10.0
"Outstanding experience all around."

C. F. - Denver, CO 9.0
"They were all phenomenal. Dr was the most caring guy I've ever meet."

J. R. 7.0
"Everyone was very helpful and nice."

B. K. 10.0
"Very friendly and easy going from top to bottom. Everyone was very accommodating and all questions were answered. Very pleasurable experience "

L. V. 9.0
"Patrick Shelton has been very professional to talk with. Dr. Rodillo has been great."

T. L. 10.0
"The staff was phenomenal!!! Beyond expectations. They never stopped and ensured everything went to plan. I can't thank them enough for making this happen."

"All the staff, Dan and the Dr were great and made me feel at ease and accommodated me all the way through."

R. F. 10.0
"Everyone was really great. They made it very comfortable. Everyone was helpful."

P. G. 8.0
"The doctor is very personable, Seems very kind. The staff was great and the office clean too."

M. R. 10.0
"I think Dan and the doctor were very nice and I truly felt they have great advice."

K. O. 10.0
"The Physician as well as the entire staff were amazing!!!"

T. B. - Fort Myers, FL 10.0
"I would say if you were to script the process you couldn't have done a better job. I own and manage four small businesses and realize the importance of customer service, professionalism and competence. From Rick Kaucher my original consultant to Dr. Rodillo to Meghan the PA to all the supporting staff I am completely amazed at the process, professionalism and general attitude of them all. To hear that Dr. Rodillo also flies for the military in addition to the work he does with Bosley I would say impressed would be an understatement. I cannot say enough about his superb bedside manner as well. I feel he and your team is a great asset to our society and surely your organization. I could go on for a while however my couple of days off has put me behind and I must get back to work. Excellent work by ALL!"

T. B. 10.0
"Dr. Leavitt was awesome. I plan to recommend him to anyone who asks."

C. R. 10.0
"All staff were very professional."

J. S. 10.0
"It was the quickest, easiest, and painless procedure I've ever had. From the desk and friendly check up calls to Dr Leavitt's expertise this has been a truly exceptional experience."

M. L. - Sebring, FL 9.9
"In my opinion all the personnel/staff were very professional and polite. I am very pleased with the procedure and treatment. Dr. Rodillo was great."

C. H. 9.5
"Everyone in the team from the Doctor to all technician made me feel so comfortable for the whole 12 hour procedure. I thank them so much."

E. N. 10.0

L. A. 9.5
"Everyone associated with my procedure was very courteous, competent, and professional. The entire staff made me feel comfortable, and my surgeon was very personable as well as gifted."

A. W. 10.0
"Everyone associated with my experience at Bosley was terrific - very friendly and comforting throughout."

H. B. 9.5
"They were very cordial. Nice people. The doctor was great and the staff were too."

K. C. 7.0
"They were wonderful, very nice and accommodating, professional. The doctor was really nice and took his time. They all did."

A. B. 10.0
"Really enjoyed the physician and staff."

C. R. 10.0
"This was my third procedure with Dr. Leavitt, obviously impressed with his work on me. Dr. Rodillo also assisted and was a comfort. I wouldn't have been there too, without Patrick's counseling as well as crunching the numbers for me. I would do it again in a minute (but hopefully I am good for a while). I love the staff, they were all helpful and wanting to make me comfortable. I really don't know how they could do any better...I am a fan. Being my third time I am getting to know everyone by name and that feels good to know the people working on me. I am greatly appreciative of all of their expertise and care! Thanks!"

O. W. 10.0
"Everybody was fine. I had no problems at all. Everyone was very pleasant. No complaints at all. They are very attentive. Very good staff. Overall very pleasant experience."

H. H. 10.0
"Everybody in the office was very attentive and able to answer all of my questions."

M. S. 10.0
"Everyone was very professional and pleasant."

M. O. - Ormond Beach, FL 10.0
"Dr Rodillo and staff were excellent. Looking forward to results."

L. O. 10.0
"They were all super helpful and answered all my questions"

D. O. 10.0
"Pleasant experience, my Dr. and staff were extremely good to me. Very good experiences overall. Thank you bosley and their staff."

A. W. 9.5
"The team was very friendly and professional. The procedure went as expected."

N. S. 10.0
"The Physician was awesome. Explained everything and was very friendly. The whole process was explained throughout by all involved and the staff really made it a point to make sure you were comfortable. The process far exceeded my expectations and in a few months I hope to see a great result."

N. L. - Saint Petersburg, FL 9.5
"The physician was thorough and very personable."

V. F. 10.0
"The physician was great and Patrick was exceptional. All in all everyone in Orlando is great."

D. S. 10.0
"Doctor Rodillo is a miracle worker. Everyone was/is very professional-the nurse, consultant specialist, Summer the receptionist-everyone. You have a great organization."

H. K. 10.0
"I chose my physician because of his knowledge and experience. The entire staff was extremely professional and hospitable, which made the procedure that much less stressful. I would choose and refer friends to Bosley, as my experiences have been extremely positive."

