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About Bosley Hair Restoration - Scottsdale

With nearly 40 years of experience, Bosley hair restoration is a pioneer in cosmetic hair replacement, offering the latest technologies and developing some of the most advanced surgical procedures in the industry.

In Scottsdale, Arizona, hair loss sufferers no longer have to cover up their thin hair and bald spots, because Bosley provides permanent hair loss solutions through their trustworthy hair restoration services. They offer everything from at-home regrowth options to cutting edge laser hair therapy and hair transplantation.

Bosley of Scottsdale not only offers free consultations, but also allows same-day surgeries if patients are deemed eligible for hair transplants. The quick micro-surgery transports hair from the back of the head to the thinning areas in front. Doctors will take special care in making sure the reconstructed hairline has a natural look that is free of unattractive scars.

So get rid of the hair loss blues, because Bosley’s medical hair restoration will help brighten your attitude and boost your confidence. Trust your hair to the experts at Bosley of Scottsdale, and contact us today to set up your free consultation today.

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"I think I got everything I needed from the consultation. I am just going to try the natural way first with pills and shampoo and if that doesn't work, I will call Bosley. I have not forgotten about you guys."

C. M. - Tucson, AZ 10.0
"I am very very happy with the results. I really love it. I have been recommending it to friends. I am having another treatment in September to fix a little area that didnt grow in. "

C. M. - Tucson, AZ 10.0
"They did a wonderful job. "

J. L. - Albuquerque, NM 10.0
"It was really good. Complete professionalism. Actually I was nervous but doctor and their crew made me comfortable "

G. C. 8.5
"Entire staff was beyond professional. It was a very comfortable environment. Never was I made to feel insecure. I would do the procedure tomorrow if I had disposable funds. "

R. S. 8.5
"They were all great very professional very friendly. "

T. P. 10.0
"Everyone was so professional and extremely welcoming and made me feel more comfortable with the whole process. I already have my procedure scheduled and I'm so excited! "

J. W. 10.0
"I would give the counselor a 10 out of 10. "

C. B. 10.0
"Very easy and comfortable. Looking forward to fantastic results."

L. L. 10.0
"The consult was great. I just did my own research on the helmet and I found that the statistics as far as results go were not as high as I had hoped. I am still considering Rogaine or the spray."

L. Z. 9.9
"The staff were very personable and knowledgeable. The consultation was enjoyable and informative."

N. R. 10.0
"The consultant was very nice. He took a lot of time to explain the procedure, expectations, and costs."

L. M. - Scottsdale, AZ 10.0
"I was impressed by how well they took care of me when I had an accident on the second day and some of my grafts popped out. The nurses and physician were extremely helpful and took care of it right away."

O. B. - Moran, WY 10.0
"The hair transplant surgery worked out very well."

A. B. - Scottsdale, AZ 10.0
"Very professional staff. Really watched over me!"

A. E. - Albuquerque, NM 10.0
"The procedure went well. It took a bit longer than I wanted although the staff explained it was a lengthy procedure. I felt comfortable and I was treated really good."

C. K. 10.0
"I cannot express how impressed I am with my consultant's professionalism and business acumen. Beyond providing all the answers to the question that were asked, I feel he truly believes in the services your organization provides which to me is critical to the success of any organization."

T. V. - Sun City West, AZ 10.0
"Everyone was very warm and supportive. Dr. and staff were very professional and excepting. The front desk team members were very patient when I called repeatedly to reschedule my stitch removal due to travel and time conflicts. I was always at ease during my visits and the procedure. The soothing conversations, background noises of the movie, etc. made the time go quickly and relatively stress-free. I appreciated being able to contact them at any time."

Q. R. 10.0
"My consultant was very professional. Glad she's working there."

R. C. 8.0
"The people there were very accommodating and personable "

V. K. - Tucson, AZ 10.0
"Everything is good. Glad I went with Bosley."

I. S. - Las Cruces, NM 10.0
"I was very impressed with the professionalism of the entire Bosley staff. They explained each step of the process as they were performing their work. I was made comfortable, and felt the procedure went well. The follow-up visit the next day went just as well. I was very pleased with my stay. I hope the results of my hair transplant will be as positive as the procedure."

P. R. - Dickinson, ND 10.0
"The team felt like great friends. I could tell that everyone from the receptionist to the doctor cared about my hair."

A. M. - Mesa, AZ 10.0
"The entire staff was excellent from the moment I started looking into Bosley to the terrific consultation to the completed procedure. The quality of care is excellent. I found the medication schedule to be helpful. All areas were beyond expectations. Thank you for this wonderful life-changing opportunity."

E. T. - Peoria, AZ 10.0
"The staff was incredible at Bosley's Scottsdale clinic. I found them to be accommodating with my hair transplant. "

B. H. - Boise, ID 10.0
"The Bosley Scottsdale location was very professional."

A. M. - Mesa, AZ 10.0
"The consultant was very informative and professional. Her knowledge was excellent. She explained all of the details well and asked questions after each section. She is excellent and a great attribute to your facility."

