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About Bosley Hair Restoration - Washington DC

Thinning hair is a serious concern for some men and women in our nation's capital. Hair loss is an indication, after all, that age is setting in. Luckily, Washington, DC, hair loss sufferers can reverse the gradual thinning of hair. By scheduling a free consultation with Bosley of Washington DC, you can take the first step toward overcoming your hair loss and rediscovering the old you!

With clinics nationwide, Bosley is truly a trusted source for hair transplant surgery, and their facility in Washington is no exception. At their complimentary consultation, DC hair transplant patients have the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about Bosley Medical’s methods, including their follicular unit transplant, a quick micro-surgery where hair is removed from the back of the head, or the donor area, and transplanted a few hairs at a time into the thinning area. Once you've decided hair transplant surgery is right for you, Bosley professionals can perform the procedure the same day at Bosley of Washington, D.C. This service gives hair loss patients the opportunity to speed up the process and obtain their new look sooner.

Hair loss in Washington should not be a cause for concern. Bosley Medical is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and stunning results. What are you waiting for? Contact us to schedule your DC Bosley hair loss consultation today!

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- Lanham, MD 9.5
"The doctor listen to me needs and request. He was very professional, and his staff were very friendly and helpful."

T. J. - Porterville, CA 10.0
"The counselor was great. I am planning on having the procedure probably in the next 2-5 months."

B. F. 10.0
"I really appreciated the professionalism from the Washington DC Bosley clinic."

B. B. - Washington, DC 10.0
"This was the best decision that I could've made to restore/repair my hair loss. The care and professionalism that Bosley has shown has been above any expectations that I had going into this."

L. O. 10.0
"The counselor made me feel really comfortable. I just wish the doctor was available to speak with."

K. M. - Arlington, VA 9.7
"Dr. Freeman was really friendly and made me feel good about having my hair transplantation procedure with him!"

S. H. - Alexandria, VA 10.0
"Dr. Freeman was wonderful. He personally met and greeted me on my arrival. I felt relaxed because he checked on me from time to time. He even gave me his cell phone number after the procedure should I need to call him for any emergency. All the clinical assistants were pleasant and very accommodating. This experience exceeded my expectations!"

V. B. - Parkville, MD 9.8
"The persona of the staff at Bosley were very professional and personable which really made me feel at ease. 2 1/2 thumbs up (if that is possible, it sounded good). I will be seeing them soon for my procedure."

D. G. - Silver Spring, MD 9.9
"Dr. Freidman made me feel completely at ease, he was a fantastic surgeon."

M. T. - Herndon, VA 10.0
"I've done the hair transplant procedure twice. Never really any discomfort. What I was told is what happened."

M. T. - Herndon, VA 10.0
"They were great. Super helpful. "

A. L. 9.8
"it was great and very informative."

F. H. - Fairfax, VA 9.9
"My Bosley counselor gave some honest suggestions for how I can prevent further hair loss. I'm currently trying out a few of them and am considering a procedure."

T. S. - Alexandria, VA 9.0
"The people around me have let me know that I look better."

S. G. 9.5
"I had a really good consultation experience. I enjoyed my time at Bosley's DC location."

A. S. 9.9
"I had a great time with Bosley. My consultant conducted quite a detailed analysis of my scalp. Pondering next steps."

H. F. - Washington, DC 8.9
"The hair transplant procedure was better than I expected it would be."

E. H. 8.5
"The consultation was very nice because everyone was polite and I felt very comfortable."

B. S. - Herndon, VA 9.5
"The entire staff was professional, efficient, caring, and all have pleasant dispositions. They have refined the process to the precision of a Swiss chronometer. The procedure has surpassed my expectations. Thank you!"

S. M. - Bowie, MD 7.5
"In the first procedure, The procedure was a bit more involved and serious than I anticipated, but I saw a big improvement. I had a helpful staff and everybody was extremely professional. I have another follow-up coming up in January and expect the results to be even better this time. Overall, I'm satisfied so far."

