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1201 Main Street Suite 1980
Columbia, SC 29201

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About Bosley Hair Restoration - Columbia

Each year, the licensed professionals at Bosley conduct over 11,000 procedures across North America, helping hair loss sufferers regain a natural, youthful look and the confidence that comes with it. In South Carolina, hair restoration patients count on Bosley because of that proven record of service and the friendliness and professionalism of their staff. And now that Bosley has added the former clinics of Medical Hair Restoration to its national network, that level of service is only bound to increase.

Your relationship with Bosley starts with a private consultation at the Bosley offices in Columbia. Hair restoration is a field that encompasses many different treatments, and every patient has unique needs and goals that can determine which approach is best for them. Your Bosley hair loss specialist can answer your questions, do a full scalp analysis, and get you started on a treatment all in the same day. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a gradual at-home hair regrowth solution like Propecia, a high tech treatment like Laser Hair Therapy, or the proven results of an advanced hair transplant surgery procedure: Bosley has all the bases covered.

Bosley’s Columbia hair restoration center is a consultation-only facility at this time. However, patients can still get started on non-surgical treatments here, and those who wish to undergo hair transplantation can be scheduled for a procedure at one of Bosley’s advanced hair loss centers in Raleigh, NC, or Atlanta, GA.

To learn more about hair restoration and hair replacement, or to book your private hair loss consultation in Columbia, contact us today and start turning back the clock with Bosley!

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User Reviews for Bosley Hair Restoration - Columbia


K. W. - Summerville, SC 10.0
"The consultation experience entailed more than I planned; the salesperson was great. The price was not a shock, but a little higher than I wished but the salesperson sold your service to me. He did not force it on me. He himself had his hair transplanted three times and it looks great. Looking forward to this and can't wait to see the end results. Ok, see ya on 4/23 in North Carolina. God bless."

D. Y. 9.9
"The personal experience that was shared allowed me to feel confident with my decision to move forward."

V. H. 10.0
"The counselor in the Columbia, SC office was very nice, and it was a pleasure talking with him. He shared his own experience, including before-and-after photos, which gave me more confidence in Bosley."

E. B. - Prosperity, SC 10.0
"I felt that my appointment went very smooth. Satisfied with my experience at the Columbia Bosley clinic."

R. B. - Florence, SC 9.7
"When I went to Bosley's Columbia clinic, I had a great experience and gained a ton of valuable info."

C. H. - Myrtle Beach, SC 9.6
"The consultant was really cool. He offered a lot of personal experience and had a knowledge of the product. That was a great selling point."

M. M. - Myrtle Beach, SC 9.7
"I thought it went well. My questions were answered, and I was given a business card in case I had any more."

G. F. 9.8
"Every single question I did or didn't have was answered. "

R. K. 9.5
"I think my consultation was very helpful, about what I expected."

M. R. - Beaufort, SC 9.8
"The consultation was informative, but the brow restoration procedure was very costly. If the price was within my reach, I would love to undergo the procedure. "

M. T. - Summerville, SC 9.6
"I really enjoyed my consultation with Dustin. He made me feel at ease and he explained the process of hair transplants very well; the before and after. I have gone ahead and decided to go with Bosley for this procedure and have already scheduled the appointment. :)"

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