M. G. - Prescott, AZ 10.0
"My procedure went far beyond my expectations; I would recommend Bosley to anyone, but more importantly, I would tell them that the Bosley doctor working in Scottsdale, Doctor Karl Hekimian, is said to be one of the best!!!"

M. G. - Prescott, AZ 10.0
"The doctor knew his field well. Thanks so much to the whole staff. I will be back soon."

I. W. - Albuquerque, NM 10.0
"The Bosley team made me feel at ease with the procedure. They explained everything and answered any questions I had. I felt very comfortable. I would definitely recommend Bosley to anyone. "

J. P. - West Des Moines, IA 10.0
"Great customer care and service!! Strongly recommend the Phoenix/Scottsdale staff!"

N. K. 10.0
"As I have been a Bosley client I have no problem with the process. The consultant was excellent. The estimate was frankly out of my price range and I am reviewing my options at this time."

A. S. 10.0
"Everybody was really nice and I had great results."

A. S. 10.0
"I am extremely happy."

N. K. 8.0
"No complaints. They treated me very well."

J. P. - West Des Moines, IA 10.0
"Overall, great experience with no pressure sales...wish i could see a picture of what i would look like with hair. I also thought I would get full hair coverage but at the time of having the procedure found out i had to decide whether to focus on the front of my head or back (crown). I got good advice however to focus on the front."

A. F. 7.0
"The staff was great, all of them."

A. B. 9.0
"The whole entire staff were professionals."

V. S. 10.0
"My senior counselor was extremely pleasant, comforting and professional in her consultation. A very pleasant and positive person that just made the process very comfortable and not pushy at all. Though cost is an issue right now, not being pushy keeps me in the game. The entire process from web interaction to the actually evaluation session was seamless and simple. Well done, Bosley!"

A. K. 10.0
"The team was professional and made me comfortable."

V. C. 8.0
"I would have done more grafts if I'd known it'd come out like this. One thing that new clients should know is that they should do more than they think they need."

K. E. 10.0
"All of the workers were great. Made my day. :-)"

E. H. 10.0
"Everyone was upbeat."

R. B. 10.0
"I was, as I am sure most people are, a bit apprehensive when I arrived. Maureen welcomed me and immediately put me at ease. Dawn took care of processing the payment and going over the details. I was then ushered into the procedure room and introduced to the rest of the team. I immediately went from still being a little self conscious that I was actually doing this to completely at ease. The entire team was friendly and it was obvious that it was genuine and not contrived. I watched a couple movies, chatted about current events and traded some life experiences with the staff throughout the procedure. When it was done, Pam and Dawn went over all of the post op instructions with me, wished me well and off I went. The doctor called me later in the evening and made sure everything was going fine. He reminded me again to make it a point to stop back in 8 months so everyone could see "the new me". All in all one of the most satisfactory encounters I have ever had from a customer service standpoint. Your organization could open a consulting practice to teach other service businesses how to deliver an unparalleled customer service experience to their customers."

O. R. 10.0
"Everyone was extremely helpful. Maureen was wonderful. Especially when I was supposed to meet her in Tucson and mixed up the days missing my appointment. She convinced me to see the doctor in Scottsdale since I would be in the area. That was on a Friday and Wednesday I had my surgery since there was a cancellation. Everyone in the office was friendly and helpful. They really put me at ease."

C. Z. - Mesa, AZ 9.9
"This was my second procedure. I feel much better prepared and understand what to expect this time around. I felt the doctor and the support staff were excellent."

"This was my second trip to Bosley for grafting. Both times they treated me royally. Excellent staff and a top-notch follow up. I'd highly recommend this procedure and send my thanks to all of the staff at Bosley."

A. K. 8.5
"they were wonderful. they treated me like i was at home. i was having second thoughts but they made me feel comfortable about it."

"I've already had two friends in two days that decided to use the team here!"

T. V. - Sun City West, AZ 10.0
"Felt confident with the staff and the clarity of my sessions. I was at ease and reassured that my third transplant would be successful and possible. I liked the doctor very much. All in all I might have a fourth and final procedure at a later date. I'm just glad there still is that option because otherwise I would be extremely thin on the top which does not go well for women regardless of their age."

C. W. - Chandler, AZ 9.9
"Having gone through the procedure before, I knew what to expect. The procedure was pretty much painless. The Doctors and staff were fantastic. All questions & concerns were professionally answered. They really made one feel comfortable. Everything was explained before anything was done. They're true professionals and in my opinion the best hair transplant company out there. I would definitely recommend BOSLEY to anyone & everyone."

E. H. 10.0
"Everybody was very friendly and helpful. The team was very professional and I had a great experience. Can't wait to see the final results."