I. K. 10.0
"Had a fabulous experience...could not have been better."

M. B. 9.2
"I was really impressed with my physician's background and career. He was really nice and open to any questions."

M. S. 10.0
"My Bosley experience was easy, comfortable and convenient. From my first conversation with Dan all the way through my first post op day hair wash and instructions went extremely well. Over the years, I've heard individuals say "Oh, I wish I had done this years ago." Well, those words couldn't be more accurate. I don't know why I waited to have the procedure. I had no pain (not even the first night). All of the instructions were easy to understand. The kit that I was given has everything in it that I will need for after care... even the neck pillow! I want to mention the easy payment plan with 24 months to pay my balance with no interest.. Outstanding benefit! Thanks very much to Dr. Leavitt and his staff. "

A. V. 10.0

J. S. 9.5
"They were great - really nice. It was a comfortable environment and the staff did a good job."

O. B. 9.5
"The entire staff was superior. Excellent. Very professional and enjoyable."

L. K. 10.0
"I cannot say enough about the Maitland, FL Bosley team. All the office and medical personnel made me feel very welcome and at ease throughout the entire process and Counselor Patrick Sheldon and Dr. Matt Leavitt did a great job of explaining the procedure and answering any questions I had. My procedure went very well -- Dr. Leavitt and his team are the best."

M. C. - Tampa, FL 9.5
"Dr. Rodillo in Orlando did an excellent job. He has a great team there -- very well trained and personable, and it was quite obvious to me that they work together very well. Friendly as well as skillful."

E. L. 9.0
"I think that Dr Rodillo is a heck of a guy and staff is awesome. Very pleasant and professional, everyone."

A. S. 9.0
"Everyone was pretty friendly, the doctor was nice, the ladies who did the grafts were nice as well. Everyone was very professional."

C. W. 10.0
"Dr Leavitt and his entire staff are outstanding."

J. B. 10.0
"This will be my second procedure with Bosley. The Bosley team in Orlando are top notch. Best transplant experience I've ever had. Thank you Bosley for once again changing my life."

M. T. 9.5
"First off, this is my 9th or 10th hair transplant procedure which has spanned over 23 years. This was by far the nicest office that I've ever been in from waiting area to having a private room for my wife as well as being offered a lunch menu for both of us. Staff made us feel right at home or like visiting a resort. My Dr was Dr. Rodillo. He explained in great detail what my options were and how to go about his strategy for achieving the best possible result with my limited donor area. His people skills are the warmest and most sincere that I've ever come across. The procedure was as expected but done in a very caring and compassionate manner. Bottom line, I was very impressed with the entire team that performed my surgery but Dr. Rodillo has a very reassuring bed side manner that makes it all go a little easier. A few hours of being uncomfortable for a life time of permanent hair is absolutely worth it. I would go no where else for my remaining transplants but Bosley."

P. B. 8.0
"Everybody was positive, and it was a good experience. I had no problems with anybody."

W. H. 9.0
"Same staff a year later, impressed that they are still there. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Very reassuring during procedure."

V. G. 10.0
"Dr. Rodillo was very professional and made me feel very comfortable and confident in his skills. He was very caring and compassionate and explained the process very well. He also managed up his team very well. I was very interested in all the details of what was going on and the team made me feel part of my care. I was very pleased with the knowledge, caring, compassion and professionalism of the entire team. They are a class act."

A. W. 9.5
"They were very professional. They were all wonderful. I give them an A+."

T. W. 9.5
"Patrick, who I met with initially, is so good to me. He's called a few times to schedule a follow-up, and I just haven't had the time yet. And all the staff are great! The girls who do the technical work are just charming, warm, personable... I couldn't imagine a better group. And one woman--I wish I had taken down her name--she stayed with me the whole day. It was really just like visiting with friends. They did a wonderful job."

F. L. - Miami, FL 10.0
"The pre-operative and operative procedure went smoothly; and the physician assistants, nurse and Dr. Matt Leavitt made me feel at ease as well as exhibited a calming level of professionalism that gave me total confidence in their abilities; overall the experience was superior. Post operative communication has been clear and understandable, as well as very helpful."

M. S. - Orlando, FL 10.0
"The entire experience was far superior to the last procedure that I had with another company. I'd made up my mind that if I were to ever undergo another hair restoration it would be with Bosley. I'm glad I did. Good Job!"

J. M. 10.0
"Dr Rodillo and the staff were excellent. The environment was comfortable. I had underwent recent removal of skin lesions on my scalp which created additional hair loss prior to my transplant procedure."

J. C. 10.0
"If anyone is interested in anything like this, I'd send them right to Bosley. And any woman that approached me? I'd send her right to Dr. Leavitt. He is fantastic. Don't even bother contemplating it for too long: you'll be glad once you finally do it."

D. N. 9.5
"I thought the staff was very attentive and answered all of my questions when I had them. It was a long day and conversing with them did make the time go by. They were very friendly, professional and I had no problems with anyone."

