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800 North Haven Avenue Suite 350
Ontario, CA 91764

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About Bosley Hair Restoration - Ontario

Hair loss sufferers in Ontario, CA, have found a friend in Bosley Medical. East of Los Angeles, Ontario's Bosley facility is well-equipped to handle all of Ontario's premature balding and thinning hairlines. An experienced name in hair restoration for nearly 40 years, Bosley provides information on advanced techniques in hair transplantation as well as non-surgical options.

Bosley of Ontario offers free hair restoration consultations to all residents of Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga, and Riverside. Consultations typically consist of comprehensive evaluation of hair growth and scalp condition and a detailed question and answer session regarding the procedure. The staff will gladly work with you to map out a realistic surgical plan. Whether Ontario hair restoration patients are interested in Propecia, Rogaine or hair transplants, the professionals at Bosley will help you figure out the hair restoration option that works best for you. While Bosley’s Ontario location is a consult-only facility, patients can schedule a procedure at the Bosley surgical clinics of Los Angeles or Beverly Hills.

If your ready to take the steps toward stopping and reversing hair loss, then schedule a complimentary hair transplant consultation with Bosley of Ontario. Contact our offices today!

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Overall Rating................................................................................................................... 8.8


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Bosley Hair Restoration - Ontario
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User Reviews for Bosley Hair Restoration - Ontario


K. G. - Cathedral City, CA 9.9
"The Ontario Bosley consultant was very pleasant and personable and professional. Thank you."

H. K. - Claremont, CA 10.0
"I was overall skeptcal since I have had bad experiences with TV advertisements. I'm still nervous about it since it is expensive; it's a serious commitment. However, I am excited to see the outcome, which based on what I was told, should be positive. I just hope to get the desired results so I can tell family and friends, because some of them are having similar issues."

H. E. 10.0
"My consultant was excellent, nice and very helpful and made me feel comfortable. At first i was nervous."

A. N. - Pomona, CA 9.7
"Explanation of the process was thorough and direct."

H. O. 9.2
"As a cosmetologist, I had quite a bit of experience and information going into the consultation. However, I felt that the staff member was still able to inform me more about my hair situation. While the cost if higher than I expected it to be, I plan on saving up money for the procedure because my appearance is very important to me. I look forward to discussing this process more in the future."

M. R. 8.3
"The team at Bosley's Ontario office was very helpful and knowledgeable when it came to hair loss solutions."

J. O. 9.0
"The consultation was very informative and really helped me understand hair loss and the ways I could treat it. The consultant I had was very easy to talk with."

K. B. 10.0
"Well I liked that he wasn't shocked by my hair and that I have options that work. I now know that I am not alone and that other women go through this as well."

F. F. 9.6
"The team that actually did the transplant were very nice and down to earth."

M. S. 9.7
"George Vicuna was very attentive, he gave us a really good description of the procedure and make fast and easy the financial application and make my appointment as soon as my schedule permits me."

K. T. 9.8
"George was very professional. He did not make me nervous or feel pressured, the only thing making me hesitate on making an appointment was financing and he handled that for me!"

N. K. - Fontana, CA 10.0
"George was very knowledgeable and explained all options very clearly and easy to understand. Thanks to him I decided to go forward with the procedure and I just got back from my appointment."

L. T. 9.8
"Consultation was excellent."

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