S. M. - Bowie, MD 7.5
"The experience with the Bosley office and staff have been great."

D. S. 8.9
"Was very impressed with the Chevy Chase office. The consultant is outstanding."

M. O. - Alexandria, VA 9.5
"Everything was fine regarding my consultation experience in DC."

J. E. 7.7
"The consultation went very well."

D. F. 8.0
"Great service and very polite staff."

K. W. 9.5
"I'm proud to show off my hair and eased life. Would like to get more hair (about 200)."

N. S. - Chantilly, VA 10.0
"Dr. Ballon is amazing. So is his staff. I am very pleased with the first surgery he performed on me and expect I will be just as pleased with this (my third) surgery results as well. Great staff, too!"

"My recovery took longer than I expected, but the process was easy and the procedure was great."

A. W. - Centreville, VA 10.0
"Dr. Ballon was the consummate professional. He explained everything to me in full detail: before, during and after my procedure. The Chevy Chase , Maryland Staff could not have been more accommodating and responsive. I was very well taken care of throughout the process."

V. C. 10.0
"Everybody made me feel relaxed and welcomed and explained everything they were doing."

V. C. 10.0
"I'm very happy with result. My hairline has improved and it occurred gradually over time just like Bosley told me. Some people have commented that my hair looks thicker. "

A. W. - Centreville, VA 10.0
"I had strong, quality time with the staff and the Physician, helping me make the decision to move forward with the procedure."

D. N. - Glen Burnie, MD 7.3
"This was my second follicular transplant. The first operation was performed by Medical Hair Restoration in 2007. I loved the outcome. For my second operation, MHR was no longer available, so I chose Bosley. The real surprise for me was, that the same physician that performed my operation at MHR was now a member of the Bosley Staff. Dr. Jonathan Ballon performed my operation. I was elated because I knew he would know what would work best for me, being that he performed my first hair transplant. It was truly a comfortable and relaxed experience. I have recommended Bosley/Dr.Ballon to a friend who wants to resolve his hair lost dilemma. Dr. Ballon is a skilled expert and has a keen artistic ability in recognizing what aesthetically appears satisfying to clients. I would recommend Bosley to anyone who was interested in improving their hair lost problem."

S. W. - Jessup, MD 10.0
"Dr. Ballon was excellent. Thank you, Doctor. The RN was just phenomenal. Thank you, nurse."

J. A. 10.0
"Overall, a wonderful experience. Everyone was helpful and professional. I will definitely follow the path laid out by the physician and counselor. "

E. B. 10.0
"Very competent physician. Assistant staff was very helpful."

N. A. 10.0
"Everybody there was very helpful with any questions. It was a pretty pleasant experience for what I was getting done."

A. W. 9.5
"Everyone was great. Very friendly and attentive. I had a great experience with the staff. They made me very comfortable during the procedure."

A. H. 7.5
"My experience was excellent with the staff and with the Doctor. I was extremely tired from Driving to the Office, there were a few accidents on the way there so it took a lot longer to arrive at the office. I did manage to arrive with enough time for everyone to do what they needed without rushing any of the Staff and the Doctor. I found that everyone were working as Professionals even when I fell a sleep a few times from being so tired from being on the road for so long. They even woke Me gently when they needed Me to awake."

J. S. 7.0
"Everybody was friendly and helpful. It was a good experience overall."

J. J. 8.5
"I don't remember most of the staff but everyone was really great. The girl that did the anesthesia was awesome, it was much better than before. "

I. L. 10.0
"Doctor Epstein was very nice and explained what was going to be the outcome. The team was very nice, too, all throughout asking that if I felt any pain to let them know. From the TV to lunch etc they were all very nice. Now I'm waiting for the hair to grow in. Thank you "

A. N. 9.0
"The team was very attentive and very polite. Everything went smoothly."

P. S. 9.5
"the dr was fantastic and the nurses were great before and after procedure "

C. S. 9.7
"I find Dr. Peter Morse highly professional before, during, and after surgery."

"Very professional office. This was my second procedure with this office. I've been very happy with the results."