B. W. 10.0
"Top notch Operation all around; I was very much impressed"

W. Z. 10.0
"Extremely experienced, thorough, and friendly doctor a surgical team/nurses, great professional and efficient front desk personnel."

F. S. 9.5
"The doctor and staff were very friendly and accommodating. However I didn't think the procedure would take as long as it did."

G. O. 9.5
"Deanna, Faneeza, Fab, Jose, and Attie were professional and made me feel comfortable during the procedure."

M. B. 9.5
"Everybody was very friendly and helpful. They called us, checked up -- they're very on top of things."

A. K. 8.5
"The staff was all really friendly and courteous. I actually couldn't imagine a single one being rude."

A. L. 10.0
"everyone there was very friendly/polite and made my experience very comfortable . ive been to many dr offices and hospitals for various procedures and this was by far the most professional and proficient that i have experienced . i wish they were all like the staff at the bosley orlando florida facility."

E. M. 8.7
"The first time I was very apprehensive of the whole thing, but after the results, and second visit, I couldn't be happier. The whole staff was wonderful. Dr. Rodillo is an outstanding individual, with a heart of gold, and excellent physician. His work has change my outlook on life. Thank you Dr. Eugenio Rodillo, staff."

N. R. 10.0
"Dr. Rodillo was amazing. In fact, the entire team far exceeded my expectations. I was very impressed with the level of care provided. I would highly recommend this team to family, friends, and coworkers."

J. D. 10.0
"dr. rodillo did a hard-working, detailed job w/ my fue surgery. my first time using this procedure; so i'm looking forward to great results. thanks dr. rodillo and staff assistants."

L. V. 9.5
"All staff were very professional and polite. But, Dr Rodillo is extremely professional. He has always answered any question I have had plus he takes his time to do so."

L. S. - Clearwater, FL 8.8
"Dr. Rodillo was informative and very caring. The team was personable and made me feel comfortable and at ease. Everyone seemed very professional. The only negatives were I wasn't prepared for how much swelling and bruising there would be after the procedure, and how much of my current hair I would lose. However, I will be very happy with the procedure once all my hair grows back in!!"

I. A. 10.0
"I was very happy with the staff, they were all professional and excellent and very friendly. I appreciate all the follow up calls after the procedure to make sure everything was doing ok."

D. L. 10.0
"3rd procedure, but 1st at Bosley and great experience."

"Every one was super to help me with this procedure. I am very happy to choose Bosley."

B. K. 8.0
"Everyone was really cool. I mean, I joked with the young guys there and they always were asking me if I was doing OK."

C. D. 10.0
"My Account Executive Rick K was extremely professional, knowledgeable and accommodating. The Staff in Orlando were "OUTSTANDING"! They made my experience extremely comfortable, hospitable and accommodating! They were very competent and professional and experienced! I had extreme confidence in them all! They were very concerned, polite and cordial...I can not give them enough of compliments on them and Rick. I would absolutely recommend Bosley to Family and Friends. "My hat goes off to all of them"! I an very appreciative and grateful for all they have done for me.... KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!"

P. G. 10.0
"Every one at the bosley office in Orlando was warm... friendly... professional"

A. P. 8.0
"The people who did the transplant I thought were good at their jobs."

S. R. 7.0
"Everybody was pretty good."

L. R. 10.0
"They were helpful and nice and I appreciated that. No complaints what so ever. Very nice experience overall."

C. M. 7.5
"Everyone was helpful"

L. M. 10.0
"Very informative and everything was explained in detail."

B. S. - Palm Harbor, FL 8.5
"They were wonderful. They did everything thinkable to help me. Dr. Rodillo is polite and skilled. I just wish the hair grew back quicker (that is obviously my genetics to blame), and wish the pain and swelling associated with the second procedure was better controlled."

L. A. 9.5
"Very professional. Very personable. I had complete confidence in their abilities and workmanship."

S. S. 10.0
"Very nervous going into the procedure but the Bosley staff in Orlando was very comforting and reassuring of all questions before and after surgery."

B. S. 10.0
"The Doctor and the rest of the staff were great."

A. J. 10.0
"I received an entire package regarding the procedure I am to follow from day one to the day I have the stitches removed. Let me say the care I received was EXCELLENT starting with the receptionist to the team to the nurses and most especially Dr. Rodillo. The care, the treatment, the information during the procedure and the instruction received for my home care were all first class. I also receive a call from Dr. Rodillo the night following the procedure as he promised, what a wonderful way to show a patient how much the Doctor truly cares. I would and will most certainly tell everyone I come in contact with that the only place to go for hair restoration is Bosley in Orlando. Let me also compliment Rick Kaucher for his guidance to go with Bosley VS. the 4 competitors I visited for a comparison on the process. Thanks again and warm regards."

O. T. 10.0
"Who ever was in control of everything was great and so was the doctor."

N. S. 8.0
"I thought everyone was great, the assistants were really friendly and the doctor was a nice guy. I actually was able to meet with the counselor that I had been speaking to online to arrange this surgery. He showed up to be able to talk me through anything and answer any questions. He did a really good job of helping me arrange this surgery while I was in Iraq and I had some unusual requests and limited date options for the surgery."