L. O. - Phoenix, AZ 10.0
"I am a physician myself, and I can easily say that Dr. Hekimian and his support team are the best that I've encountered. I was able to get an appointment quickly and at my convenience (the same day for the consult), I felt comfortable through the whole process, the procedure was easily tolerated, and I'm really excited about the results!"

U. A. 8.0
"Your staff were very professional in their work and the attention they gave me to be sure that I was always comfortable and attended to all my needs if necessary."

F. B. 10.0
"My procedure took place at the Bosley Scottsdale office. My Bosley physician, nurse and assistants were all very professional and courteous and kept me well informed during the entire procedure. My procedure went as expected as this was outlined in detail to me during my pre-operative consultation appointment with my Bosley consultant and physician. I also had the opportunity to briefly observe the graft preparation process, watch a couple of films from the extensive list the office has to offer, and have a very nice lunch from a local delicatessen that was provided by the office as part of my day-long experience."

H. K. - Farmington, UT 9.0
"They were great, they were excellent. The doctor is the reason I came in. "

E. E. 9.5
"They gave me lots of information on the procedure, time involved, and results among others. They answered all my questions."

H. L. 10.0
"They were all next to amazing on the day of the surgery"

B. M. 10.0

L. O. 10.0
"Very professional team, extremely helpful and extremely efficient. "

B. J. 9.7
"My physician, Dr. Hekimian, was very understanding about my feelings concerning my procedure. He understood that my decision to undergo the transplant was based on my trust in him to give me the results that I want. I am content and satisfied with Dr. Hekimian's procedures and I am really excited to see my results in the upcoming future. Many thanks to the entire staff as well."

A. S. 9.2
"It was my second procedure so I knew what was happening. Very professional and friendly staff."

G. L. 8.9
"This is my second procedure and this one was a much better experience than the previous one. The procedure went much like the previous one, but the staff was much more attentive this time and I received considerably more instructions and was encouraged to call with questions, etc. (that did not happen with the previous procedure). I am very pleased so far with how things have gone!"

A. F. 9.5
"This was my second procedure at this office but with a different physician. Both times were good experiences. Both doctors were very professional. Also the surgical team and nurses were very kind and helpful. If anyone were to ask me if I recommend the Scottsdale office for hair transplant I would definitely say yes. Everyone that works there is awesome! I can't wait to see my final results."

A. C. 10.0
"I was very pleased with every aspect of my surgery. Very professional doctor and staff. Thanks again, I'm very happy."

E. M. 9.7
"The entire staff was amazing. From all the nurses to even the doctor, who himself is also a patient, were very professional, comforting, and very polite. They explained everything to me as they were working and really made me feel like I have known all of them for many years. Great job to the entire office and I look forward to seeing you all and show in off my hair at my follow up appointments. Thanks again."

K. D. 9.5
"Everybody was really nice, they treated me very well. "

B. T. - Bremerton, WA 10.0
"I really liked the doctor. Nurse Pam is awesome. The whole staff was great I was very pleased with them."

S. S. 10.0
"I could not get over the amount of professionalism demonstrated by the Scottsdale team. Everyone was kind and compassionate in what is a very private decision and procedure. This team should be commended for their thoroughness and patient care."

- Prescott, AZ 9.9
"The entire Bosley team at the Scottsdale office are very professional and customer focused."

C. H. 9.5
"I was very pleased with the procedure and the professionalism of the entire staff. Dr. Hekimian was engaging and listened to my concerns. I feel confident in the result I am hoping for. The medical staff Pam, Dawn, and Curtis were excellent in explaining each step of the procedure and made the whole experience more pleasant. I would definitely recommend the Scottsdale group to anyone considering this type of a procedure."

M. M. 10.0
"The whole day was an awesome experience. My wife and I were treated great from the moment we walked in, until we walked out. The staff was very professional and cared about how I felt the whole time I was going through the procedure. I would highly recommend the procedure to my friends and family."

S. C. 10.0
"The entire staff was very professional and made me feel as if I was #1. Customer service is very rare today, so when you receive excellent service it truly stands out."

E. F. - Fremont, CA 10.0
"My experience with my procedure was exceptional. The staff/Doctor were amazing, friendly, kindhearted, and professional. I could go on and on. They made me feel so comfortable. I would recommend Bosley to anyone. I am so pleased with everything and I have spoken to friends how amazing the procedure went and how well it was explained to me. Thank you."

W. K. 10.0
"The staff was nice, professional--the office is in a good area."

D. H. 8.5
"They were very good!!!"

A. A. 9.5
"It's been almost a year since my procedure so I don't remember names but I will say my overall experience was outstanding. If I could have a more flexible financing option, I would go back right now and have as much work as possible done. I rave about Bosley to my family and friends. If you could give me the financing and allow me to finish my procedure completely, I would be a more than willing poster boy for Bosley, An average Joe whose hair truly makes a huge difference in appearance. I am one of those men that looked one way without hair, and a WHOLE lot better with hair. My hair is what made me do well as a younger man. I can show you pics that would amaze you and they are a whole lot better than your current guys on your ads, lol. You need a "Jared" type of guy that would give you instant "recognition". That recognition would also be with clientele that are a little better off financially than others just starting out. Your staff and Dr. were the absolute best. I really mean that. My whole experience was top notch and extremely professional. I don't think there is much more that could make the in office experience much better. Thank you all for a great job and I hope to see you in the near, near future."

