For skin tightening, wrinkle removal and overall skin rejuvenation results, many patients are turning to the eMatrix™ skin system. A creation of Syneron, eMatrix is a non-invasive, laser-free skin treatment that utilizes Sublative Rejuvenation™ technology to produce smoother, clearer, younger-looking skin.

Sublative rejuvenation is a method of deep dermal heating that uses fractionated bipolar RF energy to safely and effectively correct skin problems where they originate: in the deep layers of the dermis.

eMatrix treatments can be administered in three different intensity settings (for "shallow," "mid-level" and "deepest" impact), and reportedly promise no pain, discomfort, or recovery time for patients. Due to the laser-free nature of eMatrix treatments, they are also recommended for all skin tones and types!

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Most Recent eMatrix Customer Reviews


"The procedure was much more painful then described. I have completed 3 or the 5 recommended sessions. I have seen minimal improvement. If I do not see much more improvement I would call this procedure a HUGE waste of time and money. " - Submitted by Stephanie L. of Olathe, KS

Cost: $2,100.00

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"Today was my first treatment for ematrix. I bought a package deal with 4 treatments. I cannot report my satisfaction with the results since this is day 1. I'll be glad to fill out another survey later in my treatment. My next appointment is 4/19. " - Submitted by Debbie B. of Silver Spring, MD

Cost: $1,500.00

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"The service providers are excellent. The e-matrix treatment is still going on and that is why I cannot tell the final result yet. The hair removal treatment is working but I need to finish the e-matrix to continue the hair removal. The cost is high but I understand that is how the market is. I did take a friend there who bought a package as well. The only problem we have is the billing service, which did not send the statements on a timely manner. That caused late fees to be charged to me and … Read More" - Submitted by Thais P. of Golden, CO

Cost: $2,400.00

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"This is the worst experience of my life. I had 5 e-matrix treaments to get rid of my dark spots. The result: My face looks like a map with darks and white marks. I have small's holes, squares done by the laser. Ashlee C. said "It will work from the inside out..." It had been 10 months since the last treatment, and I do not see any improvement. I cry everyday when I see my face with holes and marks. I DO NOT RECOMENT E-MATRIX AT AMERICAN LASER IN AVENTURA, FLORIDA. PLEASE, PLEASE... SAVE YOUR … Read More" - Submitted by Myriam R. of Sunny Isles Beach , FL

Cost: $2.00

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More Details On eMatrix

Average Cost Range: $300.00 - $2,500.00

Time Required:
eMatrix treatments can typically be performed in 10-20 minutes.

In/Out Patient Info:
eMatrix is an outpatient procedure.

Side Effects:
At this time there are no known major side effects for eMatrix.

No long-term risks are currently associated with eMatrix treatments. eMatrix patients may experience some temporary redness, swelling or skin sensitivity immediately following treatment.

Duration of Results:
After completing an initial eMatrix treatment package, skin rejuvenation results can be experienced long-term. Some patients may need occasional eMatrix touch-up sessions to maintain their best results.

No recovery time is needed following eMatrix treatments.

Insurance Info:
Since eMatrix mainly corrects cosmetic skin issues, eMatrix treatments typically aren't covered by insurance.

Discomfort Level:
Patients shouldn't experience pain or major discomfort during eMatrix treatment sessions. If an eMatrix treatment is too uncomfortable, ask your provider to adjust to a lower intensity setting.

No anesthesia is required with eMatrix treatments. A topical numbing cream may be used upon patient request or by provider recommendation.

Can be Combined With:
Depending on what your provider recommends, eMatrix treatments may be combined with other skin rejuvenation treatments like Fractional Laser Resurfacing, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, IPL Photofacial or filler injections.

Also Known As:
ematrix skin rejuvenation system, ematrix sublative rejuvenation, ematrix skin tightening, etc.

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