H. H. 9.5
"I am excited to see the final product. Everyone was great."

F. K. 9.0
"My experience was great! The physician was good, he was approachable and down to earth."

H. K. 10.0
"I found the physician, the nurse and all of the technicians to be very friendly, helpful and concerned about my well being during the procedure. Daniel Thode, who was our first contact, was also very helpful and considerate."

A. J. 9.0
"My overall experience was great! The whole experience was good. My physician was a very likable person."

C. R. 8.0
"They were all helpful and professional."

N. A. 9.2
"Procedure was performed perfectly! Also had a good lunch."

I. R. 10.0
"Everything was perfect, front desk team, surgical team, doctor, great experience, the only thing I could say is that the cpm spray provided for the post procedure care is not enough cause you are supposed to apply it every hour for the next seven days and it was barely enough for 4 days, besides that my experience with bosley was even better than the 1rst time, and I'd totally recommend bosley to anyone thinking on having a procedure done. Thanks bosley team!"

M. H. 9.5
"I like how you followed up with me after the procedure. I also liked how quick and easy it is to work with the staff. The financing options you had available for me was convenient. I see the difference! I might be coming back for another procedure."

J. W. 9.5
"My overall experience with this office was a pleasant one. The doctor was very friendly. I liked the feel of the office too it was nice. The technician was also helpful. I do wish the office was a tad closer to where I lived."

T. T. 9.0
"Everyone was excellent from the doctor thru the entire team, it was a long process and tedious for them but they were great."

J. C. 9.0
"The staff was good, accommodating and also personable, they got to know me at the office."

P. T. 8.0
"My personal experience with the Bosley office and staff was a good experience. Everyone in the office made me feel comfortable! The physician was okay."

S. A. 10.0
"from the first office visit to the all day procedure everyone was professional and caring.."

C. W. 10.0
"Every member of the Dr Leavitt team was outstanding. Competent, courteous, professional. My 2nd procedure. Satisfied on every level. Highly recommend "

S. L. - Ocala, FL 9.5
"The physician was good. They were very helpful. "

H. K. 9.2
"Everyone was extremely courteous and helpful. From the receptionist to the techs, surgeons etc. All were very warm and knowledgeable. Some of the post op written instructions were a little inconsistent, however I was able to decipher through it because of the thorough instructions given at the office after the procedure. I am very happy that I came for the procedure. Special thanks to Dan Thode the consultant. He was the most friendly and warm hearted person I have come across in a long time. Not only was he very knowledgeable, he followed up, and even helped me out to my car after the procedure. He's a good employee to have as a representative of your establishment."

A. R. 8.5
"Dr. Rodillo and his entire staff seemed very sincere and dedicated to making my procedure as successful and pleasant an experience as possible."

L. V. 7.5
"Everyone was very professional."

M. B. 9.2
"Both the physician and staff were extremely professional, patient, and understanding."

R. T. 7.5
"The staff and the doctor was a good experience. Traveling was to far I had to go to Orlando for the procedure. It's all good."

R. T. 7.5
"The staff was professional and very attentive."

G. K. 9.5
"They were all fine. No one stands out. Very professional and courteous."

B. K. 10.0
"I have been to Bosley on one occasion for hair restoration, and it was a great experience. I was very happy with my first treatment and I'm sure I'll be happy again this second time around. Many thanks to Dr. Rodillo, and the Bosley staff for their professionalism in assisting with my procedure."

C. W. 10.0
"I could not be happier with Dr Matt Leavitt and his staff. Every aspect was outstanding and I am extremely pleased with the outcome. Without a doubt this is the only practice I would utilize and recommend to family and friends."

T. W. 10.0
"Excellent, courteous and caring team!! Experienced all expected soreness discussed on the DVD and what the Team had explained, but overall an extremely positive experience!"

H. K. 9.5
"I love the fact that I did not have to shave my head for the procedure. The environment and staff were very professional and accommodating. My results have been very positive. The results have definitely made me feel more secure in my appearance. That feeling is priceless!"

H. K. 9.5
"I thought that all of the staff members that I came into contact with did an outstanding job! I was also really pleased to have Dr. Leavitt perform the procedure."

P. F. - Cary, NC 9.2
"throughout the entire day (a long one), the team was concerned about my comfort and they were very accommodating to all of my concerns and needs. during the procedure, i remember thinking how professional everyone is and how things were so seamless. there is great teamwork. people there really seem to enjoy their jobs despite the very tedious work involved. from initial consultation to follow up, the whole process could not have been smoother or easier. i am very satisfied and if i ever need a 4th procedure (hope not), i will certainly come back!"

"The whole procedure went very well. It is a long day but you folks have many things to do. However one of your questions needs further discussion. Did the doctor show me the hairline he planned to create? The answer is yes, but we had no discussion about the placement of many of the other grafts. It does not look like he put enough grafts close to my hairline to make it thick enough. Time will tell but this is my current observation. Also, I question the price of $550 for the healing kit and medications. Walgreens would charge around $150 for the contents."