C. W. 8.0
"The personal interaction was great"

J. F. 9.0
"Everyone was excellent in every way"

D. Z. 10.0
"This was a complete pleasure. Everyone was so helpful and accommodating. I would recommend Dr. Morse and his staff to anyone inquiring about hair transplant procedures. Thank you so much."

T. O. 9.9
"Surgical team and physician were extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Made me feel at ease and more confident about my decision to undergo FUT."

K. W. - Washington, DC 9.8
"So far I am extremely satisfied with my procedure. My physician and staff made sure I felt welcome and comfortable at all times. They explained everything thoroughly and made sure I understood every part of my procedure and handled with care. As of now I'm still healing, in due time I'll determine if I'm 100% satisfied when everything grows in perfectly. It looks like my procedure will have a good outcome in the future and I will gain more confidence. Thanks for everything!!!"

A. N. 10.0
"The staff at the Bosley center in Bethesda, MD were warm, professional, kind, and especially fun. The day went quickly as I watched movies, had a nice lunch provided by the office, and conversed with the staff. The nurse, especially was professional and outstanding. Although I don't think I will return for a few years to add hair, I wouldn't mind returning just to talk with everyone."

A. C. 10.0
"It was a very friendly and professional setting."

G. G. 10.0
"Everybody was amazing, the consultant was amazing, the doctor was great. The ladies who did the procedure were wonderful. They made a great team. They met all my expectations."

R. L. - Bowie, MD 10.0
"They are all amazing esp Brandon, Patrice was really nice. To this day, I meet with Brandon for drinks. talked to Scott several times, very accessible."

F. M. 10.0
"Dr. Morse is the best! Very professional. Very caring."

E. E. - Kingsville, MD 10.0
"I was very happy with my total experience. The office staff is very professional and friendly. Dr. Morse does a great job. Brandon has been very instrumental in my positive experience."

A. J. 10.0
"Dr. Morse was a miracle worker. He did an outstanding job. It's not often I put my trust in anyone but I did trust Dr. Morse after our meeting and left the outcome/results in his hands. I was extremely please with his work."

C. S. 9.5
"I had an extremely positive experience the day of my procedure.The entire team was helpful, comforting, informative and professional. I know that I was extremely anxious to move forward with the procedure as soon as possible and may not have asked as many questions as i maybe should have, but twice before the procedure I inquired whether I should work the following day and both times (with the consultant and when the office called to confirm my appointment) i was assured that going to work the following day should be no problem. I decided due to the need for narcotic pain medication it would not be in my nor my patients best interest to go to work and had to scramble to replace myself as a nurse. My only suggestion would be to be a little more forthcoming and mention that there may very possibly be significant pain post op and taking off might be recommendation."

V. C. 10.0
"The entire Bosley team was very professional."

C. H. 9.5
"Everyone was very professional and personable! I felt at ease with the staff and the physician."

B. L. 8.8
"I had a very good interaction with Dr. Leonard and his staff."

R. T. - Trabuco Canyon, CA 9.6
"Team at Bosley was extremely friendly and helpful. Excellent customer service and follow-up skills."

J. R. 7.0
"Absolutely perfect. From the doctor all the way to the nurses everybody was professional and perfect. I had no problem with them."

N. G. 8.5
"Everyone was very nice and friendly. "

G. J. 10.0
"Dr. Morse, the surgical team, and the staff are terrific. Very professional, knowledgeable, and thorough while at the same time being friendly and welcoming. This was my second procedure and it was very pleasant considering that it is, after all, a medical procedure. I couldn't be more pleased with the Bosley team and the process. Thanks."

B. W. 10.0
"My consultant Brandon Fillinger was my first contact. He explained all my options and expectations and price in full and followed up with phone calls and emails. The staff, Dr Morse and the products that I use are all excellent."

V. C. 10.0
"Everyone made me feel relaxed and each person explained what they were doing. We had laughter and a sense that we were working all toward the goal together. I am excited to see how my hair will look in 8 to 10 months."

J. H. 10.0
"Great teamwork and enthusiasm by all. Very accommodating."

V. R. 10.0
"Very professional and personable team. Everything was communicated in advance."

W. R. 7.5
"The doctor I had was great. I liked him a lot. He gave me his personal phone number to reach him if he had an issue, and I really appreciated the personal touch."

