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About Bosley Hair Restoration - Denver

In Denver, hair loss patients can count on America’s largest network of hair restoration experts: Bosley Medical. Whether it’s a hair regrowth treatment like Propecia, a new development like Laser Hair Therapy, or one of the most advanced hair transplant surgery procedures on the planet, Bosley delivers results at competitive prices, getting you back to the natural, youthful look you desire.

Your Bosley experience starts with a private hair loss consultation in Denver. Hair Restoration is a multi-faceted field these days, and no patients have the same needs or goals, so your consultation will cover every aspect of your treatment, from the origins of your hair loss to the details of how modern hair transplantation works.

If hair transplant surgery sounds like the best solution for you, you can rest assured that your Denver hair transplant will be conducted by a licensed Colorado physician with considerable experience handling this in-demand procedure. And because your own hair follicles are used in the hair transplant process, the results will have the natural, undetectable look that many other hair loss solutions just can’t match.

Bosley hair restoration clinics conduct more than 11,000 procedures across the country every year, and now that they’ve added the former clinics of Medical Hair Restoration to their own network, that number is sure to grow even more. To set up your consultation at Bosley of Denver, contact us today!

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"I am really happy with it, I think the hair came in really really well. "

"I think they did a great job. "

S. W. - Peyton, CO 10.0
"Very warm and friendly team at the Denver office."

N. P. 8.5
"I had a really good experience no complaints. "

G. M. - Grand Junction, CO 10.0
"Great staff. Dr. Pauls really enjoys what she does and you can tell by the experience."

D. D. - Evergreen, CO 10.0
"I am super happy. 10 out of 10. "

D. D. - Evergreen, CO 10.0
"The staff was great really accommodating. I had to change my schedule a couple of times and they were really great about helping me do that. "

P. C. - Salt Lake City, UT 9.9
"Tania Pauls, MD is one of the best doctors I have spoke with. Her compassion for people shows through in conversation. She is very good at what she does and is very detailed in her explanations. I especially found the PA to be my best source in putting me at ease as she went through everything while we were waiting for the doctor. I had arrived about 30 minutes early for my appointment and she utilized the time to go through the Q and A and all details. Each one of the staff were most professional and polite. "

A. S. - Colorado Springs, CO 9.3
"The staff of ladies on my team were amazing! Friendly and extremely professional while making me feel at ease. Before my procedure. Dr. Pauls was amazing and she made me feel very confident that the procedure went great and that the results were going to be better than expected. Wouldn't change anything about my decision. Thank you. I cannot wait for the results to start showing. "

R. L. - Lafayette, CO 10.0
"The entire team did a great job making me feel comfortable during the entire procedure. They realized this is a very expensive purchase and treated it as such."

H. K. - Scottsbluff, NE 9.9
"From my first consultation with Dr. Paul I felt very good. They answered all my questions and explained my problem and they recommended which procedure was best for me. The staff was really professional and friendly with many years of experience. I appreciated Dr. Pauls calling later that evening after the procedure to make sure I was doing good. "

C. R. - Wheat Ridge, CO 10.0
"Loved the time we spent at the facility. Loved the knowledge and experience they have and I will trust the team to do a fantastic job when we go back this Tuesday."

M. O. - Denver, CO 9.9
"Dr. Paul was extremely professional and courteous. The staff put me at ease and explained the day's events as well as what was happening at each step. "

"The physician assistant was very courteous and professional."

M. R. - Estes Park, CO 9.7
"Dr Pauls is extremely positive. She has a warm smile and very attentive to me as the patient for my mental well-being. She asked me if I understood her instructions, made she I was comfortable and provided an environment that was safe. She was personal and caring. I appreciated her team who seem well-informed and happy. It goes a long way when it's noticeable when the staff are happy. The team was super nice and laughed a lot. It made it for a very nice visit. Thank you!"

"I went to my dermatologist and asked him to look for the scar and he couldn't find it. I love the fact that I'm no longer bald. The physician was outstanding."

L. L. - Baker, MT 9.9
"The Bosley Team was fabulous. They made me feel comfortable and welcomed. I only have great things to say and would highly recommend them. Thank you all and I can't wait to see the finished product!"

S. R. 9.7
"I think it was really helpful that the doctor came in. She gave me a run down what would happen the day of. The doctor added a personal touch to it. It made me feel comfortable about what was going to happen. "

P. H. - Littleton, CO 10.0
"Really great team in Centennial, CO. Great staff."

Q. C. 10.0
"Dr Paul was outstanding and her staff was excellent I was very satisfied that's why I went back for a second procedure."

M. O. 10.0
"Not much for me to say, but I liked the service."

D. H. 10.0
"Thank you, Bosley Denver! Great job."

S. C. 9.1
"I had a nice time at Bosley Hair Restoration's Denver office, but the price was slightly surprising."

P. W. - Snowmass Village, CO 9.9
"It was all good, but I wish this would be easier for me to afford."

W. V. 9.9
"The Denver Bosley office is nice, but the price is too high for me."

J. W. 10.0
"Everything was great at Bosley's Denver location."

A. H. - Denver, CO 9.9
"I liked that they suggested arnica gel. It really seemed to help with the bruising. Dr. Pauls is an amazing surgeon. Her graft area sutures are nothing short of artful. This is my second procedure, 2200 grafts in 2011 and 1200 on 11/16/15. I'm very pleased with the service and the results."

L. A. - Littleton, CO 9.1
"I loved the follow-up email instructions. I think that most patients are nervous about knocking the implants out, so I think they should send an email each day, saying "Today you can wash your hair. Remember: no exercise. Etc." I feel that this would be appreciated by most patients. I also loved my doctor. The Denver office is a great group that seems like they really care!"

D. M. - Estes Park, CO 10.0
"Everything was very professional. The staff members were warm, friendly and very caring."

A. R. - Littleton, CO 10.0
"This experience was very personal for me. The Denver Bosley team was amazing (Dr Parks and his staff). They explained how the day would play out and gave me instructions pre-event and post-event. It was a nice balance of professionalism and sincere caring that I believe made me comfortable during the procedure. I have already recommended Dr. Parks to a friend of mine. Thank you."