D. L. 9.5
"I appreciated everyone! Everyone was so kind and re-assuring! From the beginning to the end of the procedure I felt very comfortable and very well taken care of. Hats off to everyone involved I am very pleased."

A. L. 10.0
"I was totally at ease ! I really liked my physician and all the staff ! I can't wait to get my bangs growing ! I am so happy with just checking my options with Bosley ! And the easy payments was wonderful ! Thank you !!!"

C. P. - Albuquerque, NM 9.5
"The team that worked with me were great and I have no complaints. They made me comfortable and were all so nice I couldn't ask for a better crew. They went out of their way to get more grafts to make the best of my visit. Although I am only 2 days from my visit I do not know how the outcome will be but I am pleased with the experience so far and can't wait to see the results. I couldn't be happier that I went through with this and everyone involved in every step had my best interests in mind."

M. P. - Phoenix, AZ 9.9
"Professionalism of the Dr. and his staff were exemplary, they showed patient care was the most important aspect of the day time and time again. I was not as prepared as I should have been for the post few days of pain and discomfort from the incision. I was not prepared for how long the incision was either (almost ear to ear). I am really excited to see the results and am very optimistic! 8-10 months cannot come fast enough now!"

A. A. 9.5
"The survey questions thoroughly addressed most of what happened. The actual harvesting procedure was somewhat a surprise but that may be because I misremembered what was told earlier. All staff were attentive and inquired if I was comfortable at various times during the procedure. Staff nurse Pam offered to do a shampoo/conditioning the day following the procedure if I'd be available and I was able to extend my stay at the nearby Scottsdale Plaza Resort and accepted her offer. Upon arriving home I discovered a voicemail left the evening prior to the procedure but no recording was left. I presume this could have possibly been the physician call but can't confirm that as it was sometime around 8pm. I had already arrived at Scottsdale and checked into the resort as the initial intake with the surgeon was scheduled for 8am on the following day.I have chosen to return on Jul 29 for stitch removal and will have my eight month followup in Mar 2015. Was able to select and view four movies to watch during the procedure, which ended about 6pm. Plenty of snacks, liquids and lunch were provided as well as an afternoon serving of ice cream! I did enjoy the procedure though it was a long day and i was tired from my drive the previous afternoon."

"I am very happy with the results. The hair has grown as was indicated. I had no post-surgery issues, at all. I especially liked not having to wear the ski-cap as I did for the first procedure in the late 90's. My hair looks natural and I didn't tell anyone about the process, but once the hair began coming in I got questions about my hair, my hairstyle, etc. One thing that was nice to see was a waiting room that wasn't jam-packed with patients. The impression I got was that this was very specific, very one-on-one, and people like that feeling, especially with something as sensitive as hair restoration"

"Initial consultation with Maureen was excellent. She was an active listener in assessing my needs and what I wanted as results. The doctor (now retired) was very cordial, good listener, and took interest in the process. Bottom-line. I felt the staff had an interest in me as a patient, and as a success story afterwards. I chose a modest treatment, but one that I thought was age appropriate and the doctor concurred. The last thing I wanted to do was walk out looking like Eddie Munster. A 60-year old should have an appropriate hair line and my wife liked the results and I like the results."

R. S. 7.0
"They were great, very pleasant, very supportive."

J. K. - Paradise Valley, AZ 9.7
"The procedure went as I expected it would based on what I was told. Everyone made me feel very comfortable with having the procedure done."

"The staff was great. Everyone was polite and attentive."

O. R. 10.0
"The procedure was easy. The healing has gone great. Now I just have to be patient. I am sorry I did not do this years ago. Everyone was professional and warm."

M. R. 9.3
"Once everything was numb, which was simple to do, it was fun and like a day at the spa. Everyone was so fun and easy to be around."

M. D. 8.8
"Doctor Leonard very nice and professional. Staff was friendly and efficient."

U. A. 9.9
"Extremely professional and made you feel very comfortable and at ease at all time. Very attentive and made sure that I was comfortable and not in any pain or discomfort. Could not have asked for any better service from the entire staff."

E. V. 9.5
"The physician he's retired now... Dr. Hamilton was very very very nice. He explained everything. The nurse was really nice. I was comfortable there."

S. B. 9.0
"I can't remember the doctors name. He was really helpful and professional. He was one of the better ones. There was a female that was there when I came back for my review she was helpful."

D. B. - Tucson, AZ 9.8
"I thought the whole experience was incredible! Everyone was professional! I would highly recommend bosleys Scottsdale office to anyone who is interested!"

