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9100 Wilshire Blvd East Tower Penthouse
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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Bosley - Corporate
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L. D. 10.0
"Underwent a transplant twice already. Love the results, so I'm looking forward to the next surgery."

C. S. 10.0
"I wish to add that your representative was absolutely helpful and very professional. I left her with no inconclusive thoughts and with all questions answered. She also made me feel very comfortable while we discussed the various options."

T. B. 8.1
"It was awesome, no issues. For me, it's about hair preservation right now, before actually doing a hair transplant. I still have a decent amount of hair on the front, so it's recommended that I purchase one of the hair preservation items to do so. Great recommendation."

R. K. 10.0
"It worked great! From cancer in 2011, where the basal cell carcinoma was in my scalp extensively, until now, my head went from bald to a full head of long hair and I'm 61 years old. LaserComb must've done something for this to be so."

J. N. 9.9
"My counselor was AMAZING. :)"

H. L. 8.5
"The counselor was very easy and nice to talk to."

J. T. 8.5
"The consultant understood quickly how the patient was feeling about his hair loss and made good recommendations."

J. B. - New York, NY 8.4
"Hopefully in the long term, my procedure will be worth it. I am very interested to see how my hair will look in a few months, much less in 8-10 months. The surgical team (which accounted for about 6-7 people) were very accommodating, whether it be for breaks or getting me another juice, water, etc. They watched a movie with me during the process which I thought was nice. They explained to the post procedure work and how to use the kit they supplied me with. The physician was very brief, seemed like he's done a billion operations and knew what he was doing. "

A. M. 9.7
"Was nervous, but staff made me feel at ease. Very pleasant experience."

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