D. M. 10.0
"I give it a ten, and even went to see the doctor again for advice regarding the medicine I'm taking."

M. C. - Denver, CO 9.5
"The staff was beyond amazing, Everyone was extremely helpful with everything."

D. G. 10.0
"Dr Paul was outstanding in both technical ability and in her very personable nature. Her team members were also highly skilled and friendly. A great experience overall."

D. G. 9.7
"Very positive, personal experience with everyone there, especially with the doctor and counselor."

L. P. - Denver, CO 10.0
"The physician understood that I could not take some of their standard post-op prescription medications and was happy to make substitutions. I was happy to have those additional medications because they helped me very much after the procedure."

W. K. 10.0
"Everything was great the entire time I was there. Everybody was so friendly and willing to answer my questions."

W. K. 10.0
"I am extremely happy with my results. I'm around 11 months into it right now and it's amazing how much hair I actually have now. I get complements all of the time from friends and family. I've even been told I look younger."

Z. R. 10.0
"Professional presentation, knowledgeable and courteous staff."

K. L. 10.0
"Last week I spent the day at the Denver Bosley office, getting a hair transplant procedure. My entire experience was many times better than I ever thought it would or could be. Dr. Pauls and the entire staff are consummate professionals. I was made to feel like royalty all day long. I have never spent a day at a spa, but I think it could not be much better than the day I spent at Bosley's, getting those hair transplants. The entire procedure was virtually pain-free and I attribute much of this to the expertise and skill of the medical staff. I was given the option of watching Netflix, listening to my choice of music, or just conversing with the staff. I chose the latter because Dr. Pauls and the technicians were encouraging, humorous, and a joy to converse with during the various steps of the procedure. It seems a bit odd to say that it was a “fun” day, but it actually was. The medical and administrative staff in the Centennial office were amazing. I left in a great mood, fully versed in the care of my new transplants, and with the confidence that it was done properly and professionally. Dr. Pauls even called that evening just to check on me. I don’t believe I have ever dealt with a doctor that has bedside manners as good as Dr. Pauls. Her and the nurses were all a delight. To this point, I have not experienced any appreciable pain or discomfort. I look forward to seeing my new head of hair in the coming months!"

J. F. 8.9
"The Denver Bosley clinic was friendly and helpful."

A. M. - Parker, CO 10.0
"The physician and medical team were the most pleasant, kind, courteous, attentive and positive people I have ever dealt with in a medical setting. I felt welcome and relaxed throughout the procedure and follow-up visit the next day. If you are considering a hair transplant, I highly recommend Dr. Pauls and her team."

A. B. 10.0
"My hair looks good--I've got that Jason Bateman hairstyle going. After the procedure my head hurt a lot for a week, then it was tender for a month or so, but it was absolutely worth it."

M. S. - Albuquerque, NM 9.5
"I like the results. Both procedures have been good, both the registered nurse and Dr. Tanya Pauls have done really nice jobs. I'm just picky about the density, so I'm coming back for a third procedure."

M. L. - Aurora, CO 8.5
"I was treated really nice. "

K. S. 10.0
"Fara with the consult was awesome. Very informative, friendly and talkative. Dr Pauls was honest and explained everything."

A. S. 10.0
"Staff was very helpful and courteous."

A. H. 8.0
"They were super nice. I liked everyone there. No problems at all. They are very friendly. They helped to care of everything and were very friendly."

H. K. 8.0
"The staff was good all around."

M. S. - Crownpoint, NM 9.8
"Dr Pauls was great and I'm pleased with her treatment."

F. E. - Cheyenne, WY 9.5
"Absolutely wonderful. Made me feel comfortable didn't feel like a number. Had great personal touch"

K. K. 8.0
"Dr Pauls was very professional. Everyone in the office did their job well."

Q. C. 10.0
"The staff was nice and professional. I have referred to potential clients."

J. L. 10.0
"Dr Pauls was extremely professional and kind. The support team from front staff to surgical assistants as well! Easy process overall. It was great to be a woman treated by women!"

K. S. - Littleton, CO 10.0
"Everyone at Bosley Medical was very professional. I'm very happy so far. It went easier than expected. I wished I had this done sooner. The hardest thing is waiting for the results which I'm doing now. I think it's going to be awesome. "

D. F. - Durango, CO 10.0
"The whole experience was a very good one and what I expected! The physician, (Dr. Tania Pauls) was very professional, qualified, thorough, and just a great person! The staff was very professional, pleasant and worked very hard. I made this decision and had it done within one month and am very happy with the whole process. I'm looking forward to having my hair back in place for years to come. I would recommend Bosley to anyone."

- Fort Lauderdale, FL 10.0
"This is my second procedure, and this team was outstanding. Based from this experience my brother will now be having the same procedure. Job well done by Dr Pauls and team!"

M. O. - Denver, CO 9.9
"Doctor and staff were friendly and professional. They were very accommodating. Doctor has a congenial disposition and really made me feel comfortable. The surgery team was very thoughtful and kept me in the loop throughout the day of where we were at all times in the procedure."

D. W. 9.5
"Dr. Pauls and her team were fantastic, great bedside manner. The procedure and recovery have been exactly as described. Her nurse and technicians interacted with me like a person and we had a lot of laughs, very important considering I spent an entire day there. I had my hair washed the following day and was warmly greeted and felt genuinely cared for. Her treatment rooms may be due for a makeover and lunch was underwhelming given the cost of the procedure. That being said, I place more value on the procedure than than the office. The lobby shows well and Farrah really sealed the deal for me on my first visit."

D. B. 10.0
"My experience was great!"

N. K. 7.0
"I thought the staff were very friendly. Very kind and talkative. Helpful if I had any questions. "

A. D. 10.0
"They were all fantastic. I'm a doctor so I know all about patient care and they were exceptional across the board."

L. H. 10.0
"Dr Pauls was very thorough and attentive. She was professional and explained the procedure as she carried it out. Great team all around!"

G. S. 9.9
"Dr. Tania Pauls and her staff are extremely talented, very professional personnel. They made the entire procedure as comfortable as possible...this was a great appointment. I commend, and thank, Dr. Pauls for her expertise, diligence and bedside (actually chair-side) manner..."

