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1821 Walden Office Square Suite 426
Schaumburg, IL 60173

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About Bosley Hair Restoration - Schaumburg

Bosley hair restoration is a pioneer in cosmetic hair replacement, offering the latest technologies and helping to innovate some of the most advanced surgical procedures in the industry. Now that they have paired with Medical Hair Restoration, Bosley is extending their reach even further.

In Schaumburg, Illinois, those suffering from hair loss can trash the fancy “miracle products” that guarantee hair regrowth, because Bosley provides permanent hair loss solutions through their world-renowned hair restoration services, from at-home regrowth options to cutting edge hair transplantation.

Bosley of Schaumburg offers free consultations where visitors are not only given extensive information packets and professional advice, but also a detailed cost comparison so they can better finance their surgery. You will be happy to know that hair restoration in Schaumburg is available to anyone who wants to battle their thinning hair. Although Bosley’s Schaumburg location is a consult-only facility, you can arrange to have your procedure at any of Bosley’s surgical clinics, the closest one being right down the road in Chicago.

Toss the toupee and embrace a new, confident you with the help of Bosley of Schaumburg. Trust your hair to the experts, and contact us today to set up your free consultation.

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Ratings for Bosley Hair Restoration - Schaumburg

Overall Rating................................................................................................................... 9.2


Overall Ratings for Bosley Hair Restoration - Schaumburg for the past 4 quarters

Bosley Hair Restoration - Schaumburg
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User Reviews for Bosley Hair Restoration - Schaumburg


E. Z. - Peoria, IL 10.0
"Everything was fine. I actually already had the surgery. Everything has been taken care of."

M. K. - Sugar Grove, IL 10.0
"The counselor was great. Very, very informative."

K. M. 10.0
"He was truly nice and he tried to get me more offers, but it was just way too pricey."

K. W. - Bolingbrook, IL 9.7
"It was very helpful that a counselor was an actual client."

W. W. - Washington, IL 8.7
"I felt that the consultation was very helpful in addressing all of my concerns."

V. W. - Chillicothe, IL 9.8
"My consultant was definitely a professional."

K. R. 8.5
"Everything was fine, but the price is out of my range."

J. H. 7.2
"My office visit was okay. I wasn't entirely sure whether or not the staff was genuine."

H. K. - Atlanta, GA 10.0
"Helpful and friendly consultation team."

A. W. 10.0
"Knowledgeable and a clear, concerned passion. "

L. L. 10.0
"I met a very helpful counselor at the Schaumburg site. Learned a lot about my scalp."

G. L. 8.2
"Consultant was very knowledgeable"

N. W. 9.2
"It was nice that everything was so confidential and discreet."

S. F. 10.0
"My consultation experience was professional and friendly. All my concerns were addressed. I did not felt pressured. Maribeth Frommeyer is very patient in explaining all issues and concerns. She is excellent. Mary Beth is a great asset to Bosley. I need a few days to determine if I can do this. Thank you."

B. W. 9.3
"Good job."

Questions Answered by Bosley Hair Restoration - Schaumburg

Q: What's an artas?

A: ARTAS electronically identifies and extracts the follicles using a small dermal punch. The robotic arm moves over the patients scalp, punching out active follicles. After they've been removed from the scalp, they're then manually transplanted to the head by a hair transplant specialist. The ARTAS System is quick and efficient, with the ability to remove between 750 and 1,000 hair follicles per hour.

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