B. M. 10.0
"Dr. Josephitus and his staff were very kind, professional, meticulous, and very comforting. They answered all my questions and addressed all of my concerns in a very straightforward manner. The procedure went extremely well, and a week later I have no discomfort of any kind. The experience was fantastic."

B. M. 9.0
"All of the staff members were friendly and the environment was nice. The physician is a really nice guy."

M. O. 9.5
"Dr. Hamilton was an awesome physician and had really good experience. If he is still there I would highly recommend the office based on him. The nursing staff was wonderful, they were caring, friendly and talkative."

T. B. 9.8
"The staff made made everything clear and realistic along with the financing the choice to do it was easy..."

T. T. 9.2
"Professional staff and physician. Really pleased with treatment. Would recommend to friends or family. Hoping procedure reflects service. Thank you all."

G. W. 7.0
"All of the staff members were very professional and courteous."

M. H. 8.0
"Overall the doctor and staff were very professional, helpful and did a great job. I know that they go through a lot of procedures each week, but they could have done a little better job at making me feel like I wasn't just "another patient" and felt they should have made me feel more comfortable or asked if I wanted more information about the procedure and what was going to be expected and/or how I would feel when it was done. The biggest thing is that I haven't gotten any follow-up calls to see how I am doing or to see if I have any concerns or questions."

A. A. 9.3
"Physician was polite & humerous"

E. G. 9.0
"The overall staff was really good and helpful!"

H. K. - Farmington, UT 8.9
"Nervous at first. They made me feel very comfortable through the whole process. I was a little out of it when instructions for after the surgery were given so it was really good that I came back in the morning for the shampooing. she went through it again with me and I was glad to have someone show me the best way to wash and care for my stitches. I think that is a must for anyone. There were a couple of questions that I honestly can't remember if they called me that night or if they said something about a check up in 8-9 months. I don't remember scheduling anything. just remember a statement made about coming back. I work a lot in the public and so i have to wear a hat and I get a lot of questions. I would probably plan a little differently for more time off work. The doctor and staff were great. I will make sure I get Dr. Leonard again if I do more."

R. S. 7.0
"This office has great staff members. My experience with the nurse was good, she was so sweet and took great care of me. This was my third time there. The Physician was good too, he now has retired."

A. O. 9.0
"They were very kind and very informative. The secretary was very helpful with setting appointments. Everyone was really good."

"Everybody on the staff were extremely awesome."

R. W. - Sierra Vista, AZ 8.4
"The whole staff was very professional and did everything they could to make me comfortable during the procedure. My only issue was when it came time to place the grafts, the numbing medication had started to wear off in many locations and it had to be reinforced multiple times."

S. B. 10.0
"I am extremely satisfied with the results. The staff were all very professional and friendly."

M. S. 8.5
"The doctor was really good. Everyone else was professional as well."

A. C. - Albuquerque, NM 10.0
"The experience I had with the Bosley office and staff was good! They were great in giving me advice and guidance. I really appreciated their services and I bought them lunch. The nurses were terrific! "

R. P. 8.7
"This was not my first Bosley procedure, and I have recommended Bosley to others. It is sad that my physician, Dr. John Hamilton, is retiring because I have confidence in and respect for him."

J. G. 10.0
"I am very happy with the results, the procedure is so amazing and they are so meticulous in what they do. I really could not say enough."

J. G. 10.0
"The staff was beyond excellent. Clay the counselor was very nice and conveyed everything very well. The staff always called and advised me what I was supposed to do before I even showed up to the location. They made sure I was very happy and well taken care of, they made me feel spoiled rotten, there were really no negatives. "

O. W. 9.0
"It was a good experience. Everybody was nice and everything went good."

A. W. 9.2
"From the office manager Jill, right thru to the surgical team, this office is absolutely exceptional. Each member made sure I was comfortable and pain free. Unfortunately, I am terrible with names but I do remember the nurse, Pam. This nurse went above and beyond and easily exceeded my expectations. The two young ladies who actually inserted the grafts were phenomenal. I would like someone from Bosley to find out their names and pass on my sincere appreciation for the way I was treated. As for Dr Hamilton, I feel this office will be hard pressed to replace such a fine, caring and knowledgeable physician. I wish him a long and healthy retirement."