D. M. 9.5
"They were all great! No complaints at all. Dr. Pauls has a personality made for what she does. Top notch."

S. K. 9.5
"Dr. Pauls is amazing. She was compassionate, positive, skilled and took a personal interest in ME. I just loved having her as my physician. The entire staff was warm and friendly--especially Fara Stewart. I have nothing but praise for the office staff and Dr. Pauls."

J. G. - Denver, CO 10.0
"Everyone was top notch. Much more swelling than I anticipated. Otherwise it has gone great. "

A. Y. 10.0
"Overall the whole experience was very good, everyone was very professional and welcoming."

R. R. 10.0
"Dr. Pauls and her staff were professional, courteous and very helpful; during and after my procedure."

M. B. 10.0
"Dr. Pauls was awesome !! She was so informative and eased my concerns. Her staff made it a great experience. Other than the pain and discomfort that I experienced the day after the procedure, I know I made the right decision."

S. R. 10.0
"I was very impressed with the friendly staff and my doctor at the Denver office. They all matched my personality style and we had great conversation and laughs through the process without sacrificing any part of being professional. I was very pleased with the detail of my doctor. She is a great person who seems to really enjoy her job and did a great job with accessing my wants, desires, and goals. A+ to Dr. Paul's and her staff!"

W. K. 9.5
"Dr Pauls was extremely helpful in answering questions and extremely professional. Her and her team made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole procedure. All of this made my procedure so much more pleasant than I could have ever imagined."

H. K. 10.0
"Dr. Pauls is AWESOME!!!. The whole staff was totally professional and comfortable. Thank you."

J. A. 9.5
"Dr Pauls was extremely professional and very good in explaining everything and putting me at ease. I felt that I was in good hands with her."


A. M. 10.0
"Doctor is very professional, personable and proud to be able to literally change patients lives. This was second procedure and I enjoyed the process and staff support and look forward to seeing he final results."

"Dr Pauls is remarkably upbeat, professional, focused, and effectively projects that she really cares about her patient. The team was well focused on my comfort, and as a result I was extraordinarily comfortable throughout the process. Was impressed with the speed of the team. Very best wishes to Dr Pauls and her team."

I. K. - Fountain, CO 8.5
"All of the staff were courteous and friendly."

A. K. 10.0
"Bosley office was very warm, comforting, and trustworthy."

M. W. 10.0
"Wow!..I was very impressed with the staff..I like seeing a group of people that enjoy what they do and have a good product for people..Hugs to all of them and granitas are on the house if any of them decide to come to Pueblo and see me."

H. D. 8.5
"Everyone on my team was excellent. They were caring, thoughtful and made sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure. I don't remember any of their names as it has been almost a year since my procedure, but they were all committed to their jobs and what they were doing for the client. My doctor was also friendly, caring, and understanding of my particular issue. Nice people doing great work."

H. K. 10.0
"The team was so nice. An amazing experience. Very professional and courteous. I didn't feel like another number. I would highly recommend them to a friend and give them 5 star rating. Well done!"

E. K. 9.0
"They were all excellent at caring for me, and were all very professional. I have nothing bad to say about them."

R. G. 9.5
"It was all positive. I couldn't believe the team I had! In addition to the doctor I had three people working on the implants, three working on the microscope--I even got escorted to the men's room! I was really treated like royalty. And another thing I was impressed with is that I met with the first guy in California, and he gave me a price quote, and then he came down. And then I came over to your office, and I got another dicount! The price got knocked around a little before I even got into the chair, and I really appreciated that."

E. L. 10.0
"Dr. Pauls was an excellent doctor and I had complete faith in her ability."

M. S. - Crownpoint, NM 10.0
"My doctor was very pleasant, compassionate and knowledgeable She had a nice artistic flair and allow me to be a part of the treatment the day and the procedure went smoothly and I was very comfortable throughout The team work in harmony with each other and made every effort to satisfy my need. Thank you to them all."

R. K. 9.0
"Everyone was kind and helpful."

M. K. 10.0
"Everything in the entire experience/process went smoothly from the beginning with telephone consultant to the actual procedure at the Denver office...everyone was professional and responsive to any/all questions asked. I would highly recommend Dr. Pauls and her team to friends/co-workers/anyone in general looking for the same/similar procedure."

L. R. 10.0
"My physician was tremendous! She was extremely nice and professional. It's hard to explain but sometimes when you meet someone you can tell they are the best in their profession, that's how I felt with my physician. My procedure surpassed my expectations everything was top of the line service."

E. M. 9.5
"I had a positive experience the whole time I was there. Everyone was very professional and helpful. A very nice experience."

E. C. 7.5
"I'm so sorry to be so bad at remembering names. They were all 100% wonderful, as was Dr. Tania Pauls. The experience was good! They all were fantastic at answering questions & making me feel at ease. Love them!!"

N. L. - Grand Junction, CO 10.0
"A very poor skill set now exist in a large group of employees-those that don't know their job and I expected this would be the set standard with maybe one or two employees skilled in the process and service standards. How pleased and surprised I became when the BOSLEY TEAM were very skilled. Thanks for the great service! From first interaction and final procedure, they exceeded my expectations."

Z. O. 10.0
"The physician was very great with providing me a lot of information. Tony was the best customer service person that I ever talked with. They were all kind cooperative. They offered places to go in the area. We are from a small town. They were very helpful with assuring us we will be fine."

C. B. 10.0
"I e-mailed the Denver office immediately after my procedure and asked that it be shared with everyone at Bosley, including the corporate office. I'll try to reiterate by stating that any apprehensions I had about undergoing the procedure dissipated immediately upon entering the door of the office. I had some "work" done about 24 years ago. It was primitive by today's standards. The level of care, empathy and professionalism I experienced at Bosley far exceeded my expectations. My hat is off (at least it will be in a few months!) to everyone at the Denver office, but especially to Dr. Pauls. She is kind, empathetic, professional, very skilled... an angel in a white lab coat! She and her staff have had a profound impact upon my life. I can't wait to show them the results of their wonderful work in eight months!"

B. G. 10.0
"Dr. Pauls and her staff were absolutely fantastic! I initially had a lot of anxiety about the process of the procedure, but was quickly put at ease. Specifically, Jill, the nurse who administered the anesthetic was wonderful. I honestly did not feel a thing. The healing process has been the most difficult part as I don't think I was fully prepared for how I would immediately look. If I had to do it all over again the only thing I would change is a little more time off of work."