M. C. - Tampa, FL 9.0
"I was very pleased with the professional and friendly way the staff handled my case. I know that Bosley is a large Co., but I certainly did not feel like a " number " when speaking with anyone in your organization !!"

S. J. 9.2
"This office and Dr Rodillo are GREAT!"

A. H. 10.0
"Dr.Matt Leavitt and his staff are the best. They made me feel at home and very comfortable. The whole procedure was great. I will recommend Dr Leavitt's team to anyone who asks me. Thanks for all you have done for me and my family. I feel like I am a Bosley Cheerleader !!!!!!"

C. G. 10.0
"My physician, and his staff, were wonderful. Very professional, friendly, and made me feel comfortable and relaxed during my day getting the procedure. I was very pleased."

L. M. 10.0
"I had confidence and was treated with genuine care and concern. "

S. L. 9.5
"Quality of the physician was excellent, and humorous. Definitely would recommend again. "

A. Z. 10.0
"The staff were very professional and had great humor and made me relax"

A. W. 10.0
"Could not ask for more. The Dr. And staff were wonderful!"

T. K. 9.0
"all the staff in the orlando office were great"

A. S. 9.5
"Patrick Shelton (Sales Representative) and Dr. Rodillo made the experience very pleasant - like I was their only patient. Patrick is very professional and follows up with you throughout the process even a year after it was performed. Dr. Rodillo was very professional in his explanation of the process and very clear of what the expectation should be. It helped tremendously that both of these gentlemen had hair transplants and they did not hesitate to show how it really looks at the end."

"Everyone was awesome... I will say the most professional group of people I have ever dealt with.... and the care was overwhelming...."

"I am overwhelmed with how well it went. I was over the moon with how I was made to feel so comfortable at the office. I am very happy with it all. Patrick was awesome with his help and Dr. Leavitt was outstanding."

M. B. 8.9
"The part where the grafts were removed from are the most painful, but nothing I didn't expect. Can't wait to see the results."

T. W. 9.0
"I think the physician was excellent. Also the consultant I met before the procedure was excellent."

B. W. 10.0
"This was my second procedure and it was extremely pleasant. The team there all work together well and are very kind and supportive, which really makes it a great experience. Dr. Rodillo is also a very delicate and detailed doctor and I've used it for that reason on both of my procedures. Very satisfied, thanks. Additionally, Pat Shelton is a very articulate sales coordinator and really was patient and informative as I prepared for my second procedure. He is very professional and excellent at his work."

J. L. 10.0
"The procedure met all my expectations. Dr. Rodillo was great. Him calling me at home was wonderful and completely unexpected."

J. R. 10.0
" my fourth procedure with Bosley. Every successful man should do a few things for himself in life, just for himself, one of mine is Bosley. Dr. Rodillio is the best."

L. J. 10.0
"This was my third procedure with Dr. Leavitt. He is highly skilled and thoroughly answers all your questions. He is attentive and takes excellent care of his patient. Patrick Shelton was excellent. His people skills are the best. He spends the time with you without making you feel rushed or that you are a number! He explains the process and even checks in on your during the procedure. He is an excellent representative for Bosley. I would recommend Dr. Leavitt most highly. He has the skills and is supported by an excellent staff."

"Top notch..from opening the door till the final appointment!! "

L. G. 9.0
"Dr. Leavitt is awesome. I was happy with the receptionist. I dealt with Patrick. I come in there and they know me by name it's wonderful. I also met with Danielle. "

T. R. 8.0
"I am very happy with the staff, they were very nice across the board. I had no issues at all."

I. S. 9.5
"They all treated me very well. Rick Kaucher was very good and if it wasn't for him I would not have had it done. He was very good."

D. S. 10.0
"Dr. Matt Leavit is a true proffesional and made me feel extremely comfortable. His surgical team members were the best, they treated me like a king! "

E. W. 10.0
"I was very pleasantly surprised by the professional demeanor of all the staff. My husband and I were both treated with kindness and concern for our comfort during the entire day. As a former registered nurse, I was very aware of the professionalism and cleanliness of the Maitland, Florida office. I would definitely recommend Bosley to other friends who have similar problems. Dr. Rogillo was very thorough in his explanations. "

D. T. 10.0
"Dr. Suddleson was extremely professional. He made me feel comfortable about taking this step to undergo the transplant. He discussed his own procedure with me and how it made him feel before, during and after. I was treated with the utmost professionalism and like family. I was embarrassed about going through the surgery since I am a female and female are supposed to have gorgeous locks. This is what makes a woman is her hair. Then to my surprise, I had female nurse who went through the surgery also. The experience and the surgery was worth it. I am truly thankful for all my doctors who walked me through the surgery. Thanks to Dr. Suddleson, Dr. Leavitt, Dr. Perez, Dr. Rodillo, Dr. Rees, Dr. Ziering, Beverly, my nurse, Addy, M.A, Amber, M.A, Eugene, M.A, Mariann, M.A, Ann Tran, M.A, Cynthia, M.A and Cathy Giliard, office manager. I apologize if I forgot anyone. The entire staff made me feel like family and comfortable. Thank you all! "

L. M. 10.0
"A detailed plan only works well with a dedicated team of caring professionals. That is what I have received from Dr. Leavitt, Dr Eugene R, Bev the nursing team, and the ENTIRE team that works so efficiently. I felt at home throughout the entire process and time spent. Never did I feel nervous, nor worried. Even Lunch was paramount. Can't wait until the next time. And to think it all started with my initial meeting with Patrick Shelton; My adviser and greeter to this program."

