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Richmond, VA 23229

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About Bosley Hair Restoration - Richmond

If you’re a Richmond resident struggling with thinning hair, then it’s time to remove the hair piece. Bosley, one of the leaders in hair restoration, offers hair loss sufferers high quality hair restoration services.

After practicing hair transplantation techniques for nearly 40 years, Bosley of Richmond specialists have plenty of experience and skill in the hair loss industry. And for those men and women dealing with embarrassing hair loss in Richmond, Bosley offers detailed information, advanced surgical procedures and a welcoming environment.

Bosley of Richmond provides free consultations where you will learn everything you need to know about hair restoration, including potential solutions, the surgical process and procedure costs. And if you’re at all worried about having a natural look, Bosley doctors practice refined techniques of positioning hair to closely resemble your original growth pattern, which best complements your facial features.

A quick call is all it takes to fight back against thinning hair. Contact us today to set up a free consultation with Bosley of Richmond.

Nearby Neighborhoods & Landmarks: University of Richmond, Country Club of Virginia, Three Chopt, Stony Point Fashion Park Short Pump Town Center Virginia Center Commons

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Bosley Hair Restoration - Richmond
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User Reviews for Bosley Hair Restoration - Richmond


"They weren't trying to bs me into anything they just gave me facts and info that was applicable to the treatment that would help me best."

M. B. - Grundy, VA 10.0
"The hair transplant surgery was very valuable to me. Excellent opportunity."

E. K. 10.0
"I am very satisfied. This was my second procedure and I am planning on having a third. "

M. K. 10.0
"The staff helped me find out what stage I was in in the hair thinning process and customized options for me. They are knowledgeable, pleasant, and helpful."

M. K. 9.9
"I was pleased to watch the video while waiting and the staff was great. They knew their stuff and I trust the brand"

A. K. 10.0
"She showed me before-and-after photos of herself on her iPhone. This let me know that I was not alone, which was very comforting. My consultant really cared about whether or not I get my hair back!"

C. E. 7.7
"A good consultation. I appreciated the professionalism of the staff and setting my expectations."

A. H. 9.0
"It was wonderful until the doctor didn't call me back after running my credit report."

- Crozet, VA 8.7
"Very impressed with the team, especially the registered nurse that assisted me."

N. B. 8.2
"I'm pretty sure that my consultant offered all of the info that I wanted to know. She told me the costs and steps pertaining to multiple procedures. I thought the before-and-after photos were a positive touch as well. I like Bosley because the transplant seems like a one-and-done type of operation."

D. T. 10.0
"Dr. Epstein already performed three transplant sessions on me with excellent results. His artfulness and knowledge changed my life for the better, significantly."

S. D. 9.9
"Competent physician. Though they mentioned a limited time special offer, I wasn't talked down to or in to any direction. My decision without being pushed is important to me. I was pleased that there was so many options to pay and finance if necessary."

G. K. - Bowling Green, VA 10.0
"The staff was great. I plan to move forward after working out my financial issues."

J. G. - Milford, VA 9.7
"I'm very impressed with the Bosley Richmond staff."

M. O. - Richmond, VA 8.5
"My results would be very difficult to top. "

S. S. - Chesterfield, VA 10.0
"The consultant was truly a pleasure to deal with. Extremely professional and made me feel at ease during our entire meeting. She is truly an asset to the Bosley organization."

T. J. 8.0
"I don't regret doing it. I'm quite happy with the results and the increased self-esteem. The first month was tough to take, and the itching was significant, but now I'm pleased with the results. Just wish it was thicker. No one can tell that I've had it done, so the placement looks 100% natural. My physician and nursing staff were all good and friendly. I wasn't fully expecting as much trauma as I experienced and wasn't aware that the grow back would take nearly a year till after the procedure. This should be told up front."

S. V. 10.0
"As a woman with thinning hair that needs immediate attention, the results were pretty good and I couldn't be happier."

S. V. 10.0
"They were all very professional and I was happy with my experience from reception to the surgeon."

H. W. 9.0
"The doctor spent valuable time talking to me before and during the procedure as well as 9 months later."

M. O. - Richmond, VA 10.0
"Physician and support staff were extremely professional. They made me feel comfortable from the initial consultation through the procedure. I would highly recommend this office to others."

S. V. 10.0
"Glad Dr. Epstein was my surgeon, with his years of experience he was able to guide me to select the procedure that worked best to my satisfaction 2 days ago. Now I am hoping nine months later the grafts hold."

C. J. 10.0
"Excellent service. Dr. Epstein is Amazing."

L. C. 9.2
"Dr. Epstein is a highly skilled professional with advanced people skills."

B. B. 10.0
"Everyone was very friendly and professional. Made you feel like family while you were there."

B. P. 8.9
"Good treatment"

A. G. 9.0
"The doctor was very professional. Dr. Epstein seemed nice. Jane was nice and helpful. I had a good experience."

G. F. 10.0
"Staff were very professional, thorough with instructions and cared for my well being/comfort during the whole process. Any questions I had were answered promptly via email and very thoroughly in person. Highly recommend this office for the hair restoration procedure."

M. R. 10.0
"Everyone was great at all times, inspired confidence, and made the whole procedure quite effortless."

W. B. 9.0
"The staff was great too. Dr. E, I went for his reputation rather than for Bosley. The nurse Jane and the receptionist were very good. Everyone was good."