M. S. - Albuquerque, NM 8.5
"Overall everything is good, it's a group of professionals doing the procedure. You can't really get a better group than Bosley. Of course there's going to be some minor pain, with any procedure like this, and I wish they had explained things better, but it was a good experience."

A. S. 10.0
"Everyone was very cool. Dr. Pauls is very competent, has tons of experience, is always available to answer my questions and monitor everything. The whole team works very well."

E. C. 10.0
"Dr. Pauls was great to work with and her team was great as we'll. this is my third procedure and I was pleased with every one of them. Dr. Pauls and her team were awesome!!"

"They were all very helpful. The doctor and staff did a great job of explaining the procedure and everything to me. They also did a good job on explaining the products to me such as laser combs."

K. O. 9.3
"Dr. Pauls is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and know how to make a patient feel comfortable and excited about the process and outcome."

B. O. 9.5
"They were all good at what they do."

B. W. 9.0
"They were all very good. My interaction with the physician was good too."

A. D. 10.0
"This was my second procedure and I was very happy with the skill of the physician the first time I felt confident enough to come back again. Everyone there was great, it's difficult to pick just one person but they were all exceptional."

C. L. 10.0
"The dr was very friendly and professional. The recovery process is more difficult and involved than I expected."

T. L. - Ashby, NE 9.0
"They were all very good."

M. R. 10.0
"The office and doctor were great. The physician was very knowledgeable. I was only person there that day. It was great."

K. K. 10.0
"The procedure went well and the medical team was very professional, efficient and nice. I will not really know my complete thoughts about the procedure until the transplants grow. But overall procedure went well and I experienced very little pain after the procedure."

W. O. 7.0
"Everyone was helpful"

"I couldn't have pictured it going better! I though everyone there was helpful, informative and walked me through the whole process. The bedside manner of the staff members was excellent."

B. M. 10.0
"They were all wonderful. I had it done a second time because I knew the doctor who was doing the surgery."

T. M. 9.0
"They were all great and very accommodating. They would all ask me questions to make sure I was doing okay or needed anything. They were really focused on me."

A. D. 10.0
"As a physician, I was very impressed with the team and Dr. Pauls. Everyone worked together like a well-tuned engine. Great experience and I recommend to all my patients who inquire."

E. K. 9.0
"The Physician was pleasant and very knowledgeable! The office was well run and organized. I liked the receptionist she was prompt and kind."

D. M. 10.0
"Dr. Pauls and her staff were extremely professional and did everything to make my treatment as comfortable as possible. Her genuine concern and pleasant demeanor along with her staff's were a big part of my satisfaction in knowing I had chosen the right place to have my treatment. I look forward to the coming year to fully enjoy my new look. I highly recommend Dr. Pauls to anyone looking to have this procedure."

"Very professional"

S. K. 9.9
"The procedure was performed with minimal discomfort on my part. Everything was explained to me. Dr. Pauls was both professional and reassuring. I like her friendly manner. The whole team was warm and friendly and put me at ease. I didn't really get enough direction from the Bosley materials on HOW to clean the gel off of the suture line. I had to call the office to find out if I was supposed to use some of the shampoo to do that. Also, I doubt if I'll have enough gel to put on the suture line for 6 days. Maybe I'm using too much. Other than that, the materials provided seem to be working well. I had another follow-up call from the nurse, Susan, today, and I appreciated that so much."

L. M. 10.0
"For a procedure that is very personal and private, I feel the whole team was very professional and made me feel at ease. A BIG thanks to all of you at the Denver office!!"

"Thanks to Dr. Pauls and her whole team. I think they did a tremendous job. I couldn't be happier. Thanks"

D. L. 10.0
"The staff was really friendly and helpful. Dr. Pauls was extremely helpful and the quality of her work is a testament to the great result of my hair transplant. I am very pleased with the results and am glad I did it! Would recommend anyone to see Dr. Pauls."

L. H. 10.0
"Love Dr Tania Pauls. She's an artist. I'm a standup comic who is in the public eye. I do TV and stage and her work gives me the look and confidence I need to perform at the top of my game."

G. O. 10.0
"Life Changing. Great DR and staff. Dr. Pauls was the nicest woman and truly seems to care and want to do a good job knowing she is impacting peoples lives for the better."

G. C. 10.0
"The Denver Team was very professional and explained everything in detail so I understood before moving forward. They were kind and pleasant the entire time before, during and after the procedure. I have experienced almost no pain during and after the procedure. The grafts all are still in and I was instructed that tomorrow (day 6) I could go ahead and start to remove the small scabs while showering. I am looking forward to the upcoming months and seeing my results and my self esteem grow! I am overall very pleased with the staff and the procedure. I will recommend this to all of my friends who are experiencing hair loss such as myself. Thanks to the entire team in Denver at the Centennial office."

"Dr. Pauls and the entire staff were great. The experience couldn't have gone better."

W. S. 7.0
"Dr. Pauls did a good job. The nurses were nice. I was disappointed in some of the communication and the way some things were handled but I'm happy with the hair."

A. E. 9.5
"The staff and the office members were professional. My physician was really good too. He was compassionate and took the time to explain things to me. He kept optimism in me and encouraged me along the way. The whole experience was very streamlined and professional."

J. J. 9.0
"The overall experience with the staff and physician was really good. Everyone was nice and friendly. They were also knowledgeable, which I liked."

M. H. 9.5
"I was scared at the last minute, reading the risk and seeing the results of scaring on a former patient but Dr Pauls put me at ease and made me feel positive about what the final result would turn out on me. The whole team that worked on me showed very professional attention to detail and I felt they cared about me as a patient and kept me comfortable and confident. I can't wait to see my new head of beautiful hair and my whole new look and the confidence I will have and feel good about how I look for the first time in 15 years. I can't wait. Thank you Bosley and Dr. Pauls."

