Dr. N.S. Huq


5668 Main Street Suite 1
Niagara Falls, ON L2G 5Z4

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About Dr. N.S. Huq

Throughout Canada's Ontario province, clients trust no one more than Dr. N.S. Huq For unrivaled expertise in plastic surgery procedures.

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, Dr. N.S. Huq is a highly respected surgeon in the field of cosmetic enhancement. As a dedicated practitioner of medical and plastic surgery for almost 20 years, Huq has earned a reputation for excellence among patients and colleagues alike.

Currently residing in Niagara Falls with his wife and three children, Dr. Huq is a practicing surgeon at the Niagara Plastic Surgery Centre, and also an Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery at McMaster University.

At his clinic in Niagara Falls, Huq specializes in face lifts, neck lifts, and Blepharoplasty, but also provides Ontario with breast lifts, Gynecomastia, Liposuction, Rhinoplasty, and tummy tuck procedures.

Come find out for yourself why Dr. N.S. Huq has been a featured consultant on the t.v. series "Skin Deep," and why he's a trusted contributor for the Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery.

Our representatives can set up your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Huq at Niagara Plastic Surgery Centre right away! During a consultation, patients can discuss their individual surgical options and concerns with one of Ontario's leading cosmetic professionals. Make your first appointment with Dr. Huq at Niagara Plastic Surgery Centre, and let him help you to achieve your skin's highest potential.

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Dr. N.S. Huq
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L. L. - St Catharines, ON 10.0
"Dr. Huq as well as the staff made me feel very comfortable. They gave me confidence to go ahead with the procedure. I will recommend Dr. Huq to anyone I know that is interested in any of the procedures he does."

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