F. A. 10.0
"All very nice and helpful people. I would give them a ten."

F. A. 10.0
"It's been great results so far. The doctor recommended I take a pill called finasteride. That has worked miracles, it's amazing how my hair thickened up. I know the grafts worked too- it is my 3rd or 4th time- but the pill made my existing hair thicker, giving me great results."

M. M. 10.0
"Dr. Epstein was friendly, totally professional, straightforward, both knowledgeable and informative, highly skilled, and attentive to detail. He worked, spoke and acted with a self-assurance and mastery that fully convinced me that I could not have been in better hands. I felt the same way about each and every member of his very competent and understanding staff. I cannot think of anything even remotely negative about the entire experience."

C. S. 9.0
"Everyone was attentive and very knowledgeable in every aspect of the procedure."

D. B. 8.5
"My experience was good. The treatment I received was great. The staff did a good job with advising me what the pre and post would look like. The guidance I received was appreciated."

C. T. 8.5
"It was a comforting and relaxing experience. The staff members were nice! My physician was honest and always kept me informed which I really liked. "

I. C. - Glen Allen, VA 10.0
"My overall experience with the Bosley office was just fine! I liked how I was able to see what goes on behind the scenes during the procedure. The physician I had was very capable, professional and friendly."

H. K. 9.7
"Dr. Epstein and all the staff in the Richmond office are extremely helpful and very pleasant to interact with. They make you very comfortable, and they made the total experience above expectations. Dr. Epstein is so easy to talk with and makes you glad you came to him. Jane, Courtney, Tim and the surgical team are really nice people who made the whole procedure very easy for me."

F. D. 9.5
"Very professional yet friendly staff"

M. B. 10.0
"Staff was excellent. Procedure was mostly painless for me."

B. B. 10.0
"Procedure was longer and more painful than expected. Not due to staff.... just my own expectations. Everyone from desk to doc were wonderful! I'm not a highly complimentary person but this staff is wonderful!"

M. P. 10.0
"My first contact was with Claudia Karluk in the Richmond office. She was extremely helpful in securing for us (my husband and me) a discount on a motel room close to where the procedure was to take place. Dr. Epstein followed up with a text message to me later in the evening to make sure I was doing okay. I wear hearing aids so it is easier for me to text than to talk on the phone. Jane, his nurse, followed up on the next day to see if everything was still okay. By then we were driving back to our town. The four technicians did a great job of transplanting the hair. I am extremely satisfied with the whole job. I had to cancel my eight month appointment because my husband had an emergency root canal on the day I was to return to Richmond. I'm sorry I missed that appointment because I think that Dr. Epstein and his crew would have been very pleased with my results."

M. P. 10.0
"Dr. Epstein and his staff (all of them) were very informative. I enjoyed interacting with Courtney. She contacted a motel for us and got us a discount. She keep me informed of their location, phone number, etc. Very, very helpful. Dr. Epstein e-mailed me that evening to ask how I was doing. And Linda and I corresponded by e-mail too. A wonderful experience from beginning to end."

J. L. 10.0
"Excellent process and results. Dr. Epstein is very good, as was the Richmond staff."

Z. M. 8.9
"All the staff made me feel welcomed and at ease. The physician explained what he was doing during the procedure. He was friendly and made me feel I was in good hands. I didn't feel the least bit anxious. I highly recommend this procedure by the well trained professional staff of Bosley. I can't wait to see the results of hair down the road!"

J. G. 9.2
"I'm glad that such a procedure is available. I wish I knew more years ago of how to prevent hair loss. The experience was good cause the staff took care of everything and made sure I was comfortable through the whole procedure. Even though it's only been a few days things are healing good and I look forward to the end results! I'd like to say thanks again to the entire Bosley staff for everything! :)"

O. S. 8.5
"I have no complaints, the staff was great. My hair restoration results are just like I expected. "

C. G. 9.5
"All the staff was great, they were very reassuring and wonderful. They explained everything in detail to me. However, I did not understand when they said that my hair will be shedding. All my hair literally fell out. It has grown back since then and is growing in fine, but I was very scared when that happened."

W. G. 10.0
"I was somewhat nervous of the whole idea of a hair transplant and the cost, but after the consultation with the Bosley staff I am somewhat more at ease. I trust after the procedure I will be satisfied, guess I will know in two weeks!"

H. A. 8.1
"Everyone was pleasant and helpful. I didn't have many questions at the time, I was just trying to process the information I was presented with. I would liked to have spoken with the physician. It might have brought more questions to mind during my visit."

G. R. 10.0
"I liked my consultation and everyone was very helpful"

"Tim who was my counselor was a patient and seemed to be very knowledgeable about the process and was able to easily answer all my questions. "

H. S. 9.9
"Felt fully informed when left. Was made to feel comfortable."

B. T. 8.5
"The staff and everyone was informative and I was very familiar with the doctor that preformed my surgery because he was a local doctor and has done some advertisements on TV before he even was associated with Bosley. So I felt comfortable with both Bosley and also with Dr. Epstein."

F. D. 10.0
"Knowledgeable and friendly staff and physician"

H. K. 9.7
"Dr. Epstein and his staff were very competent, extremely nice people. The procedure was pleasantly non-painful compared to what I had expected. Everyone in your Richmond office was very helpful and professional."

A. W. 7.8
"The setting was very comfortable which helps you to relax."

E. L. 10.0
"Really professional"

H. R. 9.5
"This was my third procedure with Bosley so I was familiar with the process. The surgeon and staff were very helpful and friendly and helped to ease any anxiety."

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