E. G. 8.5
"Dr. Pauls was great. The lady at the desk was great. Her name is Monica. "

A. D. 10.0
"Dr. Pauls and her staff were amazing. Susan, Cherish, Ivy, Fatima, and Fara were all outstanding. I have nothing but very positive things to say about the Denver office. My only issue is with the DVD you send out. In my opinion, it's pretty misleading. Many people on that DVD say that this procedure is no worse than going to the dentist which is just ridiculous unless you're having 5 root canals that day. I also don't see how it is AT ALL possible that the people on the DVD had a procedure like this on a Thursday and returned to work on a Monday and "no one could tell." Would I make this choice again? Absolutely. Would I go to Dr. Pauls and her staff? I doubt I'd let anyone else touch me but Dr. Pauls and her staff. I have such great hope for this choice I made for myself and for the talent of the people helping me through it. But seriously... the DVD tells some pretty big fibs. "

O. F. 9.7
"The team was very professional. Made me very comfortable told me step by step during the procedure."

T. K. 7.0
"Staff was very friendly."

E. A. - Provo, UT 10.0
"Dr. Pauls answered all my questions as she did last time with a great smile. She was very enthusiast about the results. She told me what to expect during the procedure and after. She checked up on me that evening. Fatima was also amazing! She was very attentive and helped as I needed it checking on what could do to make me more comfortable. The anesthesiologist made sure to go as slow as I needed while she administered the shots. The pills were clearly marked and explained what they were. All in all everyone and everything was great!!! I have no complaints just compliments and kudos to the entire staff especially Dr. Pauls!!!!"

D. H. 9.9
"This second go around was very pleasant and I really appreciated the Bosley team I worked with now, going out of their way to right a wrong and to keep me pleased, Compared to the first go-around when things were not as promised (to say the least, noting that it was a Different office and different State the first procedure was done in.) I can't wait to see the final results. All of the staff were genuinely nice and seemed very happy to be working in the environment provided, which I believe makes for better contact with patients, which then in turn makes for better experience and results in the end. It took me 4+ years to come back because of my reservations and first experience, and now I'm truly happy that I did."

S. M. 10.0
"Dr Pauls is very nice and makes you feel comfortable about the procedure. She listened to my concerns and addressed them."

D. A. - Boulder, CO 10.0
"Very friendly and competent staff"

E. K. 10.0
"The whole staff was very friendly and highly competent. Dr. Pauls was delightful, friendly and very through. I would not hesitate to recommend the procedure and the staff to anyone considering the procedure."

L. S. 9.0
"Dr. Tanya Pauls was excellent and her staff were very professional/knowledgeable."

I. K. - Fountain, CO 9.7
"Physician was very enthusiastic and friendly. I will recommend to others."

N. P. 10.0
"Dr Pauls and her team provided me with outstanding care and support during and after my procedure on Friday, November 1. They were wonderful to work with, were always positive in their interactions with me and patiently took the time to answer all my questions thoroughly. Also, I'm pleased to let you know that I've had no post-operative issues since my procedure 40+ hours ago. This is great news! For all these reasons, Dr Pauls and her team truly exceeded all my expectations! "

D. Z. 7.0
"The Denver staff were courteous and helpful and Dr Pauls answered all my questions."

H. D. 10.0
"The staff were very friendly and made me feel comfortable. Great office, happy with procedure and looking forward to six to eight months from now to see the results."

A. B. 10.0
"Everyone is friendly upon each visit."

J. T. 10.0
"Dr. Tanya Pauls and the staff are highly qualified. They are truly experts at hair replacement. My hair has grown in very nicely. The only downside was the pain associated with my recovery. It was quite a long and painful recovery. This was my second transplant. The first one was much easier. Dr. Pauls explained that as this was my second transplant procedure, the scalp was much tighter and that could be the reason for a difficult recovery. She did provide some pain medication that helped. I have recommended Bosley and Dr. Pauls to others."

H. W. 9.8
"The procedure was great I had no pain at all.. excellent workers, i have good time doing hair transplant, nice experience thanks bosley."

S. B. 9.0
"I thought the staff was so very nice! I was embarrassed about my hair loss, and they didn't make me feel weird or uncomfortable at all. Everyone was really cool."

S. D. 10.0
"Doctor was very personable, professional and always asking of my comfort level during procedure. Was impressed with entire team that complemented the Doctor. They all made my pre procedure anxieties and hesitations non-existent. Very impressed."

"As I stated earlier Dr. Pauls is a talented physician with a pleasant personality as does her staff. All the associates make you feel very comfortable and are friendly. I enjoyed the experience,the staff is concerned with your well being and I think thats important. I'm a heart patient with some concerns but the staff and Dr.Pauls made me feel very comfortable,they were attentive to my heart condition making sure that I was having a pleasant experience."

E. K. 7.5
"The staff was very professional and answered any question that I had. I am scheduled for the second application this month."