K. C. 10.0
"I was pleasantly surprised by the staff and their eagerness to ensure my being comfortable. And by freely allowing me any break I may have needed. Even asking me if I needed a break."

L. D. 10.0
"The Physician was friendly and warm and took time to include us (wife and I) in his plans for my treatment. His explanations were thorough and easy to follow. The team was very professional from the front staff to the medical team. The entire office and surgical areas were clean and appeared well sanitized. Staff was neat and appropriately dressed. Everyone communicated in a friendly, warm and professional manner and made me feel well cared for and comfortable. I highly recommend Bosley for anyone considering hair restoration. "

L. G. 10.0
"Dr. Peter Morse was very kind and reassuring, as was his staff. Very professional. Any questions I had were addressed nicely, and they were business-like but warm and friendly the entire procedure. Being together for a long day felt like time with new friends. It could not have been a smoother experience."

W. F. 8.5
"I found everyone to be very professional and courteous."

M. M. - Baltimore, MD 9.7
"The entire staff was completely professional and accommodating throughout the entire procedure. I was very nervous upon my arrival, but my concerns were addressed and everyone made me feel at ease. There was very little discomfort during and after the procedure. My physician was professional, yet very personable, making me feel comfortable and not like I was a number or just another paycheck. I haven't even gotten to see the results yet because it's only been 3 days, but from the looks of it, I am going to have a full head of hair by the end of the year, and I am very excited!"

A. H. 10.0
"I was genuinely scared of the procedure and have put it off for a while, but the staff put my mind at ease and have supported me through this. I expected much worse in terms of discomfort and pain. The worst part of the procedure was the removal of the donor tissue but since it was done fairly quickly it wasn't too bad. However, the tugging and tearing is something to work on."

"Everything was good. They took care of me, gave me something to eat, let me watch TV... good."

S. S. 9.5
"Everything was pretty good, well-organized and professional."

W. B. 9.0
"Everything was great, everyone was really nice."

R. B. 10.0
"Everyone was nice and helpful"

G. T. - Washington, DC 7.5
"Liked the quality of the physician and the crew that separated the grafts and their pleasantness. The nurse lady was very professional and skilled."

N. L. 10.0
"Everyone was friendly and professional. It started with the consultant and doctor they were both professional and very helpful."

P. R. - Clinton, MD 9.7
"I really like the procedure and the explanation given before the procedure."

A. H. - Annandale, VA 9.0
"The Doctor was very friendly and skillful"

"Procedure went well and we were well informed. The telling sign will be the results in 10 months."

R. S. 10.0
"Staff were extremely knowledgeable and personable -- a great experience."

B. R. 9.0
"Everybody was very nice, and the physician was fine. He has a good sense of humor."

E. R. 10.0
"Before the procedure, I was really worried that it was going to be painful, uncomfortable and that I was going to be unhappy with my decision immediately following the procedure. However, I could not have been more wrong. The procedure was streamlined and easy and I could not be more happy. Thank you Bosley!"

M. S. - Frederick, MD 8.0
"They all were nice, nobody special. The interaction with the physician was good."

D. W. 10.0
"The entire procedure was executed flawlessly. Very professional staff. The only recommendation I have is to replace the chair for post-procedure hair washing. The chair is very uncomfortable."

T. H. 10.0

J. J. 9.2
"The one thing I was most nervous about was the initial numbing of the head. Last time I got a series of uncomfortable jabs in the head and was told just to relax and it would be fine in just a minute. This time the nurse that numbed the head did an amazing job. She worked slow and steady and I only received a series of small pin pricks. The difference was amazing. If I had known that this is how it was going to go I would not have been worried at all. I really appreciate the change in this procedure, it made a really big difference in my comfort level during the procedure."

N. B. - Alexandria, VA 9.9
"My physician made me feel very comfortable and exuded confidence. The whole procedure was very comfortable and pleasant. It all exceeded my expectations. I have already recommended Bosley to three friends!"