S. W. 10.0
"Everyone at the center were extremely nice and very professional. I felt very at ease through the whole process. The Dr. was great but so was everyone else. My only suggestion is that I wish I had a little more warning on how much swelling could take place over the last couple days. I was actually quite surprised how much my eyes and forehead swelled -- but I'm almost through it now so it's OK. You guys do a great job."

A. H. 9.9
"Everyone was very friendly and all made me feel relaxed and at ease. all were very professional and helpful."

T. T. 9.5
"This was a very long procedure for 3500 implants, from the very beginning every step was very professional and the entire team were cordial as well as effective to the very end even after normal closing time. I would recommend them to anyone needing this procedure. The follow up day was equally effective for my first shampoo, inspection of the work, explanation again of what to do each day over the next two weeks before removal of the sutures."

J. E. 10.0
"I had a great experience with everything that they had to offer. I could be a poster child for Bosley-- the experience was that great. I did a lot of research before I went to Bosley for my treatment and even noticed a bad review on line. After my experience I even went back onto Yelp and posted the experience that I had."

"I love Bosley, they provide great customer services. I remember once that I went there on the wrong day, and they got someone to the office and got my stitches out. I thought that was just wonderful."

"My doctor at Bosley (Maitland, FL), Dr Eugene Rodillo, was very nice, made me feel as comfortable as possible and I believe tried to do a good job. He said my donor hair was great, and the job (head) looked good afterwards. Luis said I should have good results because my follicle units had many with multiple (2,3,4) hairs. Dr Rodillo answered all my questions and concerns, and had a good sense of humor. Also, the staff (nurse Beverly, assistants Ann and Luis) were all nice! Including the other support staff - all seemed quite pleasant and professional. I would note that the procedure (for me) was a bit more difficult and somewhat painful than what is mostly put forth ahead of time. I apparently had some bleeding during the procedure and they had to administer a few more numbing needles. Perhaps that is why my transplant area and the perimeter is still pretty numb after over 3 full weeks! My other rather serious concern involves the definite loss of some of my regular existing longer hair in the front (general transplant) area. I wasn't really prepared for that .. the Dr said on my return visit (suture removal) that the hair does sometimes fall out due to the blood going more to all the transplant areas there -- but he said it will definitely return and regrow! (FYI: it may be a good idea to explain this to the patient a bit better up-front -- in terms of expectations. My regular, existing hair now [since the transplant] is so very thin that it currently barely covers much of the transplant area, making it look not-so-good, and more obvious to see the scalp. Much more so than before the transplant work was done!) I am indeed hoping for the existing hair that has fallen out to regrow again (as I have been told it will) and for the transplant follicles to eventually grow also, of course, in the coming months."

S. L. 10.0
"Dr. Leavitt and his staff was very friendly and professional and answered any questions that I had."

J. D. 9.5
"Entire staff was wonderful, knowledgeable, and kept me comfortable. As a physician I was very impressed."

A. H. 9.5
"Since I have never had this procedure, I was very nervous. The team put me at ease. They explained everything, even as they did the procedure, which helped me to relax more."

A. J. 10.0
"I was very nervous the day before my procedure. My counselor, Dan, talked to me and gave me some good advice on how to deal with my discomfort. The day of the procedure from the moment we walked in and met Summer, the receptionist, we were at ease. Everyone was more than cordial... they were warm and caring and did their best at all times to make me comfortable as well as feed and take care of my husband who was patiently waiting. The doctors were terrific and very caring and nice. I have nothing negative to say. I would send anyone who had a hair problem to this office. In today's world where everything is rushed and non personal... this was a delightful surprise. There is some discomfort associated with the procedure but they give you plenty of pain pills and instructions on care. I would do it again."

M. N. 9.5
"The physician was very friendly and at ease in explaining the procedure and expectations. He has a good personality and fun to interact with. The team was very professional and put me at ease with the procedure. They seemed to thoroughly enjoy their work and take pride in it. I'm on day 5 after the procedure and all is going well. Now it's all about meeting expectations for results. So far so good!"

"Staff was real nice and pleasant. They tried to maximize my comfort level. I appreciated the detailed instructions pre and post-op."

H. K. 10.0
"2nd procedure I have had whole experience was very organized and professional again. Extremely happy."

O. H. 10.0
"Great Staff!"

S. O. - Tallahassee, FL 10.0
"The office staff and medical staff were all wonderful."

D. B. 9.2
"Everyone was nice and helpful. The procedure was longer than I thought it would be but the physician was great plus his team."