R. G. 10.0
"It is difficult to know where or how to begin in order to adequately describe my wonderful experience with Bosley! From the first contact with the counselor and his patient answering of all my questions my experience was pleasant, informative, reassuring, encouraging, and filled with so much enthusiasm and support for me, personally, that I was just overwhelmed! As if this personal care and concern for me personally wasn't enough, the counselor even quoted me a discounted price, per graft, for my procedure which saved me a few thousand dollars in the end! I was then contacted by the Centennial, Colorado, office personnel for confirmation and scheduling information. This included information on where to stay, hotel, after arriving in town. At the suggested hotel I also found that I got a "discount" for being a Bosley patient, in addition to the very comfortable and unusually good accommodations. The "Drury Hotel" is of the highest caliber and quality, with not only complimentary breakfasts, but dinners also as well as complimentary "Happy Hour" tickets. Unfortunately I was unable to take advantage of the "Happy Hour" tickets due to "pre-op" instructions for my welfare, comfort, and safety during the hair transplant procedure the following day. The very attractive and efficiently friendly ladies who greeted me upon my pre-op consultation with Dr. Tania Pauls, were so interested in service to me that I felt like family upon arrival! Every question I had, every concern and insecurity I expressed was treated with the utmost respect and consideration. I felt able to ask anything, and did, without the slightest trace that the question had been asked many times before (although I was sure my questions were common). Dr. Pauls then performed a personal examination and evaluation of my hair and personal health condition/habits. At the conclusion of the examination/consultation I was given the results of that evaluation and the suggestions available. Then the most recommended hair transplant procedure for my personal situation in this first transplant procedure. Dr. Pauls and her assistant also confirmed the first quoted price per graft given me by the first phone counselor mentioned above! On the day of the procedure everything conceivable, and a few things not expected, were performed for my personal comfort, enjoyment (choice of movies to watch), lunch (delicious sandwich and other choices)consideration, and in depth explanations of each and every procedure to be performed. They also checked on my personal comfort and welfare during each of the procedures as they were being performed. It was a most, most, enjoyable experience and I was almost sorry at the procedure's completion since I was enjoying such a wonderfully high level of service and friendly professional care! At each stage of the procedure I was asked how I felt, how I was doing, if there was anything they could do to enhance my comfort or experience. I was also able to ask questions, as they came to my mind, during the procedure. As well as be part of a friendly conversation on a variety of subjects with the technicians as they performed their assigned tasks. At the completion of the procedure, which I was able to watch and see the extremely proficient and efficient technical skills of the "team" involved in my hair transplant, I was given very thorough and detailed "post-op" instructions to follow. In addition to this, and thankfully, I was given a copy of those detailed instructions to follow to take with me in case I forgot any of them (which I most certainly would have). I could go on and on, and would if I could think of more ways to say what an enjoyable and wonderful experience I had with the Bosley team. For many years I had thought that Bosley was the "BEST" of the "BEST" in this field. I was NOT mistaken. However I must name those employees I can remember. I feel their work, attention to detail, their warm and caring personalities, are both unusual and noteworthy. I only regret I cannot name them all, but I will attempt to describe them whose names I don't know, and will trust that the Bosley team members that attended me are listed somewhere in the work record of my personal case and can be identified by their superiors for merit Kudos. My phone counselor was named Tom Villalobos (spelling is hopefully correct in all names?). The receptionists and/or office assistants are/were a "Monica" and a lady named "Farah". Both of these ladies were exceptionally attractive, in both dress and appearance, as well as most warm and helpful. Dr. Tania Pauls was incredible! She was not only caring, helpful, informative, supportive, and most enthusiastic about my hair transplant personally. But she was so impressive in her technical expertise, and performance, of her duties. That I felt safe, secure, and very lucky to have her do my surgical implantations! And for a man my age that finally decides, and gathers the necessary courage to do a hair transplant, confidence in the person who holds the key to your future appearance and confidence, not to mention self esteem, is of utmost importance! I had such confidence and much more in Dr. Pauls. I even called her on the following Sunday, my procedure was done on a Friday, with questions and found her most courteous and only concerned with my complete satisfaction even though it was on one of her days off! The technical assistants who processed my grafts, implanted those grafts, and tended to my welfare during and after completion of the hair transplant were as follows; "Susan" the Nurse in attendance. "Tony" the male attendant, and two ladies whom I cannot recall their names but one was a very attractive dark haired, short hair, lady who was within one month of giving birth (pregnant) and dressed in a black top and bottom. The other lady was younger, I think, wore glasses (I seem to recall), had dark hair also as I remember, and was most fun to converse with as they all were. There were also one or two nice young ladies who accompanied me to and from the rest room, during the procedure breaks, to assure my personal safety to and from that location. All the above appeared happy in their work, efficient in their work, cheerful in their work, and most comforting and concerned for my comfort and welfare during the procedure/s. I cannot thank them enough but they will never be forgotten, especially since I may need (or want) a repeat visit to further enhance my hair transplant after the mandatory year has passed. All these wonderful people are rare employees in there care and concern, on a daily basis I have no doubt, for the patients well being and enjoyable experience and safe surgical procedure. Such employees are not only rare in this day and age, they are priceless to an employer. I am retired but I supervised personnel many times in my career, in Law Enforcement for 31 years, and know the difference between those than "can" and those that "cannot" do a technically difficult and demanding job well. These employees should be valued, commended, and kept in mind for advancement in their profession. If I appear bold in my suggestions so be it. I am grateful for their work, concern, and efficiency, in what had been a scary and very anxiety filled quest for physical improvement in my appearance. Nothing could be more important to an individual. Nothing could be more intimately of concern to an individual. And nothing, done well, could more importantly enhance one's life and quality of life than being happy with your appearance. These folks have chosen a profession that involves deep seated needs, wants, desires, and even hopes for the future to people they don't even know and may never meet again. I thank GOD for Bosley and their attitude and attention to excellence. They have made a "senior citizen" (although I don't feel anywhere near being a senior citizen) feel like a "young buck" again. That is priceless indeed my friends! "

H. K. 9.5
"Easily accessible, friendly, courteous, helpful, humorous."

J. O. 10.0
"Dr Pauls and her team were outstanding! They made my hair restoration experience less stressful. They were meticulous, understanding and skillful. A superb team of professionals who calmed my nerves and reassured a successful outcome.I can't wait for month 3-4 to start seeing results. Thank you Denver Bosley Team!"

E. M. 10.0
"The staff was Fabulous and great, very understanding and personable. I was recommended to the doctor to have the procedure."

"Everyone was professional and friendly. They continually asked about my comfort, if I needed anything, and if I felt ok. I am diabetic and they encouraged me to check my blood sugar regularly. A clean and professional atmosphere "

R. N. 8.7
"Dr. Tania Pauls and her team at Bosley Denver are absolutely top-notch!"

H. K. 9.5
"The doctors were awesome. The staff members were amazing. They went out of there way to make sure I was comfortable the entire time. "

S. S. 9.0
"Very helpful"

R. O. 8.9
"I could not have asked of a better team very warm and energetic true professionals thank you guys so much I cant wait for my hair!!"

J. H. 9.9
"Dr. Pauls and her staff are the best. I am extremely satisfied with my choices, which were made possible by Dr. Pauls' advice."

"The entire team at the Denver office was absolutely amazing. They made me feel really comfortable and explained everything in detail before they did anything. The follow up call from the doctor and then the nurse were great and I feel comfortable contact them at any time with any questions or concerns. I would HIGHLY recommend the Denver office to anyone considering a procedure."

L. L. 10.0
"Other than getting treated very well I can't say enough about the staff, they were so EXCEPTIONAL. Top of the line, there wasn't one that wasn't good."

