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9707 Key West Ave Suite 125
Rockville, MD 20850

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About Vein Clinics of America - Rockville

Since vein disease is progressive, postponing treatment can have ill effects. If left untreated, your vein disease and your symptoms will worsen – making future treatment more extensive. That’s why it’s important to schedule a comprehensive consultation at Vein Clinics of America (VCA) in Rockville with John Schruefer, MD. Non-surgical procedures include: Sclerotherapy and Endovenous Laser Treatment (ELT). Both ELT and Sclerotherapy are minimally invasive treatments with no hospitalization, no anesthesia and minimal down time. Unlike surgical stripping, both procedures can be performed in the comfort of our Rockville clinic. Most patients are back to their normal routine the same day. ELT, commonly referred to as “laser vein removal,” or “laser vein therapy,” is an advanced treatment using a thin optic fiber that is inserted into the affected vein. The laser energy emitted seals the vein from within. Blood flow is then re-directed to other healthy veins. Sclerotherapy can be used to eliminate any remaining veins, if needed. It involves injection of an FDA-approved medication that seals the abnormal veins from the rest of the vein network. As with ELT, blood flow is then redirected to healthy veins. To schedule your comprehensive consultation with Dr. Schruefer in Rockville, give us a call. VCA will address all of your questions, including insurance questions. And VCA treats patients from Potomac, Silver Spring and the surrounding area.

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Overall Rating................................................................................................................... 8.9


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Vein Clinics of America - Rockville
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User Reviews for Vein Clinics of America - Rockville


J. T. 5.4
"My overall impression was that my visit was more like being in a car dealership being pressured to buy a car that I wasn't sure about."

E. M. 10.0
"Overall, I'm very satisfied."

C. S. 10.0
"I'm definitely feeling better and seeing some results. However, I'm not done with my treatments."

C. S. 10.0
"The staff is 100 percent awesome and I love the doctor. He's very gentle and answered all my questions."

S. C. 10.0
"I really liked how they constantly asked if I had any additional questions. Very interested in my comprehension."

K. C. 10.0
"I noticed immediate results with many veins. The procedure was only slightly uncomfortable and they were quick lasting only about 15-20 minutes per session."

K. C. 10.0
"So far all the care I've been given from the staff and doctors has been great. No complaints (except my insurance coverage which is none of the office's fault). They were great jumping through all the hoops that United Healthcare put us through. I noticed immediate results with many veins. The procedures were only slightly uncomfortable and they were quick lasting only about 15-20 minutes per session."

J. H. 9.9
"I was extremely impressed with the doctor's expertise and his willingness to thoroughly explain treatment options with me. Often medical professionals do not take the time to communicate in a way that the lay person can understand. "

L. P. 8.7
"The staff was simply awesome! What marvelous people to have treating spider veins. Professional, polite, kind, thoughtful, just absolutely made a painful procedure as pleasant at it could be."

E. M. 9.9
"They are all nice to me. I found it weird that ultrasound scanning done by different technologist every time. Fortunately, the doctor is always the same. I am still in process. My legs get tired fast and are in pain with a lot of bruises. I hope by summer they will look and feel better."

M. C. 10.0
"They made me very comfortable all the way. Procedure was not as painful as I thought it would be. Just a little discomfort which was expected. Staff was very gentle and explained every procedures all the step of the way., made me feel comfortable and relaxed!!!"

R. P. 10.0
"Dr. Schruefer is great as well as the staff from the front office and the sonographer. Great service, I would highly recommend this to my friends and family. Yes, everything was explained to me from the beginning up to the end of the procedure, and reminder on what to do after each procedure which I believe is very important as a patient."

L. S. 9.0
"Everyone was nice and respectful at the Rockville Vein Clinics. Definitely appreciated them."

C. D. 10.0
"The entire staff was extremely thorough and professional in explaining the treatment, its stages, and the results. I will continue with the treatments until the final results are achieved. I am currently in the middle of the process, so I won't know the final result until all superficial veins are treated."

A. S. 9.6
"The staff is VERY friendly; I have always had a pleasant and warm greeting from them. They are always willing to help you if you don't understand something and work with you in scheduling all of your appointments to fit your needs. The wait time between the numbing injections and actual injections should be a little longer for the numbing medicine to take effect."

E. M. 9.7
"At the consultation the staff was very friendly and helpful. Looking forward to the next appointment for deep ultrasound scanning on January 15."

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