D. C. 9.5
"Dr. Morse seemed very experienced. The staff lets say was on cruise control. They knew what they were doing and did it in a smooth and comfortable manner. Everyone seemed so experienced."

D. C. 9.5
"The whole procedure and results exceeded my expectations. My results make me feel good."

M. J. 8.0
"It was a good experience. Everybody was nice. Everything went well."

B. H. 8.5
"It was all great. Very well run."

D. D. 10.0
"very professional and friendly "

P. G. - Rockville, MD 9.5
"Overall it was a good experience the staff was professional and the doctor was professional."

E. E. - Kingsville, MD 10.0
"Everything went great. Brandon was my rock through the process and was there for any and all questions before and after the procedure. Lauren was very helpful and courteous as well. I really thought it would be painful. There was almost no pain at all. And the slight discomfort was very slight. Just waiting for the results in the next 4-6-8 months. Thank you!! "

T. K. 10.0
"The staff went above and beyond to make me feel at ease."

B. H. 9.5
"All phases of the operation - from consultation through follow-up - were highly professional and courteous."

G. W. 8.5
"It was a courteous staff and helpful"

M. C. 10.0
"It was a good overall experience! They gave me lunch though I couldn't eat it during the procedure because I kept falling asleep. There was little to no pain after. The overall procedure did not feel like 8 hours. They provided me with good medication after."

F. R. 9.3
"Doctor was very friendly. I thought there would be more coverage but a little light on hair. Very little pain after the procedure."

G. D. 10.0
"I want to thank Asha, Shay, Vanessa, Reynaldo and Dr. Peter M. It was a long long day, but they made me as comfortable as possible and they were simply fun. They were professional, but still appeared to truly enjoy what they were doing which really put me at ease. I could not imagine having a more perfect team conduct my procedure."

S. Q. 10.0
"I had a terrific experience from the time they set me up, to the very end. Everyone was very professional and did their job right. It was a delightful and outstanding experience. "

A. N. 10.0
"To me everything was done professionally thank you very much to every one at the clinic."

B. F. 9.9
"The physician and his team were very warm towards me. I felt totally comfortable and catered to. I felt that all of my concerns mattered and they attended to me accordingly. The Nurse providing the numbing agent to the scalp was really gentle and very informative."

A. J. 9.7
"Doctor Morris and staff were very professional. Made me feel comfortable and explained the process in detail. Naturally I can't comment on the results yet but am hopeful everything turns out as discussed with the doctor... Thus far I only have a few concerns: 1. After multiple consultations I thought the 2200 grafts would cover more area. 2. I was disappointed that the amount of grafts removed from the donor area ended up being 150+ short of the agreed 2200. 3. My expressed #1 concern was that my existing hair would help cover up most of the procedure. That was not the case. Thus far it appears that most of the existing hair has disappeared as a result of the transplant procedure. 4. My expectations of being able to hide the procedure are not possible for now anyway."

S. F. 10.0
"1. I was told I would get a free lunch- perhaps using the word complimentary would have been more appropriate. 2. Dr. said I would hear a velcro sound- this was disconcerting as I imagined the Doc ripping my skin off my head. Discussed this with him. 3. Other than the two items above i was very pleased and the experience was GREAT! Everyone was so nice. Great team. Thank you."

T. M. 7.0
"They were nice, helpful"

J. C. 10.0
"I think everything went extremely well and I could not be more happy. The only thing that could use a little work was the instructions after. The person who came in to tell me about the post-procedure instructions opened with that I could read all of the instructions myself and kept saying that. I felt like I had to reiterate that I wanted them explained first. I think we might have been saying the same thing but, I felt like I had to prove that I was coherent and that I wanted everything explained. She was REALLY nice, it is just a small amount of feedback."

E. O. 7.0
"I would like to say everyone from receptionist to surgeon were very good. I can't remember anybody's name unfortunately."

"I'm very satisfied and pleased with the whole experience regarding my procedure. From the first meeting with Bosley's consultant to the procedure itself I've experienced a very high standard of professionalism."