S. J. 9.5
"The doctor and team were AWESOME!"

K. H. 9.8
"The visit was very professional. The procedure seems reasonable. You seem to be offering the promised product at a reasonable price. However, I do not feel that I can afford the procedure at this time."

C. W. 10.0
"Felt very comfortable throughout office visit. Staff was professional and friendly. Nice atmosphere. Feel I'm in the best hands regardless of price and travel distance. Looking forward to results."

A. G. 9.9
"The young woman at the desk was very pleasant and even got me a cup of coffee. Patrick Shelton did an excellent job of walking me through the process. He's a good representative for you."

J. A. 10.0
"I had a awesome experience with Bosley, the staff was very friendly and I felt respected when I was in the office. Even though I have done this before a few years ago they treated me like it was the first time and was informative"

R. K. 9.0
"Oh my gosh they were sweet and kind. They were discreet and they accommodated me to have my hair washed the next day. They were very accommodating came in on my day off to wash my hair. My doctor was great and my sales person was fantastic. He has called to check on me like five times since having the procedure."

S. W. 9.0
"I had a great experience, everyone was great! The doctor was great and I have no complaints on the procedure done and the results of my procedure."

S. W. 9.0
"I had two sets of procedure and about 4100 graphs. I love the results of my hair restoration procedure. Everyone at the clinic was great. The doctor know what he is doing."

B. D. 9.5
"The staff was very nice and cannot say anything bad about them. The doctor is very nice,helpful and friendly. They were all nice so I give them a 10."

I. B. 9.9
"Very professional, on time with schedule, most polite. Pleasant experience. Looking forward to results."

A. J. 9.5
"Was impressed with the knowledge and experience of Dr Leavitt and the friendly professionalism of both the counselor and Dr Leavitt. They put me at ease immediately."

H. K. 10.0
"My physician was top-notch! I was very excited to learn that Dr. Leavitt was to perform my procedure. The entire office staff was extremely professional, prepared, knowledgeable, friendly, and made feel at ease. Overall, my hair restoration experience was above and beyond my expectations!"

P. L. 10.0
"i like to thank you to everyone great team fun crew and Dr. Leavitt amazing ..."

L. M. 8.0
"Everything was fine, the doctor and the nurses was very nice and knowledgeable."

K. R. 9.6
"Everything went far better than I expected. My only critique is that it would have been nice to know exactly what was going on at the different stages of the process. I had to keep on having to ask what was happening to have some kind of sense of progress. In other words, giving me the blow by blow would have made me feel like I was part of the process instead of just being the process."

F. K. 10.0
"Everything about my experience was absolutely wonderful. The staff from scheduling the first consultation, to the consultant Patrick (who was great) all the way through the surgery and the follow up. The people at Bosley were so friendly, lighthearted and yet still very professional. My surgery was about 12 hours long but the day did not feel long at all. The surgery went smoothly and I always felt at ease."

J. H. 7.5
"The staff was really great. everyone did fine. The doctor and the nurse did a fine job."

K. B. 10.0
"I am very happy with my results. The staff and doctor Rodillo was great. I will refer anyone to Bosley. They made me feel very comfortable here. Because of the financing options I was able to take care of my problem."

K. B. 10.0
"The staff was very nice, and the doctor was very knowledgeable. Everyone made me feel very comfortable before and after my procedure."

R. H. 10.0
"Patrick was great, Very good at his job."

L. C. 10.0
"I was extremely impressed with the doctor and staff. their professionalism and courtesy put me at ease and assured a good as can be expected experience. since i had previous bad hair plugs done, i was apprehensive and worried of the outcome, but all my worry was unfounded due to the experience of the entire staff. I will gladly refer anyone i know to your office and my results will speak for themselves, thank you all very much."

E. C. 8.9
"For a period of time I had difficulty getting fresh air to breath while i was face down in the chair. I think the plastic I was laying on may have limited the fresh air access. Also for some reason my lower back was hurting probably cause I don't have a big stomach, and the angle i was laying caused it to arch during the procedure. Maybe I should have placed a pillow on my stomach? not a big deal anyway. I loved the sandwich for lunch! Dr was great. This is my 3rd time."

L. L. 10.0
"I was very pleased with the treatment given me by all of the staff and especially the attention to precision and detail the doctor gave me. I am very optimistic that my results will change the way I have felt about myself. Thank you Bosley!"

N. T. 7.0
"The staff was great. I have no complaints, they were really nice and I felt comfortable."

G. W. 10.0
"The staff and the doctor was excellent. I have nothing but great things to say about everyone that was involved. The doctor that I went to was actually an intern of mine and he did everything perfect. There were basically 3 things that made made me decide why I went with the Bosley and that was " the surgeon, the surgeon, the surgeon " "

K. R. 10.0
"I could not be more satisfied with Dr Rodillo and the Orlando staff. This is my 3rd procedure and by far was the best experience to date. From the minute I walked through the door and throughout the procedure I was completely at ease and well taken care of. In the past the suture line has been poorly done and a severe source of pain. This time it is obvious that attention to detail was given."

