Vein Clinics of America - Geneva


1792 South Randall Road
Geneva, IL 60134

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Ratings for Vein Clinics of America - Geneva

Overall Rating................................................................................................................... 9.1


Overall Ratings for Vein Clinics of America - Geneva for the past 4 quarters

Vein Clinics of America - Geneva
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User Reviews for Vein Clinics of America - Geneva


V. C. 9.7
"I would recommend. Great staff."

B. B. 9.0
"Everyone was truly exceptional in trying to schedule my apps as soon as possible and get me the treatment I needed. The insurance on the other hand made things very difficult at times. We had to reapply and reapply for more procedures, as if this was for cosmetic purposes. I assure you it was not as most of the problem was not at the surface. They were always reassuring we'd get it worked out asap. The nurse and us techs were very understanding, but at the same time very thorough. They made the dr's work as easy as they could. All very qualified people. A definite plus for the whole network."

C. T. 10.0
"Everyone there was so nice. They had brought me into a room to do an ultrasound on my legs and near the end, I felt that I might pass out as I didn't eat or drink anything that morning and they got a bottle of water for me right away!! Very caring and checking on me to see if I was okay, I was just more embarrassed than anything else!!"

M. B. 9.6
"Wonderful staff from the reception desk to the techs and the doctor himself. Everyone was warm and friendly."

S. S. 10.0
"Very professional. Excellent customer service."

L. S. 10.0
"The staff was great at the Geneva office."

C. R. 10.0
"From start to finish, over several months, I was treated courteously and with utmost professionalism. The doctor was exceptionally kind and interested in a positive outcome for me. Everyone at the clinic was friendly and responsive to my concerns. I would recommend Vein Clinics without hesitation. At the age of 68, I have had many surgical experiences and this has been the best treatment by far of any that I have had before."

D. S. 8.9
"Pleasant medical staff. Front desk staff is hit-or-miss. Results are good so far, though my healing isn't complete."

G. S. 10.0
"The team was very professional and on time with my appointments. VERY HAPPY THAT I HAD THIS PROCEDURE DONE."

L. S. 10.0
"Quick and painless. They were all very friendly, accommodating, professional."

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