L. B. 7.5
"Very professional, positive, friendly and aware of my condition throughout. Same with office staff."

K. H. 7.0
"The staff were amazing!"

R. F. 10.0
"I could not be more pleased with my experience at the Scottsdale surgery center. The Dr was amazing. He explained the procedure and what would be happening throughout the day. He made me laugh and kept me informed. The nurse and supporting staff were amazing as well. Everyone deserves a round of applause for making me feel comfortable. "

S. K. 9.5
"Your staff is awesome at the Scottsdale location, a big thank you to everyone!"

A. W. 8.5
"I had thought about this procedure for years. Before we started the procedure I had about 30 pictures of hairlines that I had collected and wanted to show the doctor. I was soo excited to sit down with him and look through the photos, talking in detail about what I was envisioning. On our initial meeting, I mentioned to him my collection of pictures. To my surprise, he barely even looked at them. I really thought that discussing the options of hairlines would have been a more detailed process. I felt like he really wasn't interested in them. He really didn't even look at them and we didn't discuss them at the length that I thought we would have taken before the procedure. I wished the Doctor would have asked ME what I wanted and then I would have felt more comfortable in drawing what I had in mind. He did ask me what I thought, after he drew it, but it was really hard to tell exactly how it was going to look, since it was just a little thin squiggly line. I still wished I had the courage to ask if I could have shown him what I was thinking. I gave him my power. That was the only part of the process that I was not happy with, because in the moment, I felt like I couldn't question him or his years of experience. I was soo excited for that process and it just never happened. I hope it grows the way I had envisioned. From the minute I walked in the door, everyone who greeted me were pleasant and reassuring of a positive experience! The team was awesome and very comforting, even though I didn't know any of the steps of the procedure until they were being performed. Would I do it again? Absolutely! I'm excited to see the growth and hope I am happy with the results! "

A. R. 10.0
"Great workers, best services ever. I felt at ease. Thank You for everything, looking forward to follow up :)"

W. K. 10.0
"Dr. Hamilton and the entire staff were great. Everything was very professional from the moment that I walked into the office which really helped put me at ease since this is a big event and decision in my life both personally and financially. Overall my expectations were highly met once again. I had 2 of the same staff on this surgery this time as well which was nice to see. I will be back again if need be. Thank again."

D. H. 10.0
"Dr Hamilton, Jill, and Pam were very kind and courteous also the rest of the staff. I was very nervous and after talking to them I was very calm. I watched 2 movies during the procedure and they even gave me lunch, snacks and juice and were by my side for whatever I needed, they made me feel right at home. They did a great job in explaining everything for me and even made sure everything was all right by calling me at home. You have a great staff in Scottsdale, AZ. Keep up the good work cause you are making people like me very happy by giving us a new head of hair. Thank you very much."

M. F. 9.5
"Had a total of 3 procedures at this location. They are wonderful! If I felt I needed a fourth, I would certainly go back."

R. L. 10.0
"The entire staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive throughout the entire procedure."

C. B. 10.0
"The staff was very professional. Most important, I had no surprises. Bosley delivered everything they promised."

C. W. 10.0
"As an owner of a company in the behavioral health field I appreciate strong, professional qualities... everyone on the Bosley team has them. I've had to even call in to get answers after hours and have been helped. I can't say enough about the thankfulness I hold for everyone that's helped me with this process. From the first consultation to the end it's been a wonderful experience. I'm quite excited about my, soon-to-be, even thicker head of hair... as my physician put it "luscious!""

W. L. 10.0
"My nurse Clint was exceptional. I have had 2 procedures done now and they have been life changing for me. He was totally driven to make my experience nothing but great! Great guy."

A. A. 10.0
"I have to say this was a better experience than I could have ever anticipated. Dr. Hamilton was outstanding and discussed every aspect of my procedure with me along with what to expect post surgery. I was pleased to have Dr. Hamilton follow up with a phone call from him personally to see how I was doing. Dr. Hamilton helped me determine what was the best way to make my procedure look completely natural. The entire staff was incredible. Pam, Kelly, Jessica and my new buddy Clint made sure I was comfortable every moment I was at the facility. They continuously checked on my comfort level and made sure to explain everything as we went along as well as making sure I was not in pain. I have never been to a spa but the Bosley experience truly made me feel like I was being treated to a full spa treatment. They even had a large selection of movies to choose from and served me a lunch that was absolutely fantastic. I cannot recommend Bosley enough and I can now say that I will be going for a second procedure as soon as possible. If you have been considering hair transplants - don't wait. Pick up the phone and make the call, they even have extremely streamlined easy payment arrangements if need be. Thank you Bosley and the awesome team headed by Dr. John Hamilton in Scottsdale AZ."

R. R. 9.4
"My daughter and granddaughter were with me and treated with just as much care as I was. Jill and the rest of your staff are so genuinely kind and concerned. The entire day I felt line I was at a spa and not a medical procedure. Thank you guys so much for your great care and wonderful service!"

- Prescott, AZ 9.9
"The physician, procedure team and the administrative personnel were all professional, friendly and courteous. The overall experience was excellent. "

R. C. 10.0
"All around great decision on my part to go Bosley."

O. A. 9.5
"I want to thank the staff at Bosley for being so professional, from the consultation, to the financing, to the procedure, and to the follow up. Everything went very well. I want to also thank Dr. Hamilton after I called him after hours about some bleeding I had, he told me what to do and that it was normal for that to happen. I will tell everyone about my wonderful experience with Bosley. Thank You again and God Bless."