C. P. 10.0
"i thought the experience was much less stressful and intimidating than i originally anticipated. From start to finish, the entire staff was fantastic. The overall cost was a lot higher than some of the other doctors I visited, but I guess if you want the best, you have to pay for it. I'm sure there are some potential clients that go elsewhere because of this, however, I'm glad I did my research and didn't let the difference of a few thousand dollars keep me from going to another doctor that may not have done as good a job."

C. S. 9.7
"This is my second transplant procedure with Bosley, the first was on April 26, 2012, and the second was on July 5, 2013. Both procedures were performed by Dr. Morse. I find Dr. Morse a highly qualified transplant physician, and is a very likeable and approachable person. He genuinely listened to me; thus, I was able to confide with him my innermost feelings about my desire to have a full head of hair. Call it insecurity, but to me, the transplantation process has been a life-long dream ever since I started losing my hair when I was about 40 years old. I am now 71 years old, but I don't feel like I am 71. I have always maintained a young state of mind and positive outlook in life. I would like to live a very long and happy life. I would not be happy to live a long life if I didn't have hair on my head. I think young, dress young, and act young. I exercise regularly, eat the right kind of foods, and I don't smoke nor drink. With this latest second transplant, I don't think I have yet achieved my goal. I want to return to Dr. Morse and Bosley for what may be the last and 3rd transplant. But Dr. Morse suggested to wait at least two years. We will see. "

"Great team, very positive experience."

C. J. - Washington, DC 9.0
"Everybody was A+. Very professional very cordial. Took time to explain everything options and anticipated results. "

G. K. 10.0
"Very impressed with the staff. This was my second procedure. First procedure was at MHR. Overall, I was more impressed with Bosley."

C. C. - Austin, TX 10.0
"I was hugely impressed by Dr. Morse. His overall management, presentation, and execution of the process was as good as it could have been. I also thought that Claudia was a stand out performer. She seemed like a perfectionist which I appreciated. I think scheduling could be better managed versus having to play phone tag with one of the schedulers. Otherwise I thought the process was 5-stars. Well done."

A. K. 10.0
"The Bosley office and staff were pleasant and professional. I can say they were all good and I give them a 10."

G. F. 9.3
"Very warm staff and physician. Wish anesthesia was less painful. Overall good experience"

R. P. 9.9
"Every aspect of my association to date has been top notch. The facility, doctor, and staff were what I hoped for and could not have been more friendly or professional. The final proof of a successful process will be when I observe "new" hair growth."

M. W. 9.3
"Nice team they explained me everything step by step they also made me feel comfortable in uncomfortable chair."

M. R. 10.0
"I am glad I went through with it no more what ifs. The team who completed my procedure was awesome they made me feel at ease and relaxed. Claudia one of the women who placed my grafts in was awesome. I will more than likely have another procedure at this location."

M. F. 10.0
"The counselor I worked with was very helpful. She cut straight to the facts and told me about the process, told me what to expect and how to prepare for the surgery and recovery time. She was very straight and clear with me, which I appreciated. I was also very satisfied with the doctor and his services. "

K. W. 8.5
"The Bosley office and staff were professional and Dr. David was very nice as well. "

B. B. 10.0
"The experience with the whole Bosley Team was beyond my expectations. From the beginning they were very friendly, polite, and professional. Dr Moss was amazing, answered all questions. The nurse was one of the most sweet and caring people I have ever met. The whole team was great. I am really pleased. Thx to Dr Moss and his team. "

H. K. 9.5
"Friendliest staff made me feel comfortable and take the edge of the procedure."

M. L. 9.0
"The office and staff were very positive and know you by name. They remember personal details about you. They were very helpful and feel like an individual not just a number. The Surgeon was also well knowledgeable."

R. G. 10.0
"Everything from the initial consultation up to now, including telephone conversations with appointment schedulers was professional. And when you're spending a lot of money on anything, you want to be treated like it. No disappointment with any aspect of the entire Bosley experience. The email communications provided a good confirmation of my recovery and results/expectations. Getting a call from Dr. Morse on the night of my surgery was a a great end to the day of surgery. My level of happiness with the results of my procedure is best described as "thrilled". My wife and my 4 sons actually comment on it all the time. The staff at my hair salon always check it out. I am proud of it and it looks great. I did not think it would look this good. It was well worth the money."