A. K. 9.9
"The whole experience was great. I am very pleased so far. We will see the results in 6 to 8 months and I will see if they let me make another comment at that time. The staff, Dr. Pauls and everyone involved were simply the best. I cant wait to see the final results! The after care is a little tough but i am sure it will be worth it. Thank you to all involved."

N. L. 8.7
"My physician was warmhearted and kind. She explained how the procedure would work and how i would be feeling before and after the procedure. There was little to no pain during the procedure but as expected, some discomfort the first and second days after the procedure. I had a good idea of where the grafts were placed at the front of my head but was not really shown where exactly the grafts were placed on the crown of my head. Other then that, i think everything went well as of now. "

C. R. 9.1
"This was my second procedure. The same team of people worked on me. I really appreciate that stable work environment."

A. M. 10.0
"Outstanding doctor. Dr. Pauls was very professional, explained everything in an easily understood manner and was very upbeat and reassuring before, during, and after the surgery."

E. K. 9.0
"Doctor and staff were wonderful and very friendly"

M. A. 9.0
"The people at Bosley are awesome. Everyone was so nice and Fara, the consultant, was extremely helpful getting my surgery organized. I have to travel a long distance to the surgical center and my flight was delayed due to a snow storm. Fara was able to accommodate me in a day where they really didn't have the time but that was the only time I could make it because of the weather delay. After the surgery the front desk woman even was kind enough to use her own personal iPhone to provide communication between the doctor and myself with images of my results."

T. M. 10.0
"Farah was very informative and answered all my questions"

R. P. 7.5
"Physician and staff were very friendly and answered questions up front. It just took way longer than expected. Almost missed our flight and didn't get to really ask questions when the procedure was done. Too hectic! Not enough snacks were offered in the afternoon. It was a very long day! From 8 to 5:30."

W. R. 9.6
"Everyone was very encouraging, knew what they were doing & displayed expertise along the way. I had no doubt about my choice."

J. H. 9.5
"Dr. Pauls was very helpful with advice and facts during the pre-surgery consultation, and her staff was excellent every step of the way."

M. G. 10.0
"Terrific staff! The Dr was very informative and made me feel relaxed and confident, very nice receptionist and Fara Stewart, in a word outstanding! Having had a procedure a number of years ago, I went in thinking that I knew everything. NOW I know everything because of Fara's expertise, experience and patience. Normally I do not make a decision of this magnitude on the spot, but between the feeling that I 'already knew' Fara and the time that I spent with the Dr, I knew I was making the right decision. Everyone wants a bargain, especially in today's economy... me included. While your pricing is fairly competitive, there are others around who are far less expensive but not the quality of Bosley in my opinion and the people ultimately are the difference maker with me. Thank you everyone at Bosley."

G. H. 7.2
"The staff were extremely friendly and helpful. They explained that I needed to go on the non transplant method before the surgery to keep the hair that I have and I opted to do so. The only reason I was not quoted a transplant price was because they need to see how much of my hair grows back using this method first. I would definitely recommend Bosely and my experience so far has been excellent."

A. B. 9.6
"Dr Pauls was very detailed in her presentation."

"Dr. Paul and her team made me feel extremely comfortable before, during and after my procedure. I would highly recommend them to any of my friends or family that have considered this or a similar procedure. They were all amazing that day and I can't wait to see the results!"

A. L. 9.1
"Dr. Paul was great. Quite frankly I wasn't that impressed with the facilities or the counselor, but Dr. Paul was the deciding factor. She is bright, full of enthusiasm, and I enjoyed my discussion with her. Of course, time will tell! :-)"

R. B. 9.7
"I was impressed by the entire procedure and was not at all uneasy or uncomfortable, at least no more than any procedure. The staff was great and the surgeon was awesome. The few side effects I've had (swelling, itching, etc.) were fully explained and understood. I can't wait for the results to start showing. My only minor constructive criticism would be with the facilities. There were some old screw anchors in the walls and unpainted areas and the room looked a little old and run down. Maybe it was in the process of being redone, but for a surgical room and for a relatively pricey procedure, I don't expect something upscale, but at least in good condition without deferred maintenance showing. Overall a great experience!"

L. S. 10.0
"Team was very professional and kind. They made me feel comfortable and answered all of my questions."

F. K. 10.0
"Dr. Pauls is really excellent. I've had four procedures two, from Dr. Pauls and two from another Bosley surgeon, and I found her skills, 'bedside manner' and sincere concern to be outstanding. As a result of my experience I referred my partner to her for a procedure who also found her to be exceptional."

- Littleton, CO 10.0
"I had a really great experience with the staff and the doctor. Everyone was very patient during the procedure. Every time I was starting to feel some pain they would take a break and give me a shot and then continue, so everyone worked with me."

S. T. 10.0
"I received more than expected from the Bosley staff and experience; in terms of communication, thoroughness, understanding, expediency, etc. The only surprise to me was the follow-up discomfort of the grafting area following the procedure. I know it will go away as the area heals but the sleeping/laying discomfort was not anticipated."

S. W. 9.0
"They were all wonderful and it was good"

S. M. 9.9
"It was a longer day than I had anticipated but everyone did what they could to make sure I was doing ok. I was especially thankful that 2 times through the day the staff walked my dog for me. Everyone was really great. I am already planning and excited to come back for a second procedure next year! Thanks again."

L. G. 10.0
"I did lots of research and I am more than satisfied with the results. I have only good things to say about Bosley. I have referred a friend get there treatments here, and will tell everyone I know about Bosley. The staff and doctor was great! My hair looks wonderful."

L. G. 10.0
"I love Bosley, I had a very good experience with them. The results are great. The staff was very professional, they were awesome. I have only good things to say about them and will refer everyone to Bosley."

M. L. 9.0
"The staff was extremely helpful and nice. They were patient and courteous through the entire process."

G. L. 9.5
"Dr. Tania Pauls and team were outstanding. This was my second procedure. My first procedure was two years ago by Dr. Pauls and amazingly, the same surgical and tech team. I highly recommend this team as they were very compassionate and caring during the whole process, constantly checking with me. I'm very confident that I will look great when all the hair grows in."

D. S. 10.0
"Dr Tania Pauls was very professional and caring, as well as her staff! It made it real easy to accept my decision and be comfortable with the transplant. From the minute I walked through the door to the minute I left, I was thoroughly impressed with the entire staff!"