D. M. 9.9
"Dr. Hamilton and his team does great work, professional and kind."

D. W. 10.0
"Everyone at Bosley Scottsdale was great, I would highly recommend them to others."

D. H. 10.0
"The physician and staff were very professional and competent and made me feel that I was under the best care that money could buy."

J. K. 10.0
"Dr Hamilton worked to tailor the procedure to create the most natural looking hair line for me, and maximize the donor hair we have left to work with. I trust his experience and judgement and I know the final result is going to be outstanding. "

K. R. 8.9
"The ladies were so nice and made the whole experience very pleasant."

M. O. 9.5
"Dr. Hamilton and the entire staff were excellent."

S. H. 10.0
"From the very beginning, I was made to feel very comfortable and at ease. Jill McPhee made the whole process very simple and was always available to answer any and all of my questions. The day of the procedure, the surgical team was amazing. They made sure I was completely comfortable and I wasn't nervous at all. They explained everything to me and they told me every time they were getting ready to do something else during the procedure. They also made sure I didn't feel any pain and I was very pleased with that because my expectations were that i would be in some sort of pain throughout. It was a long day, but the team always made sure I got up to take breaks or use the restroom. The doctor was also great and he explained to me what I should expect and said he was available to answer any questions. Overall, I feel like the entire team has changed my life in a very positive way and has given me back a lot of self esteem that I had lost. Thank you!!"

B. N. 9.1
"Although Dr. Hamilton did not call the evening after my procedure. He did call the following day to check on me. My nurse Pam also called day 2 and I greatly appreciated both calls. The surgical staff was wonderful, explained everything to me, and made me feel comfortable throughout the procedure. Jill was very kind, patient, and thorough with explaining my financing and provided me with copies of documents which made me feel more at ease with the decision to proceed with the procedure."

C. R. 10.0
"I am very satisfied with the services the staff provided to me and my wife. She also had the procedure done and we are both very happy. I would like to have another procedure done in the future as well."

Z. R. 3.0
"I dont think that I received good customer service from Maurine. The physicians assistant. The doctor had a bad attitude. The assistant made comments that was inappropriate. I dont feel appreciated and they made me feel like they dont want me there again. I will be writing a letter to the bosley headquarters. I was not sure how much the procedure really did for me. Maurine was basically rude. I want someone from management to talk to me, so that I can tell them story at management. They did not make me feel welcome at all. They made me feel like they did not want my business at all."

A. G. - Scottsdale, AZ 9.4
"The Bosley experience is easily one of the most professional, attentive, and thorough procedures I think you can have. In the four times that I've been there to actualize my needs, they have been right there helping me along the way. Nothing but top marks for the organization."

C. F. 7.5
"The office and staff were friendly and nice. The Doctor was fine as well but he did mess up my hairline."

A. S. 9.0

M. P. 9.0
"Overall pleased with the process. Very nice doctor and staff. Very little pain."

K. H. 10.0
"I received excellent care and the surgical process was mostly without any pain and when there was a little pain they stopped and numbed the area some more. I thought it would be tougher than it was. Dr. Hamilton was great, explaining what he was doing and making me feel at ease. Also, I cannot express how wonderful the staff and technicians were. Really a first class experience."

K. S. 10.0
"I talked to the marketing guy and he sold me on the procedure. He had the procedure himself and he looked great. He was really polite and so was everyone else I spoke with at bosley. I drove to the facility and I brought the cash and decided to have the procedure because I got great information and a good price. The doctor was very thorough."

E. C. 10.0
"Dr. Hamilton was great, professional, and personable. Great job explaining the entire procedure on both of my treatments. Great follow up on procedure. Distance to Phoenix kinda tough for me but was ok since Bosley didn't have Denver location @ the time of my 1st procedure. Went there for brief follow up after 2nd procedure. I was treated very well. I will go to Dr. Hamilton for future procedures if desired. I also like hair care products but some difficulty w/ refills on Propecia. Overall a great experience."

"The staff was great and knew what they were doing. No wonder Bosley is rated number one. Can not wait to see the results"

I. M. - Cave Creek, AZ 9.5
"staff was very kind and caring"

P. S. - Tucson, AZ 10.0
"Dr. Hamilton and his staff are fantastic."

J. S. 7.5
"I will give them a 9. The office staff was nice and professional. The physician was great I would give him a 10!"

M. M. 10.0
"excellent, wonderful people, from the front desk to the exit. Dr was great, taking time to answer all my questions. I wish I'd done this years ago"

M. M. 9.8
"I'm very excited about getting the transplant and seeing the outcome after years of being bald."

S. H. 8.0
"The staff was nice and competent."

R. L. - Flora Vista, NM 10.0
"The staff was helpful and I had a positive experience with the staff and doctor"

M. F. 9.0
"The Bosley staff has always exceeded my expectations! Dr. Hamilton, Jill, Jeremy and Clint are those who made the greatest impressions on me. Along with the rest of the staff, they have always made me feel like part of their family."

