Bosley Hair Restoration - Miami


201 S. Biscayne Boulevard 28th floor
Miami, FL 33131

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About Bosley Hair Restoration - Miami

In Miami, hair loss is known to plague both men and women. However, there is a solution that is perfect for both sexes: Bosley. Bosley Medical is a highly professional source for hair restoration services in Miami, FL. Originally founded in 1972, Bosley has since become a leading name in hair restoration and hair transplant surgery. Miami hair loss patients can expect to receive personalized, free hair restoration consultations at Bosley—from an experienced staff of hair loss consultants!

Since teaming up with Medical Hair Restoration, Bosley has expanded it’s services, currently running over 70 consultation clinics across the country, and performing over 11,000 hair transplant surgeries each year! At the Bosley in Miami, Propecia, laser hair therapy, Rogaine and hair transplant consultations are extrememly popular service requests. No matter which Bosley procedure Miami hair restoration patients are seeking, Bosley's dedicated team will make every effort to deliver state-of-the-art treatments and effective, natural-looking results.

Any man or woman dealing with hair loss in Miami now has a trusted name they can rely on.To learn more about follicular unit transplantation or hair restoration in Miami, FL, or to schedule your own complimentary hair transplant consultation with Bosley, contact us today!

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M. K. 7.6
"The person who assisted me was professional. Bosley is a prestigious company and I would like to have my procedure be done by one of their physicians. Unfortunately, even with promotions, the cost exceeds my budget. I will have to wait sometime to go ahead with my transplant but would hate to travel the distance again. Thank you."

A. K. 7.9
"I arrived on time for my appointment, but had to wait a little while for the Bosley counselor to become available. The girls at the front desk proved pleasant but often were gone and, at my request, finally were of some help to me. Once I began working with the counselor, I found him to be professional, polite and highly informative. I can see why he has been a part of the Bosley staff for 15 years. That said, I find your prices to be high for me."

M. M. 8.5
"My consultation at the Miami office was very helpful in detailing hair loss solutions."

E. B. 9.9
"My consultant was very knowledgeable. He answered all of questions, and made me feel at ease about the reason I went to Bosley."

K. V. 10.0
"Great explanation of the methods and friendly atmosphere by the consultant; he answered all of my questions."

G. P. 10.0

B. F. 10.0
"great consult, all of my questions were answered."

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