R. G. 10.0
"Lauren was very pleasant upon my arrival, professional and polite. Doctor Morse gave me an immediate feeling of confidence. The entire medical team was top notch, far exceeded my expectations. Brandon was there and knowing he had been through the procedure gave me a good feeling. The nurse(sorry I forget her name) was wonderful."

K. C. 10.0
"Your service was excellent and will recommend Bosley to others wishing hair restoration."

H. G. 8.9
"Staff is good and helpful"

A. C. 10.0
"Receptionist was very polite and professional. I felt comfortable upon entering. Then got to meet woman was polite/professional but also down-to-earth about her experience. She made me feel very comfortable about everything and answered every question I had."

D. T. 8.4
"Making an appointment was a little difficult to understand during my initial call. I'm assuming the initial call goes to an international call center where English is not the primary language. Mrs. Rabeck deserves 100% in terms of clerical duties and professionalism. I could not have asked for better. As someone who is part of a family-run business, I would hire her immediately. I noticed some inconsistencies with Nita, the consultant at Bosley. Two inconsistencies I could mention were that she quickly dismissed my other options for hair loss and what my ultimate plan was. She also had conflicting statements with some of the staff in terms of pre-procedure items. As someone who is trying to remove all variables that could block full success, I was turned off by that. She seemed very rushed to get the credit card in hand and exhibited too many "canned responses." When she contacted me over the summer when I was initially thinking of doing it again, she seemed a pushy. I would say this was the least appealing part of my process and if I had never done a hair transplant before, you probably would have lost me due to this employee. Renato was the only member of the staff there from my 1st procedure 5 years ago with MHR. I enjoyed his professionalism and efficiency then, and it still remains today. He is a keeper. I'm amazed at how quickly he places hairs compared to the others. Very time efficient. Two of the "hair slicers" sang and talked about their personal lives during my procedure. I could have done without that and I noticed they weren't as productive as the others. For a $10,000 procedure, I expected 100% focus on me. One couldn't even correctly use a blood pressure monitor and just gave me a 120/80 reading when I know my blood pressure is never normal. They were also part of the group that measured my donor area and their focus could be a reason of why I needed to be cut twice. The nurse who administered my medications deserves a 100%. She was extremely attentive the entire procedure and set a nice tone of friendly, yet professional. I especially appreciate for quick attention the one instance when I felt very faint. As someone who is part of a family-run business, I would hire her immediately. The staff member who washed my hair the day after was pleasant. She explained in great detail many important things to be the day after. She was also the staff member who did a "countdown" for placing the hairs in my head at the end of the first night. At that point of the night, it was good to hear someone trying to give variety to the low procedure. I also noticed she was one of the few who extended her hand to me and told me "thank you for coming." Dr. Morse did a great job. He exhibits confidence and efficiency. Compared to my first experience with Dr. Ballon at MHR, I had few worries the entire day. While I can't see the end result yet and claim perfection, I felt safe in his hands and I'm looking forward to seeing the results within a couple months. Some of his recommendations for post-surgery were a little different than what is written as "company policy" so I'm hoping that taking his advice doesn't add a variety to my success. I was unprepared for some of his questions for placement of hair the morning of the procedure as we had discussed it the day I came in for the consultation. That caught me off guard a little. If I could make a recommendation, he should as for a written answer to some of the questions ahead of time and not when the patient is first starting to be medicated the morning of the procedure. All in all, from what I can tell at this point, I was quite satisfied with Dr. Morse. My suture removal with Tamara deserves a 100%. It was quite painless compared to the suture removal I have 5 years ago with MHR."

G. W. 9.5
"The best I've ever had"

E. B. 9.0
"I did not have any problems with the staff or doctor at all, they were all friendly."

R. O. 9.5
"I had a great experience with Brandon, I did see him at my first consultation and it was nice to talk to someone that had the same experience as me, so it made my decision to have the procedure that much easier."