F. B. 9.2
"Fast and pain-free, my second procedure. All is good."

R. P. 9.5
"Very comfortable and at ease. Staff was very helpful and attentive. Also received follow-up phone call four days after procedure. Procedure exceed expectations."

R. H. 10.0
"the staff were all very professional and friendly"

B. W. 10.0
"I contacted Bosley because I really missed my full, shapely eyebrows and really wanted to find a great treatment plan that would help bring them back to "life" and would be a permanent option. I, like other women, have over plucked and waxed probably a little too many times, and I wasn't interested in other alternatives, such as tattooing or drawing them on with an eyebrow pencil. After looking at the before and after pictures of other Bosley clients that have had the eyebrow restoration done, I was sold. I made my appointment, which was easy and convenient, and all the staff were absolutely wonderful in helping me make my decision an easy one. It was also nice to learn that financing was available and made it really affordable. I'm looking forward to my procedure and to have the "life" brought back into my eyebrows. Thanks again Bosley, and to all the friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff!!"

A. R. 7.5
"The entire personnel was great, no one could ask for a better experience."

L. B. 9.5
"The nursing staff is really good. I am satisfied over all though the cost was a little high."

M. Z. 9.0
"Everyone was very professional and was very confident in their abilities. I had surgery done about 6-7 years ago. This is an excellent organization there. I was comfortable and confident in the staff."

R. W. - Salt Lake City, UT 9.5
"I worked with the same lady both times I had this procedure done. I was happy to have her work with me again because she did a wonderful job the first time. They did an excellent job of keeping me comfortable and explaining everything to me."

P. W. 9.5
"The doctor and staff were wonderful. They make the entire process is as easy as it can be. They explain each step as they go to ensure you understand the process. This helps to keep you relaxed. You are offered breaks, snacks, drinks and a wonderful lunch is served. I could not have asked for a better experience. This was a scary procedure for me, but the doctor and staff made it so much easier. I can not say enough about the care I was given. I highly recommend Bosley."

"The entire experience was very pleasant and comfortable. I only experienced severe discomfort on the 2nd night after the surgery, but that was relieved with the pain medication. I am very happy with my experience. Even with the blood spots and wounds my friends say that it looks good and they are impressed. I am excited for the hair to grow in now."

"The staff was great and kept me at ease during the whole procedure."

P. B. 10.0
"I want to thank Maureen for all of her help and professionalism."

F. K. - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 10.0
"From beginning to end the experience was more than I expected. Everyone was so professional and kind. I would recommend you to anyone who is concerning going this."

D. B. 9.5
"The staff at the Scottsdale location are amazing!"

W. L. 9.9
"I had a great experience with Bosley. The doctor was great, Jill the woman at the front desk was fantastic. I had a little issue that night but that was my own fault for not stopping the aspirin medication I was on early enough before the surgery but I was taken care of immediately the next day. I gave the scheduling the appointment question a low score because the remote call center that handles all incoming calls never really transferred me to the office without the call dropping. It was a hassle to schedule but that should in no way reflect upon the service I got at the office, as I said Jill was great. The surgical staff was great, they anticipated my questions and made everything easy. I really want to make sure Clint (the nurse) is recognized for going above and beyond what was needed. He was patient and helped me every step of the way, he even escorted me to and from the bathroom (which ended up to be quite a few times). He was involved in my first surgery and we had already established an email friendship after that first surgery. I was really happy he could be apart of this second surgery. I would say the only thing that was not so great were the graft packs. The instructions were unclear if I needed to use a new one every time. I know I asked that question for my last surgery but couldn't remember the answer and still the instructions were unclear. But all in all I was really really happy with everything."

R. K. 10.0
"I was impressed with everyone, the doctor, the head nurse and the assistants. They all treated me with respect and made me feel at ease."

C. C. 6.0
"Everyone was great, overall I would rate the staff with a 9 for their professionalism and their customer service. I was initially very unhappy with my results, and they did it again at no charge to my satisfaction. From a customer service standpoint I was very pleased with the way they handled my situation."

R. L. 9.5
"All staff members exhibited professionalism and a genuine concern for my well being. I was pleased with my initial results and returned for a second procedure in order to complete my expectations."

I. B. 10.0
"Staff is more than comforting, as a physician myself I always have reservations when someone tries to define what professionalism is; well this staff is my definition."

"The consultation representative, physician, and surgical team were fantastic! I was nervous and they took excellent care of me and helped me to feel as comfortable as possible. I look forward to seeing the actual hair growth results in the next few months."

M. B. 8.6
"The staff was great to me, treated me like a person and not like a paycheck."

G. J. 6.4
"Staff was helpful"

D. M. 0.0
"Jill in the front office was polite, knowledgeable, and welcoming. Pam, RN, was so kind, professional, and attentive. The entire staff was outstanding!"

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