A. H. 10.0
"The consultation with Patrick was extremely helpful. He answered all my questions and put my doubts to rest. He was well informed and having been a Bosley client himself, helped to take away my apprehension."

J. C. - Saint Petersburg, FL 8.0
"Very satisfied from initial consultation to procedure and aftercare-8 month results."

D. W. 10.0
"very professional"

D. L. 10.0
"good experience"

D. K. 10.0
"Orlando physicians and staff are incredibly wonderful. I'm very grateful. Thanks to all."

R. H. - Orlando, FL 8.9
"Staff and physician were very nice. They accommodated my needs promptly and made sure that I was as comfortable as I could be during my procedure."

D. S. 10.0
"Everything was great. Dr. Leavitt was the best. Period."

M. B. - Kissimmee, FL 10.0
"The doctors are great I hope to see them again in the future"

- Phoenix, AZ 8.5
"It was very nice"

I. P. - Tampa, FL 9.2
"2nd procedure, I'm satisfied."

Z. G. 9.7
"friendly courteous service"

S. L. 9.5
"I OWN a hair salon and had M A N Y people that came by this week to see the results of the procedure. SO FAR i am please with the results. I was a little disappointed that no one called to see how I was feeling after the procedure. But hopefully things will go well and the transplant will continue to grow. The staff was GREAT. Beverly was great and the rest of the staff was very helpful and made me feel very comfortable. I felt like they really took a lot of time to make sure that it was a precise placement of the grafts. I also liked the fact that they rotated teams to place the grafts. It was very expensive but hopefully I will not be sorry for the investment that I made. "

S. L. 8.9
"Physician made me feel completely at ease. Entire team from receptionist forward was delightful to be with. Highly recommend this office. Just got back from hair wash, physician took time out to go over everything again and made sure I had no questions. Everyone I dealt with made me "feel at home"."

E. L. - Lake Mary, FL 10.0
"I was thoroughly impressed by Dr. Leavitt's expertise and professionalism. He and his staff were outstanding and went above and beyond to provide me with the best treatment possible. Dr. Rodillo was equally attentive and helpful with my hair transplant. Everyone I encountered at the office was compassionate and caring. I would recommend Bosley and Dr. Leavitt's practice to any of my friends or family. "

B. C. 10.0
"everyone was professional"

T. K. 9.8
"Was very professional and through in his explanations. The only comment I would like to make was when the physician came in to talk to the surgical team they whispered back and forth. This made me wonder what was going on or was something wrong. Made me a little anxious."

A. S. 9.9
"The physician was very clear on the expected results and showed me on his own head what it would look and feel like. He had two procedures done himself. He was clear that it was a cosmetic procedure and it would never be like what nature created and he explained why. This eliminated most of my anxiety and finalized my decision. The sales person also showed me on his head the results of three procedures. There is nothing like real examples. Only negative comment. The multiple post-op papers and instructions have some contradictions. They should be consolidated to only one."

F. F. 10.0
"thank you, very nice."

S. M. - Detroit, MI 10.0
"I was impressed at how well the donor area was retrieve giving more grafts than expected. I was also very pleased at how expertly and smooth the suture area was made. I also greatly approve of the pattern of grafts that were applied. Thank you."

D. L. 9.3
"My experience with the Orlando Bosley office was more than I could have imagined. The physician, Dr Eugene Rodillo was patient, generous with his time, humorous and very in touch with his patient's needs. I initially went with a little apprehension since this is a sensitive area to discuss for a female in particular. These feelings quickly left me as soon as I met the physician and staff. I left feeling I had spent time with friends."

C. L. 10.0
"Outstanding process so far."

A. J. 10.0
"Very good experience. Staff couldn't be nicer or more professional. Overall a better experience than I expected. Thank you! "

R. B. 10.0
"The procedure went very smoothly they kept me informed of the step by step procedure and the doctors and staff were all very professional."

G. G. 9.6
"The physician made me feel at ease and I felt good about the decision I made before, during, and after the procedure."

S. L. 7.9
"Patrick was very polite and helpful. Dr. Leavitt was very professional and helpful."

- Maitland, FL 10.0
"If I did not like it, it wouldn't have been my third time. Best investment I have ever made."

J. F. 9.6
"I cannot tell you how impressed I was with Dr. Eugene Rodillo. My two barbers and my wife could not believe how perfect the sutured area looked. If he were performing any other surgery, he would be the first surgeon I would engage. I needed no pain medication at all, and healing is progressing ahead of schedule. Based on Dr. Rodillo's manner, professionalism, and thoroughness, I would gladly have him as my primary care physician quarterbacking my health strategy, if he were practicing in that arena - he instills confidence in patients and exudes absolute trustworthiness. Finally, my wife initially did not want to have to remove sutures, but the scar is already so fine (can barely be seen) and the work so perfect, that she now is more than willing to remove the sutures herself next week. I hope you continue to attract and retain quality surgeons like Dr. Rodillo."

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