H. G. 10.0
"Unbelievable! Absolutely took care of me like nothing I could have thought up. I have never had such care and compassion. Thank you all so very much for taking literally all of the stress and worry out of the process and making me feel at home on what would typically make me very stressed out. Thank you again!"

"I did not have any problems with the staff or the doctor at all, everyone was excellent. Dr. Pauls was great and even my initial contact Sara was great. The only person that did not make me feel warm and fuzzy was the person that was giving me the shots for the anesthesia. She did not make me feel comfortable at first."

D. S. 9.9
"So far so good. Everyone was pleasant & professional. I just want the procedure itself to turn out a success. Time will tell."

R. N. 9.5
"I had met with Dr Pauls on two different dates 2 years apart. I was very impressed that she was not ready to just "put me in the chair" for my procedure, but was adamant that first I have it determined that my hair loss was not caused by any medical conditions.She spent a good amount of time with me each time and when it was finally determined that I actually DID have "female Pattern baldness" and NOT a medical condition, she was very willing and enthusiastic about moving forward with my procedure. I chose Bosley, BECAUSE of Dr. Pauls. Her staff, from the Pre-consult to the receptionists, to the financial person, and the techs, were all friendly, professional and enthusiastic. I would DEFINITELY recommend Dr. Pauls and her staff for a hair restoration procedure. I am one "very happy camper"."

J. T. 9.5
"Everything was great except for some financial issues that arose. I had intended to pay the entire amount with the Chase Health Advance no interest credit line that Bosley had set up for my for my initial transplant procedure on May 4, 2011. At the time I was given a $12,000 limit with Chase and Bosley charged the entire $11,345.00 to the Chase plan. I paid the $11,345.00 off in it's entirety well within the interest free time window. My statements reflect that I still have $12,000 available. I requested to use this again for my recent procedure but when I arrived on the day of the procedure I was told that I only had about $4500.00 available. I paid the remaining balance due in cash with my debit card that day. This could potentially been a problem if I had not had the funds available. It was disappointing that I was not able to take advantage of the interest free program. I don't know what happened but someone at Bosley should look into this problem. Prior to my surgery I was under the impression that everything was fine and the Chase Health Advance would work as it had in the past. Oddly enough, I had to use my Chase debit card to pay the balance. I strongly believe Dr Tanya Pauls and the entire staff at your Denver Bosley office are excellent at what they do. They are friendly, professional, courteous and caring. Their teamwork and organization are impressive. Dr. Pauls is a good surgeon and seems extremely skilled at hair transplantation. My past results are wonderful. Unfortunately post surgery this time, I have been experiencing very severe pain problems from the transplant. It seems far worse then my last transplant. In my recollection the last transplant recovery was also quite difficult for me. I did not want to miss out on the $3800 Bosley special which was time limited that the procedure must be completed prior to the end October 2012. The pain and sleep medication do help but overall it has been very difficult for me. I wake each morning at about 4:30 AM with extremely severe surgical discomfort in my head and I am not able to get back to sleep at all. It has gotten a little better today but it is still severe. I am also experiencing frequent severe headaches in addition to the post operative pain. Dr. Pauls and the Bosley nurse have both called to check up on me on two different occasions. I appreciate their concern and their excellent follow up care. I realize this is a temporary problem will most likely again be delighted with the results of my newest hair restoration. I will not hesitate to recommend your Centennial Bosley staff and Dr. Tanya Pauls to anyone in the future. It was nice to have the same staff there again for my treatment this year. You are lucky to have such an excellent and skilled staff. Your transplant work is of the highest quality and my results have been good. I recommended Bosley after my first hair transplant and will continue to do so in the future."

M. A. - Littleton, CO 9.0
"dr pauls is great, farah answered all my questions - she is a great help, monica is always kind and helpful when i called and needed help"

B. B. 10.0
"very friendly and professional"

D. K. 9.9
"The physician and staff made me feel very comfortable and someone was always at my side. So far the experience has been fabulous. Recovery time is a drag, but the new me is evolving more and more each day."

J. T. 9.5
"Dr. Pauls and staff were wonderful from beginning to end. I was comfortable through the entire procedure. Dr. Pauls carefully checked each graft to make sure the hair would grow at the right angle on my brow line. This procedure will change my life and restore my confidence."

A. S. 9.5
"The process was easy to understand"

R. N. - Parker, CO 9.0
"The entire staff was very professional and courteous. Everyone I spoke to explained every step of the procedure they would be involved with. I felt very relaxed and comfortable. It was just a tremendous experience and I highly recommend Bosley, this location and especially Dr Pauls!!"

F. F. 8.4
"Physician was very friendly and happy to answer questions. The procedure was pain-free which was really surprising. I thought when they removed the hair for grafting it might be painful, but I didn't feel anything. Also, there was very little bleeding the day of or after. I was very pleased with that. I have only taken three of the pain pills. One the first night at bed and two the 2nd day. I have been pain-free on the third day."

A. F. - Denver, CO 10.0
"Everything went really well!"

A. S. 10.0
"The entire experience was great from my consultation with Farrah Stewart to having the procedure. The staff that works with Dr Pauls was WONDERFUL, and Dr Pauls rocks! My expectations were met and I am thrilled with my results."

B. B. 10.0
"Personable and professional. "

M. M. 9.5
"I did not know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised. Farrah was so easy to talk to and she gave me hope that I could have a fuller head of hair after she looked at a magnified picture of my scalp. She suggested we start with the comb first and we will see how my scalp responds in 6 months. Farrah was very personable and gave me a better perspective of my hair loss and what I could expect. I am looking forward to working through the program and hopefully will be pleased with the results. I am so glad I found Bosley. I look forward to the months ahead. Thank you."

S. K. 9.1
"It went very well"

T. S. 10.0
"I had two previous procedures done when the office was still Medical Hair Restoration. I was pleased that there were no major changes after the merger, still the same caring staff and great work by Dr. Pauls."

L. C. 9.6
"Staff was very friendly and explained things well. The recovery was a little more than our first consultant had explained but all turned out well!"

T. S. 10.0
"Awesome experience here!!!"

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