J. B. 9.2
"My physician was kind, caring and ensured that I knew and understood what was going to happen next. It was difficult to understand exactly what it would be like after the procedure, even though it was explained to me. The donor site was more sensitive than I expected and the stitches made it a bit uncomfortable to sleep. The graft area was less of an issue than anticipated. It's a nice feeling to run my fingers through that area and feel little hairs. It has now been over two weeks since my procedure and I find myself constantly watching to see if those hairs and any others around the site will fall out. That was my biggest concern going in, I did not want to lose more hair. The overall experience has been far less detrimental than I thought it would be. I am proud that I was able to overcome my fears and go forward with the procedure. I am anxious to see the results in the up coming months."

C. J. 10.0
"Great experience with the Doctor and the whole staff. Very happy with your complete operation."

D. B. 9.5
"I did have a good experience with staff and the doctor when I was having my surgery and even at the consultation. They answered all my questions and helped me throughout the process."

C. R. 8.0
"Doctor and staff were pros"

J. O. 10.0
"The staff and everyone involved went out of their way to accommodate me with everything. First class all the way. Thank you very much, I look forward to seeing my hair grow back! Dr. Morse was very thorough and kind."

V. S. 9.2
"The Doctor was outstanding as were the RN and the technicians. I rate their actions very high."

"First time doing such a procedure, so I was kind of curious as well as nervous, but the Physician was clear in what is supposed to happen. I am looking forward to growing new hair to fill this void in my apex."

M. R. - Germantown, MD 8.5
"Brandon Phillanger was the consultant I met with first, he was the best person to speak to. Because he had the surgery already I was able to see the result, he showed me the scar and gave me an account of his personal experience. Meeting him made he feel very confident in the results. Dr. Morse I think may have also had the surgery but he was so easy to talk to and answered all of my questions. He made me really confident with my choice."

H. W. 10.0
"Exceptional performance from the start to finish and great job."

E. H. 9.0
"The office staff was very receptive to all of my questions, no matter how dumb the questions I thought they were, they answered it all with no problems making me feel comfortable."

"I think your staff is really good. I went in their knowing a lot already but they cleared up everything for me and made me feel good about going forward with the procedure"

B. K. 9.9
"The consultation was smooth and professional. The recommendation was very clear so that choice was easy. The procedure went very smooth without complication after two days."

B. Q. 10.0
"The Doctor and his associates were very friendly to me during the procedures. Keeping me as comfortable as possible. Any one who is thinking about having this done I would highly recommend Bosley."

T. B. 9.8
"I was very pleased with my experience. My time with the physician prior to the procedure was shorter than I expected, but did not concern me. The staff was so helpful in answering all questions and set me at ease. They were extremely attentive, accommodating, and ensured my comfort during the procedure every step of the way. Everyone gave me multiple opportunities to ask any questions. They were extremely thorough in their explanations of the procedure and the post-op procedures. I have nothing but great things to say about the staff that performed my surgery."

L. M. 9.5
"At first I was skeptical. After meeting with the consultant and doctor, who were very knowledgeable, I was comfortable with having the procedure."

C. S. 10.0
"Second procedure. First was with MHR. Very pleased then and happy to report very pleased this time. Doctor Morse was excellent as was the entire staff. I worked with Rita Young initially. Nurse the day of was Asha, techs were Stephanie and Tamara. Receptionists, Lauren and Dayana were great with parking, appointments and directions."

R. G. 9.5
"All aspects were great! Everyone worked together to make sure I was satisfied."

N. H. 9.5
"They were very good"

A. U. 10.0
"Very excited about the procedure and awaiting anxiously for great results. The Bethesda office and staff were very nice."

L. H. 10.0
"The staff and counselor Brandon F. in Washington D.C. were extremely nice and very professional. I would recommend any person who wants their hair restored to go to Bosley. They are the best in the business of hair restoration. Thank you!"

J. D. 9.3
"Staff was gracious and courteous. Doctor, was very professional. Only complaint I request more graft in my forehead edges hair lines, and I didn't received like I want to in the edges of my front hair lines. I can not say yet about the benefits until I start seen results of real full hair growing back. Thanks."

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